Chapter 53.2

Li Yun’s eyes darkened.

But after a deep breath, the expression soon turned to disgust.

“You’re usually at home, dressed like this?”

He suppressed his anger, but his voice was already low and hoarse, flooded with cold air.

“Ye Xun is a boy, and I am a stranger of the opposite sex. Miss Ye, you’d better re-examine your words and actions to see if they are decent.”

His deep gaze moved to her small face.

The flush in her cheeks was soon seen, seemingly produced after exercise, and the watery glow in her eyes. Seeing this, he doesn’t know how many men she had seduced for this to work out.

A good pair of skin, but unfortunately used in the wrong place.


Ye Susu tilted her head.

Perhaps the lack of heating outside the room and the cold air made her cat heart, which had just been lost in catnip, slowly come to its senses.

Her eyes, which were blurred with a hazy watery glow, were gradually regaining consciousness and returned to clarity.

But the hoarse voice that fell on her ears, she obviously only managed to catch the most superficial meaning.

“You mean, I’m underdressed?”

She looked down and looked at herself.

Li Yun narrowed his eyes, feeling the uncontrollable headache.

He never thought that he would discuss such a problem with a woman.

Ye Susu looked down and did see what was wrong with her little undershirt.

Two thin slings, hooked on either side of the shoulders, seem to be struggling to pull the fabric underneath as if it would break at any moment.

But this soft, thin band was exactly what the cat love to play with.

So …… she was super in love with this little undershirt!

“Ah, I can’t believe I got dirt on it!”

She looked down and saw that the chest area of the white undershirt was stained with a yellowish oil stain, and was immediately distressed to the point of tears, she stretched out her slender index finger and poked it.

The already soft spot instantly undulated.

Humans were also visual creatures.

Always unconsciously, they would look at each other’s movements.

Li Yun was no exception.

And with a glance, his eyes burned, and the back of his ears turned red instantly.

“Looks like it’s time to wash….. aw, hope it can be washed~”

Ye Susu has still chagrined about her beloved undershirt.

The blushing at the base of Li Yun’s ears had spread to the side of his icy cold face.

But it seemed that the air in the corridor was carrying a bit of heat.

“Miss Ye, please also respect yourself.”

He has always kept his distance from women.

There has never been a woman like this in front of him, and how his whole being has received an unprecedented shock.


Ye Susu has a bewildered expression and soon opened her small mouth.

“Ah, you mean you can’t do that …… because men and women are different?”

Mortals are really troublesome.

“But, Mr. Li, didn’t you already look at me two days ago, naked? Naked.”

The tender voice, directly let Li Yun’s always calm and self-possessed handsome face, crack.

While Ye Susu raised her head and complained for a second.

“That day, I was in the bathroom… you deliberately installed a waterfall shower and, I almost cried…..”

Li Yun only felt a wave of shame, an unprecedented burst of anger, rushed to his head.

He would most likely have a cerebral infarction if he talks to this woman again.

“So, you want me to be responsible for you?”

He laughed in anger and raised the pink paper note between his fingers.

But before he could completely say the next sentence of his taunt, the note was instantly snatched away by Ye Susu.

Li Yun froze.

“Responsible? Mr. Li, I still want to settle the score with you!”

“Why did you rob my kid’s letter?”

“You’re such a big man, why do you want to rob something from a little kid?!”

Ye Susu took the letter in her hand, glanced at it, and her little face got fierce.

The three delicate accusations were resounding.

Li Yun’s thin lips tightly pursed, and his expression changed to something unfathomable.

“…… I robbed him?”


Ye Susu originally felt strange, but now she seems to have found her reason and remembered her unfinished mission.

“I gave this to my little kid, what are you doing with it?”

The cold color on Li Yun’s face froze.

But he only found it ludicrous.

His first reaction was that she had failed to confess to him, felt humiliated, and began to find excuses to stall.

“You gave this to the kid? He….”

His thin lips revealed a hint of mockery.

“You asked the child to give me this egg soup with a note pressed under it.”


Ye Susu made a fist with her left hand and tapped the palm of her right hand.

“So, I told him to give you the egg soup, not the note.”

“? The child is under five years old and does not know how to read or write.”

“…… That’s right, he can’t read, so he just happened to come and ask you to read what is written.”


Li Yun’s thin lips twitched.

In an instant, his face was unsightly.

His expression was extremely black, but this extremely black face slowly transition into a hint of pink.

“You wrote him a love letter? You told a kid …… that you liked him?”


Ye Susu was dying of anxiety.

“Am I not just confessing to my own kid?”

That’s what the mission calls for.

“So, Mr. Li, you didn’t tell my kid that I like him?”

“No matter what difficulties he encounters, he should not be afraid, because I will be with him. The sun shines and warms the cat, and no matter what happens, the cat will wait for the sun in the dark and also accompany him.”

Li Yun’s upright body swayed on the spot.

“Emm …… Mr. Li, so you didn’t tell my kid that? …… So, what exactly did you tell him? Could it be that you are one of those human beings whose legendary language was taught by a gym teacher? And can’t even read these words.”

“Of course, it’s my confession to the kid, why am I giving it to you! I don’t like you!”

Ye Susu looked at him with disgust.

Was this why she failed in her mission?

I really did not expect that this man could not match the intelligence of a small cat.

He’s really something!

This catnip, apart from the fragrance, he’s nothing.



Li Yun’s cold eyes flashed with a hint of embarrassment.

So, this was not her confession to him.

Rather, he was thinking and feeling too good about himself?

But throughout the year he was studying, the drawers, shoe cabinets, and his locker were always full of love letters from girls.

These girls who have nothing to do have always had only love in their eyes. They like him and take fancy of his face or family background. These reasons for liking him were like a tacit understanding among the girls.

Yet today, it was he who made a fool of himself?

He looked suspiciously at the simple little woman in front of him, attempting to find traces of lying in her little face.

However, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Ye Susu’s gaze at this moment was as clear as water, pure and transparent, as if it has never been subjected to any earthly pollution.

And her little face was full of frustration and disbelief.

It seems that he pocketed ‘her love letter to the child’ and this made her feel aggrieved and shocked.

Her expression was very real, unlike any fakery.

Li Yun closed his eyes and took a deep breath before slowly exhaling.

He had never been so embarrassed today, and his cold hard cheeks burned beyond belief.

“…sorry Miss Ye.”

As the words fell, the root behind his ears became even redder as if there were dense needles sticking.

Ye Susu sighed, “Forget it, then it’s better for me to do it myself.”

She unfolded the pink note and just shook her head.

What does she need him for?

But before turning to leave, she caught the always tall, unsmiling man in front of her out of the corner of her eye, who seemed like a certain large, downtrodden animal.

He dropped his eyes, the look he has right now was like Ye Xun’s depressed look.

Thinking about what happened to him during the day, she couldn’t help but feel a little pity again.


“Don’t make a bitter face, do you want to open a pandora’s box?”

Ye Susu blurted out quietly

She may have felt a little bit of dislike, but she still could give a little insincere comfort.

After all, in the end, she still had her little prestige.

Reaching up on tiptoe, she reached down and patted his short, dark, tufted, rough hair.

She once wanted to wake up shiguan of her 54th life and patted the other party’s head like this and telling them that it was okay.

Life was hard, but with her, she could be a winner in life.

Her small hand touched his forehead, slightly cool but soft, slender fingers, with a hint of lemony freshness.

Li Yun dodged and could not help but shake the shock.

And Ye Susu’s words even made him narrow his black eyes.

“You can still save yourself by reading more books.”


Li Yun’s eyebrows and feet twitch.

He has a master’s degree, and his education was more than a little higher than hers.

“Also, it’s normal to be rejected, who hasn’t been abandoned at some point?”

She shrugged and pouted.

Li Yun narrowed his eyes; his black eyes could not help but emerge a trace of doubt.

And when Ye Susu saw his cold and unapproachable appearance and felt that her reasoning was correct.

This man disguised himself with a fierce appearance just because he received too many cold treatments.

In fact, most of the cats were like this, using an arrogant or frail appearance as a disguise.

After all, which cat was really willing to resist the kindness of human beings and like to wander alone in the ice and snow?

Was it not good to lie down and act like a spoiled child, and let the shiguan massage them, or was it bad to eat delicious canned fish every day?

“I’ve been rejected and abandoned many times before, and human kindness, as well as malice, seems to exist at the same time, with no perfect side. But just get through it, and maybe on a very sunny day, you’ll meet someone who treats you well.”

Ye Susu recalled and sighed.

Li Yun looked at her with some vicissitudes of melancholy reflected in her eyes, and for at the moment, his handsome face had a complicated look.

Abandoned, was she talking about what happened that night?

Does she think he abandoned her that night? Let her have a child, but disappeared into obscurity without ever taking responsibility?

However, he was unaware of it at the time.

Until later…

“Don’t keep your face straight.”

Ye Susu tilted her head.

She doesn’t really know how to get along with mortals.

But thinking about it, whether it’s cats or mortals, there should be some things that were similar.

With that in mind, she took two more steps forward.

She stood on tiptoe, raised her small face as she held her breath, and leaned towards the man’s mint-flavored chin

Her soft little face, with his angular side face.

Softly bump together.

Softness and rigidity, at once touching and rubbing.

“Don’t be sad.”

She took a deep breath and spat out the words slowly.

After the cat comforts the catnip, how can you not suck it?

Just charge a little interest first!

Even if Ye Susu holds her breath, at this moment her little face inevitably reveals a trace of intoxicated look.

Her watery eyes quickly glowed red and overflowed with more streams of light.

And the steeply approaching soft, with the woman’s characteristic sweet fragrance, also accompanied by a hint of chocolate flavor, immediately rushed into Li Yun’s nose.

His body was stunned, did not have time to avoid it, and his jaw was softly pressed against a square.

The moment he dark eyes deep, not see the bottom.

And when he returned to his senses, Ye Susu had long since farted around with the pink note and turned desperately back to his room.

But within a minute, she popped up again.

“Nah, this chocolate is for you, it’s not bad oh!”

A small round ball from the second floor, snapped and thrown down.

Li Yun subconsciously reached out to catch it and lowered his eyes to look.

The sign of people riding horses.


”This one is the most delicious.

But because it was too expensive, there was only enough money to buy four.’

He couldn’t help but recall in his mind what she had said to the child.

So, what does this woman mean exactly?

Did she find out who he was, or was she simply resentful of ‘the man from that night’?

Steeply, Li Yun’s footsteps.

He thought of a possibility that sent chills down his spine.

She was only eighteen that year, can be adult, in all face of high school entrance exams, but she accidentally had a child, and the child’s father never appeared ……

All of her education, work problems, vanity, laziness and personality defects today may be related to her abandonment that night, which destroyed her original life path.

All these… were caused by him.

This is enough to become a laughing stock, not acceptable to the world, enough to make the once good, upward-looking girl’s character changed greatly, life, moral values are destroyed.

Standing in the living room, Li Yun felt like falling into an ice cave, and his blood almost solidified.

But soon, in his Bluetooth headset, came the edge of her just that seat to come.

The two mothers and children chattered and seemed to discuss side by side.

“Cub, the uncle next door is not very clever and a little stupid. He feels that he can’t live. We give him a chocolate so that he won’t really kick his feet and hang up. Then we will have to move again.”

“Why does uncle kick his feet?”

“Why does uncle stomp his feet and feet?”

“…… Well, uncle …… seems to be a little bit pathetic.”


Li Yun: “……..”


The author has something to say: Sue: Don’t be silly, I won’t be responsible for you.


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