Chapter 86

Xue Jiayue was so excited that she hurriedly exited WeChat and logged into the game. Even if in the short seconds before entering the game, Xue Jiayue waited impatiently wishing she could fly into the game immediately.

Soon after the game was loaded, Xue Jiayue went into the game, clicked on the friend list, and immediately saw that the avatar of “kill the world” was on, so she sent him a smile.

“Kill the world”: let’s team up, in Xuanyuan dungeon, I will carry you.

Xue Jiayue hurriedly accepted the group request he sent, found his coordinates on the map, and rode all the way there.

When they arrived at the Xuanyuan dungeon, Xue Jiayue really saw a red-clothed man with a big sword in his hand, standing at the door of the dungeon with a valiant aura as if saying “kill the world” that made the female players passing by couldn’t help but stop to look at him.

Xue Jiayue quickly jumped off her horse, ran to him quickly, and typed.

“I’m here.”

“Kill the world,” said: “Everyone’s here, let’s enter the dungeon.”

The whole game screen changed and Xue Jiayue was brought into the dungeon by “Kill the World”.



Xu Yanwen took Xu Yanlin out to make a phone call to Second Uncle Xu, and when he came back, he saw Xue Jiayue playing the game with her phone intently, he sat down next to Xue Jiayue, took a faint glance at the game interface, sat there quietly and did not disturb her.

Xu Yanlin on the other hand, leaned over and recognized that she was playing in the Xuanyuan dungeon and said.

“Sister-in-law, you’re also playing this game? Which district are you playing in? What level are you in now?”

Xue Jiayue did not have time to reply to him and just continued to follow the “kill the world” behind killing monsters.

Seeing how she play, Xu Yanlin couldn’t just keep on looking and pointing out her mistakes.

“Hey, you launch attack skills, you can’t do this, you are over 80 levels, how can you still operate so badly?”

“It’s not up to me, RMB players can’t do it!” Xue Jiayue angrily replied to Xu Yanlin.

Just as soon as the words were said, Xue Jiayue was killed by the BOSS dungeon, to the point where there was less than one-third of her health was left, and she was about to be beaten to death by the boss.

Before she could react, “kill the world” beside her attacked the BOSS while sending a message for her to hide, while Xu Yanlin shouted anxiously in her ear.

“You quickly hide next to it!”

Xue Jiayue operates her avatar and hides, leaving the boss to kill the world and her other teammates to kill it.

While waiting for her health bar to recover, Xue Jiayue heard Xu Yanlin laughing beside her.

“Aiya, you’re really bad at this game. Among East China I am level 100, do you want me to carry you?”


Xue Jiayue flatly refused as she jokingly said that before Xu Yanlin could carry her, he would laugh at her before he could take the chance. She was not a masochist, so why should she let Xu Yanlin carry her.

Xu Yanlin smiled and glanced toward her game interface.

“So you’re from the Southwest District. I’ll open the trumpet to find you to play later.”

“No time.”

Xue Jiayue refuses again, would he really play with her? Instead of playing, he would instead laugh at her, though Xue Jiayue was still self-aware as to the RMB players who couldn’t fight like her and depended on others to carry her.

Xu Yanlin was very proud and didn’t take Xue Jiayue’s rejection to heart at all and continued to talk to Xue Jiayue one after another. Xue Jiayue was busy dealing with the little monster in the game and had no time to pay attention to him.

“Xu Yanlin, it’s very late, you should go home.”

Xu Yanwen, who had been sitting next to her without speaking, suddenly spoke up, seemingly not quite liking the fact that he kept pestering Xue Jiayue about the game.

Xu Yanlin was not afraid of others, but Xu Yanwen was not included in those others, he was most afraid of him. Seeing that he asked him to go home, he did not dare to say no, and quickly said.

“It is very late indeed, then I will go back first, and will come to see grandpa tomorrow.”

“I’ll have the driver drop you off.”

Xu Yanwen picked up the phone and called the driver, Lao Tan. And arranged for him to send Xu Yanlin home.

“Bye bye big brother, bye bye sister-in-law.”

Xu Yanlin went to check on the sleeping Grandpa Xu first and saw that he was sleeping deeply, so he did not disturb him, waved goodbye to Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen, and obediently followed the driver, Lao Tan, to leave.

After Xu Yanlin left, Xu Yanwen saw that Xue Jiayue was still playing the game. He raised his hand and looked at the diamond watch on his wrist. It was 11 p.m.

“It’s late, don’t play games, go home and rest first.” Xu Yanwen said.

Xue Jiayue said without raising her head.

“After I finished fighting this big boss.”

Xu Yanwen then did not say anything else, sitting next to her and waiting.

Fortunately, “kill the world” led the team, which really killed the last big boss very soon.

After the boss died, a lot of things burst out. “Kill the world” only took a knife and gave Xue Jiayue a cloak.

Xue Jiayue was very happy and said thank you repeatedly.

“Kill the world” said: “I have something to do first, and we will play games at this time tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Xue Jiayue and “kill the world” agreed on a time to play the game before she also quit the game.

Xu Yanwen saw her finish playing the game and said.

“You go home and rest, I’ll stay with grandpa, I’ll have the driver take you back.”

Xue Jiayue took a look at Grandpa Xu lying on the hospital bed and shook her head.

“No, I’ll stay too, I can’t sleep when I go back alone.”

What she meant by saying this was that she was worried that Grandpa Xu would not be able to sleep, but it sounded ambiguous. Xu Yanwen understood what she meant but still couldn’t help putting another meaning to it.

“Good, let’s stay with grandpa together.” Xu Yanwen said.

There was a companion bed in the ward, which was especially used for the families who take care of the patients. Xu Yanwen said to Xue Jiayue.

“You have to go to work tomorrow. Go to bed first.”

“What about you?” Xue Jiayue asked.

Xu Yanwen said, “You sleep first, I will sleep in the second half of the night.”

Xue Jiayue glanced at the companion bed next to her and nodded a bit and said.



Xu Yanwen raised his hand, wanting to rub the top of her hair, but stopped when he thought of her rejection of him, telling himself not to be impatient, and to take his time, as long as she was still by his side, he could always repair the relationship between the two of them.

Xue Jiayue did not know what was in Xu Yanwen’s mind, she first went to the bathroom to wash up, and since it was already really late, she went to sleep in the companion bed.

At first, Xue Jiayue lay on the companion bed, but thinking that Xu Yanwen was still standing beside her, she could not sleep.

But she couldn’t let Xu Yanwen find out that she was still awake, so she lay on the bed with her eyes closed and didn’t dare to move.

Nevertheless, Xu Yanwen was smart and found this out, so he stood up, took his phone, pretended to go out to call, and quickly walked out of the ward.

The door of the ward opened and closed, Xu Yanwen went out, Xue Jiayue finally relaxed, lying on the bed, sleepiness soon came, and unconsciously fell asleep.

After a long time, Xu Yanwen returned to the ward. He looked at Xue Jiayue who was laying on her side with her back to him, motionless, breathing smoothly, and seemed to have fallen asleep.

The ward was quiet, Xu Yanwen turned off all the sounds of his phone, sat on the sofa next to him, logged on to the official website of the game Xue Jiayue just played, and played a game exactly like Xue Jiayue.

When the game loaded, he chose the southwest zone, created a new game character, then logged into the game, talked to the NPCs in the game, and practiced from level 1.

Xu Yanwen’s little avatar wears ordinary clothes and works hard to complete the task in the novice village. He soon rises to level 10 and could leave the novice village.

Next to the companion bed, Xue Jiayue moved a little, Xu Yanwen’s heart a shock, quickly press the phone, and look up towards the bed where Xue Jiayue was.

Xue Jiayue had already fallen asleep and had just rolled over in her sleep, not even knowing he was playing the game.

The quilt fell from Xue Jiayue’s body, and the short-sleeved pajamas she was wearing revealed her slender waist and round shoulders. Her silk-like hair was scattered on the snow-white sheets, which set off her skin as white as jade.

In the darkness, Xu Yanwen’s eyes were frighteningly bright, his throat was tight, his mouth was dry, and a knot rolled up and down a bit.

He stood up and walked softly to Xue Jiayue’s bed. His black eyes stared deeply at her quiet sleeping face. It was so charming and beautiful that he was intoxicated. He slowly bent down and kissed her lips.



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