Chapter 201

“Director Fu, how do you know brother Jiang?”

Between filming, Zeng Xingke ran to Fu Zhen’s side and asked him curiously.

“Didn’t I already mention it?”

Fu Zhen glanced at Zeng Xingke and felt that although he had mentioned this matter once in an interview not everyone had seen the interview. So, Zeng Xingke not knowing this was normal.

Zeng Xingke shook his head, saying he knew nothing about it.

Fu Zhen smiled and said.

“We met on the construction site last winter.”

Zeng Xingke thought this story was a little familiar. After a while, he remembered that Fu Zhen said in an interview this year that he and his wife met on the construction site.

At that time, he was wondering how rough it was for a woman to work on the construction site. But as expected, he still couldn’t accept that Mrs. Fu was a tall man.

After a while, Zeng Xingke asked Fu Zhen again.

“Brother Jiang also went to the construction site to move bricks?”

Fu Zhen hummed and didn’t say much about what Jiang Hengshu was doing at the construction site.

Zeng Xingke began to wonder what kind of construction site they work that allowed the heir of the Hexi Jiang to move bricks. And started thinking about whether he could work there for two days and maybe he could also meet his destiny.

Zeng Xingke originally wanted to stay on the crew for two more days to learn, but his agent came to the crew and took him away.

He was a small flow artist, if he didn’t appear in front of the audience for a period of time, he would be forgotten by the audience. During this period, he arranged a lot of activities for Zeng Xingke, which was enough for him to be busy for a while.

However, Zeng Xingke didn’t look so happy and even made it clear to his agent that he was going to transform into a powerhouse actor.

The agent hummed agreeing to what Zeng Xingke said, as he also already planned to transform Zeng Xingke into one. It was now better that he had this awareness now.

The agent couldn’t help but think that it was indeed a correct decision to let Zeng Xingke act in the production team directed by Fu Zhen.

Zhou Wenliang and Ma Yuan’s influence on Zeng Xingke was too great, they let him know the fun of acting, and now Zeng Xingke desperately wants to find a chance to show off.

“Give me a few good roles, I heard that director Zhang Yige is planning to make a new movie, I want to play the lead role.”

The agent turned and looked at Zeng Xingke for a while, raised his hand, and touched his forehead. There was no fever. The agent took back his hand and asked Zeng Xingke.

“Are still dreaming?”

“I’m going to fire you!” Zeng Xingke shouted.

The agent glanced at Zeng Xingke and hesitated a little before he reminded Zeng Xingke.

“If my salary doubles again, you may not be able to afford it.”

“……” Zeng Xingke looked like a deflated ball for a moment.

The agent reassured him.

“One can’t get fat from eating a single mouthful[1], your previous online reputation is not very good, you have to come little by little so that people can see your progress, and only when the reputation reverses, the big directors will find you, look at Gao Tian now, hasn’t she received a lot of movie invitations?”

Zeng Xingke remembered Gao Tian’s performance on the set and moved his lips as if he wanted to say something to her manager, but finally swallowed all his words and answered.


The agent took Zeng Xingke back to the company. He was busy arranging the show for his artist last night and hardly slept. Now he was sitting in the car leaning against the back of his chair and was about to sleep. Suddenly he heard Zeng Xingke’s loud voice.

“It’s over!”

The agent instantly came to his senses, he turned his head and stared dead at Zeng Xingke, asking him.

“What’s wrong? You’re not trying to scare me, do you?”

Zeng Xing said to his agent, embarrassingly.

“I just slipped my thumb and clicked a like.”

The agent leaned back and said.

“I told you not to use your own number for your Weibo, why don’t you just listen. Over, what do you mean over, who’s black material did you like this time? Or did you like any gossip?”

Without waiting for Zeng Xingke to speak, the agent hurriedly pulled his phone out of his shirt pocket.

“My ancestor, you can’t let me save my breath, I have to hurry to think about how PR—”

“It’s not black material.” Zeng Xingke interrupted his agent.

“What is it?”

“A sketch.”

The agent’s hand holding the phone paused and asked him, “Whose is it?”

“The picture of Director Fu and Brother Jiang moving bricks at the construction site.”

The agent simply didn’t know what to say.

“You, you, why are your hands so cheap?”

Zeng Xingke had no way to refute the agent’s words. He was really above his head just now, especially when he just learned that Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu really knew each other on the construction site.

In addition, the sketch was really drawn well so he gave him a compliment. After the compliment, he realized that he was using his verified account at this time.

The agent doesn’t know what the relationship between Fu Zhen and Jiang was but what he knew was that with Zeng Xingke’s traffic, he would definitely be on the hot search because of his slippery thumb.

“I will contact Weibo to withdraw the hot search, if you feel like you can talk to Director Fu, then call him and apologize. You, you, you, you are not comfortable without making trouble all day, aren’t you?”

Zeng Xingke knew he was at fault this time and did not say anything in rebuttal. He just took his phone and dialed Director Fu’s number then explain the situation to him and apologize.

Fu Zhen did not get angry, but he was very curious about what picture Zeng Xingke had mentioned and ask him to send the artist’s Weibo to him. Zeng Xingke also did not forget to remind Fu Zhen, to not slip his hands as well.

Fu Zhen laughed lightly and hung up the phone with Zeng Xingke.

Although Zeng Xingke quickly withdrew his like, the netizens had already screenshots. The public has no special thoughts on this matter, only Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen cp fans boiled again, feeling that Zeng Xingke was also their fellow.



During this period of time, Qin Zhao seems to have changed again, treating Tang Wanwan especially well, making Tang Wanwan feel as if they were back to the old days again, the time when that cheap sister never appeared.

On a sunny morning, after Tang Wanwan washed her face and came out of the bathroom, Qin Zhao waited at the door, and after exchanging a good morning kiss with Tang Wanwan, he asked her.

“Wanwan, do me a favor, okay?”

“Sure, what is it?” Tang bent and asked with a smile.

“Qing Qing’s illness can no longer be delayed, a suitable kidney source for kidney transplant must be available as soon as possible in the morning, you and she are sisters, I have matched you two and it was very successful, so can you help her a little.”

“Qin Zhao, I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant you know!”

Tang Wanwan’s expression instantly changed as she asked Qin Zhao.

“You’re asking me to give her a new kidney at a time like this, ask the doctors, ask the experts, ask them if they can allow it!”

Qin Zhao’s expression, however, remained calm as he said to Tang Wanwan.

“I asked, and they said it was okay.”

Although it was a black hospital where he inquire if it was okay to donate a kidney when pregnant after all, it was impossible to ask a proper hospital for a kidney transplant on a pregnant woman.

Tang Wanwan’s whole heart was cold. She stared at Qin Zhao for a long time and was still unwilling to believe that this was what Qin Zhao could say. She asked.

“Qin Zhao, the reason why you are so kind to me these days was just to let me exchange her kidney?”

Qin Zhao pursed his lips and thought for a moment. He stepped forward and pressed Tang Wanwan’s shoulder in the hope that she would be a little calmer. Qin Zhao explained to Tang Wanwan.

“Of course not. I really love you, but she saved my life in the past. Now she is dying. I can’t bear to watch her like this.”

Tang Wanwan was not deceived by Qin Zhao at all. She stared at him and asked in a low voice.

“If you really love me, why don’t you believe that I saved you when you were a child? Why don’t you think that if I had a kidney transplant at this time, I might die!”

“But she can’t hold on much longer.”

Qin Zhao pleaded with Tang Wanwan.

“Wanwan, as long as you are willing to transplant a kidney to her, she can survive.”

Tang Wanwan refused flatly, “I don’t want to.”

After receiving Tang Wanwan’s answer, Qin Zhao’s face became ugly, and clouds covered his face. He loosened his grip and took a step back.

“Tang Wanwan, don’t make a toast without drinking.”

Because of anger, Tang Wanwan’s chest was fluctuating violently. She picked up the water cup on the table and wanted to pour water on Qin Zhao’s face to wake him up.

However, before she could, Qin Zhao took out a towel to cover Tang Wanwan’s mouth and nose. Tang Wanwan kept struggling in Qin Zhao’s arms, but soon she lost her strength and fell into Qin Zhao’s arms.

When Tang Wanwan opened her eyes again, she found herself strapped to a hospital bed with blinding white surgical lights overhead and several doctors in green scrubs and masks surrounding her, the scalpels in their hands flashing with a devouring light against the light.

Tang Wanwan knew what she might be facing next, so she shouted loudly in her head for the system, but her system didn’t give her any half-hearted response.

How could the system give her a response? He was originally relying on collecting Tang Wanwan’s misery value to make up for the achievement value she owed him before.

Since Tang Wanwan owed too much and his power was limited, he could only be around those closest to her, and since those who had been manipulated were now resistant, only Qin Zhao, who had never been affected by the system, was the best candidate, and the deeper he loved Tang Wanwan, the better the control.

Tang Wanwan was lying on a cold hospital bed, the anesthetic needle had been stuck into her body, her vision gradually started to become blurred, and under those white lights, she saw that her sister was lying beside her, while Qin Zhao was kneeling beside her sister’s hospital bed, holding her sister’s hand and saying many comforting words.

A tear slipped from the corner of Tang Wanwan’s crooked eyes as her consciousness gradually began to dissipate, and with her last strength, she moved her lips.

“Qin Zhao, I hate you.”

She finally gets the backlash, just like how Fu Zhen was betrayed by the person he loves most, but not knowing when it would end.

By the time Tang Wanwan woke up, one of her kidneys had been removed and she was told by the doctor that her baby didn’t make it and probably wouldn’t have one in the future.


One can’t get fat from eating a single mouthful[1]- (fig.) goals cannot be achieved in an instant


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