Chapter 16

“She was invited by me.”

Mo Yifan, dressed in black, touched the wheelchair with his fingertips and slowly came in through the door, stopping beside Tang Xinyu.

Mo Lanqing was surprised and suspicious at the same time, his tone was displeased.

“Little Uncle, why didn’t you ask me in advance when you invited her?”

Mo Yifan raised his finger and tapped on the armrest of the wheelchair. His gaze slightly raised.

“Why should I have asked you beforehand?”

Mo Yifan’s gaze seems to carry a thousand pounds as it forces Mo Lanqing to sit back on the sofa involuntarily by his gaze. Even though their gazes were kept level at this time, he still felt inferior.

Tang Xinyu lowered her eyes to look at Mo Yifan, slightly leaned down, and straightened his tie for him affectionately. When she straightened back up, her white hand was held by Mo Yifan’s palm, and her fingers were interlocked with his, and swings their hands gently in the air.

Tang Xinyu smiled sweetly at Mo Yifan, the shyness in her eyes filled out from between her eyebrows.

Mo Lanqing stared at the two people with interlocked hands: “You …… You ……”

Mo Lanqing’s eyes fell on Tang Xinyu, who was wearing a long light purple dress, and then looked at the same light purple thin tie between Mo Yifan’s collar. His heart beat gradually increases as a faint idea came into his mind, but he quickly denied it himself. He stared at Tang Xinyu and hoped that Tang Xinyu would give him a negative answer.

Tang Xinyu tugged up the hair loose hair on her temples and smiled. Pretended not to see anything and did not give Mo Lanqing a good time.

She gently shook Mo Yifan’s hand, turned to push the wheelchair, and walked out. Talking to Mo Yifan while walking, her tone was as gentle as water: “if Mr. Mo sees me asking questions later, you have to help me.”

Mo Yifan responded with a good-natured “yes”.

Tian Wanwan hesitated and pulled Mo Lanqing’s arm: “Lanqing, this …… ceremony, will go smoothly, right?”

Mo Lanqing was at loss and panicked. He didn’t expect Tang Xinyu to appear at the wedding banquet, let alone that she and Mo Yifan would be involved with each other. With complicated thoughts, Mo Lanqing couldn’t help but search for Tang Xinyu sitting under the stage during the wedding entrance ceremony.

As soon as Tang Xinyu meet Mo Lanqing’s gaze coming, she smiled decently.

It was obviously a very sincere smile, but Mo Lanqing felt a chill rise from the soles of his feet, and directly handed over the bride, Tian Wanwan’s hand to the wedding officiant’s hand.

The stage erupted in laughter.

The emcee was embarrassed for a moment but reacted quickly to round up the situation.

“It seems that the groom is too excited at this point, urging me to hurry up and exchange rings, but no, how can a bride marry so easily. The groomsman understands, right?”

Mo Lanqing’s mind was filled with too many images of Tang Xinyu and Mo Yifan looking warmly at each other, and he opened his mouth flabbergasted: “I’ll pay attention next time, pay attention next time.”

Once again, the stage erupted in laughter.

The emcee was inwardly wailing: ‘Mr. Mo, I easily pulled you out of the pit, how come you willingly jumped into the pit again!’

The emcee felt an unprecedented professional crisis and jokingly saved.

“Yes, when you exchange rings later, you must pay attention, do not hold the wrong hand ah.”

Tian Wanwan bit her lower lip and had to keep a smile on her face, but inwardly she was already cursing Tang Xinyu for being a broomstick. She shook Mo Lanqing’s hand hard to grab his attention back and said softly, “Lanqing, our baby is also getting excited.”

Mo Lanqing returned to his senses instantly and walked through the wedding process holding Tian Wanwan.

Tang Xinyu took the time to pull out her phone and go to the Minseong Central Forum, and as she expected, the forum’s front page and the top post were about her participation in the wedding.

“Shocking News! Miss T’s attendance at the wedding of her ex-fiancé and ex-bestie was actually for ……”

Well, the title was contradictory and explosive enough to attract attention.

Tang Xinyu gave this poster a compliment in her heart. Clicking on the post, there were also a few photos posted that were taken from a distance. The photo shows Tang Xinyu in a long purple dress, like an elegant lilac flower, standing in the crowd, with its own spotlight effect.

The second one was a photo of Tang Xinyu pushing a wheelchair, with Mo Yifan in the wheelchair turning around to say something to her, with gentle eyes.

The third was when the two were seated next to each other and Mo Yifan spreads the napkin on her lap for her to prevent the soup and wine from spilling onto her dress.

According to several pictures, the poster began to display his strong skills in deduction and telling people his observation: “Miss t’s face when she attended the wedding of her former fiancé has no resentment at all. Is it because she has already resolutely withdrawn from the wedding and calmly put down her love? Or is it because of new love and cleaning up the old pain?”

Tang Xinyu scrolled down, and the netizens responded in a variety of ways.

“It could be that the two didn’t have a relationship in the first place at all and each played their own game, could it?”

“This one in a wheelchair is the young master of the Mo family, right, remember the car accident some time ago, so unfortunate.”

“A relationship with a disabled person, is the Tang family going bankrupt?”

“The sour smell from upstairs diffuse out of the sky! Look at Mo Shao’s eyes, blocking a bag of spicy sticks, it is absolutely true love!”

“You’re straying out from the topic~ the poster originally wanted to discuss the recent situation after Miss t canceled her engagement but you guys…”

“Ex-fiancé and ex-best friend do not deserve a name in this forum.”

“Have you found an interesting thing? If Miss t is really with Mo Shao, should her former fiancé bow his head and call her aunt 233333”



As expected by Tang Xinyu, the focus of netizens was attracted by the interaction between Tang Xinyu and Mo Yifan, and some even enlarged the photo and cut out the small picture of Mo Yifan looking back with deep affection and Tang Xinyu bowing her head with a light smile to make an emoji.

Mo Yifan’s caption: “I’ll keep an eye on you until you like me.”

Tang Xinyu’s one was even better, with a string of captions: “Little b*tch, broken shoes for you!”

Tang Xinyu was happy as soon as she swiped these two pictures and secretly long pressed to select save. Mo Yifan saw Tang Xinyu’s lips curved and asked sideways, “What are you laughing at?”

There was music playing at the wedding, and Tang Xinyu’s face came closer, almost against Mo Yifan’s ear, and the warm airflow tickled Mo Yifan’s ear: “The netizens saw our photos and are praising you.”

Mo Yifan got interested and asked, “Compliment me on what?”

Tang Xinyu smiled: “Compliment you on your good eye.”

Mo Yifan: “…… Is this a compliment to you or to me?”

Tang Xinyu said meaningfully: “We are in the same boat now. We don’t need to be so clearly divided.”

Mo Yifan’s thumb couldn’t help but start rubbing the index finger’s knuckle, and even wanted to touch the delicate face that was half a palm away from him, and wanted to confirm if her face was as smooth as he imagined, otherwise why would every time he sees her, his fingertips would not help but itch?

The intimate gesture of two people whispering in their ears fell into Mo Lanqing’s eyes, who came over to toast, and felt an inexplicable sour. When he was acting as a good and caring boyfriend, Tang Xinyu never smiled at him like this, nor did he ever get intimate with him like this.

Mo Lanqing has simply forgotten that it was he who wanted to win the heart of Tang Xinyu but was worried about Tian Wanwan’s jealousy, so instead, he keeps his distance from Tang Xinyu.

The gloom in the bottom of Mo Lanqing’s eyes could not escape Tang Xinyu. She gave a contemptuous “tsk” inwardly. Men were really cheap, they already have their own bowl but would still look at the other bowl, thinking that even if they give up, they hoped that the other side could think of them wholeheartedly.

What she did today was tantamount to ruthlessly slapping Mo Lanqing and completely destroying his self-esteem as a man.

Then let his ego shatter into crumbs.

Everyone at the table knows the intricate relationship between Mo Lanqing, Tian Wanwan, and Tang Xinyu. Not only them but also several neighboring tables, their eyes were if anything cast over, forming the focus of the gossip.

Mo Lanqing barely smiled: “Thank you all for coming to bless us, here’s to everyone.”

The goblets clinked together crisply, with the pleasant voice of Tang Xinyu ringing out at the same time.

“Mo Shao can’t drink, for now, so I’ll drink for him.”

Mo Lanqing’s smile stiffened, but no matter how complicated his mood was, in front of outsiders he had to disguise and pretended to be tight-lipped.

“Little Uncle’s special circumstances are understandable. I owe this cup first.”

Tang Xinyu unconcernedly picked up the tall glass in front of Mo Yifan and drank it in one go, “It’s okay, it’s the same for me.”

These words exploded in the ears of those who listened to the gossip sideways, and everyone looked at each other to exchange their amazement. This sentence was too much information, they seem to have heard something incredible and want to share it with others!

Mo Yifan takes Tang Xinyu’s empty wine glass and thoughtfully hands over his own napkin.

Tang Xinyu gently pressed her lips, facing Mo Yifan, and said delicately, “My lipstick didn’t smear, right?”

Mo Yifan took the napkin and wiped her fingertips that were stained with wine, and warmly said, “It’s still beautiful.”

The two interacted as if no one was there causing Mo Lanqing to drink the wine without even tasting it, while Tian Wanwan at his side was holding the wine glass still. Her fingertips were white and grievance could be seen in her eyes.

Here she goes again!

Seeing Tian Wanwan perform her unsatisfactory white lotus must-kill technique, Tang Xinyu felt impatient but planned to give Mo Shao a face so she sit there quietly in her seat and ate the crab meat that Mo Yifan had peeled off the shell for her.

People at the same table sat down, and when Mo Lanqing was about to leave for the next table, Tian Wanwan reached out to pull him back.

Tian Wanwan held a glass of wine and smiled warmly and lovingly, “Lanqing, should we drink another toast to Little Uncle and Xinxin? Maybe our family is going to have another happy event again?”

“Uncle” on the left and “our family” on the right, was said as Tian Wanwan entered the role of a granddaughter-in-law very quickly.

Tang Xinyu was so relaxed waiting to see what kind of demon Tian Wanwan wanted to portray this time.

Mo Lanqing held Tian Wanwan and wanted to leave: “Wanwan, we still have guests to greet. We’ll have a good chat with Little Uncle when we’re done.”

Tian Wanwan’s feet seemed to have taken roots and settled herself at the table: “If Xinxin and little uncle had not attended together today, I won’t know when Xinxin and little uncle became so close. Speaking of which, although Little Uncle had trouble with his legs, he went to Tang’s house several times before, so it seems that the two are very close.”

These remarks were like hints to those ears that were listening in the audience, and this naturally extended another meaning.

Tang Xinyu has long been seeing Mo Yifan, so this really confirms the rumors on the forum that Tang Xinyu and Mo Lanqing were each playing their own game. The two of them, who have no feelings for each other had worked to find their true love in order to cope with the elders on both sides.

But one was looking at the other’s uncle and the other was hooking up with the other’s best friend. Were they both rabbits?

Eating all the grass in the nest!

Everyone’s original disgust towards Tian Wanwan faded, and the eyes that looked at Tang Xinyu were not so sympathetic anymore. She was having so much fun, so why do they need to sympathize? Or sympathize with the honest bachelor~

The situation was instantly turned around.

Some people were already under the table secretly picking up their phones and going on the forum to broadcast the latest news from the front line.

Mo Lanqing where did not hear the meaning behind Tian Wanwan’s words as he just helplessly pull Tian Wanwan, signaling her to stop talking, but his hands simply did not use much strength, and his heart secretly felt pleasure. They did not say anything explicitly, everything relies on people’s own imagination, and rumors it cause has nothing to do with them.

This way, in Mo’s struggle for power, the accusations pressed on Mo Lanqing would be a little less.

Mo Lanqing’s attitude of seeking perfection through grievances and taking account of the overall situation made people with high gossip sensitivity smell the reversal meaning.

The forum “shock” post became popular again, and the building was even higher.

“There was a shocking reversal! Miss T and her ex-fiancé turned out to be in a loveless relationship, covering for each other. We were wrong to blame the ex-fiancé and ex-bestie! Those who have scolded them come in and line up to apologize!”

“Hey no ah, if they are covering for each other, then why did the engagement party make such a fuss on the spot ah?”

“Agree with the upstairs, at that time, Miss Yun’s family rushed up and opened the bow for Miss T.”

“So the biggest whore is actually Miss T? Seeing things fall apart, she directly pushed it onto her ex-fiancé and ex-bestie, letting them take the knife for herself?!”

“Wow, the IQ is not enough, I’ll go recharge first ~”


Tang Xinyu’s face did not change in the slightest, stopping the chopsticks in her hand at the moment Tian Wanwan spoke as if she was talking about someone else’s business.

Mo Yifan slowly and methodically wiped his fingers cleaning them from peeling crab shells with his napkin: “Indeed, Miss Tang and I have a good chat.”


The surrounding people’s hearts swish and send out a cry of surprise, Mo Shao was really a real man, this was a public confirmation! Everyone’s eyes hovered between the two standing and the two sittings, with subtle expressions.

Mo Yifan said, “This is also thanks to Lanqing. Miss Tang came back from studying abroad two months ago, and I spent the whole day at the old mansion after my car accident six months ago. If it wasn’t for helping Lanqing’s engagement party, I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet Miss Tang.”

Inwardly, everyone: …… What the hell! This timeline? If Miss Tang and her ex-fiancé were in a loveless relationship, how could she be in a hurry to have an engagement party?

Tang Xinyu was relieved to see that Mo Yifan had set aside the possibility of their previous secret communication in a few words. The partner she found was still very reliable.

Her eyes then fell on the peeled crab meat in front of them and sighed inwardly: what a pity, Mo Yifan painstakingly peeled a large pile of crab meat, but she couldn’t get them into her stomach.

But, what’s there to be sad about when…

Tang Xinyu picked up the crab meat and handed it to Tian Wanwan, her words were full of concern.

“Wanwan, you’re tired of being a bride early this morning, right? I just saw that you haven’t eaten anything and you’re drinking so much wine, be careful of your stomach. Eat some crab meat first.”

Tang Xinyu grabbed the tall cup in Tian Wanwan’s hand without saying a word, stuffed her with crab meat, and urged her with a smile.

“Eat quickly, don’t you love crab the most? There is still some wine to toast later. I will drink this wine for you.”

“No need ……” Tian Wanwan wanted to grab the next glass of wine but was concerned about the baby in her belly and did not dare to really make a big move.

“Eh?” Tang Xinyu gently licked the tip of his tongue and tasted the liquor. “How sweet is this wine? It doesn’t taste alcohol?”

Tang Xinyu suddenly realized, “So it’s grape juice, it won’t be intoxicating. Our bride is still smart and has a solution.”

Seeing Tian Wanwan’s hesitation and refusing to take a bite of crab meat, even the red wine in the wine glass was changed into grape juice. After linking the rumors they heard before the wedding, their minds were suddenly enlightened.

It’s only half a month since the Tang family announced the engagement banquet but Tian Wanwan has now a child in her belly. It’s clear that she has been dating Mo Lanqing for more than half a month. So, the real bitch was…

The crowd looked at Tian Wanwan, whose face was alternating from white and red for a while, and their hearts jumped again.

The forum was stirring again.

“The world has turned upside down! Miss T has let go of her ex-best friend and her ex-fiancé and has found true love again!”

“It’s only a few minutes and it’s already reversed ah. Can the front-liners finish all the gossip in one go?”

“City people love to play, I can’t figure out the routine.”

“The people who just washed their hands for the scum and the bitchy woman, come in one by one and kowtow to apologize!”

“Hahahaha upstairs, the ones calling them out and whitewashing them are probably the same group of people.”

“There’s no time to back-read, is there a class representative to summarize?”

“Summary: ex-best friend and ex-fiancé hooked up, attempting to throw sewage on Miss T. Unexpectedly, they were slapped back in the face because of pregnancy.”

“Thanks to the class representative, with nine years of compulsory education, how do you have such a prominent lumbar disc 2333333”


They were people in the same circle, of course, in front of them they acted not so stiff and act as if they do not know anything. After they agree with each other that the wine was replaced with grape juice, they would do the same when they get married or their children get married.

Tian Wanwan and Mo Lanqing opened their mouths to speak, but they were enthusiastically urged to rush to the next table for a toast, so they could only leave like a man in the back.

Everyone saw off the bride and groom to another table, and immediately buried their heads and switched to frantic typing mode, fighting to see who could come out on top on the transmission of messages in the forum posts, after all, there was still a lot of squatting posters in the forum to eat the masses waiting to be fed.

Their slogan was: “We are not gossip makers, we are just gossip carriers.”

Tang Xinyu glanced at the speed of one-handed typing and decided it was better to hurry up and eat more while it was still possible.

Tang Xinyu asked Mo Yifan sideways, “What do you want to eat? I’ll help you if you’re not convenient with the chopsticks.”

Mo Yifan propped his chin up with one hand and also looked at her sideways: “Was the grape juice good just now?”

Tang Xinyu’s tongue was slightly exposed again and she licked her lips, “Mmm, sour and sweet, tastes good.”

Mo Yifan watched the tip of the pink tongue slide lightly along the lip line, and a dry heat overflowed from his heart and rushed to his lower abdomen. His left thumb resting on the armrest of the wheelchair moved quickly as if this would relieve the heat in his body.

Seeing that Tang Xinyu was about to pick up the plate of untouched crab meat again, Mo Yifan raised his palm and snatched it away.

Tang Xinyu’s bright eyes looked at him, “???”

Mo Yifan asked the waiter to remove the bowl of crab meat and replace it with a clean bowl, pinched up a crab, and started to peel the shell.

Tang Xinyu, who loves crab, lamented a bit: “What a waste.”

Mo Yifan did not raise his head, and just mildly said: “Dirty.”


It was dirty after putting it in front of Tian Wanwan? Was Tian Wan Wan some kind of giant infectious source?

When she thought of this, Tang Xinyu felt funny and simply looked at Mo Yifan’s long, jade-like fingers skillfully dismantling the crab and peeling the meat, methodically peeling the crab meat and crab yolk into the plate intact.

The crystal chandeliers in the banquet hall were shining, flowing on Mo Yifan as if he were plated with a thin halo. Under the high nose bridge, thin lips, and handsome jawline, although the facial features were three-dimensional, under this light circle, the aggressiveness of the whole body was diluted, and he looks like a gentle and harmless little animal.

Just looking at Mo Yifan’s expression of concentration, she would have thought that he was dealing with a contract worth hundreds of millions.

Tang Xinyu suddenly smiled, feeling more and more certain that Mo Yifan would agree to that suggestion after the wedding banquet.

If he doesn’t say yes ……

She naturally had other ways to get him to say yes.

Tang Xinyu subconsciously licked the corners of her mouth, thinking she was like a battle-hardened hunter, quietly opening her net to her prey. But only after a long time, she tearfully recalls that the real hunter was smiling in the dark, waiting for her to throw herself into the net.

The wedding party ended with a group of hearts fluctuating.

As the guests left one after another, Tang Xinyu was about to push Mo Yifan to find a place to talk when she was stopped by the old butler beside Master Mo.

The old butler was kind-hearted and kindly borrowed Mo Yifan from Tang Xinyu.

Tang Xinyu was amused by the word “borrowed” by the old housekeeper, when did the young master of the Mo family become a borrowed object?

Tang Xinyu stood in place waiting for Mo Yifan to return but heard footsteps behind her and turned back to look.

Mo Lanqing obviously drank a lot of wine, his face was red, and his steps were uneven, his bow tie was ripped open and thrown behind his back.

He stopped a few steps away and gazed at Tang Xinyu.

“Xinxin, I know you’re gambling, you’re pretending to be so close to my little uncle just to make me angry, right?”

Tang Xinyu snickered and turned back around, not intending to speak to the babbling drunk.

Seeing that Tang Xinyu ignored him, Mo Lanqing got angry, he took a few steps forward grabbed Tang Xinyu’s wrist, and forced her to face him.

“Xinxin, don’t do anything stupid! I have a responsibility to Wan Wan, she is pregnant with my child, I can’t leave her alone! I know I’m sorry for you, but you can’t joke about your life!”

Seeing that Tang Xinyu was finally willing to look at him, Mo Lan Qing was delighted: “do you know my uncle? You don’t even know what kind of person he is. How can you communicate with him? I will call my uncle…”

“Shut up!” Tang Xinyu interrupted coldly, “Don’t call out big brother-in-law nonsense, Tian Wanwan is not the daughter of the Lin family.”

Mo Lanqing hurriedly changed his mind: “A momentary habit. I will call Tianzuo and ask him to persuade you. My youngest uncle is ten years older than you, you are not suitable at all.”

Tang Xinyu brushed away Mo Lanqing’s hand: “So what if it’s ten years older? Is it better to be the same age as me?”

Tang Xinyu’s disdainful gaze swept across Mo Lanqing, sarcastically implying that Mo Lanqing, who was the same age as her, was not as reliable as Mo Yifan, who was ten years older. She knew exactly why Mo Lanqing rushed to her so she would not be so naive as to think that Mo Lanqing was in love with her.

It was nothing more than worrying that his golden seedling would fall into the hands of Mo Yifan, which would make Mo Yifan, who has been silent for a long time, revive, and regain the ability to fight for the rights of the Mo family.

Mo Lanqing saw that he had no hope of winning the help of the Tang family so he also didn’t want any member of the Mo family to have any contact with the Tang family.

If he couldn’t get it himself, no one else could get it either.

With this kind of attitude, it was not bad to say that the male lead of the original book has a really strong sense of crisis.

Mo Lanqing was shocked by the sharp gaze bursting out from Tang Xinyu, and a second later tried to grab Tang Xinyu’s hand again, intending to adopt a warmth offensive. He believed Tang Xinyu would be so confused by his warmth that she couldn’t tell north from south, just as she was when he was passionately pursuing her before.

Not waiting for Mo Lanqing to touch Tang Xinyu, another hand with slightly bulging blue veins intercept Mo Lanqing’s hands and clasped them tightly so it couldn’t stretch them out any further.

Mo Lanqing’s eyelids twitched, following who’s hand it was.

Sitting in the wheelchair, Mo Yifan looked faint, as if he didn’t see Mo Lanqing, and asked Tang Xinyu sideways, “Are you okay?”

Mo Lanqing had a premonition: “You -“




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