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Chapter 34

“Yan Wenhong?”


Gu Xueyi nodded and asked, “have you eaten?”

Yan Wenhong was stunned and shook his head, “Not yet.”

Gu Xueyi only then quickened her pace and in a blink of an eye, she walked in front of Yan Wenhong.

She asked, “what would you like to eat?”

Yan Wenhong was stunned again. He probably never thought that someone would ask him such a question.

He hesitated for a while before he said in a low voice, “egg noodles.”

Isn’t it too simple?

Gu Xueyi’s eyes flickered, and she didn’t ask further questions. She turned and stopped the maid.

“Go and ask the kitchen to make a bowl of egg noodles and bring it over…. get another glass of milk, hot.”

The maid quickly answered.

Yan Wenhong’s eyes moved from Gu Xueyi to the maid and finally watched the maid walk away.

“Is there any other luggage?” Gu Xueyi asked again.

Yan Wenhong withdrew his eyes, turned back to look at Gu Xueyi, but politely replied.

“There’s none.”

“Well, then sit for a while first.” Gu Xueyi pointed to the sofa in the hall.

After saying that, Gu Xueyi first walked over and sat down, and Yan Wenhong followed over and took a seat.

“Yan Wenjia is filming, Yan Wenbo is at school, and Yan Wenshu will be back in a few days. Well, your brother… He can’t come back for the time being.”

Gu Xueyi said faintly, reached the teacup from the maid, and put it in front of Yan Wenhong.

“Drink some first.”

Yan Wenhong seemed a little flattered. He put his hands together and picked up the cup. He bowed his head and took a sip.

“Okay, thanks. I got it.”

It seems that he was not very interested in where the other members of the Yan family were.

A flash of light passed through Gu Xueyi’s eyes.

Unbeknownst to her, Yan Wenhong inwardly was feeling a huge wave of surprise.

Yan Wenjia stayed in the crew honestly, while Yan Wenbo was at school… this was a little strange.

Even Gu Xueyi in front of him was strange.

“How many days will you stay home this time?” Gu Xueyi asked again.

Her tone was unhurried, not cold, but not overly enthusiastic either. It made people feel comfortable, without the discomfort of being forced to ask questions.

Yan Wenhong paused and said, “half a month.”

Gu Xueyi had just taken another cup of tea from the maid’s hand when she paused in her movements, “Hmm? Half a month?”

Didn’t Yan Wenshu say that every time he came back, he would stay only two days and then return to school?

Yan Wenhong nodded carefully and said in a low voice.

“There was a little incident at our school, so we had to postpone returning to school.”

“What happened?”

Was there an incident of bullying? Or was there an incident of corporal punishment?

Gu Xueyi does not know much about such so-called boarding schools.

Well, she could just check the Internet again afterward.

Yan Wenhong put down the teacup, making a “click” sound as the bottom of the teacup touches the marble.

“A student was killed,” he said

“Ah.” Gu Xueyi paused.

If she remembered correctly, the laws of this society have been more perfect compared to the ancient times, most people live and work in peace and have social stability.

How could something like this happen in a school?

Yan Wenhong raises his eyes and looks at her.

He said embarrassedly, “I don’t want to say this, since it will scare you.”

“There’s nothing that can’t be said, and it won’t scare me.” Gu Xueyi said lightly.

“Has the murderer been caught?”

Yan Wenhong shook his head: “not yet.”

Gu Xueyi frowned: “did the police intervene?”

“En, the police were called. But because the students panicked, everyone couldn’t go to class normally, so they all went home. I’ll wait for the notification in half a month.”

At this time, the egg noodles were brought over.

Gu Xueyi stood up and said, “Go to the dining room to have something to eat.”

“Yes.” Yan Wenhong responds and goes to the dining hall.

When Yan Wenhong came out of the dining hall after eating the egg noodles, he saw Gu Xueyi sitting on the sofa, slowly turning the book on her lap.

Yan Wenhong glances at the book cover.

It was a complete set of current industrial and commercial administrative regulations.

In a split second, curiosity filled Yan Wenhong’s eyes.

“Are you done eating?” Gu Xueyi asked as she flips the page and looked up.

“Yes.” Yan Wenhong nods.

Gu Xueyi looked at the maid behind her and asked, “Did you drink the milk?”

The maid said, “no, madam.”

Yan Wenhong’s expression froze for a second.

He blinked slowly and looked at Gu Xueyi as if he was at a loss.

“Give it here.”


The maid immediately brought the reheated milk and handed it over to Yan Wenhong’s hand.

“Have an early rest after drinking the milk and talk about the rest tomorrow.”

Gu Xueyi lifted her chin slightly and motioned him to drink milk first.

Yan Wenhong gave her a shocked look.

Yan Wenhong was not short, he was one meter eight. The messy hair on his forehead scatters which complemented the eyebrows that were somewhat similar to Yan Chao, showing a little innocence.

A quick glance gives the impression of not being too old.

But Yan Wenhong really hasn’t had much milk.

Still, Yan Wenhong silently took the cup, tilted his head, squinted his eyes, and drank it all in one quick gulp.

“…… is good.” Yan Wenhong said and burped.

His well-behaved face immediately stiffened for a second.

Watching the maid take away the milk cup, Gu Xueyi suddenly remembered and asked, “how old are you this year?”

She asked the question with a straight face, without the slightest shame of not knowing the Yan family.

“Next month, I’ll be eighteen.” Yan Wenhong said.

Gu Xueyi nodded, “Okay, you go ahead.”

Yan Wenhong then walked upstairs.

When he reached the corner, he paused and turned around to look downstairs. Gu Xueyi sat there and lowered her head again to continue reading.

Really weird.

All of them are strange.

Yan Wenhong collected his gaze, and only then continued to walk to the second floor.

He hasn’t been back for a long time, but the people around didn’t dare to be negligent and cleaned up the room immaculately.

Yan Wenhong pushed the door and walk in, but he couldn’t smell the familiarity.

But he didn’t care.

The schoolbag has been put on the sofa.

Yan Wenhong glances at it and goes straight to the wardrobe. He takes out his clothes and prepares to take a bath.

When he got to the bathroom door, he suddenly remembered that he had dinner today.

Yan Wenhong circled around and went to the bookshelf to take an astrophysics book, with his phone turned on, he sat down and slowly flipped through the book.

It took more than half an hour for Yan Wenhong to get up to take a shower.

The bathroom door was closed.

The shower was turned on.

Then a sound of water clattering could be heard.

Outside the bathroom, the phone that had been placed casually on the couch rang frantically.

In the bathroom, Yan Wenhong’s ears twitched.

He was very sensitive to sound, even the sound of water from the shower couldn’t block the ringing coming from outside.

Yan Wenhong paid no attention to it, he pressed himself in the sink and bent down to vomit.

But the next moment this vomiting sensation stopped.

He blinked, looked up at the warm yellow light overhead, and remembered.

Ah yes, I had it for dinner.

His stomach was not empty, but full… a little warm and a little bloated.

Yan Wenhong picked up a piece of paper and wiped his mouth. Only then did he get to the shower.

He didn’t pick up the phone until he got out of the bathroom and laid down on the bed.


“Madam, it’s already half past nine.” The maid walked up to Gu Xueyi’s side and reminded her in a low voice.

Gu Xueyi always forgets the time when reading, so she specially asked the maid to call her at a fixed time.

Gu Xueyi put down the book in her hand and looked up at the wall clock.

“Hmm.” Gu Xueyi turned around and walked upstairs, halfway up the stairs, she suddenly paused and turned her head and said.

“Tomorrow, have someone come and pack a room out on the third floor, set up some furniture, tables, and chairs, I want to use it as a study.”

She was always reading on the sofa, and the pressure on her neck and lower back was too much.

The maid quickly answered.

Wang Yue hid in the corner and sighed secretly.

The madam really doesn’t treat herself as an outsider anymore. She not only instructs them they also follow her well and now the young masters and young lady, all obey her perfectly well.

As Gu Xueyi walked past the second floor, she took a look at Yan Wenhong’s room.

Her mind flashed back quickly to the image of her questioning Yan Wenhong in the hall.

“Something happened to our school…”

“A student was killed.”

“…I’m afraid to scare you.”

When the teenager said these words, his appearance was well-behaved, his tone was careful, and he had this calmness as if he accumulated for years.

It’s just these were more on the negative side.

There was no fear, no anxiety, no anger, or anything… it’s nothing.

Passing it as he was being mature made sense but it seemed to be inconsistent with his appearance.

Gu Xueyi pressed her suspicion from the bottom of her heart and went to wash and rest first.

The next day, Pei Zhikang was at the door again.

He knows that most of the Yan family were not at home at this time

“I’m here to ask Madam to go shopping at Feng Xing Silver House.”

Pei Zhikang smiled and said, “Their store has recently come with some new goods.”

The maid looked at him with astonishment, but still said politely, “Pei Shao wait a minute, madam will be down soon.”

Pei Zhikang immediately smiled, “Okay, that’s fine, it’s okay if I wait a little longer.”

As soon as Pei Zhikang’s words fell, a sound of footsteps rang out.

Pei Zhikang immediately turned his head to meet her as he ready his most handsome smile.

“…… you, Yan, Yan Wenhong?” Pei Zhikang froze.

Yan Wenhong nodded his head lightly, “Pei Shao.”

The maid immediately said, “Young master, madam has asked the kitchen to prepare breakfast for you. Will you have some first?”

Yan Wenhong was stunned: “Okay.”

Pei Zhikang looked complicated as he watched Yan Wenhong enter the dining hall.

For him, not it should be said that Yan Wenhong was a shadow for most of the second and third generations of the upper-class circle. Even though Pei Zhikang was older than him, he still heard people mention what kind of genius Yan Wenhong was, a genius second only to Yan Chao.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he went to a boarding school and didn’t see anyone all year round, he doesn’t know how many people would have to bear the psychological burden.

Why is Pei Wenhong back?

“Pei Shao, what’s the matter?”

Gu Xueyi gathered her knitted coat and walked down slowly from upstairs.

Pei Zhikang stopped thinking, turned to look, immediately raised his smile again, and said what he had just said to the maid to Gu Xueyi again.

Gu Xueyi raised her eyebrow and said, “do you have money?”

Pei Zhikang was going to say, ‘my sister gave me a card, of course, there is money.’

But when the words reach his mouth, he swallowed them back.

He’s an adult… and besides, if he said this doesn’t it seems like he’s just spending his sister’s m?

Pei Zhikang smiled and said, “I have money.”

Gu Xueyi nodded: “Okay, then you wait half an hour, I still have a few pages to read.”

Pei Zhikang doesn’t believe Gu Xueyi’s excuse and feels that Gu Xueyi was deliberately trying to torture him.

But Pei Zhikang was still smiling as he replied, “Okay, half an hour is okay, even an hour is fine.”

Then Pei Zhikang really waited for an hour.

His face turned green as he waited.

After Gu Xueyi came down from upstairs again, Pei Zhikang forced a smile: “can we go now?”

Yan Wenhong suddenly interrupted and asked, “where are you going?”

Pei Zhikang was a little impatient but still replied: “Young Master, I’m going out with madam to go shopping and buy things.”

Yan Wenhong: “Then can I also go?”

With a soft smile plastered on his face, a pair of black and white eyes stared at Pei Zhikang, giving Pei Zhikang an unexplained coldness on the back of his neck.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the street.” Yan Wenhong turned his head to Gu Xueyi and said.

“Let’s go.” Gu Xueyi nodded and agreed.

Yan Wenhong was about to take a step.

Gu Xueyi suddenly spoke out, “Get a jacket for the young master.”

The maid froze and turned her head to look, only then did she realize that Yan Wenhong was still wearing a half-sleeved T-shirt.

Last month, there was certainly no problem with wearing something like this, but this month, the problem has changed greatly, so it’s hard to say…

Yan Wenhong was stunned, and then said in a low voice: “thank you, sister-in-law.”

The maid quickly gives him the jacket.

Yan Wenhong also put it on obediently.

Gu Xueyi stared at him and issued another soul-striking inquiry, “Did you drink the milk in the morning?”


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