Chapter 52

How could he call this okay?

Jiang Mian’s expression was too ugly, did her police detective father thinks she was a three-year-old child?

She held her detective police father’s hand back and felt his pulse beating rapidly as if it were a time bomb that could blow up at any moment.

Before Jiang Mian could react a hand suddenly stretched out and pointed at the back of the police detective father’s neck, making the police detective police father’s body soften.

Jiang Mian turned her head and saw that it was Qi Yanshu.

Immediately afterward, his thumb pressed lightly on the police detective father’s temple.

At that moment, Jiang Mian clearly saw something swimming out of the other temple of her police detective father, and then quickly disappeared under the skin.

Qi Yanshu loosened his fingertips and told the truth: “He was poison with Gu.”

His voice was cold and calm, and he didn’t seem worried about Jiang Mian hearing such words beyond common sense, nor did he explain why he came up with this answer.

Jiang Mian’s eyelids twitched and her brain buzzed.

Taoist Master father subconsciously looked at Jiang Mian, afraid that the baby daughter would be frightened. Seeing that his baby daughter had no expression on her face, he quickly comforted him.

“Don’t worry about it Mian Mian. You and your father will be all right.”

In a hurry, he forgot to cover up.

Qi Yanshu heard this but did not say anything. He just turned to Luo Jiale, who was shocked by the sudden accident and wanted to come but he said to him: “go out.”

Although Luo Jiale was surprised in every possible way, but since his boss said so, he had to leave the ward.

Jiang Mian took a deep breath to calm herself down. She knew what Gu was, but she didn’t know much about Gu.

In the world of immortal cultivation, some monks would delve into other ways in order to improve their cultivation, and raising Gu was one of them. But no matter how powerful the Gu was, it couldn’t break the cultivator’s body but it also has no way out.

This method was somewhat helpful when dealing with people who have the same cultivation level as you or who were lower than your own cultivation level.

Of course, this was not absolute.

Jiang Mian once encountered an enemy, known as the Gu King, who was invincible in the same level of cultivation.

She fought against the opponent in a secret realm and didn’t notice that her hand was already poisoned.

At that time, Jiang Mian’s cultivation level had already reached the out-of-body stage.

She almost died at the other side’s hands.

Once something like Gu was lurking in the human body, it was difficult for even those who were poisoned to detect it, let alone outsiders, unless someone especially knows it.

The so-called martial arts have specialties, and in this world, Jiang Mian could only cultivate the worst talent in cultivation. Even if she cultivates to the first level of Qi refining, it would only increase her own strength.

She was a cultivator, not a celestial master, and does not understand the art of geomancy.

Through the technique of observing the appearance, Taoist Master saw that the police detective father’s qi and blood were greatly depleted and black energy flashed between his eyebrows and immediately notice something was wrong.

The police detective father was covering up so well in front of Jiang Mian that she didn’t notice these at all.

However, Taoist Master father didn’t understand Gu, so he didn’t know that the police detective father was caught by Gu poison.

The Gu worm in the police detective father’s body was attacking for an unknown reason. If they didn’t have anyone who understood Gu, or even if they knew that there was something wrong with him, they don’t know what to do.

Fortunately, among them, there was exactly one person who understands Gu—Qi Yanshu.

“Uncle Qi, can you release the Gu in dad Lian’s body?”

Qi Yanshu understands Gu, so he should also know how to solve Gu.

Since Taoist Master forgot to cover up in front of Qi Yanshu, Jiang Mian did not hide much.

If Qi Yanshu was confused, she would explain that one was his own father and the other was his godfather.

“Yes.” Qi Yanshu nodded, “But I need to know what kind of Gu he’s under.”

“Thank you, Uncle Qi.” Jiang Mian was slightly relieved, as long as the Gu could be lifted.

When they could determine what kind of Gu it was then they could solve the Gu poison.

If her police detective father was poisoned, then someone must have poisoned him

Thinking of his secret mission, Jiang Mian bit her lip, and a murderous intent flashed across her eyes.

The original plot didn’t say anything about how the police detective father received the lunch box. In connection with the situation of the police detective father, she would be a fool if she didn’t understand the current situation—the plot where the police detective father received the lunch box was indeed earlier than the plot.

Fortunately, it was discovered in time.

If they want to know that kind of Gu he was in, they need to know what the police detective father experience before and have to wait for the police detective father to wake up and ask him directly.

Jiang Mian has asked the caregiver to change the clean quilt and sheets, as she watched Lian Feng lying on the bed with his eyes tightly closed, and his face pale.

Even after he fainted, his eyebrows were tightly furrowed, which showed how painful he had experienced before.

Remembering that the criminal police father was holding her wrist for fear of hurting her, Jiang Mian’s eyes instantly turned red.

“Mian Mian.” Taoist Master Father was so distraught that he held Jiang Mian in his arms and patted her shoulders.

“Dad, I’m fine.” Jiang Mian’s heart warmed and smiled at her Taoist Master father.

While waiting for the police detective father to wake up, she saw the medicine box in the corner and suddenly remembered that the police detective father was just about to open the box when the Gu act up.

Could it be that one of the herbs in the wound medicine she made could induce the Gu to attack?

She frowned as she recalled the raw materials used to refine the wound medicine.

Qi Yanshu reached out and picked up the wound medicine, uncovered the lid, and smelled it, then put the wound medicine down, his brow wrinkled slightly, and a moment later, he said.

“This medicine has the smell of ‘wind grass seeds’.”

Jiang Mian was surprised that Qi Yanshu was able to smell which herbs were included in the medicine she had refined just by taking such a sniff?

In the wound medicine she made, wind grass seed was indeed one of the raw materials.

“The wind grass seeds are extremely popular with the parasites.” That was all Qi Yanshu said.

Jiang Mian understood.

After the police detective father opened the medicine box, the parasite in his body act up when they smelled the wind grass seeds.

Jiang Mian looked down at the medicine.

It was also a coincidence, the smell of the medicine she refined, and the parasite act up inside her police detective father’s body and Qi Yanshu who happened to understand Gu.

Otherwise, she won’t know the situation of her police detective father, and worst if she even has the chance to know that her father had Gu in him.

Or it would be too late to know by then?

She was immersed in the poisonous parasite in the police detective father’s body and did not notice that her Taoist Master father looked at Qi Yanshu strangely.

The Taoist Master was extremely surprised.

Although he felt that something was wrong with Lian Feng, he did not expect that he would actually have Gu.

But what he didn’t expect was that Qi Yanshu actually knew about Gu.

He hasn’t heard that his junior brother knows Gu before. Besides, their master doesn’t know Gu, so how does Le Chen know?

This kind of technique has always been despised by people in their group.

The place where the parasite was mostly haunt was at the boundary of Miao area. And the people who live in the area were very conscious, under normal circumstances, they would not step out of their own small circle but would only stay in that area.

Moreover, it was difficult to practice Gu. Even those who raise Gu would not use them easily.

However, Taoist Master Father understood that Lian Feng had to rely on Qi Yan Shu to solve the Gu, so although he was puzzled, he did not ask anything.

They needed the person.

He silently accompanied his baby daughter.

This was the situation that the four fathers least expect to encounter——

Among the four dads, the police detective father’s career was the most dangerous.

In fact, if they really want to discuss the value according to the danger, the Taoist Master father was the most dangerous.

But because several other dads firmly believe in the core values of socialism, they didn’t believe him and only regarded him as a god stick, and unanimously agreed that the police detective father’s career was the most dangerous.

In the end, even the Taoist master father felt the same way—the police detective father often took on various criminals in the society, and most of these criminals were extremely dark and even perverted inside, not to mention inhumane.

He confronts the evilest human nature.

In order to uncover the perpetrators one after another, he was in constant danger of all kinds.

This time, the police detective father went to the drug den as an undercover. It was not his first undercover mission.

He has been undercover many times, and each undercover mission has been extremely dangerous.

Therefore, even if the four dads do not deal with each other, when they meet the police detective father, they would always have one or two more respect for him, nothing else.

Because he was always in various danger, they were always worried that he would have an accident, after all, if he has an accident, their baby daughter would certainly be sad and scared.

In order to put an end to this situation, the four fathers made an agreement in private, saying that this was an agreement of four people but in fact, it was only aimed at the police detective father—thinking more about his daughter when he goes out on a mission and save his life as the first priority.

Therefore, every time the police detective father goes out on a mission, he would buy a gift for Jiang Mian. He would carry the idea of completing the mission and returning alive to give the gift to his daughter.

The first few gifts were not given out.

But this time it was different, he was able to give the gift, although it doesn’t show on the police detective father’s face but deep inside he was extremely happy.

It’s just that he’s always reticent, and his emotions don’t show, so people couldn’t see it.

The quiet ward was broken by a ring—Jiang Mian’s phone rang, she took it out and saw that it was Tang Anan calling.

“Dad, uncle Qi, I’ll go outside to answer the phone.”

After leaving the ward, Jiang Mian sits on the rest chair and connects the call.

“Mian Mian, it’s eleven o’clock. When will you come back?”

Today, Jiang Mian’s play was at 1 p.m., Tang Anan knows that Jiang Mian went home last night, thinking that Jiang Mian would not return to the set so early, so did not call to ask.

But seeing that the time was almost near, she had to call and asked what time she would return to the production team.

She was worried that something was wrong, she first asked on WeChat, but did not receive a reply, and became more and more worried, so she called.

Jiang Mian pinched her eyebrows, in order to refine the medicine for her police detective father, she did not sleep last night and consumed a lot of her energy. Hearing Tang Anan’s words, she said.

“You help me to ask director Zhang for leave, I can’t come back because of something.”

Tang Anan ineffably heard that Jiang Mian’s voice was very tired. She was worried: “Mian Mian, are you all right?”

“I’m okay.”

The two said a few more words before hanging up the phone. Tang Anan was very uneasy, not sure whether to tell Brother Qin about this.

But the little boss told her before, about not reporting to Brother Qin about her casually. Thinking of Jiang Mian’s kindness to her, Tang Anan hesitated again.

Jiang Mian did not rush back to the ward and went to the bathroom instead.

Turning on the faucet, Jiang Mian threw water on her face and looked up at herself in the mirror.

She has been in this world for more than two months, and all this time she has been calm. Everything in her previous life was just like the clouds in the past and she would be fined in this life.

In the ward, Taoist Master and Qi Yanshu were there so she couldn’t show it, and could only hold back herself.

At this moment, there was no one else in the bathroom, recalling the appearance of her police detective father suffering from Gu, Jiang Mian’s killing intent surged like a tidal wave.

Jiang Mian looks at herself in the mirror.

She hadn’t felt such anger in a long time.

In her previous life, as a carp essence, she was not angry at the fact that she could almost successfully transform but before she could do so the fish tank shattered, and she died.

In her last life, she saw that she was about to ascend but demons appeared, and in the end, her spirit dispersed. When she woke up and came to this world, she was still not angry.

She tried to recall the last time she was angry but could not remember for a moment.

A moment later, her anger overflowed in her eyes and slapped her hand at the washstand.

In the next second, the washstand came crashing down.

A girl happened to enter the bathroom at this and saw this scene, she opened her mouth and screamed.

“Shut up.” Jiang Mian turned around and coldly said.

The girl’s scalp tingled and subconsciously covered her mouth seeing how cold Jiang Mian’s eyes were.



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