Chapter 203

Wang Tong: “Boss, have you considered buying a crane machine?”

Jiang Hengshu looked back at Wang Tong and asked curiously.

“And why do I need to buy this?”

Wang Tong said to Jiang Hengshu.

“Your skills are so poor, later when you and sister-in-law went out to play and you can’t even catch one doll that will be too humiliating ah.”

Jiang Hengshu let out an “oh” before he calmly said.

“It’s enough that I caught my wife.”

Wang Tong: “….”

You having a wife is amazing ah!

And in comparison, it seemed to be a more amazing skill.

Wang Tong grunted and took a step forward, inserted in the middle of Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu, Fu Zhen inclined his head to look at him, in a trance feeling that he brought a small child and an older child, but in fact, he and Wang Tong’s age difference was not much.

Everyone had a good time on June 1st. When they were about to leave, Wang Tong asked Jiang Hengshu shyly.

“Boss, will you take me out next time?”

Jiang Hengshu looked at him and asked, “What bring you next time?”

“Take me …… take me ……”

Wang Tong’s ‘take me, take me’ lasted for a while, and made Jiang Hengshu lose on what to do.

Jiang Hengshu took Wang Tong’s words and asked him, “Bring you to become our light bulb?”

Wang Tong’s big eyes blinked and looked even a little pitiful. Seeing this, Fu Zhen thought about it before he took a step forward and said to Wang Tong.

“We have several good little girls in the crew, how about introducing you, so you could know each other?”

Wang Tong immediately shattered up: “Contact information, contact information ……”

Fu Zhen smiled faintly and said to Wang Tong.

“Tomorrow I will go to the crew to ask, and then I’ll give it to you.”

“OK,” Wang Tong was a young man who was easily satisfied.

“Then I’ll go home first, bye.”

Wang Tong got into the car, backed the car out of the garage, and did not forget to remind Fu Zhen.

“Madam, don’t forget to ask for contact information ah!”

After saying that, he quickly left Jiang Hengshu’s sight.

The image of them playing with claw cranes on the island was captured by the paparazzi, and he still doesn’t know who was supporting these paparazzi secretly photographing them until now.

The photo shows Fu Zhen standing in front of the crane machine, Wang Tong holding Cocoa standing by his side, and Jiang Hengshu just finished changing the game coins.

The question here was not about whether it was shameful to play with dolls on Children’s Day. But whether why does this group of men play with dolls?

Although this photo looks a bit strange, this time it was not only Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen but they seem to see a tall young man next to them?

It seems that their Brotherhood has a little fresher blood. Most netizens were not very interested in this matter as they just glanced at it and passed them. Only the CP fans of Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen feel a little unhappy.

Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen were no longer the only ones for each other.

In the middle of June, the “Escape”, was on the next phase, which was editing, special effects, and dubbing. Fu Zhen has high requirements for this post-production work, so he needed to facilitate everything himself to feel rest assured.

Getting the timing for the sound effects in horror films was crucial, if it was late there were many timid viewers watching horror films online who would change the original sound effects and add a spoof filter to view horror films as comedies.

This work was more detailed, requiring a shot-by-shot filling, Fu Zhen does not have so much time, so he could only check after the post-production staff was done, and then propose areas that need to be revised and supplemented.

“This section needs to add background music, and then add a sound effect of the door opening, the kind where the door is relatively old.”

Before starting up, Fu Zhen spent nearly two million yuan to specially invite the music genius Mai Zhe to make several backgrounds sound effects. What they need to do now was to put these sound effects in a suitable scenario respectively.

However, this work encountered a bottleneck in the later stage. There was a scene where Fu Zhen could not completely satisfy himself no matter what kind of background music he changed. Finally, since he couldn’t find another way, he send this video to Director Li Bin for his reference.

Director Li Bin stubbornly watched this video, but he didn’t give Fu Zhen any useful advice. He felt that the two versions Fu Zhen sent him were similar.

Post-production personnel has already started the next production, and Fu Zhen was still deadlocked in this shot, since Li Bin from those two versions could not pick a better one, it means that these two versions were not good enough, Fu Zhen spent two days to re-find a few eerie background music with it, and asked Li Bin.

“Brother you think which one is better? “

“Don’t let me watch this part anymore, okay?”

Li Bin wailed with Fu Zhen on the phone.

“If I keep watching, I won’t be able to sleep this month, how did you cut out such a weird shot?”

This was two-minute-long footage. Every time Li Bin watched this not-so-long video, he felt very strange, it was as if he has also entered this different dimension space.

He watched these videos two days ago and hadn’t slept well all night. And now Fu Zhen wants him to watch it again.

Fu Zhen said very modestly, “Coincidence, just coincidence.”

Li Bin exhaled and said to Fu Zhen.

“You let me rest for two days first. You know I’m cowardly, yet you still want me to watch this kind of thing? I’m going to have a heart attack.”

“Shi ge[1], do you have heart disease?” Fu Zhen asked. (Shi-means master and Ge- means older brother)


Fu Zhen laugh and spared Li Bin.

“Well then, I’ll ask the others.”

Li Bin said to Fu Zhen.

“Go ask Jiang Peng, he likes to read this kind of stuff, and may be able to give you some advice.”

Jiang Peng was the youngest son of director Jiang Li, who just graduated from college this year.

He seems to be the son who would inherit his father’s business, as he also majored in directing.

Jiang Peng also froze for a moment when he saw Fu Zhen add himself as a friend. He had been a fan of Tang Wanwan for a while and scolded Fu Zhen on the internet a lot.

Later, he stepped back on Tang Wanwan’s fandom and since then has always harbored a little guilt towards Fu Zhen.

But this point of guilt has been worn away clean in the successive groups of deaths in the Shazhou Chronicle.

Jiang Peng accepted his friend’s request while thinking about why Fu Zhen added him? He remembered that he had submitted his resume to the studio of Shazhou chronicle when he graduated.

It must be that his resume was too outstanding, so Director Fu contacted him personally. Jiang Peng instantly felt that his image had grown taller.

As a result, after Fu Zhen introduce him, he did not invite him to join the production of Shazou Chronicles but asked him instead.

“Which background sound do you think is better for this video?”

Jiang Peng was a little disappointed, so he was asked this, but why would he be asked him, he has not made a movie until now? Who revealed his name as a future national treasure director?

Jiang Peng knew that Fu Zhen recently shot a horror film called “escape”, like most netizens, Jiang Peng had no expectations for domestic horror films. There were just a few things that were not as good as those made abroad, and even if the director was Fu Zhen, it was difficult for them to attract any special attention.

Jiang Peng casually clicked on several videos sent by Fu Zhen from the bottom.

In the dark corridor, the incandescent lights on the ceiling flashed and made the sound of electric current. Jiang Peng couldn’t help but sit up straight and put his head closer to the mobile phone.

The angle of view suddenly shifted, Zhou Wenliang’s figure in the shadows seemed to produce some kind of change, and the surrounding walls also looked to be closing in on the center because of the light, an eerie feeling diffused on Jiang Peng’s heart, the video ended.

Jiang Peng needs to calm down for a while before opening the second video.



“Director Fu, I think…” Jiang Peng said to Fu Zhen.

“Your background sound is actually the same. Just choose one at random, and it doesn’t have a great impact on the expression of this scene.”

Fu Zhen also realized this before, but was not too sure, so he found a lot of people to help him make a choice together, he said to Jiang Peng.

“Thank you,”

Because of this one long shot, Jiang Peng has now full expectations for this film. He was a horror film lover, there were few horror films these years that could make him watch a cold sweat.

This “escape” may be able to give him a surprise, Jiang Peng asked.

“Director Fu, when will you release this film ah?”

“It hasn’t been decided yet. If it’s quicker then maybe August.” Fu Zhen replied.

After asking Jiang Peng, Fu Zhen thought about it for another night and finally choose that scene without any sound effects and background music.

Jiang Hengshu saw that he had been very busy these days. He wanted to take him out to make up for the honeymoon he owed before, but he didn’t know when he would be free, so he asked him.

“When will the finished film come out?”

Fu Zhen thought about it and replied, “I guess it will be July or August.”

The review of horror films was still slow, and this movie may not be able to catch the summer season.

Jiang Hengshu stroked Fu Zhen’s head and reassured him.

“There is no hurry, take your time.”

Fu Zhen has nothing to worry about, it’s just that if this movie couldn’t be released before September, it would have to wait until National Day was over before considering the release.

The historical drama that Li Bin started making last year has been released, and the audience response was very good.

And because there was little strong competition during this time, the box office was also very good. According to Maoyan prediction, it should be able to break a billion.

Some comments said that the film’s characters were vivid and innovative, while not losing the weight of the historical drama, director Li Bing was worthy of the new generation of directors, while also mentioning Fu Zhen, the two made a comparison.

Because of the additional five million investment that Zeng Xingke later made, the promotion of “Escape” was not too sketchy, and Zeng Xingke helped bring a wave of heat to “Escape” when he attended a certain event.

At that time, the host asked him.

“Xing Xing, why did you choose to join the crew directed by Fu Zhen? Did he pay you a particularly high salary?”

Zeng Xingke gave a straightforward laugh and answered the reporter.

“Negative five million.”

“Huh?” The host froze, seemingly not reacting to what he had just heard.


Zeng Xingke bit the word especially hard.

“Five million.”




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