Chapter 17

Mo Yifan’s gaze is firmly enveloped in Tang Xinyu, like an invisible glass cover covering Tang Xinyu and not allowing any external objects to stain and tarnish her.

If Mo Lanqing still had a glimmer of hope before Mo Yifan appeared then at this moment, Mo Lanqing was completely desperate.

Mo Yifan looked at Tang Xinyu’s eyes, whilst Mo Lanqing who saw this was too familiar with this gaze as a member of the Mo family. That was Mo Yifan’s gaze when he wants something, before the car accident, this was what Mo Yifan was, someone who had never missed anything he liked.

Mo Lanqing only felt remorse at this time. Why did he not pacify his relationship with Tang Xinyu in time when he canceled his engagement with the Tang family? He only paid attention to the child in Tian Wanwan’s belly, which led to the situation of sending the Tang family forces to his opponents.

“Lanqing? There you are.”

Tian Wanwan changed into a lighter pink jumpsuit and walked briskly toward Mo Lanqing, seeing his ugly expression, looked at Tang Xinyu with some caution.

Tang Xinyu patted the wrist that Mo Lanqing had tugged, and her tone was so calm that she didn’t fluctuate.

“Take care on your own, and don’t run around blaming others.”

Tang Xinyu was too lazy to waste more words with the scum man and bitch of a woman, pushing the wheelchair, she headed out.

Lin Vincent waited outside the door, helped Tang Xinyu push Mo Yifan into the car, and drove in with his eyes and nose on the road.

Mo Yifan looked at Tang Xinyu carefully, except for the slightly messy hair on her temples, she had no other injuries.

Meanwhile, Tang Xinyu has been browsing the forum since she got in the car. Seeing that the “shocking” post has already built a super high-rise discussion, Tang Xinyu watched with relish as if she was watching some anecdotes and laughed lightly from time to time.

As Lin Vincent was trying to see what Tang Xinyu was laughing about through the rearview mirror, he suddenly looked at Mo Yifan’s death stare in the rearview mirror instead. Lin Vincent shook his hand and hurried to take back his sight.

Mo Yifan’s clear and bright voice sounded: “Concentrate on driving and have a good look at the road.”

Lin Vincent respectfully listens to the order buts inwardly complained: It’s just a glance at Miss Tang, but Mo Shao why are you so alert?

Tang Xinyu handed over her phone and shared the post she had just seen with Mo Yifan.

“Hold high the YiXin CP banner and swear to rub the scum man and the cheap woman on the ground one by one!”

Tang Xinyu excitedly clicked on this post, “Look, we’ve all come out with a fan support club and, the masses are still very discerning.”

Mo Yifan swiped up and down the post, which had many replies, and casually swept a glance only to see many words that he felt baffled by.

“I declare that YiXin CP will be locked up! And I swallowed the key!”

“Holding high the banner of the official match, I was stuck in a trap for an hour and couldn’t extricate myself…”

“The old man’s teenage heart is burning up purr ~”

“It’s just sweet when they both look at each other.”

“YiXin CP, ink, and sugar follow each other!”



Mo Yifan frowned slightly and then slid down. He saw many photos of him and Tang Xinyu at the wedding banquet. Some of them were obviously candid photos that he couldn’t even see the human form clearly but was still praising Tang Xinyu’s beauty.

Tang Xinyu was surreptitiously observing Mo Yifan’s face from the corner of her eyes and seeing the confusion and disgusted look in his eyes, her heart couldn’t help but felt “thump.”

She wanted to test Mo Yifan’s attitude in this way first, so as to decide how she would convince Mo Yifan to agree to sign the agreement.

But right now, it seems that the effect was not quite right.

Mo Yifan was silent for a good half minute before hesitantly speaking.

“Don’t pay attention to these netizens, who have nothing to do but love to engage in some boring stuff. You don’t have to take these intense words to heart. I will contact someone to delete the post.”

Tang Xinyu sighed inwardly. She was 100% sure before that Mo Yifan would sign but right now, she was only 40% sure.

Tang Xinyu: “Forget it, anyway, it’s an entertainment post anyway, they have no malicious intent. If you delete the post people will get more excited instead and would be more interested in locking us up.”

Mo Yifan leaned slightly, log on to the forum with his phone, and secretly saved several photos of him and Tang Xinyu, before the poster, deletes the posts. Pictures that need to be saved should be saved first.

Mo Yifan quietly taps the picture and downloaded it into the album, then casually said: “it is inevitable that there will be some antisocial people. I will tell them to pay attention to these IDs.”

Tang Xinyu: “…..”

Why does she feel like there was something wrong?

Tang Xinyu focuses her gaze on Mo Yifan’s face, “Did you just say anti-social?”

Mo Yifan set the album with an encryption password: “En, the locking us up maybe someone’s schemes, I will deal with it.”


Tang Xinyu laughed out loud, while Lin Vincent who was driving tried his best to hold back his laugh, not daring to laugh out loud like Miss Tang, after all, he was still being paid by Mo Yifan.

Mo Yifan realized that he seemed to have misunderstood the word “locked”, so he pretended to read the news, and open Baidu. When the search results popped up, Mo Yifan was confused for a moment, clenched his fist to his lips, and coughed lightly.

“Cough, just kidding. Netizens are quite talented.”

Lin Vincent’s inner OS: Mo Shao, a minute ago someone was saying that the netizens are bored and have nothing to do.

But didn’t dare to say.

Just because he doesn’t dare to say it, doesn’t mean others won’t.

Tang Xinyu rubbed the stiff smile on her cheeks, and said solemnly: “Mo Shao, I now finally understand Mo Lanqing said that our ten-year age difference brings the generation gap problem.”

When Mo Yifan heard the other man’s name being spoken from her mouth he immediately felt a surged wave of displeasure, but it was not obvious on his face.

Head tilted against the car window. Eyes narrowed slightly at the corners: “Generation gap?”

Tang Xinyu broke the numbers and said, “People say three years is already a generation gap, you are ten years older than me, there are at least three times gaps between us.”

Lin Vincent held the steering wheel in front of him with a frightened heart.

Isn’t Miss Tang poking a knife into Mo Shao’s nest? Which man would like to be old in front of a woman? Miss Tang, please stop talking. Mo Shao won’t do anything to you, but he will do something to us!

The rear seat was quiet, Lin Vincent did not have the courage to look back again, and could only bite the bullet and drive straight ahead with the strange atmosphere inside the car

If he turned around at this time, he would have found that Mo Shao, who was always been retrained and polite, was leaning over her upper body, bullying Tang Xinyu’s ears and whispering softly.

“Some gaps can be filled.”

Tang Xinyu blinked, and her mind paused for a moment.

Was she being molested by an old man in a wheelchair?

Tang Xinyu seemed to have groped Mo Yifan’s lifeline and asked, “So, are you going to marry me?”

The voice of this question was not deliberately low, and it rang out at first in the quiet car, stimulating Lin Vincent to slam on the brakes.


The ear-piercing sound of the car tires rubbing against the ground came. Tang Xinyu slammed forward her upper body due to inertia, while Mo Yifan was no good either, his upper body stuck out since he didn’t have the seatbelt and hit himself on the back of the chair directly.

If it wasn’t for Tang Xinyu’s quick eyes and hands, grabbing Mo Yifan’s shoulders and pulling him back, Mo Yifan would have had to roll out of the wheelchair.

Lin Vincent looked back hastily, “Mo Shao, are you all right? Miss Tang ……”

Lin Vincent once again met Mo Yifan’s death stare and hurriedly shrank back into the driver’s seat. He rubbed his eyes in some disbelief, the moment he turned back just now, he saw Miss Tang with her arm around Mo Shao, a majestic and heroic rescue.

Bah, it’s the beauty that saves the hero.

Hey, as expected of the woman who Mo Shao wants to marry, she has the courage and dares alone to hook up with Mo Shao.

Tang Xinyu does not know which mountain road has been skewed inside Lin Vincent’s head, and only takes advantage of this opportunity to coax Mo Yifan to sign the agreement in one fell swoop.

Mo Yifan saw that Tang Xinyu had something to say so he pressed a button in his hand. A double-layer vacuum soundproof single-sided glass rose in the front and back seats, completely separating it from the driver’s seat.

Mo Yifan’s index and middle fingers rested against the corner of his forehead, and the tip of his other finger tapped on the armrest of his wheelchair: “Have you thought about it?”

Mo Yifan refers to the exchange conditions he proposed to Tang Xinyu in the Tang Family Garden that day.

Tang Xinyu smiled cunningly and took out several pieces of paper and a pen from her pocket.

“I’ve thought it over and drafted an agreement. You can sign it if you have no problem.”

Mo Yifan raised his eyebrows surprisingly, he did not expect Tang Xinyu was prepared, not just with verbal words. He took the agreement handed to him by Tang Xinyu, in duplicate, with little content, setting out Mo Yifan’s request to assist Tang Xinyu in the fight for the power of Tongfeng Technology, and also setting out Tang Xinyu’s agreement to marry Mo Yifan, eliminating the woman forced on him by the Mo family.

The eyes slid down slowly and settled on the last line.

“During the marriage by agreement, there will be no interference with each other’s private lives. When the purpose of the agreement between the parties has been achieved, the agreement will automatically expire and the marriage will be dissolved.”

Mo Yifan closed the agreement without moving and looked at Tang Xinyu who could not hide the expectation in her eyes.

Mo Yifan looked inquisitive: “Is that why you called me yesterday and asked me to bring you to the wedding banquet today?”

Tang Xinyu spoke in a calm tone, “Not exactly.”

Mo Yifan: “I’m all ears.”

Tang Xinyu: “Yesterday afternoon the candid photos of Tang Ruifeng and He Bliian’s rendezvous broke out in Minseong Central but He Bilian’s face is not clear, I suspected that He Bilian didn’t want to stay hidden anymore, so she made this whole move to throw stones. I can’t let this scandal affect Lin’s stock price, and I can’t tolerate He Bilian’s provocation.”

Tang Xinyu looked out of the car window on Mo Yifan’s side, gazing at the trees that going backward.

“I have to find a more sensational, more explosive, and more incredible news to cover this exposure and divert public attention so that He Bilian’s fist can only hit the cotton, making her trump card unusable.”

“As it turns out,” Tang Xinyu smiled faintly and shifted her eyes back to Mo Yifan’s face, “it worked very well.”

Mo Yifan: “Firing scandals with me?”

Tang Xinyu talked about the matter: “It’s just to cover for each other. Otherwise, where else would you find news that has more explosive than marrying your ex-fiancé’s uncle?”

Mo Yifan clasped his ten fingers and put his chin under: “I’m acting as a tool for you.”

Tang Xinyu’s gaze fell on the agreement on Mo Yifan’s lap: “No, it’s considered an early fulfillment of the agreement’s content.”

Mo Yifan abruptly lost his smile: “Miss Tang has the potential to be a businessman.”

Tang Xinyu happily took it: “Thank you.”

Mo Yifan’s smile slightly converged: “The last question, what level of a romantic relationship does Miss Tang want this marriage should have?”

Tang Xinyu did not understand why Mo Yifan suddenly asked this question. The prerequisite of a romantic relationship does not match their current situation but seeing that Mo Yifan looked determined and insisted on hearing her answer, Tang Xinyu could only think for a moment and reply.

“Know the bottom line.”

In Tang Xinyu’s opinion, if two people want to enter into marriage, they have to know clearly what each other’s true nature was like so that they could predict whether they could tolerate such a partner and carry them together for the rest of their lives.

Mo Yifan’s thin lips were slightly pursed, and the corners of his mouth were raised: “by coincidence, you caught my handle, and I caught your loopholes. This marriage is the strongest.”

Handle?[1] Loophole?

Tang Xinyu was an adult so it was inevitable that she was a little suspicious hearing these yellow[2] accents, but seeing Mo Yifan’s solemn look, she secretly reproached herself saying she was really influenced by Yun Xiuyao.

Tang Xinyu circled back to the purpose of the day and handed out the pen, “Sign?”

Mo Yifan lowered his gaze and looked at the pen for a while before he reached out and pressed the pen back in mid-air: “I have a special pen for signing contracts, put it in the office, tomorrow I will go and get it to sign.”

Tang Xinyu was puzzled: “A pen for signing a name needs to be specially designated?”

Mo Yifan smiled: “Just think of it as a feudal superstition of the old man who is ten years older than you.”

Tang Xinyu looked fixedly at Mo Yifan, who stared back frankly with his clear gaze. She profoundly suspected that Mo Yifan was being careful, holding a grudge against her for laughing at him for having three generation gaps with her. In the end, Tang Xinyu could only comply with him, anyway, tomorrow was only hours away.

Lin Vincent has circled the same round several times and was hesitating whether to continue driving to the outskirts where there were fewer people as he waited until Mo Yifans pressed the soundproof glass.

So fast?

Vincent Lin was surprised.

Mo Yifan’s cool gaze swept over him, and Lin Vincent immediately shrunk his neck as a quail, not daring to let the thoughts inside him just now leak again.

The job of a personal assistant was not an easy thing to do, he wanted a salary increase!!!

When Tang Xinyu returned to the Tang family, she saw Aunt Liu twitching her eyes at her as soon as she entered the door.

Tang Xinyu said with concern, “Liu Ma, your eyes are twitching yeah, don’t overuse your eyes ah, more eye drops.”

Aunt Liu: “…”

Good luck, Miss.

Tang Xinyu walked into the living room and was stunned by the powerful formation. Grandfather sitting on the top with a cane, and her mother was beside him, peeling apples. Her two uncles and two cousins sat in the left and right rows in turn, as if they were waiting for Tang Xinyu to return home, and start a court trial.

Tang Xinyu received a wink from his younger cousin Lin Tianyou, revealing a hint of “you’re finished” in advance.

Smiling like a bloomed flower, she said: “Mom, why didn’t Grandpa and Uncle call me when they arrived? I could have gotten home sooner if I knew they were coming.”

Lin Tong was still peeling an apple with her head down: “Yeah, why didn’t I think to call you? I thought you had been abducted by someone else and didn’t want to go back to this house.”

Tang Xinyu heard that Lin Tong sounded upset, she came closer to her mother, took the knife from Lin Tong’s hand with a smile.

“Mom, give me a chance, I’ll peel it.”

“So you still remember me I’m your mother, but you didn’t tell me such a big thing in advance. And heard it in someone else’s mouth instead, this girl…”

Lin Tong was a bit agitated, and her volume raised suddenly.

Elder Lin stomped his cane and bellowed, “Ah Tong!”

Lin Tong’s volume lowered: “Dad—”

Elder Lin: “Talk to Xinxin properly, why are you so loud?”

Lin Tianyou laughed in a low voice and said to Tang Xinyu, “The one who was most angry just now was grandpa, and now the one who is the first to protect you is grandpa. Grandpa is biased, all male children are grass while female children are treasures.”

Lin Tianzuo elbowed Lin Tianyou, signaling him to stop talking nonsense.

The gold medal playwright uncle cleared his throat, “Xinxin, your grandfather’s old friend called the Lin family and asked him if you were dating Mo Yifan ……”

Elder Lin stomped his cane again, “Stop it, the more you talk, the more confusing it gets. Xin Xin, let me ask you, do you have a crush on that rotten brat in a wheelchair from the Mo family?”

Golden Playwright Uncle: Isn’t that the same thing I just said?

But in the Lin family, Elder Lin has absolute authority, and no one could refute it.

Tang Xinyu expected this to happen, but she didn’t expect the entire Lin family to come over as soon as they got wind of it. In Tang Xinyu thought, they would at least call to confirm with themselves first.

Tang Xinyu watched as Elder Lin forced himself to assume the majestic of a patriarch while Lin Tong was angry and eager to know the answer, the tolerance and encouragement of the two uncles, the older cousin looking stoic but leaning forward with his palms propped up on his knees, and the younger cousin winking at her.

The warmth that has never been experienced before instantly rushed to Tang Xinyu’s heart.

Before transmigrating, Tang Xinyu had no relatives and only depend on herself for everything to get up step by step, and was no one to rely on except herself.

In this world, being surrounded by such love, Tang Xinyu suddenly felt full of infinite power, she absolutely must rewrite Tang Xinyu’s life, protect the Lin family and protect everyone in the Lin Family.

Tang Xinyu said as if she was angry: “Grandpa, what a rotten brat in a wheelchair. His name is Mo Yifan.”

Facing his only granddaughter, Elder Lin couldn’t really afford to get angry but his tone remained arrogant: “The one who wants to marry my granddaughter is a brat.”

Tang Xinyu lost her smile: “Then Grandpa means to tell me not to get married?”

Elder Lin was momentarily speechless: “It’s not that either ……”

Tang Xinyu clapped her hands easily: “It’s okay if I can’t marry him, I’ll just let him marry into our family.”

The living room was quiet for a moment, and then Lin Tianyou was the first to burst out laughing: “Hahaha, Xinxin is a woman of my generation, I admire you, idol!”

Lin Tong couldn’t hold her face too: “You……”

Elder Lin seemed to have received enlightenment and was really thinking about the feasibility of marrying Mo Yifan into their family.

He pinched his cane: “In addition to the Mo family’s family wealth, they have more sons, they do not lack daughters-in-law, I think we can consider it …… But last time we got into trouble with the Mo family at the engagement party, I don’t know if Brother Mo has the face to see me……”

Lin Tong saw that Elder Lin was getting more and more open to this possibility, so she hurriedly stopped him, “Dad, don’t rush yet, Mo Yifan may not be able to marry Xinxin yet.”

Elder Lin glared: “What? He still dares to say no. Before the accident, that brat is really good-looking, and his ability is also good, otherwise, he wouldn’t become Mo’s successor in training. Now that medicine is so advanced, maybe his leg will be cured.”

Elder Lin’s consideration was very simple. A person with difficulty in moving was easier to control and wouldn’t dare to treat Tang Xinyu badly. Moreover, he has servants to serve him. It was much better than Mo Lanqing, who looks like an obedient human being but was in fact no good.

Tang Xinyu raised her hand, “Grandpa, do you think Mo Yifan won’t cheat because he has trouble with his legs?”

Elder Lin: “….”

It’s not good to have a granddaughter who was too smart.

Lin Tianzuo and Lin Tianyou laughed without any scruples, while the two uncles could only purse their lips because of Elder Lin’s expression.

Lin Tong still didn’t give up: “Xinxin, there are many outstanding young people you have not yet come into contact with, take a good look again. What’s that one called ……”

“Riding a donkey to find a horse!”[3] Lin Tianyou immediately continued.

“Yes, that’s it.”

When Tang Xinyu heard Lin Tong compare Mo Yifan to a donkey, she really doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She understands Lin Tong’s mood very well, after all, what mother doesn’t want to have a perfect husband for her daughter.

However, she suddenly saw an image of Mo Yifan’s focused face as he patiently peeled the crabs for her.

Mo Yifan didn’t say anything, but she knew that once they were home, he would ask Lin Vincent about the CP. With just these thoughts alone, she couldn’t help but think he was cute and suddenly felt that it wasn’t that bad to marry Mo Yifan lived a long life or widowed.

Anyway, when she finishes cleaning up Tang Ruifeng and He Bilian and takes back what the Lin family should take back, she could easily divorce Mo Yifan and live a free and unrestrained life, what could go wrong?

Tang Xinyu put her arm around Lin Tong: “Mom, I know what’s in my heart. We’ve just started, why think so far ahead?”

The big battle that was supposed to unleash was pacified by Tang Xinyu’s coax, while the other party did not know that the Lin family had an emergency family meeting because of him.

After returning Tang Xinyu to the Tang family, Lin Vincent drives back to the Mo family’s old mansion. Before getting off the car, he asked: “Mo Shao, do I still need to contact the person to delete the post of ‘YiXin CP’?”

Mo Yifan’s finger on the armrest of the wheelchair tapped: “You sneak into the fan base and anonymously provide a sum of money to maintain CP publicity and grow the production.”

Lin Vincent secretly sighed: Mo Shao is really smart, he is able to learn a few basic internet slang in a short time. Just half an hour ago, he didn’t even know what “locking up” meant, and now half an hour later, he even understood what “grow production” is.

Other people’s CP powder was self-promoting, while their “YiXin” CP fans were directly raised by the other party, and at the moment he was the only original member of this CP.

But it also depends on who the object of the bundled CP was.

Before the car accident, a young lady touched Mo Shao, the next morning all the pages, the news about Mo Shao was deleted, even the nooks and crannies are not spared.

The young lady’s family still has some relations with the Mo family, crying to the old man Mo, complaining that the young Mo does not look at childhood friendship, cold and desperate, causing her to be everyone as a joke.

At that time, Mo Shao already had the aura of a leader, standing in front of Master Mo, very stubbornly did not admit fault: “I just deleted the inaccurate news, did not publicly state that I do not know her is already looking at the childhood friendship.”

The lady was so angry that she left the next day to study abroad.

Lin Vincent recalled these things to feel funny, secretly joke: Mo Shao also have today, ah, really ……


Lin Vincent swore inwardly that his heart was particularly sincere when he thought these words.

There was no point in the wind and water to watch the good show posture.

Absolutely nothing!



TL: sorry guys updates would be really slow with this novel, the chapters are long for me… after translating, I need to edit it so I use too much time with just one chapter ( )



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