Chapter 87

Xu Yanwen was worried about being discovered by Xue Jiayue, so he only just kissed her soft lips and quickly backed away.

As soon as he backed away, Xue Jiayue who was lying on the bed just moved a little. Xu Yanwen stiffened and almost swallowed his throat for fear that she would wake up, standing on the edge of the bed he did not dare to move even a little as his black eyes stared closely at Xue Jiayue.

Fortunately, Xue Jiayue just turned her head and didn’t open her eyes. Xu Yanwen immediately breathed a sigh of relief. His eyes glanced at the lips he had kissed, that soft lips felt like jelly, as if he could kiss again.

At this time, there was movement from the hospital bed next to him, Xu Yanwen subconsciously look over, lying on the bed of Grandpa Xu were he did not know when he has woken up, and do not know how much he saw.

He only saw him grinning at of Xu Yanwen, the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes were squeezed together, obviously in a good mood.

Stealing a kiss from Xue Jiayue in the middle of the night was caught on the spot by Grandpa Xu. Xu Yanwen’s face remained endowed with an expression, but a blush crept up from behind his ear, giving away his heart.

“Good boy.” Grandpa Xu said with a smile.

Xu Yanwen quickly raised his finger and shook his head slightly at Grandpa Xu, motioning to ask him not to talk and not to wake Xue Jiayue up.

Grandpa Xu, who knew his grandson exceptionally well, immediately understood his meaning, and the smile at the corners of his eyes became even evident, opening his mouth and saying silently.

“Go for it, brat!”

Pretending not to understand, Xu Yanwen went over to tuck in Grandpa Xu and asked with concern.

“Do you want some water?”

Grandpa Xu glanced at him, nodded his head and said, “I woke up because I was thirsty.”

It means he didn’t wake up on purpose and didn’t want to see him stealing a kiss from Xue Jiayue, it was totally an accident.

However, Xu Yanwen didn’t believe this but he couldn’t easily expose Grandpa Xu, whatever Grandpa Xu thought to say, as long as he was happy, it was fine.

Xu Yanwen then went to pour a cup of warm water over and fed Grandpa Xu to drink.

Grandpa Xu and Xu Yanwen talked for a while, but the old man’s body couldn’t hold up any longer and soon fell asleep again.

Xu Yanwen saw that it was getting late, but he didn’t go to wake Xue Jiayue, so he slept peacefully on the sofa.

Xue Jiayue woke up first in the morning and was stunned when she saw Xu Yanwen sleeping on the sofa. Last night, it was agreed that one would take care of Grandpa Xu for the first half of the night and the other one for the second. So she went to slept first, but Xu Yanwen didn’t wake her up.

Xue Jiayue was not stupid, Xu Yanwen did this to take care of her. And she has to say that Xu Yanwen has really done a good job for her.

It would be a lie to say that she was not touched at all. Even if they were real brother and sister, sometimes he couldn’t do so well. Maybe he was really trying to do a good job just as he said. He wants to be good to her and make up for his past losses.

After a chaotic thought in bed, Xue Jiayue lifted the quilt and got out of bed. Then she went to the bathroom to change her clothes. When she came out, she saw Xu Yanwen waking up, sitting on the sofa with his hands on his temples, he looked really tired.

Xue Jiayue felt sorry when she saw his appearance. She went over and said.

“Why didn’t you wake me up last night?”

Xu Yanwen put down the hand pressing his temples, opened his eyes and looked at Xue Jiayue, smiled faintly and said.

“I saw you sleeping well, I didn’t want to wake you up.”

Xue Jiayue’s heart softened a little. She had told herself to be cruel to Xu Yanwen and not to be confused by his sugar-coated words. However, he was so gentle and considerate every time that she could not harden her heart if she wanted to be hard on him.

Just imagining being fierce to someone who was kind to her, how could she be evil to him? With this thinking Xue Jiayue couldn’t do it!

“I’m going to work.” Xue Jiayue just wants to escape.

Xu Yanwen took the initiative and said, “Wait for me for a few minutes, I’ll give you a ride.”


“Wait for me.”

Without waiting for Xue Jiayue to say no, Xu Yanwen had already stood up and went to the bathroom to wash up, leaving the open-mouthed Xue Jiayue in place.

Xu Yanwen went to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water, making his brain much clearer. Looking at the red bloodshot eyes in the mirror, Xu Yanwen told himself to go on and keep going.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Xu who was lying on the hospital bed, also woke up and saw Xue Jiayue standing by the bed and opened his mouth to call out to her.

“What is Jiayue thinking about?”

Xue Jiayue turned back, the corners of her mouth tried to curve up into a smile and said.

“I wasn’t thinking about anything, I was just waiting for Brother Xu, he said he’ll send me to work at the studio later.”

Yesterday, she and Xu Yanwen agreed that they should try to cooperate with each other in front of Grandpa Xu and should not let Grandpa Xu worry. This could also one of her ways to comfort Grandpa Xu.

“Good.” Grandpa Xu said, “I’m happy to see you guys doing well like this.”

At this time, Xu Yanwen came out of the bathroom after washing. Sister Zhen also brought Xu Yanwen a set of clean clothes from the old mansion after cooking chicken soup.

After a few minutes, Xu Yanwen changed his clothes and came out, he said to Grandpa Xu.

“Grandpa, it’s getting late, I’m sending Jiayue to the studio.”

Grandpa Xu waived his hand and said, “go.”

Xue Jiayue waved goodbye to Grandpa Xu and followed Xu Yanwen out of the ward.

Xu Yanwen went to pick up the car and drove Xue Jiayue to the studio. The two of them didn’t talk on the way. Only when Xue Jiayue arrived downstairs and was ready to get off the car, Xu Yanwen said that he would pick her up after work in the afternoon, and then the two of them could go to see Grandpa together.

“We have to cooperate with each other and not let grandpa worry.” Xu Yanwen emphasized.

Xue Jiayue of course knew the importance of the matter and nodded.

“Then I’m leaving.” Xu Yanwen did not stay too long and drove away.

Afterwards, Xu Yanwen drove to the company and called assistant Feng to his office. Assistant Feng assistant originally thought he had something important to explain, but who knew that Xu Yanwen instructed him to find a game coach for him.

“I have a game account here. Help me practice to level 80 as soon as possible.” Xu Yanwen said to assistant Feng.

Assistant Feng was clueless on what was going on, but Xu Yanwen knows very well that Xue Jiayue’s game avatar has reached level 80, and his game character has only reached level 10. The difference between the two levels was too far.

To be able to play together, the level of the two must be about the same. He wanted to play with her as soon as possible.

Even though Assistant Feng did not know the reason why Xu Yanwen did this, but since Xu Yanwen had instructed him to do so, he immediately went to find someone and quickly leveled up Xu Yanwen’s game avatar.


X.W studio, when Xue Jiayue arrived everyone was already in the office. Cheng Wei winked at her first and asked if she wanted a cup of coffee, Xue Jiayue smiled and said.

“I prefer milk to coffee this early in the morning.”

Cheng Wei then said, “It just so happens that I have milk here, so I’ll give it to you.”

Xue Jiayue smiled and took it, “Thank you.”

While drinking milk and sitting at her desk, Xue Jiayue opened the computer behind her and found the folder where she put her design drawings. As she guessed beforehand, her design drawings were stolen again.

With an “Ah!” Xue Jiayue angrily and anxiously shouted.

“My design drawings have been moved. Who is so disgusting to steal my design drawings!”

Xue Jiayue’s voice was not soft when she first said “Ah” and directly attracted the attention of others, and then she angrily and urgently pointed out that her design had been stolen, which even took the people around her by surprise.

“What’s the matter?”

Cheng Wei leaned over first and looked at her computer.

“Are you sure your design was stolen? Didn’t you accidentally move it?”

“I’m sure!”

Xue Jiayue said with certainty, “Look at this folder I created, I made a mark before, definitely someone has moved it, I remember it clearly.”

Since this was a big incident Cheng Wei calmed Xue Jiayue and said.

“Let’s tell General Manager He first and let him come and take a look.”

“I think we should also call the police. I can’t take the thief who steals to let loose.” Xue Jiayue said hatefully.

“Yes, call the police.” Cheng Wei agreed.

Soon, the news that Xue Jiayue’s design had been tampered spread through the studio, and many people came around to see it. General Manager He also came down from his office to understand the exact situation.

Xue Jiayue and Cheng Wei told General Manager He about what they saw yesterday and the design drawing drawn by Xue Jiayue.

After hearing this, General Manager He also said very seriously.

“Our studio does not allow such theft to exist, and since this matter has come up, it must be investigated, and we cannot allow people who misbehave to remain in the studio. I support you on calling the police, Xiao Xue.”

“I have called the police.” Xue Jiayue said calmly, glancing at everyone’s faces. She wanted to see who the thief was.

Soon, the police came and understood the whole incident. While the police were investigating the whole incident, Cheng Wei took a micro camera from his desk and gave it to Xue Jiayue to ask her to give the captured picture to the police.

It turns out that since Xue Jiayue found out that her design was stolen that day, she designed a scheme with Cheng Wei.

Xue Jiayue said she had a new inspiration, Cheng Wei praised her new design, and said that her design could win an award, so as to lure the thief who stole the design to steal it again, and Cheng Wei secretly installed a miniature camera on his desk, the camera was placed opposite to Xue Jiayue’s desk, it clearly captured on who sneaked to move her computer.

Xue Jiayue gave the captured video to the police, and this helped the police quickly caught the thief who stole the design.

“How could it be you?”

Xue Jiayue looked at the person arrested by the police in front of her and couldn’t believe her eyes, how could it be him? She initially thought it was Lu Xiaoyu, because she and Lu Xiaoyu had a grudge with each other, and she has nothing to do with this person in front of her at all.



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