ECM 86


Chapter 86

The Teen Idol craze that has been going on from spring to summer would now finally have a live broadcast for its finals at the end of this month.

There were now only twenty trainees left from one hundred trainees who first participated and this time also the top nine have been basically determined, but fans still haven’t given up. In the finals, the twenty trainees would each perform their solo stages, and the voting channel would not be officially closed until one second before the final announcement of the results.

And on this last solo stage, the production team gave the trainees their greatest opportunity to showcase themselves.

Thus, this would be the time when these trainees perform their best solo before saying goodbye to this stage.

The day before the finals, Chenxing Entertainment announced on its official Weibo that Chenxing would tailor a mobile game for the C position tomorrow evening.

This game was directly aimed at fans, with the theme of dressing up, fans could match their idol with their own styles in the game interface. All kinds of styles from head to toe were available for the fans to coordinate and be their designer.

After dressing the idol of their choice, and submitting their work for the competition, their design would then enter the voting pool, and every fan could participate in the voting. First place would be the design with the highest number of votes, the idol would then wear the design that wins, in his performance.

Other fans: Wow! Customized dress-up mobile game?! Really? For C-position? Then why don’t you just say it’s for Cen Feng? Forget it.

Kite: Wow!!! Customized dress-up game! So we have the final say on what brother can wear?! Is this a super bonus for us fans?! Chenxing thumbs up!

The whole forum was also boiling:

[Who said it’s good to have nothing to wear at all? Remember to submit it and participate in the competition, I will definitely vote for you]

[Imagine, a naked brother dancing “The Fight” on the stage…]

[Crap, what impure thoughts are you guys blubbering???]

[I thought of it for a moment, I can’t, I’m dirty, I don’t deserve to be a mother]

[I don’t want to be a mother anymore wah wah wah, how can I be a mother of such a beautiful idol]

[Go away! You women who crave my son’s body!]

[One thing to say, when the time comes to vote, you still need to vote for a good design. After all, it is the baby’s costume. He will not be happy if he wears strange clothes]

[Joking aside, Chenxing released this game not for us to mess around. We should cherish the opportunity to express our love to our brother]

[DD! Be sure to dress up our brother beautifully!]

[The only thing I’m worried about now is that the designs in the game aren’t good enough]

[Chenxing is always reliable, it shouldn’t be a problem ah. By the way, I’m here to ask when will our brother terminate his contract with Zhongtian and go to Chenxing, I think Chenxing is good with their artist]

[Did baby sign an idol contract or is it a trainee contract? If it is the latter, it is easier to terminate the contract, right?]

[Let’s not talk about it, just wait and see. After the debut, the economy will be in the hands of Chenxing, by then it depends on the development of this year]



Cen Feng was doing his final styling when Xu Zhaixing told him about this.

There would be two performances in the finals, one was the theme song performance where all one hundred trainees would perform the “Sun and Young” in their uniforms. And the second performance would be their solo stage for the top twenty remaining trainees.

For her idol’s solo stage, Xu Zhaixing dressed him in a smoky gray casual-style suit, it looked both casual and ascetic but not losing the youthful appearance.

After listening for a while now, Cen Feng grasped the idea, “You design it?”

However, afraid of exposing her intention of playing the miracle fengfeng, she instead said in a righteous tone and serious face, “I am only in charge of costume design, and other than that has nothing to do with me!”

Cen Feng: “Really?”

Xu Zhaixing: “Yes… of course!”

Cen Feng did not express his opinion and just raised his eyebrows.

Xu Zhaixing tried to sound him out and asked, “Brother do you mind?”

He smiled, “I don’t mind.”

And when Xu Zhaixing win an inch, she went and want a foot, “Then you don’t mind giving a few lines to the little game, do you?”

Cen Feng had a bad feeling: “What lines?”

“Just like…” Xu Zhaixing swallowed her saliva as she slowly leaned down and whispered in his ears, “Don’t poke here, you can’t touch here.”

Cen Feng: “?”

Seeing the dangerous glint in her idol’s eyes, Xu Zhaixing jumped three feet away and hurriedly admitted her mistake: “Brother I’m kidding! You …… you’ll …… just say a few official lines that welcome everyone to the game!”

Cen Feng looked at her coldly through the mirror, “Come here.”

Xu Zhaixing: “Hng.”

She slowly moved over, still holding the makeup pencil in her hand, and heard Cen Feng say, “Stick your head over here.”

Pouting, she slowly moved her head over.

Cen Feng raised his hand and flicked her forehead.

Xu Zhaixing was still pouting that she could hang a bucket from it, as she covered her forehead and muttered aggrievedly, “It’s not me who said it, they all said it, I just relayed it…”

Cen Feng looked at her askance: “What else did they say?”

They also said they want to see you not wearing anything.

Xu Zhaixing awkwardly laughs “hehe”: “They said you look good in everything, and they will definitely dress you up.”

Cen Feng wanted to laugh at her silly appearance. Seeing that she was still covering her forehead, his eyes, and voice softened: “Was my flick strong?”

Xu Zhaixing put her hand down and said, “Not strong at! I don’t even feel any pain!”

Was what she said but a red mark could be clearly seen on her forehead.

Slightly leaning over, she then continued to apply his makeup when suddenly Cen Feng who was sitting on the chair raised his head to push the back of her head and had her face him closely to his face.

This posture was almost like they were going to kiss.

Xu Zhaixing’s entire soul was almost scared away.

And since her body was now leaning with his strength, she could only feel her head being pushed down by him and his thin lips stopped on her forehead, gently blowing it twice.

The warm breath brushed away the tousled hair on her forehead and sparked goosebumps all over her body.

But before she could react, Cen Feng released his hand.

Xu Zhaixing like a roly-poly toy bounces back on her standing position with her eyes almost popping out while looking at her idol in horror.

He asked her as if nothing had happened: “Are you better?”

What do you mean are you better?!!!

My whole person is not any better at all ah!!!

Baby, what are you doing!!! Do you want your mother to die!!!

Cen Feng raised an eyebrow in a calm and unruffled in the midst of Xu Zhaixing’s chaotic mind: “Hmm?”

Xu Zhaixing closed her eyes and stomped her feet, “Okay!” She took a deep breath, dawdled over before tremblingly picking up the makeup brush, and continued to do his makeup.

Ying Xuze who witnessed everything next to them again: “…………”

Brother Feng teased Missy again.

And it seems that Missy is weak from his teases???

It’s too scary to know this kind of top secret, I won’t be banned knowing this right?! Ahhh, anyways I didn’t see anything, nothing!

Ying Xuze lowers his head silently, trying to reduce his sense of existence.

Three hours later, the trainees finished their preparations and the finals would officially begin.

The final round would be broadcasted live in the entertainment video. The number of people waiting in the broadcast room exceeded one million before it even started, and #Youth Idol Finals# was also trending in Weibo hot search which certainly stir not just the fans but people’s excitement tonight.

The eighty trainees that were eliminated before were invited back to perform in today’s finale.

They put on their uniforms, stood on the stage again with their former companions, and performed this theme song that only belongs to them.

The scene was on fire.

Xu Zhaixing didn’t go to the auditorium to support the trainees this time, since she was assigned as the makeup artist for the trainees, but she never misses the chance to secretly opened the corner of the curtain and watch silently as she stood up in the hallway designated for the staffs.

From this angle, she could see the whole venue clearly.

The sea of orange stretches and shimmers with a large warm light.

Seeing this, she undoubtedly knew that tonight was destined to be Cen Feng’s home court.

Everyone knows that this much-anticipated young man would make his official debut after tonight, and he would be the most dazzling presence in the entertainment industry, the youngest king on stage.

The one-year contract was just his start, as his future was surely unlimited.

But all of this would still be based on his willingness.

He came from the mud and was used to the filth and darkness of the world, so when he climbed to the top, he also jumped out of this mundane world. Thus, no rule in this world could bind him, and the temptation of fame and wealth in this circle that others longed, cannot keep him.

He was different from them.

He was unique.

And just like his fans said, may he be a free and happy wind (feng).

If he was willing to stay, they would build a home with the Orange Sea to resist all the evil in the world and give him all the love and warmth.

But if he doesn’t want to stay it doesn’t matter, as long as he was happy and healthy and everything goes well. It doesn’t even matter if there he would no longer be in the limelight, it doesn’t matter if there was no business, and it doesn’t matter if he withdraws from the circle.

He was the wind, and where the wind was, the kite would fly there.

When Cen Feng came out, the whole audience screamed.

The cameraman didn’t slip this chance and immediately gave a close-up view, and there the fans saw him smiling.

Seeing that smile, they all have one thought: He seems to be smiling a lot more lately.

He was wearing a casual suit, his tie was loosely tied, and his hair was slightly parted on both sides, which looked beautiful and sexy. And the moment he dances, the whole stadium was filled with his aura paired with his bright smile making the whole surrounding dim in comparison.

How could people not love him?

Wishing one could take out their heart and give their life to them.

Take the whole world without changing it.

Two hours later, the solo performance of twenty trainees ended, and the online voting channel was officially closed.

Because it was the final, the program team invited a professional host to partner with Zhao Jinjin. Twenty trainees were all invited to the stage and stood in two rows according to the previous ranking.

Zhou Mingyu, who was ranked 13th last time, just stood behind Cen Feng and secretly hold his hand.

Cen Feng turned back and slapped his hand.

Trainees who witness this exchange nearby were holding their laughter.

Kite, who was sitting on the side of the stage, looked through the gap and immediately shouted, “Zhou Mingyu is not allowed to hold Cen Feng’s hand!”

Everyone finally didn’t hold back and burst into laughter.

Xu Zhaixing who was peaking from standing in the staff lounge, also burst out laughing before she looked at her idol on the stage from a distance, and sighed despairingly.

Someone behind her suddenly asked, “What are you sighing for?”

Xu Zhaixing turned around and said happily, “Brother, why are you here?”

Xu Yan stood next to her and looked in the direction of the stage: “I came over after the meeting since I got nothing to do, anyway it’s the final, I should also come and watch.”

After answering, he looked down at her and said, “He’s about to debut, aren’t you happy? Isn’t this the result that you’ve always wanted?”

Xu Zhaixing’s eyelashes trembled, and it took her a long time to answer in a low voice, “I didn’t know what he was thinking at that time, so I thought that he wanted to debut, so…”

Xu Yan smiled: “Are you thinking he is forced to step on the stage now?”

Xu Zhaixing froze: “That’s not true. I just …… ai, there’s this indescribable worry ……”

Xu Yan suddenly put his hand on her head and turned her head towards the stage: “Look.”

Xu Zhaixing was baffled: “What should we be looking at?”

Xu Yan said, “Look at the light in his eyes.”

Xu Zhaixing slightly trembled.

On the stage, Cen Feng was smiling, and with the spotlight, his eyes shine even brighter.

“Don’t you see that his eyes and smile are different from before? ” He smiled, “Anyways, for me, I always remember the dead eyes when I went to the night market to find him.”

The once cold, desireless, world-weary aura that doesn’t matter whether he lives or dies seems to have disappeared from him.

He became smiling, warm, gentle, still indifferent but this time there was light in his eyes.

Xu Yan looked towards the stage, “He has to live for himself.”

On the stage, Zhao Jinjin took the final count of votes and announced loudly: “Congratulation on Cen Feng’s winning the C-position getting the most votes. Congratulation on debuting!”

The whole audience applauded loudly.

Xu Zhaixing suddenly wanted to cry a little.

She didn’t feel it when she was reborn, she didn’t feel it when she saw Cen Feng, and she didn’t feel it when she created Chenxing.

Only at this moment did she really feel it.

It’s over.

The past darkness and pain have finally passed away.

On stage, the teenager took the microphone and he said, “Thank you all for your votes and hard work.”

The whole kite cried and laughed: “This sentence again!”

As if to respond to them, he tilted his head and smiled softly.




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