ECM 87


Chapter 87

The nine-member group of teen idols that ignited the whole spring and summer finally made its official debut, and Chenxing named it “InDream” while girl fans referred to them as ID group for short.

The nine-member group consist of; Cen Feng who was the center and captain, Ying Xuze was second followed by  Fu Xingyan, Jiang Xiangbai, and Bian Qi as the fifth member.

Sixth and seventh were members of the Chenxing K-nights like Ying Xuze, namely; Meng Xin and Cang Ziming. Eight was He Sinian and the ninth was Shi Ran.

All occupants in dormitory room number 302 were able to debut in the same group except Zhou Mingyu. Although Zhou Mingyu was popular and had a good personality, in this stage where strength does the talking, Zhou Mingyu lacks training. His little time practicing while he was in the show still couldn’t make him compete with other trainees, but was still able to get the twelfth place.

He was actually quite happy with himself, originally, he just joined the show on the spur of the moment and did not expect to meet so many brothers, and also got such a good ranking.

He had planned to go back to school after the show. It was fun and happy during the training camp, but he was also really tired! And really misses his carefree college life.

And yet, the next day, the program team called him to the conference room. Immediately after he opens the door and entered, he saw Xu Zhaixing and two cups placed on the table, waiting for him.

Looking at her friendly face and enthusiastic smile, Zhou Mingyu suspected that she had drugged his cup.

Unexpectedly, Xu Zhaixing asked him if he wanted to continue working in the entertainment industry.

Zhou Mingyu scratched his head. He had to say, this circle was quite fun and he doesn’t hate it, all his brothers have also already debuted and were in the circle. And frankly speaking, he was a little envious but, “Unlike them, I still have many things I need to learn, and it’s not like I can mix in the circle even if I want to ah.”

Xu Zhaixing only smiled at him as she told him that at least he was aware of this.

She then took out the pre-prepared artist signing contract, and didn’t beat around the bush with him, “Chenxing wants to sign you, this is the artist contract, read it first, and we’ll talk after you read the conditions.”

Zhou Mingyu was shocked: “Chenxing wants to sign me? Why do they want to sign me? What do they want from me?”

Xu Zhaixing: “Are you some kid who doesn’t know how to take a shower? You have the contract with you, read it quickly.”.

Zhou Mingyu muttered a few words “Who said I don’t know how to take a shower” and began to look through the contract. He was a sand sculpture not stupid. After reading the contract, it was clear that Chenxing was not playing with him, the conditions given were very reasonable, a very humane artist contract.

But he had a question: “Why didn’t Chenxing talk to me personally and asked you instead to come? Did they know about our relationship?”

Xu Zhaixing wanted to pour coffee on him: “We have a fart relationship! We are just pure high school classmates!”

Zhou Mingyu: “Oh, yeah, that’s what I said we are high school classmates, what do you think I did mean?”

Xu Zhaixing: “?”

He smiled and took a sip of coffee when Xu Zhaixing said eerily, “I am the chairman of Chenxing.”

Zhou Mingyu puffed out his coffee.

Spraying it all over Xu Zhaixing.

Furious, Xu Zhaixing said, “Zhou Mingyu, are you sick? Spraying at me?!”

Zhou Mingyu also yelled back: “You’re the one who’s sick! Isn’t your family in the real estate business? What does it have to do with Chenxing? Do you also want to say that teen idol was your idea?”

Xu Zhaixing: “Yes! Can’t I! You’re fucking dead, this dress of mine is a limited edition!”

Zhou Mingyu: “…”

What should I do when my once unrequited love is going to become my boss? Urgent, waiting online.

He realized another more important matter and said in disbelief, “So you’re also Brother Feng’s boss now? You’re not doing this just to keep him, right??”

Xu Zhaixing: “?” She picked up her coffee cup, “You’re really dead now.”

Zhou Mingyu retreated again: “No… If you have something to say, don’t beat people up and say you’ll kill them, it’s unlucky! Does Brother Feng know this?”

Xu Zhaixing coldly said, “He doesn’t know. Why, are you going to tattle?”

Zhou Mingyu: “No, no, no, my mouth is zip, you see I haven’t even told him that you have a crush on him for seven or eight years!”

Xu Zhaixing: “?”

In the end, the two decided to sit down and negotiate peacefully.

Xu Zhaixing didn’t hide any information and directly told him that Chenxing was not the only company that wants to sign him. If he wants to choose, he could take Chenxing’s contract first, compare it with other companies, and then decide after.

Zhou Mingyu fumbled around and found a pen out of nowhere then turn to the last page and signed his name, he then asked, Do I also need to put on my fingerprints?”

Xu Zhaixing momentarily froze: “Don’t you want to consider it a bit longer?”

“And consider what.” He turned his pen on his fingers as he said, “You’ve come in person, can I not give you face? Besides, brother Feng and the others are at your company, so why should I go to the opposing team?”

Xu Zhaixing was actually moved by this.

When the next moment she heard him say: “So now that I’m a star, should I travel with four assistants, eight bodyguards, and a stage name or something?”

Xu Zhaixing: “?”

After easily singing his name down Zhou Mingyu swore to never reveal her identity before leaving, and if ever he violated this he would be pushed crystal* by his enemy for the rest of his life.

(losing the game/loser*)

When he got back to the dormitory, everyone was packing their luggage.

In the parking lot downstairs, cars from various companies drover over ready to pick up their own trainees back.

As soon as Zhou Mingyu entered, Shi Ran threw a slipper at him, “Where have you been? Hurry up and pack your luggage! Aren’t you going back to school? I’ll take you with my company’s car and take you on the way.”

Zhou Mingyu shook his body as he said, “I won’t go back to school.”

He Sinian asked, “Where are you going then? It’s not easy to take a taxi here, see whose car is more convenient for you take.”

Zhou Mingyu: “I’ve got a car to pick me up.” He cleared his throat and clapped his hands: “Look at me. I have something important to announce—Brother Feng! Brother Feng, don’t go, listen to me first!”

Cen Feng gave him an oblique glance, “You signed with Chenxing, right?”

Zhou Mingyu was shocked: “How did you know?!”

Shi Ran and He Sinian looked at each other and both rushed over: “Damn, is that right? Such awesome opportunity.”

And once again commotion ensues in the dormitory.

He Sinian happily said, “Now we don’t have to separate!”

Shi Ran couldn’t put it into words, “Who would have thought that you, this tough and foolish naïve boy would make a solo debut?”

Cen Feng asked him, “Did you read the contract carefully?”

Zhou Mingyu nodded excitedly.

After the boisterous talk, Shi Ran dragged the tough and foolish naïve boy to find Ying Xuze, and soon the whole building knew that this tough and foolish naïve boy had signed with Chenxing to make his solo debut, and immediately a howl of envy could be heard.

After the uproar, it was finally time to depart.

Probably after saying their goodbyes, they may never see this many people again whom they share their bond with.

Everyone dragged their luggage downstairs, stood at the bottom steps as they hugged and said their goodbyes one by one, and then got into their respective company cars.

The nine members of the ID group have to go back to their companies to deal with some of the closing procedures, after all, this next year they have to stay at Chenxing and have nothing to do with their own companies. After the formalities were completed, they would go back to their previous dormitory to pack their luggage, and tomorrow morning Chenxing would send a car to pick them up and take them to their new dormitory.

The tenants in room 302 were basically the whole member of the group, so they weren’t really sad saying their goodbye as they just hugged and giggled saying they would see each other tomorrow before getting into the car.

Cen Feng looks back.

The once bustling recording camp has gradually quietened down. After the finals ended last night, the staff also gradually withdrew.

After thinking about it, he took out his phone and made a call.

The other end quickly picked it up and just like before, she happily answered: “Brother!”

He smiled, “Are you home?”

Xu Zhaixing didn’t actually leave.

But since they were too many people from various entertainment companies outside. She was afraid to show her face, so she didn’t dare to show her face and just secretly stood in the corridor where she and Cen Feng had ice cream before, looking at him through the vent.

She saw him look back, took out his phone, and make a call.

She said softly, “Went home, last night.”

Cen Feng was silent for a while before he said, “Well, I’ll see you next time then.”

Xu Zhaixing’s heart softened into a pool of water, “Brother, we will see you soon again.”

From a distance, she saw him looking at the blue sky smiling, and his clear voice came from the receiver, “Good.”

Someone in the business car called out to him, “Cen Feng, let’s go!”

When Xu Zhaixing heard that, she hurriedly said, “Brother, go now.”

He said, “um” and after hanging up the phone the soft smile on his face gradually faded replaced by the once inhuman indifference. Once he was inside the car, Wen Tingting complained dissatisfiedly, “Who are you talking to on the phone? I’ve been calling you for a while.”

Cen Feng ignored her and just sat in the back seat and put the hat on his face.

Wen Tingting was annoyed seeing his familiar look.

Seeing his gentle smile last night, she thought he had changed in the past few months, but as it turned out he was still the same!

She coldly stared at him for a while before she asked curiously, “Cen Feng, didn’t you say you didn’t want to debut? How come when you were on someone else’s territory, you sing, danced well, and even smile? Now you already have tens of millions of fans, even debuting in C position, and the next thing you knew you’re going to hit big, what do you feel about this.”

Cen Feng didn’t bother to answer her, it was as if she only talking to herself.

The car soon arrived at his dormitory in Zhongtian, and when he got off to get his luggage, Wen Tingting poked her head out of the car window and stared at him with a smile, and said, “Cen Feng, you have to cherish this next year. After all, in a year’s time, you’ll be back in my hands.”

The young man who had not spoken all this time suddenly looked up with a smile that was not a smile, “After one year, my trainee contract will only have two more years left.”

Wen Tingting froze.

Cen Feng at this time already turned around and left, dragging his luggage.

It took a long time before she realized what he meant by that.

He said, trainee contract.

That’s right, he only has trainee contact in Zhongtian and there were only two years left.

In contrast to artist contracts, trainee contracts were too easy to terminate.

He couldn’t afford to pay the termination fee before, but what about now? In the next year, the money he could earn as an artist was enough to cancel even a hundred trainee contracts, right?

No wonder!!! No wonder he’s willing to make his debut!!!

He ran to another company to make money and then terminate his own company’s contract!!!

After trying to understand this, Wen Tingting almost had a heart attack, if Cen Feng hadn’t gone far away she really wanted to take off her high heels and throw them over to smash him to death.

In the Zhongtian dormitory, his former roommates were still there.

Today Zhongtian happened to be on holiday, two of his roommates were both sitting in the living room watching TV when they heard the door open and were surprised before they reacted that it was Cen Feng who arrived.

They looked at each other and hurried to the door.

As soon as Cen Feng came in, he saw his roommate, who couldn’t even say a word before, standing in the foyer with a nervous smile, greeting him kindly, “Cen Feng, you’re back?”

He used to ignore them before.

But at this moment, the resentment that once repulsed everyone was not very strong now and he seemed to begin to calmly and slowly reconcile with the world.

So he nodded his head, “En, it’s been a long time.”

Both of them were shocked and pleasantly surprised, he actually talk to them! They hurriedly helped him carry his luggage and gave him water.

“Cen Feng, we watched your show, you’re really too good!”

“C-position my god, you’re a big star now!”

“Are you leaving tomorrow? Are you coming back?”

“Jiayou, Cen Feng! As your former companion, we are also very proud!”

He smiled and nodded.

The next morning, Chenxing’s car drove to the dormitory building. He actually did not have much luggage and just packed two boxes, one of which was filled with machinery.

The assistant who came to pick him up rang the doorbell. When Cen Feng opened the door, the other party brought him breakfast and said with a smile, “Good morning.”

He was a little hesitant: “Have we met before?”

The girl smiled, “Well, at the recording camp. Hi, my name is You Tao, I’m your assistant for the year.”

You Tao had been with Xu Zhaixing for three years and the latter recognized and was confident of her ability.

So when the company assigned assistants to the members she did not hesitate to assign You Tao to Cen Feng. With a reliable person like You Tao by Cen Feng’s side she could rest assured.

You Tao also wanted to help him carry the box, but was refused by Cen Feng: “It’s heavy, I’ll do it myself.”

She didn’t force it, and after the two of them went downstairs and got into the car, the driver drove to the new dormitory. Meanwhile, the other eight people were also all picked up by Chenxing.

Two hours later, nine people met in a high-end residential building.

Chenxing rented a three-story villa for them, all household appliances and daily necessities were available in the villa and all they need was to move in with their luggage.

After opening the door, a few energetic people rushed in leaving their luggage, and immediately went upstairs to grab a room. What they didn’t know was that Chenxing had already divided the rooms in advance in order to prevent chaos, each room had its own nameplate on the door.

Cen Feng’s room was the largest and best, with a balcony and a separate bathroom. The room was also equipped with a desktop computer and massage chair, he could play games or massage, and there was also a small tea table on the balcony for afternoon tea.

Shi Ran roared enviously: “Even if he was a C-position, it shouldn’t be like, should be?!”

You Tao thought silently: Otherwise? This was arranged by the eldest miss herself. The bed sheets, pillowcases, desks, and wardrobes were all selected by the eldest miss.

Nine people took a good look at the room before they began to pack their luggage with their assistants.

Chenxing has assigned an assistant to each member as well as a manager and a team specially responsible for the ID team this year. This team includes public relations, planning, stylists, and personal assistants in this team.

Everything was ready and a new sail was about to begin.

And at this moment on the internet, information related to Cen Feng on all major platforms was soaring to the top three overnight, and many even rank first in the popularity list of many hot lists.

This was the debut gift that fans gave to Cen Feng after winning C-position as the highlight last night

Let the world know your existence and let the world love you.

The debut was at the top stream, nothing more than this.




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