ECM 85


Chapter 85

After chasing Cen Feng and entering the pit, kite powder experienced the biggest and fiercest abuse in history. This abuse has made them cry every day, this also hurt them both physically and mentally, but also made their loyalty even stronger.

Once the mom powder attribute was firm, it was basically impossible to get rid of the powder in this life.

After all, one could change their husband, but they could only have one son.

After Xu Zhaixing, finished dealing with the positive articles collected on hand, she immediately contacted the support group and several official organizations to make a joint statement.

——@CenFeng National Support Association: He should be protected, not hurt by people, and discussed nor browsed. Fans are forbidden to circulate photos among themselves, if you love him, please destroy them privately.

——@CenFeng official support group: Don’t reveal his pain to the world. Fans are forbidden to circulate photos among themselves, if you love him, please destroy them privately.

——@CenFeng official anti-black group: protect his hard-earned smile, please kites supervise each other, private photos will be immediately blocked if you don’t, please leave our circle. Fans are forbidden to circulate photos among themselves, if you love him, please destroy them privately.

——@CenFeng official production team: may he always be the freest wind. Fans are forbidden to circulate photos among themselves, if you love him, please destroy them privately.



The kites were heartbroken, how could they not listen to the official group posts, especially after they saw the photos, they were very devasted. Also, they didn’t want to seek more abuse, so soon the whole fans circle and Chaohua forum banned all photos regarding this issue. The photos were never seen again, it was as if they never existed in the first place.

After the private communication from the public relations department of Chenxing, the marketing number that broke the news before also deleted the Weibo posts and the photos. Through the efforts of the technical department and the PR department, the spread of that unpleasant photos was finally controlled.

When passers-by click on #Invite the world to love Cen Feng# and #Cen Feng’s life experience who had been in the welfare homes# and #Distressed Cen Feng#, these hot topics, except for the small number of Weibos that relayed the content of the revelation, the rest were basically about the stage performance, appearance index and personality of the Teen Idol.

And even the previous post about the murderer’s father disappeared on the Internet under the timely control of Xu Zhaixing, and only a few people noticed it, all who saw that post thought it was fake information and didn’t take it to heart.

It took a little bit of time for her to prepare and counter the two revelations because Xu Zhaixing was caught by surprise. If she had not made relevant plans before, it would be impossible to control it so quickly and stably.

In her last life, Cen Feng’s life experiences were all revealed after he committed suicide.

She had expected that with the popularity of Cen Feng’s in this life, these things would come out ahead of time. She originally planned to wait for the fan circle to stabilize a little bit by herself, to give fans a buffer time.

Unexpectedly, the plan was completely disrupted by that person named Zhang Yang.

At the thought of his wanton slander that turns white to black and that revelation, Xu Zhaixing’s teeth itch with hatred.

This incident also reminded her again that some things could no longer wait, she must take the initiative.

She still remembers it like it was yesterday, after the death of Cen Feng, his father, the murderer, made a scene in Zhongtian, not seeking justice for his son, but seeking huge compensation. Even before Cen Feng committed suicide, he had made many troubles and even stopped at Cen Feng’s house to ask for money.

Xu Zhaixing doesn’t know when the murderer would be released from prison. According to her previous speculation, there should be two years left. But now she did not dare to wait any longer and immediately arranged for her trusted cronies to investigate the matter.

Early the next morning, when the legal department of Chenxing went to work, Xu Zhaixing asked them to join the public relations department to file a lawsuit against the person who broke the news.

Soon, Chenxing’s official Weibo released a statement:

——@Chenxing Entertainment: The Internet is not a place outside the law, and everyone must take responsibility for their own words. In view of yesterday’s @wanwusangzhi*Yang, our company will sue the person behind this ID according to law for malicious exposure, reputation damage, and defamation of our contract artist Mr. Cen Feng. Our company will continue to pay attention to the network public opinion. Please regulate your words and deeds, and do not spread false information or infringe on the rights and interests of others.

(*-this is an idiom means trifling destroys the will)

When Chenxing Weibo was posted, the kites were shocked. After the shock, they were all ecstatic.

Although Cen Feng was now participating in the program under Chenxing, he was still a trainee of Zhongtian after all. It was reasonable to ask Zhongtian to sue the person for defamation.

Yesterday, all the kites rushed to Zhongtian’s Weibo and asked them to make a statement to protect the reputation of their trainee. Even if they were not willing to sue for a trainee who has yet to debut, couldn’t they just denounce and dispel the rumor?

But the result? Zhongtian didn’t put a single fart. Telling they didn’t see those malicious comments but were able to repost the attendance of the biggest star of their company who attended an event this morning.

This upset the kites.

So, this quite gallant move from Chenxing was unexpected, after all, they only had a three-month contract with these idols yet they directly sued the whistleblower. This powerful move by Chenxing as if protecting a child moved the kites to tears.

While forwarding Chenxing’s statement they also thanked them for speaking up while scolding Zhongtian for being worthless, and with unified hearts, they commented: Die for Lao Zhi!

The marketing number that broke the news before saw Chenxing and Cen Feng’s fans coming fiercely. Afraid of involving himself, he quickly got rid of any suspicion and posted on Weibo: the disclosed account number has been provided in accordance with the law.

After scolding Zhongtian, the kites looked at the ID @wanwusangzhiYang that was mentioned in Chenxing’s statement, and sinisterly smiled.

As the highest authority in the fan association, Xu Zhaixing posted in Chaohua Forum:

——@if you turn into a wind: we should all be reasonable, it is natural to repost and like comments that have goodwill but don’t become irrational because of wanton abuse and be rebuked by others for online violence, be smart.

So the kites were very polite.

They have asked in @wanwusangzhiYang’s Weibo: May we ask if you have received a copy of the court’s indictment?

They then looked at his Weibo, and found that he was actually admitted to a university for postgraduate???

Oh, you ruin our idol’s reputation then we will ruin your future.

The kites swarmed the official Weibo of Zhang Yang’s university: your school @wanwusangzhiYang is spreading false rumors on the internet, maliciously slandering and defaming others, may we ask how a person with such low moral character is qualified to be eligible for postgraduate? Please also check your school thoroughly.

The official Weibo which only has two-digit comments all year round was suddenly receiving tens of thousands of private comments, the teacher who managed the official Weibo almost couldn’t go through when they went online.

Kites remembered Xu Zhaixing’s teachings and never curses or made insulting remarks, all they did was ask reasonable questions. So when the teacher read the whole article, they immediately realized the seriousness of the matter and quickly began to check.

The Chenxing Legal Department also called the Academic Affairs Office to verify the information of the accused person with the school.

Naturally, Cen Feng has many fans in that same university, it was only after they verified that they knew they belong to the same university as the slanderer.

Some fans took the lead and established an alumni fan group. After discussion, they decided to write a report letter and deliver it to the report box of the Academic Affairs Office.

The Academic Affairs Office has not received so many reports in a year, and all of them were for the same person.

This year’s college entrance examination was about to start, which was a critical period for enrollment, and a student with bad morals mustn’t affect the enrollment rate of the school.

A week later, the court accepted Chenxing’s lawsuit, and the official Weibo of the University issued a statement saying that a student from their university has in fact spread malicious rumors and slandered someone. And because of his bad behavior, his qualifications for postgraduate were canceled.

At the same time, a mainstream media with great influence in China also released a report on this issue, with reporter Wei Rang, who became popular as the beautiful reporter.

Wei Ran went to the middle school where Cen Feng used to attend and contacted several teachers who had taught him, for her interview. In the written reports and recordings released, the teachers all agreed that Cen Feng was a good student with excellent character and learning. He was really independent, but he was polite to teachers and classmates. In the first year of senior high school, he insisted on leaving school because of a fight, which the head teacher regretted for a long time.

The events reported by Wei Ran have always been based on the truth, which was very credible.

So far, the positive report completely broke the false rumors, there was also Chenxing deliberately controlling the wind direction. The discussion among passers-by was basically how could Cen Feng, who has experienced so much pain grow up so well?! His self-control and temperament were steadfast?!

They were requesting the excellent quality, Cen Feng, to publish a ‘Growing and Parenting Handbook’ for the majority of parents in China who were troubled by naughty children.

Kites: We Cen Feng’s fans were proud of him!

Compared with the joy in this end, Zhang Yang, who received the notice from the court and the notice of the revocation of his qualification from the Institute, was already pale and frightened.

He and Cen Feng haven’t seen each other for seven or eight years.

Since the first year of senior high school, Cen Feng has dropped out of school and signed a contract as a trainee. His parents tried to stop him but to no avail, so they cut him off in a fit of anger. He always wanted to drive Cen Feng away, and he finally did it.

He thought he would never see Cen Feng again in this life. Him being scouted as a trainee seems to be a lie, he might have starved or frozen to death on the street. He remembered that Cen Feng would occasionally call his parents to greet them in the first few years, but then it gradually stopped. He must have died!

His parents also didn’t bother to know what happened to him, whenever they talk about Cen Feng they would always say “forget it” and treat it as if they have never adopted a child.

Truth was, they adopted Cen Feng because of Zhang Yang.

They have been traveling all the time for business, so Zhang Yang was basically raised by his grandparents. And because he was doted by his grandparents he grew up with an arrogant character from childhood.

After taking their eight or nine-year-old son, the couple discussed whether it would do good for Zhang Yang to have a sibling with the same age as him. If they could play together with him then maybe, he would learn how to share and take care of him.

That’s why they adopted Cen Feng.

Just like what Cen Feng thought before, they have no malicious intentions. They were just busy with their careers resulting in neglecting their child and viewing the behavior of their child with adult thinking.

They did not know that Zhang Yang’s grandparents had been secretly urging Zhang Yang not to treat this outsider as his younger brother. This outsider was the son of a murderer, and the share he would solely inherit in the future would be divided among them instead.

Those vicious seeds took root, sprouted in the child’s heart, and finally grew into a vicious net with teeth and claws.

He didn’t expect to see Cen Feng again. The little beggar who was driven away by him became a big star.

Handsome, dazzling, full of light.

How could he just let him loose?

He must ruin him, like before, ruined him.

But to his surprise, it was he who was ruined in the end.

His qualification for postgraduate was canceled, and since there was no airtight wall in this world, his information and past deeds began to circulate among students. Every time he walk inside the campus, many girls showed a disgusting look at him.

Now he has to face the court’s prosecution.

He was afraid to tell his parents.

Because he also knew how shameful everything he did was.

Then should he just admit his mistakes, right? He just needs to say sorry and apologize for them to let him go, right? After all, he has no malice and just made a mistake in a moment of confusion. Knowing the mistake could make a big difference, it was enough. Cen Feng should be lenient.

@wanwusangzhiYang soon released a tearful apology statement on his Weibo, saying that he hoped Chenxing could withdraw the lawsuit.

Chen Xing’s Public Relations Department called Xu Zhaixing: “Miss, look…”

Missy’s voice on the phone was cold: “What do you need the police for if apologies are enough?”

Chenxing’s Public Relations Department: “…okay.”

After hanging up the phone, the cold-faced young miss suddenly changed her expression into a sweet and innocent smile and turned to run to Cen Feng, who was sitting in the stairwell eating ice cream.

“Brother, is it delicious?”

Cen Feng stepped on the steps with his long legs in a casual posture, biting into his ice cream and nodding his head, “Hmm.”

Xu Zhaixing smiled happily that her eyes turn to crescent-like slits, licked her ice cream, and sat down beside him obediently.

The corridor was facing the air vent, and through the small window they could see the red sunset, dyed with clouds

“Brother, the sunset is so beautiful.”


“Is the moonlight beautiful that night or the sunset beautiful today?”

“Everything looks good.”

“No! Gotta pick one.”

“The one who watched is the best.”

Xu Zhaixing turned her head to look at the side of the teenager’s smiling face.

Mmm! Sure enough, the one who watches is the best.




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