Chapter 205

Xu Yuan walked up to the counter and said to the girl who was busy serving popcorn.

“Give me a ticket to ‘Escape’.”

The girl froze for a moment, put down the popcorn in her hand, and specifically asked Xu Yuan once.

“Sir, are you sure you want the escape ticket?”

Xu Yuan nodded: “Yes, escape, the one Fu Zhen directed.”

The little girl gives out a ticket, glanced at Xu Yuan, and asked.

“Do you know this is a horror film?”

“Of course.” Xu Yuan nodded. It’s not a horror movie if he hasn’t seen it yet!

“Then good luck.”

The girl felt that she had nothing more to say, but when Xu Yuan was about to walk into the studio, she still opened her mouth and called Xu Yuan, instructing him.

“If there is an emergency or if your legs went limp and you can’t run out, you can signal twice to the monitor in the corner, we will immediately go to send someone to bring you out.”

Xu Yuan: “….”

Was this a movie theater or a horror house?

“Did you have an audience before that got scared got so frightened that their legs went soft and they couldn’t get out?”

Xu Yuan asked with some curiosity.

“You are the first to see ‘Escape’. We don’t know what happened for the time being, but this happened before when Baihua street was shown. Later, our staff went in and carried him out.”

Xu Yuan nodded and held out his hand to the girl.

“Okay, I know, give me the ticket.”

The little girl handed the ticket to Xu Yuan very cautiously, and vaguely gave Xu Yuan a feeling that he couldn’t get out when he entered the cinema.

This little girl would not be the trustee invited by Fu Zhen, was she? So it wasn’t enough for him to invite water army online now and wanted to do it offline also.

However, when Xu Yuan walked into the cinema hall, he finally understood why the little girl who sold the tickets asked him again and again at the front desk if he really wanted to see the movie escape, the little girl was not some trustee. She was really worried that he would have an accident in the cinema hall.

Because the huge movie hall was empty and he was alone, and although it was now summer, the air conditioning in the cinema hall was very cool, but this coolness was about to become gloomy and cold in a certain atmosphere.

Xu Yuan didn’t know whether he wanted Escape to be a good film or a bad one.

He began to regret that he insisted on watching “Escape”, no wonder the little girl said so much to him.

After Xu Yuan found his seat and sat down, looked at his left and right, his heart saddened.

This was also Director Fu’s fault, how could he get a date at the Mid-Autumn Festival and would dare to watch horror movies!

But Xu Yuan still insisted on being the only audience in this hall.

Since he came, he was at ease as he also had watched the top ten horror films locally and abroad that he compared online last year.

Although those movies were quite terrifying, there were all the same shots and it’s not that scary that he would lose strength in his legs. At most, it’s a little harder to sleep at night, and he only got nightmares.

An advertisement was playing on the big screen in front of him, Xu Yuan use this time to take out his phone and wanted to check the Internet and suddenly remembered that he was now watching the premiere, and that dog Director Fu didn’t even do a single screening.

After the series of commercials, the movie started on time, and the golden dragon logo rushed along with a burst of deafening music.

He doesn’t know why but seeing this golden dragon made Xu Yuan’s heart suddenly calm down a lot and he felt as if he had a healthy body. His sitting posture could not help but straightened up a lot.

The movie officially begins.

The cruise ship was holding a grand banquet, accompanied by the soft sound of the piano, the clothes of the noblewomen holding glasses, talking about the interesting things that happened around recently.

Zhou Wenliang wearing a black suit, standing on the steps, looking down at the crowd in front of him, after a long time, he tilted his head up to look at the night sky overhead and then raised his hand to cover his eyes.

The opening of “escape” really doesn’t look like a horror film, but rather a song and dance film. Xu Yuan couldn’t help but relax. He leaned back against the soft back of the chair and ate two mouthfuls of popcorn at leisure. He knew from Fu Zhen’s last film that Zhou Wenliang’s acting skills were very good. Now he plays the leading role in this horror film, and his acting skills seem to be more exquisite.

Zhou Wenliang on the screen suddenly ran to his right corridor.

Who did see?

Xu Yuan sat up straight and stared at the screen in front of him. The lightning in the corridor was not very well lit, plus the camera was a little shaky, making Xu Yuan’s heart very nervous.

Zhou Wenliang stopped in front of a room with door number 147, he raised his hand and knocked on the door, but no one responded to him. He hesitated a little before he raised his hand again and open the door in front of him, the room was dark.

Xu Yuan’s breathing quickened hearing the eerie background music, he always felt that from somewhere out of nowhere suddenly Sadako or Gaya would burst.

But it was completely different from what he expected.

Zhou Wenliang stretched out his hand and turned on the light of the room with a slap. In front of him was just a simple bedroom. The sheets and quilts were neatly laid on the bed. It seemed that no one had lived in it for a long time. Everything seemed normal.

But Zhou Wenliang’s expression told Xu Yuan that everything was not so simple.

When Zhou Wenliang came out of the room a long time later, all the lights in the corridor went out, and there was a dead silence around him. The lively crowd on the cruise ship seemed to have fallen asleep. Zhou Wenliang also noticed the abnormality here. He left the corridor and walked outside the cruise ship. He found that the lively crowd was sitting at the table now and when they saw him coming, they smiled at him and asked him to eat together.

Xu Yuan felt he could not understand the film, the film in the end was trying to create a scary atmosphere by what means? Why was it called escape? Although the scene in the corridor and bedroom just now was good shots, if the next horror point was also edited like this then the movie may not even get a passing score.

“Why did you suddenly leave just now?” Behind him came a man’s voice. Zhou Wenliang turned and looked. It was Zeng Xingke.

“I saw a little girl in a pink dress making faces with me, and ……” Zhou Wenliang did not continue his sentence.

Zeng Xingke’s slowly grinned at Zhou Wenliang and said welcome, his expression looked like he was smiling, but tears were shining in his eyes.

Xu Yuan was still confused, but now he has been attracted by the film and was eager to know how the film would develop next. In addition, the appearance of Zeng Xingke also gave Xu Yuan a surprise.

Before watching this film, Xu Yuan actually had no hope for Zeng Xingke’s acting skills. Good thing was, that he was hired with negative pay, but the bad thing was he went through back door. With this two weighing each other, he couldn’t scold Zeng Xingke’s fans and could only hold back himself.

Now looking at Zeng Xingke’s performance, it was surprisingly passable. Although not as good as Zhou Wenliang, but also definitely not dragging anyone’s leg.

In the movie, Zhou Wenliang and Zeng Xingke noticed the abnormalities on the cruise ship and wanted to explore the lower level of the cruise ship. But on their way to exploring it again, they encountered the little girl in the pink dress.

Zeng Xingke saw the girl as if she had lost his soul, Zhou Wenliang used a lot of strength to catch Zeng Xingke and did not let him follow the girl who disappeared again at the end of the corridor.

“That’s my daughter.” After waiting for the girl to walk away, Zeng Xingke turned to Zhou Wenliang and said

“Your daughter?”

“She’s dead.”

Saying that Zeng Xingke casually pushed open a room beside him and walked in with Zhou Wenliang, this room was exactly the same as the room Zhou Wenliang just opened inside the furnishings, he wanted to ask Zeng Xingke if the scene he sees now was the same as his own, however, when Zhou Wenliang turned his head, Zeng Xingke was nowhere to be seen.

There was dead silence in the room, and a series of clear footsteps came from the corridor outside. An unknown fear filled Wenliang’s heart. The footsteps stopped outside the room.

Zhou Wenliang heard the sound of fingernails across the door panel, and suddenly another memory burst into his mind. When Zhou Wenliang recovered, the sound disappeared, and the sky was bright.

He pushed open the door and stepped out. The dim corridor turned into a shabby hallway, and many old neighbors he knew well waved and greeted him.

Xu Yuan’s heart eased slightly, and he breathed a little. It seemed that the door on the cruise ship could shuttle through time.

Zhou Wenliang came out of the residential buildings, walking aimlessly along the crisscrossing stone roads, the sky drizzled, and the whole town was gloomy and had a melancholy atmosphere enveloped around it, Zhou Wenliang walked to the entrance of a small alley when he felt something, suddenly stopped, he turned his head to look deep into the alley and then wept.

A slender woman in a vivid red cheongsam, holding a yellow paper umbrella in her hand, slowly walked towards him from the alley.

It’s Jiang Ying!

Xu Yuan immediately recognized who this woman was, Jiang Ying was once a goddess-level figure, but unlike many actresses who refused to accept their old age and still played 18-year-old girls even at the age of 30 or 49, Jiang Yin has long accepted the fact that they were aging

She just accepted that he was getting old and also came into contact with middle-aged female characters. Now, Jiang Ying appears on the screen and seems to be a lot younger with a little different charm, but the demeanor of a goddess was still the same.

Xu Yuan originally thought that this woman might be Zhou Wenliang’s ex-girlfriend. Unexpectedly, when Jiang Ying walked in front of Zhou Wenliang, Zhou Wenliang called her mother.

Next, Zhou Wenliang followed Jiang Ying back to the familiar room, and the atmosphere of the film seemed to become warm at this moment.

Xu Yuan completely forgot the fact that he was just so scared that he almost screamed, he could not help but wonder, if Fu Zhen really made a horror movie? Why do these two scenes make him feel like a little tadpole looking for its mother, but the rhythm was well grasped with urgency and slowness.

What follows was a fragment of Zhou Wenliang’s life with Jiang Ying, which had seemed quite normal, and Xu Yuan had almost forgotten that Zhou Wenliang had broken into this time and space through unnatural means, until Zhou Wenliang suddenly heard a strange sound late at night, as if it came from under his bed.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Jiang Ying standing in front of his bed expressionlessly at this moment.



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