Chapter 51

The reason why Jiang Mian arrived later than her Taoist father was because the car was stuck on the road for a while, and when she was about to arrive, she sent messages to the two fathers respectively.

The message sent to her Taoist father: [Dad, I’ll be there soon, how about you?]

While the message sent to her detective police father was: [Dad, I didn’t have any scene this morning, so I bought an ointment to speed up wound healing at a beauty salon, I will bring it to you right now ah]

This time, in order to avoid her father’s misunderstanding, she didn’t send an emoji, but an emoji that came with WeChat.

Then detective police father replied: [There is a medicine that can speed up wound healing?]

Jiang Mian: “…”

Jiang Mian didn’t expect her detective police father to question it, so she made up the reason:

[Yes, it’s made in secret. Some actresses in the same crew bought it at this beauty salon and the effect is very good.]

When she said it like this, she even believed it herself ==

She was still waiting for her police detective father’s reply, unaware that at this time her police detective father caught her Taoist father peeping at his screen so he locked the screen and put down the phone then looked at the Taoist father, locking each other eyes and went to silent eye war.

When they arrived at the hospital, Luo Jiale took the initiative to say.

“Sir, should I go buy some gifts like fruits?”

Qi Yanshu nodded.

“No need.” Jiang Mian always felt that gesture was a little strange.

“There is a need, of course.” The son of the Luo family madly nodded for his boss.

“This is the most basic etiquette.”

He could not wait to say two more words, but Qi Yanshu’s “eyes” looked at him and quickly shut up and walked away.

After Luo Jiale had bought the things back, the three of them then went upstairs.

Zuo Xingping waited eagerly at the door—he really didn’t want to have a staring contest with Lian Feng in the ward.

Well, he has big eyes, and Lian Feng has small eyes ~

Seeing Jiang Mian appear in the corridor, her Taoist father’s eyes lit up and greeted her with big steps.

“Mian Mian.” He pulled Jiang Mian to his side and glanced at Qi Yanshu without moving.

“Dad, why are your clothes like this?”

Looking at the tattered and torn clothes of the Taoist father, Jiang Mian was very surprised and then guessed.

“You helped to catch the killer?”

It seems that his body was made to fight.

Taoist father nodded, blinked at Jiang Mian, and then signaled to talk later. He turned to Qi Yan and said.

“Junior brother Le Chen, what do you have to do with me?”

Although Taoist’s father inwardly does not want Qi Yanshu and his baby daughter to get too close, but Qi Yanshu must have something important to do with him. After all, he was a brother from the same school, so he agreed to meet without hesitation.

“Dad, this is the hallway. Let’s go to the room first if we have anything to say.”

There were people walking in the corridor and it was not convenient to talk here.

Several people were walking back and forth in the corridor.

Qi Yanshu and Luo Jiale walked behind. The former suddenly frowned, it was not because of the Taoist father questioning him just now, but——

He turned his head to look at the assistant beside him and heard Luo Jiale gasp as if had seen something incredible, and the sound made him unable to ignore it.

After Luo Jiale learned that the senior brother Qi Yanshu wanted to meet was Jiang Mian’s father, he vaguely understood in his heart why the boss had such a strange attitude towards Jiang Mian, clearly caring but not showing it.

Jiang Mian was the boss’s elder brother’s daughter, and the boss and Jiang Mian were a generation away from each other.

Nowadays, height was not a matter of distance, age was not a problem and as for seniority, it was nothing.

After Luo Jiale followed Qi Yanshu to the Taoist temple, something happened. Qi Yanshu helped him and because of that he was secretly grateful to Qi Yanshu and felt that it was necessary to solve his boss’s worries.

Therefore, he was very curious about Jiang Mian’s father, so he could come up with a solution after knowing him.

But after seeing the person, Luo Jiale almost dropped his jaw.

The man with red lips and white teeth who looks younger than the boss was the boss’s elder brother and Jiang Mian’s father???

Does he have a misunderstanding of the word “dad”?

Or was this “father” not that “father”?

“Sir is this really Miss Jiang’s father?”

Feeling that the boss was “looking” at himself, Luo Jiale subconsciously asked in a small voice.

“Mian Mian is, of course, my daughter.”

Taoist father has a sharp hearing. Although Luo Jiale spoke in a low voice, he still heard it. He turned his head and said to Luo Jiale with a serious face.

Luo Jiale was very embarrassed, he didn’t expect that he could be heard by the boss’s senior brother when he said it so quietly, it was like saying bad things about others behind their backs, only to be caught and listened to by the person when he turned his head.

However, as a professional assistant, he has his own way to deal with this embarrassing situation. Luo Jiale immediately followed the words of the Taoist father and said with an exclamation on his face.

“It’s my eyesight that can’t see well, you are really young standing with Miss Jiang so you look more like brother and sister.”

Taoist Father was a little unhappy, because of his face, he would always be considered young when he went out so he wore a beard and sounded deep like an old master.

He never liked people to praise him for being “young”, but Luo Jiale was right. He had no choice but to silently drag Jiang Mian into the ward.

Lian Feng thought Jiang Mian came alone and didn’t expect a strange man to come with her.

As soon as Qi Yanshu entered the door, Lian Feng’s gaze fell on him, feeling the pressure of the sight of Qi Yanshu’s brow lightly wrinkled.

Zuo Xingping asked Qi Yanshu to meet here for the purpose of letting Lian Feng see him. Therefore, as soon as he entered the room, he couldn’t wait to introduce them.

“This is my junior brother whose common name is… Qi…”

Taoist Master was stuck.

What Qi again?

Jiang Mian held her forehead and was about to speak when Qi Yanshu lightly spoke and gave his name, Taoist Master naturally continued.

“He lives across from Mian Mian. Didn’t Mian Mian go home last night? When she came out this morning, they met and were asking for me so, I let him come with Mian Mian.”

Lian Feng quickly grabbed the focus of Zuo Xingping’s words—living opposite Jiang Mian.

After Jiang Mian moved into that apartment, except for the Taoist Master who couldn’t afford it, the other three fathers all wanted to buy the opposite apartment. If Lian Feng wanted to buy it, his salary would certainly not be enough.

But he could sell the house he lived in before and take out a loan so that the down payment would be enough.

However, Jiang Mian said that no one was allowed to live across from her and buy the opposite apartment. Otherwise, she would turn over and have no choice but to give up the idea.

The opposite side was empty, and sooner or later people would liver there, Lian Feng already knew this so he was not surprised, but what he was surprised about was Zuo Xingping’s extra meaning to his tone.

If it’s just a neighbor who lives on the opposite, even if the other person was Zuo Xingping’s junior brother, whether they meet or not has nothing to do with him. Zuo Xingping won’t let the other person come all the way here to the hospital.

The only possibility—

The police detective father never let go of any clues. He raised his eyes and glanced at Jiang Mian, and then finally fell to Qi Yanshu.

This time, the police detective father’s eyebrows tightened.

Jiang Mian did not notice the secret exchange between the two dads as she took out the packed dunked soup buns and fresh meat congee, which had already gotten cold.

However, there was a microwave oven in the ward, she put the buns and fresh meat congee into the microwave to heat them up. When she had warmed up the buns and congee, she realized that it was very quiet between a few people.

Jiang Mian: “???”

None of them were talking.

She looked at Qi Yanshu suspiciously, didn’t he say that he have something important to talk to her Taoist father?

She shared the buns and congee with the two dads.

Detective police father has already eaten breakfast, but in the face of his daughter’s good intentions, he did not refuse.

Taoist Master was pleasantly surprised, he was busy all night, and rushed to the hospital so he did not have time to eat at all and was hungry so he was eating with gusto, led Luo Jiale could not help but look at him.

The more he looks at him, the less it looks like father and daughter.

Jiang Mian reminded Qi Yanshu, “Uncle Qi, don’t you have something to ask Dad?”

i Yanshu paused, his face slightly moved, and soon tended to calm down again, walking towards the Taoist Master Father.

“Junior Brother, tell me what’s the matter?”

Taoist Master father said while glancing at the police detective father.

Did this guy notice anything?

Wait—why does he have two more buns than me?

Taoist Master carefully counted again, indeed the police detective father has two more than his.

Seeing this, he looked sourly at his baby daughter but found that she did not look at him at all, the whole time she was looking after Lian Feng, and this made him feel sourer.

Just as he was about to speak out, Qi Yanshu came over and asked him to go to the other corner of the ward to talk—the ward was big enough, and he could speak in the corner without anyone hearing him at all.

Zuo Xingping had no choice but to walk to the corner with steamed buns and Qi Yanshu towards the corner. Luo Jiale on the other hand stood at the door to ensure that he could not hear both sides.

Lian Feng looked at Qi Yanshu in the distance and took the tissue handed to him by Jiang Mian: “Uncle Qi?”

Jiang Mian lowered his voice and explained.

“Uncle Qi is not only father Zuo’s junior brother, but also his father and grandfather Han are family friends and Father Han is of the same generation as him. According to seniority, I should call him uncle.”

Seeing Jiang Mian speaking calmly, Lian Feng thought about it and said.

“He lives across from you and often looks for you?”

Jiang Mian wondered, “What does he want from me?”

Lian Feng: “….”

He and Zuo Xingping both overthought it.

The police detective father ended the topic silently. How could Jiang Mian understand the worries of the two fathers, thinking that she would be coveted by the “strange” uncle. Unaware of these thoughts, Jiang Mian took out the medicine from the bag.

When taking the wound medicine, she found that the little paper man in the bag seems to have moved, Jiang Mian raised her eyebrows, and poked the little paper man’s head with her fingertips.

The little paper man slipped under the compact mirror.

Is this “alive” again, and is shy?

“Dad, you must remember to apply this wound medicine every day, three times a day.”

After taking the box, out of professional habit Lian Feng took the box and looked left and right. After reading it, a hint of doubt flashed in his eyes.

The box was an ordinary box, not to mention there was no label, no sign of qualified commodity inspection, and no production date.

According to Jiang Mian, this wound medicine was purchased in the beauty salon, so at least there should be the name of the beauty salon.

But there was nothing, so he couldn’t help but think that this wound medicine was fake.

It was not that Lian Feng does not believe Jiang Mian, but he was more worried—wouldn’t Jiang Mian being deceived?

“Daddy, what’s wrong?”

Jiang Mian blinked when she realized that her police detective father was just holding the wound medicine without saying anything. She made it with the formula of the world of immortals, did her police detective father notice anything suspicious?

Then it would be time for her to suspect the real identity of her police detective father.

The police detective father shook his head, opened the lid, and sniff a nice smell of medicine.

In the next second, Lian Feng’s body stiffened, his hands shook, and the medicine box rolled down on the bed.

He jerked his head down, and the small dining table that Jiang Mian drew from the side of the bed on the hospital bed shook because of police detective father’s movements, making the porridge and buns on it fell on the bed, spilling everything.


Jiang Mian’s expression changed as she hastily pushed away the table and looked down to check the police detective father, the latter held her wrist with his head still down so she could still not see his expression but his voice was calm and reassuring.

“It’s okay, just now my hand shook.”

With his head down, the red blood in his eyes spreads entirely on his eyeballs.



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