Chapter 202

Perhaps because of guilt, after Tang Wanwan came out of that black hospital, Qin Zhao no longer mention divorcing her and hired many people to take care of her, but this has no meaning for Tang Wanwan, she lost a kidney and a child, and Qin Zhao didn’t even give her the comfort that she wants.

“You’re collecting my miserable value, right?”

Although the system never appeared after disappearing again, Tang Wanwan knew that the system must still exist in her body which was why Qin Zhao was acting like this.

Although Tang Wanwan understood this, she still had no way to forgive Qin Zhao, because she had seen that Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting were still able to maintain themselves under the influence of the system and did not follow her.


This was the first time after so many days, that the system spoke out in Tang Wanwan’s mind.

Tang Wanwan shouted: “I did not promise you, why did you still do this!”

The system’s voice was always so indifferent, there were no ups and downs as it said to Tang Wanwan.

“I do not need your permission. I was just informing you.”

“You devil, you’ll get what’s coming to you!”

The system ignored Tang Wanwan’s hysterical roar.

“It’s just collecting a tragic value, why make such a fuss? I didn’t see you so excited when I collected the achievement value from you before, huh?”

“My child is gone. My child is gone do you know that?”

“I know.” The system’s voice was as cold as ever.

“From the beginning when you used the achievement value to get everything you wanted from me, you should have thought of such a day. If we use the words from the earth, it should be a blessing and a curse.”

Tang Wanwan yelled at the system, “I’ll kill you—”

“You can’t kill me. You can’t even find where I am.” He said to Tang Wanwan, with a little irony in the system’s flat voice.

“Don’t be so angry. I’ve collected a lot of miserable values here. In another year or two, you can pay back all the achievement values you owe me, and then you can re-enter the entertainment industry to win achievement values and exchange what you want here.”

“You wish!”

The thought of such a day would take another year or two made Tang Wanwan’s heart want to die, why should she have to suffer such torture? If she have known that one day would end up like this, she would rather never get this system.

The system was still pouring chicken soup into Tang Wanwan.

“Take your time. Such days will always pass. When you pay off your debt here, Qin Zhao can return to normal. It will be easy for you to get achievement value at that time.”

Tang Wanwan was not fooled by the system’s cheap chicken soup, after all, when she finished paying off the debt she owed to the system, she was not sure if she was alive or dead by then.



Before Valentine’s Day, Fu Zhen promised Wang Tong that he would take him and Cocoa out on June 1st. Now that June 1st was coming, Fu Zhen began to think about where to go this time.

It was reasonable to say that on a holiday like this, he should take the children to the playground for the day or visit places like the aquarium.

But on the first of June when the playground has too many people, most of the shows also have a long queue, and with Cocoa, they really couldn’t play anything.

Fu Zhen asked in advance on the phone what was Wang Tong’s proposal, Wang Tong seems to want to go to the sea to play, but recently there was no suitable boat, in addition to the sea there were nothing particularly suitable activities for young people.

Finally, Jiang Hengshu decided to go to a small island in the western suburbs of Pinghai City to play, which a few years ago developed into a resort area that has quite a lot of variety of amusement projects, but the price was inflated, so not many people go.

Early in the morning, Wang Tong drove to Fu Zhen’s house, afraid that he and Jiang Hengshu with Cocoa would leave him behind, and ran.

Fu Zhen criticized Wang Tong’s behavior, he was afraid that Jiang Hengshu left him behind was still justifiable, but how could he put him on the same boat as Jiang Hengshu and be suspicious?

Wang Tong doesn’t believe Fu Zhen’s lies. Every time he calls Fu Zhen, as long as Jiang Hengshu was nearby, he would hang up on him. They both wear a pair of pants and bully him. If he hadn’t come early this morning, maybe this family of three would run away by themselves.

Jiang Hengshu came out of the bedroom with Cocoa in his arms. He glanced at Wang Tong and asked him.

“Are you driving by yourself or are you going with us?”

Wang Tong bared his teeth, with a slightly curt tone: “Go with you.”

Jiang Hengshu hummed. Fu Zhen went to take cocoa from his hand, and several people went to the garage together. Jiang Hengshu drove it and set out for the island.

It’s early summer, and the plants on the island were lush and luxuriant. Most of the people who come here for leisure were rich middle-aged and elderly people. They fish, play chess, enjoy the cool wind, and savor their rare leisure life.

They walked around the island and Wang Tong exclaimed.

“Coming here doesn’t feel like June 1, but more like a bit of participating in a sunset red tour group.”

Jiang Hengshu took out a bank card from his pocket, and Wang Tong looked confused.

“What’s wrong? What’s the point of giving me money?”

Jiang Hengshu said, “Take the money to take a taxi to the amusement park and join the children’s tour.”

Wang Tong had a tearful face: “I was wrong boss.”

Jiang Hengshu took Cocoa from Fu Zhen’s hand.

Cocoa was attracted by the waterwheel in the distance and stretched out her neck to have a look. Fu Zhen was tired of walking and didn’t want to move. He sat down with Wang Tong and waited for Jiang Hengshu to come back after watching the water tanker.

Jiang Hengshu treats Coco and Wang Tong completely differently. Thinking about their former days under the hands of Jiang Hengshu those blood and tears, Wang Tong deeply appreciates the meaning of the words, differential treatment.

Jiang Hengshu was very patient with Cocoa and took several photos with Cocoa beside the waterwheel. Wang Tong touched Fu Zhen with his arm and quietly asked him.

“Madam, do you know what this is called?”

Fu Zhen turned his head to look at Wang Tong and asked him, “What?”

“Iron Man Tenderness!”

Fu Zhen breaks into laughter.

After a short while, Jiang Hengshu returned with Cocoa in his arms and a glass of strawberry juice in another hand, gives the juice to Fu Zhen then pointed to the crane machine not far away, and asked Fu Zhen.

“What do you want, I’ll go get it for you.”

“Where’s mine?” Wang Tong stared at the strawberry juice in front of Fu Zhen and asked Jiang Hengshu why he had no drink to drink.

Jiang Hengshu let out an “ah”, then sent Cocoa who was in his arms to Wang Tong’s hand.

“Yours, hold it.”

Wang Tong: “….”

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Hengshu took Fu Zhen’s hand and walked to the crane machine not far away, and the two of them started this very childish game.

Wang Tong held Cocoa in his arms, looked at the two people not far away, breathed a sigh, and asked in a low voice.

“Cocoa, do you know what they are called now?”

Cocoa giggled incessantly, completely ignoring Wang Tong.

Wang Tong shook his head and commented, “It’s called bromance.”

Cocoa’s laughter got louder, Wang Tong sighed and lifted Cocoa up high.

“Uncle take you to fly fly ah.”

Wang Tong got a little tired after playing for a while, he looked at the two people who were still immersed in the claw crane not far away. He asked Cocoa.

“Why don’t we two deserve names for a movie of four people?”

Cocoa didn’t care about whether there was a name or not, the only thing she was feeling right now was tiredness after playing. She yawned and the little pacifier in her mouth fell to Wang Tong’s chest.

Wang Tong took Cocoa and went to act as a light bulb for Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu.

“You can’t do it, boss. You haven’t caught a single one after such a long time.”

Wang Tong took Jiang Hengshu’s place as soon as he said this and sent Cocoa to Jiang Hengshu’s arms, grabbing the handle he said.

“Look at me, look at me.”

However, after Wang Tong devoted some performances, their gains remained zero.

At this point, they were about to run out of coins in their hands, and Fu Zhen came over.

“I’ll do it.”

Fu Zhen reached out and grabbed the handle and shook it twice. The movement did not look smooth at all, as if he had not played a similar game for a long time.

“Can he do it?” Wang Tong asked Jiang Hengshu in a low voice, but before Jiang Hengshu could answer, Wang Tong already added.

“I don’t think he can do it. Sister-in-law’s posture is not professional just by looking at him. We have a few coins left. Do you want to change some more?”

Jiang Hengshu only gave Wang Tong two words.

“Be quiet.”

However, Wang Tong was a chatterbox, even if no one was paying attention to him, he alone could still continue talking happily.

“Look, he did not catch it, just like I said.”

“Hey, he didn’t catch it again, did you see?”

“It’s the third try, I’ll go and change a few game coins over, this time for sure—”

Wang Tong’s voice suddenly stopped, after seeing the doll was firmly in the claws. He leaned over.

“Hurry up, hurry up, madam come on immediately drop it here, Mrs. Jiayou, jiayou, jiayou!”

With a smile in his eyes, Jiang Hengshu went to the counter and changed a handful of game coins. Fu Zhen looked like the legendary Shaolin floor sweeper, and soon caught a lot of dolls.


Wang Tong clutched his arms full of dolls and asked Fu Zhen how he did it.

“How do you do it ah?”

“I like to play this when I was in junior high school, and then my family bought several crane machines, catch more so I can get more familiar with this thing,” said Fu Zhen letting out a laugh.

“I also did not expect, after so many years I can still claw a doll up.”

Had he known that he still got this skill when he was kicked out of the Fu family back then, he could have just grabbed some dolls and resold them.

Wang Tong was silent for a long time and said to Fu Zhen.

“I don’t understand the world of you rich people.”

Fu Zhen was silent.

“This skill is very useful in picking up girls, too—”

After glancing at Jiang Hengshu on the side, Wang Tong instantly changed his mouth.

“Too good, sister-in-law is too good at this so you teach me.”

Fu Zhen himself didn’t know what skills he was using in grabbing this doll. He summed up his experience and told Wang Tong.

“This is mainly a problem of hand feeling. Just practice more.”

Wang Tong: “…..”

Should he also need to buy a claw crane and take it home?



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