RB80’s: VMRHCD 18


Chapter 18- I will cook tonight

Why did he listen to Jiang Ran so well?

He hasn’t even asked Jiang Ran why she bought these things yet!

How much did it cost to buy these things?

“What are you staring at? Hurry up and move!”

Seeing Pei Yang standing there dumbfounded, Jiang Ran urged.

“Got it.”

Pei Yang subconsciously agreed again, turned around, and walked inside.

Pei Baoshan and Wang Cuilan didn’t look very good either, but they came to move things without Jiang Ran’s urging.

Three people made two trips and got everything home.

Jiang Ran gave money to the cart driver and thank him, only then did she hold Pei Jing’s hand and walked home.

The village people who were standing not far away watching the fun whispered a few words but also dispersed.

In the Pei family’s yard, Jiang Ran washed her hands and face with cold water and immediately felt that her whole person was fresh.

Looking up at the sky she estimates the time—it should be almost five o’clock.

It usually gets darker faster in spring so cooking dinner early shouldn’t be a problem.

Normally it should be Pei Shanshan and Wang Cuilan who would make dinner together.

But today, Jiang Ran walked into the kitchen first.

If she wants to sell food in the county, she must first let the Pei family taste her craft.

Seeing Jiang Ran into the kitchen, Wang Cuilan and Pei Shanshan looked at each other and hurriedly followed into the kitchen.

Jiang Ran doesn’t know how to use the earth stove and doesn’t know to start the fire but when she sees Wang Cuilan and Pei Shanshan coming in her eyes immediately brighten.

“Shanshan, hurry up and start the fire, I’ll cook tonight.”

Pei Shanshan doesn’t want to agree, but she doesn’t dare disagree either!

Looking at her mother, Wang Cuilan was just frowning but didn’t mean to object so Pei Shanshan reluctantly walked to the stove and began to start the fire.

Jiang Ran, on the other hand, had already rolled up her sleeves and was ready to fight a big battle.

She was going to make a braised pork with potatoes, but she didn’t know where the potatoes were, so she looked at Wang Cuilan.

“I want some potatoes.”

Jiang Ran was a little embarrassed when she said this.

She didn’t mean to be rude, but the word “mom” was not easy to say out loud.

Forget it, she’ll just talk about it later!

Fortunately, Wang Cuilan doesn’t care.

Not only did she not care, but Wang Cuilan also looked at Jiang Ran with some surprise.

Jiang Ran spoke to her in a much better tone than before.

Seeing that Wang Cuilan turned to get the potatoes, Jiang Ran quickly added.

“If there are onions and ginger, wash some.”

By this time, Pei Shanshan had already started the fire, while Jiang Ran added water to both the small and large pot.

After adding water, Jiang Ran hurriedly unpacked the rice bag.

She scoops rice, washes it, and put it in a small pot.

This was for cooking porridge.

As of the moment they only have white rice, so she could only cook white rice porridge.

But after making some money, she would buy more ingredients and add them slowly!

Jiang Ran thought so as she quickly cut a piece of pork.

After the meat was washed a little, she added ginger and put it into the pot.

Once the pork was boiled and discolored, she took it out, drain the water, and then cut it into large pieces.

She then scoops the remaining water out of the pan, dried the pan before pouring oil and sugar.

When the sugar melted she then put the chopped meat pieces in.

“Shanshan, keep the fire down.”

Jiang Ran said to Pei Shanshan while frying the meat with sugar.

The kitchen was filled with sweet smells at this time, and Pei Shanshan felt her stomach begin to rumble.

After hearing Jiang Ran’s words, she subconsciously took out some firewood and put it in the ashes below.

When the meat stir-fried was almost done, Jiang Ran then prepared water poured in, and then put on the onion ginger star anise, and a variety of seasonings in turn.

(End of Chapter)


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