RB80’s: VMRHCD 19


Chapter 19- Color and Aroma

Covering the pot, Jiang Ran wiped the sweat on her head with a towel.

If this was before since it was just a simple dish of braised pork, she wouldn’t have sweat at all.

But after she got this heavy body, Jiang Ran was already tired enough just after frying a dish.

Looking back at the porridge, it should not be cooked covered all the time either but also stirred to avoid paste.

As soon as Jiang Ran lifted the lid of the pot, the rice fragrance hits her face.

Just by the smell alone, Jiang Ran knows that the rice was a bowl of good rice, cooking it into porridge would be absolutely delicious.

However, it’s just rice porridge. It’s still a little bland.

“Shanshan, do you have red dates at home?” Jiang Ran asked Pei Shanshan.

Pei Shanshan immediately looked at Wang Cuilan, who nodded, “Yes.”

With that, Wang Cuilan opened the cupboard, took a jar out of it, opened the lid, and there were half of the red dates in the jar.

Seeing the red dates, Jiang Ran grabbed six of them, washed them, and threw them into the pot. Then she covered them and let them continue cooking.

Wang Cuilan looked at Jiang Ran’s neat and experienced movements and moved her mouth but did not say a word.

She didn’t know what happened to Jiang Ran and though she wanted to ask but didn’t know how to.

Jiang Ran sees Wang Cuilan’s hesitation, but she was not ready to explain now, so she pretended not to see.

Now that they have porridge and vegetables, they need to make some pancakes.

Jiang Ran went to unpack the flour bag and asked Wang Cuilan to get some more green onions and cut some green onions out.

Wang Cuilan was also cooking all year round and so as soon as she heard this, she knew that Jiang Ran was going to make scallion pancakes.

She already stewed a pot of meat, but she still has to make scallion pancakes, how much oil would she waste!

Her heart aches, but the movements of her hands were not delayed at all. When Jiang Ran kneaded the dough, she added eggs to it making the dough slightly yellow and taste better.

In the Pei family’s kitchen, there was only one large and one small pot, but one stove.

It’s just that the stove was not one that use coal, but one that uses wood.

Jiang Ran asked Pei Shanshan to put less fire on the stove and put the pan on it.

When making scallion pancakes, the fire must not be too big, otherwise, the pancakes would be burnt black before they were cooked.

She also needed to add more oil to the pan so that the scallion pancake would not be dry and not soft enough to eat.

If Jiang Ran doesn’t do it then she won’t do it. But since she was already doing might as well do her best until the end.

Seeing Jiang Ran’s bold movements when putting the oil, Pei Shanshan and Wang Cuilan’s eyebrows were tied into a bow.

Jiang Ran, on the other hand, was thinking of the number of people in the family to make the dough, six people, a total of seven cakes.

The men could eat two, Pei Shanshan and Wang Cuilan could eat one each while Jiang Ran would be eating one and share it with Pei Jing.

It’s not like Jiang Ran wanted to save money, but she wants to lose weight.

To lose weight, she should start by eating less.

With her current body shape and structure, she couldn’t just go on hunger strike. If she doesn’t eat a meal, it would be too unhealthy and she would be too weakened.

She could only try to eat a little less and adjust slowly.

When the scallion pancake was cooked, the braised meat in the pot was also almost done. Jiang Ran puts the cut potatoes in and closes the lid for a while. When the potatoes were cooked, she then transferred them into a porcelain bowl.

Jiang Ran put a lot of meat, plus put a few potatoes, enough to make a large pot.

After putting them in the porcelain bowl, Jiang Ran sprinkles the scallions she purposely left before.

The white porcelain basin was filled with red braised meat, which was also dotted with green scallions. The aroma surrounds the tip of their noses. It is really full of color and aroma.

(End of Chapter)


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