Chapter 204

As for why Zeng Xingke wanted to join the cast of “Escape” netizens and fans were very curious before, some think that Zeng Xingke was interested in the resources that Gao Tian got after shooting “White Castle”, and some think that Fu Zhen wanted to rely on Zeng Xingke to pull some box office for his horror film.

But no matter which of those was the case, netizens didn’t think that Zeng Xingke came to star in this film with a negative salary. What kind of operation was this, ah? They never heard of this before.

The host was curious and asked Zeng Xingke.

“Xing Xing, why is it negative 5 million?”

Zeng Xingke was embarrassed to say that he was almost kicked out of the crew by Fu Zhen. But he was always direct when facing the media.

“Can we not talk about this issue?”

The host laughed dryly and asked Zeng Xingke.

“Then do you have any plans for your next project, Xing Xing?”

“Next ah, I plan to transition to do ……”



The topic of Zeng Xingke’s negative pay to star in “Escape” soon hit the hot search list, and everyone was inquisitive about what prompted Zeng Xingke to choose negative pay to star in this movie.

Whether it was the distortion of human nature or the loss of morality, smart netizens quickly guessed this matter.

And netizens who were a little stupid followed the rhythm of Zeng Xingk’s fans, thinking that Zeng Xingke felt that the “Escape” crew was too poor, so he was showing the spirit of humanitarianism that’s why agreed to have negative pay.

Fu Zhen was quite happy to see these speculations from netizens, thinking that if this topic stays on the hot search list for a longer time, they could save a fortune on the publicity expenses.

Of course, this was not being stingy, it’s called being thrifty.

Fu Zhen sat in front of the computer in the study to check the edited scenes, picking out the mistakes and shortcomings, writing them down in a small notebook, waiting for tomorrow’s meeting to point them out to the staff together.

He didn’t notice when Jiang Hengshu opened the door and walked in. He stood behind Fu Zhen and watched him for a while, waiting for Fu Zhen to finally finished watching the sample film from beginning to end before Jiang Hengshu put his hands on Fu Zhen’s shoulders, bent down, put his lips close to Fu Zhen’s ears, and quietly asked him.

“Are you finished, big director?”

Fu Zhen stretched his lazy back, twisted his head obediently in Jiang Hengshu’s face, and kissed him.

“I’ll watch it again later.”

“So, when will the whole movie be finished?”

“It will almost be over next week.”

“By the way,” Fu Zhen suddenly thought of himself just now, not. he seemed to have told Jiang Hengshu to hold Cocoa over two hours ago.

But Jiang Hengshu’s arms now were empty, Fu Zhen was stunned for a few seconds before he asked him.

“Where is Cocoa?”

Jiang Hengshu spread his hands and said, “I sold her.”

Fu Zhen’s pupils shrank and narrowed his eyes as he asked Jiang Hengshu.

“You took the money from the sale alone?”

“Aren’t I taking the money to pick a young man to sleep with me?”

Fu Zhen straightened his face and said emphatically to Jiang Hengshu.

“This guest, we sell our art, not our bodies.”

“Can’t I just give you more money?”

After saying that, Jiang Hengshu took out a silver ring from his pocket as if by magic and sent it to Fu Zhen.

“Stole it from my wife, like it?”

Fu Zhen: “…”

He took the ring from Jiang Hengshu’s hand and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Where did Cocoa go?”

“I just carried Cocoa up and told you ah, grandpa missed Cocoa so I sent her home, you nodded at the time la.”

Jiang Hengshu said, and gently knock Fu Zhen’s head.

Fu Zhen raised his hand and touched his head, with a hint of bewilderment in his eyes.

“Did that really happen?”

“What do you think?” Jiang Hengshu asked him with a smile.

Fu Zhen shook his head. He was so absorbed in watching the demo just now that he had no impression of other things.

Jiang Hengshu dragged a chair over, sat down opposite him, and asked Fu Zhen.

“Now you think about where to go to play after work is over.”

Fu Zhen could not think of any good place for a while, he propped up his chin and considered.

Jiang Hengshu asked him, “Want to go abroad?”

“There’s no need to go abroad.”

Fu Zhen lifted his head, leaned his body back, and rested on the back of his chair.

“I’ve actually always wanted to go west for a bit of fun, why don’t we take a driving tour?”

“Okay, are you sure that work will be done next week?”

Fu Zhen nodded, Jiang Hengshu then said.

“Then I will start preparing now.”

“What about your work, don’t you need to go?”

Jiang Hengshu shook his head, “No.”

Anyway, there was still Father Jiang.

Knowing that Father Jiang does not want to return to work in the company, Jiang Hengshu has planned what he needs to.

First, he would wait for him and Fu Zhen to leave Pinghai City before telling Father Jiang that he needs to manage the company while he was away. So even if he was unwilling, he wouldn’t have a choice but to go.

“Is it just the two of us going?”

The sunlight shone warmly in the study as tiny particles were pulsating in the golden light, Jiang Hengshu took a step forward and moved closer to Fu Zhen, staring into his eyes.

“Could it be that you have another man?”

“No.” Fu Zhen couldn’t help blushing as Jiang Hengshu’s blue eyes stared at him.

“Won’t we bring Cocoa?”

Jiang Hengshu laugh and said.

“If we bring Cocoa, should we also bring Wang Tong?”

Fu Zhen: “….”

“Cocoa is still too small.”

Jiang Hengshu explained to Fu Zhen.

“And if she gets sick on the road, it’s not easy to take care of her.”

Seeing Fu Zhen’s hesitation, Jiang Hengshu said.

“If you miss her, you can video call with her often, and we won’t go for too long.”

Fu Zhen knows that Cocoa was receiving better care in the Jiang family than he and Jiang Hengshu. But he had other obsessions, he pursed his lips and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“I think Cocoa will say daddy soon.”

Generally speaking, a child should be able to pronounce “dad” at seven of eight months and Cocoa was estimated to be able to do it in these few days

Jiang Hengshu didn’t care about this. He said to Fu Zhen.

“If we are not at home, can Cocoa call someone ‘dad’?”

Fu Zhen: “…..”

He has to say, Jiang Hengshu’s words were too reasonable, Fu Zhen was completely convinced by him.

“Then I’ll try to be as fast as possible, and we’ll set off next week.”



The film was about to be released, and the director was so busy that he couldn’t leave his feet on the ground and wished he could have two bodies.

Fu Zhen on the other hand was enjoying his makeup honeymoon with Jiang Hengshu. With this, it was clear that his sentence of not caring about the box office last year could not be truer.

The summer holiday season has begun, and major films have taken turns, such as the comedy “Millionaire”, the horror film “45 Baihua Street”, the professional drama “101 resignations” and many other more.

All kinds of publicity were overwhelming. And the little publicity that was paid for by “Escape” soon drowned in other films, but fortunately, Director Fu Zhen was still a little famous, so occasionally one or two netizens mention him, expressing their curiosity about the film “Escape”.

Under such circumstances, it was very difficult for “Escape” to find a way to fight, and since they were also limited by their theme. The box office would certainly not be too high, but there would probably be no problem if they want to get back their capital.

After the sample film came out, it was sent for examination. It took a whole week for their reply and was told that some lines needed to be modified.

Fu Zhen finished this work, and two weeks had already passed. His honeymoon with Jiang Hengshu had to be postponed for a while.

But the good news was that all of this was completed at the end of July. And the movie was scheduled for release in mid-August, Fu Zhen, and Jiang Hengshu could then safely run to the Great West.

On the day that “Escape” was announced, and the trailer was released, Jiang Peng also posted a Weibo, expressing his eager anticipation for the film.

He was also a well-known film and television blogger. There were very few horror movies recommended by him. Fans were stunned when they saw his Weibo, they all knew that Jiang Peng never accepts advertisements, so netizens couldn’t help asking if there was really anything special about this “Escape”.

But the film has just been finalized, how did Jiang Peng know?

The trailer for “Escape” did not stir up much water, because compared to the trailers of several other movies released at the same time, “Escape” does not have much of an advantage, except for the adrenaline rush it can give people.

On August 16th, which happens to be the same day as the Midwinter Festival, “Escape” was released, while the director followed his subject on the Gobi beach to spill a lot of dog food.

Before “escape”, the movie “45 Baihua Street” of the same type had been released for more than a month. Many netizens left messages on the Internet saying that when they first heard the name, they thought it was about a brothel woman, but they didn’t expect it to be a horror movie.

Xie Ming, who shot “Baihua Street”, was also a young director, and as a horror film, “Baihua Street” was undoubtedly qualified. Many horror points were made skillfully, the plot line was complete, and it does not end with psychosis and dreams. Although the acting skills of the actors were average, they were above the passing line, which does not drag the film back.

This film has given horror film lovers a big surprise. This film with an investment of more than 30 million finally recovered nearly 200 million box office, which sounds like a thing to celebrate, but the quality was completely inferior to the comedy “Millionaire” of this horror film.

It was released ten days later than “Baihua Street”, but the box office has been more than five times that of “Baihua Street”, it could be seen that horror movies were really popular nor people like it.

“Escape” chose to be released at the Zhongyuan Festival, which meant that the box office on the first day of the film would not be so friendly. After all, many people would not even go out on this day, for fear of being found as a substitute by the little devil who yearned for the world.

However, some do not believe in evil and like to roam, people who like to come out to seek stimulation on this day.

Xu Yuan was one of them, the little girlfriend who dated him on Valentine’s Day broke up with him the day before Qixi Festival.

There were many reasons why but in the final analysis, there was only one reason—love died.




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