ECM 69.1

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Chapter 69.1

Though Cen Feng’s rise to popularity was unexpected by the program team, it was understandable. After all, his face and temperament in the entertainment industry were unique in an era where a beautiful face was justice, where he was God’s favorite.

Fans unanimously felt that beauty was innate, while strength could be cultivated later. As long as you work hard, you can catch up.

However, for a trainee talent show, everything was based on strength. So, when his rank was F and not at the top right off the bat, the audience and other trainee fans didn’t say anything.

But recently his ranking skyrocketed all the way up and after sitting firmly in the fifth, and was still trending up. The number of votes has been very close to the fourth ranker, Bian Qi.

Bian Qi has been on the stage for two years and had participated in several other talent shows. gaining for himself solid fans. How could they tolerate seeing that their idol was about to be overtaken by a person whose strength generally depended on his face.? While speedily voting for their idol, they also questioned whether the program team was giving Cen Feng more votes.

Bigwig fans of Bian Qi have professionally analyzed the number of Cen Feng’s fans and the fund-raising activities, and found that it was impossible to reach this number of votes within a few days, even if 60% of the passers-by vote for him.

It was absolutely a secret operation of the program group!!!

As the saying goes, without the lips the teeth feel the cold[1]. According to the development of the number of votes Cen Feng now, he may also surpass third and second place. So, the fans of the third and fifth were united and questioned his rapidly increasing votes and ranking.

The hot search for #LittlePuppetProgramming gave Cen Feng a brush with votes# quickly climbed to the top three.

After seeing the hot search, the program team at this time:… We are so wronged.

Meanwhile, Cen Feng’s fans who were happily licking their idol’s face: ??? What? Questioning the influence of our cubs’ beauty?

Xu Zhaixing who was reading the comments was happy that there were actually no bad comments and was elated when her idol was trending in hot search. Although she was also surprised at the number of votes and ranking. After all, she knew very well how bad the first phase of Cen Feng’s performance was, but this show was created by Chenxing and no one knew the fairness of the program better than her.

She immediately contacted Chenxing’s public relations department to remove the hot search and contacted the staff in charge of Teen Idol’s official Weibo to issue an official statement that the program was fair and transparent so there was no absolutely no underhanded operation.

Unexpectedly, the withdrawal of hot search has stimulated several other fans. They all have a suspicion that if the program team wasn’t hiding anything then why did they withdraw the hot search? And if they don’t have a guilty conscience then why would they spend money to help remove the hot search?

However, because Xu Zhaixing has long expected this situation, advance arrangements of the water army and marketing number pressure heat with the wind, excluding those few fans and did not expand to the passers-by.

Those fans who have been brushing the topic for a long time, but still couldn’t make it into the hot search or even make some noises were angry. Because of this, they plan to build a group to collectively denounce the program team and Cen Feng. However, at this time Yun Shu a wealthy young girl who was very famous in the celebrity circle sent out a Weibo post.

——@Yun Xiaoshushu: who are you looking down to?

With pictures: a screenshot of one million transfers from Alipay with a note, Cen Feng’s voting support.

Immediately afterward, several celebrities in the circle who basked in luxury cars and famous brands and villas every day forwarded the accompanying pictures. These pictures were all screenshots of transfer of hundreds of thousands of money, all of which were used for “Cen Feng’s Voting Support.”

Yun Shu was the daughter of the Yunshi group, they own chains of stores all over the country and all were very well-known. The group of celebrities she hung out with also had high profiles Weibo, with many fans watching the life of the rich.

As soon as the Weibo came out, other fans who had been clamoring for a statement from the program group shut up.

After realizing that Cen Feng has a real bigshot backer.

Cen Feng support group:????? When did our family Cen Feng have such fans? Can… Can you hook up with us QAQ

The support team sent a private message to Yun Xiaoshushu: Hello sister, I am the manager of the Cen Feng support group, I just learned that you have our brother. Please ask if you are interested in joining our support group QAQ

Originally, they didn’t have much hope. After all, these rich second generations were not in the same world as them. Who knows if it was only a whim that they supported Cen Feng.

So, they didn’t expect to receive a reply from Yun Shu soon: Is it official?

Support team: Yes! Although we have not yet officially obtained the official approval of our brother’s team, we are already actively contacting. This is the proof of our recent support fundraising, although not as good as you, but we are all pure powder!

The attached figure was a screenshot of 700000 fund-raising.

Yun Shu: OK, with you, I don’t have to bother to do it myself. I’ll directly transfer the money to your account in the future.

The support group almost went crazy with joy, and after pulling Yun Shu into the group, they sent out a Weibo.

——@Cen Feng’s official support group: Welcome @ Yun Xiaoshu to officially join Xiaoyuan[2]. Let’s work together for my brother to take the flower road!

The following comments:

——Crap? Joining hands with the big guy!

——Xiaoyuan is so awesome that they turned the daughter of the Yunshi group into one of them

——Ah, brother rush to position C!

——Laughing to death. Just now BQ family said they wanted to report us. Now they dare not fart

However, there were still many fans that were worried. According to the current trend, once Cen Feng rises in the first place he would be denounced by all fans for his lack of morality. At that time, there would be a hard battle to fight.

After all, it’s still a matter of strength. They could only pray that their brother’s performance strength would improve when the second episode was broadcasted.

Xu Zhaixing has been paying attention direction of the wind online. And seeing that the emergence of Yunshu has resolved the crisis, she has let the marketing number and the water army withdraw.

Just looking at the super active fans with their growing number, she felt some undefined complexity inside. Similar to the feeling of wanting to share her idol with the world but also wanting to keep him for herself.

She expected him to be popular, but she didn’t expect it to be so fast, far more than she expected. After all, the paste idol[3] that she has been chasing for several years suddenly burst into popularity. The kind of mood she was feeling right now was like a roller coaster.

While Cen Feng’s fans were excitedly discussing his debut position Xu Zhaixing remembered Cen Feng’s reply that day.

He said the results don’t matter, which means he doesn’t care about getting in or not. He did that kind of performance in the first phase probably because he wanted to be eliminated early from the beginning.

Xu Zhaixing doesn’t care if this was what he wanted, after all, what she prioritize was the happiness of her idol first. But his fans in the circle were progressively expanding, what should these fans who have such great expectations for him do then?

Right now, not only does she has to worry about her idol but also worry about her idol’s circle of fans—indeed this was the fate of a mother fan.

By the time she returned to the recording camp after taking care of company business, the recording of the theme song was all but finished and the post-production team began production to be put up in time for the end of the second broadcast.

Although Xu Zhaixing had been mentally prepared she still couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed after watching the video at the latter and not finding even the shadow of her idol.

The trainees have been training for two days to prepare for the third recording. The first two times were individual competitions, but the third time it would be a group competition. The trainees will be divided into ten groups of ten people each, and they would face each other in pairs.

The trainees would draw lots to choose the songs for the duel. The rehearsal time was one week. After one week, they would be on the stage for their first public performance.

After the public performance, the final ranking would be announced according to the number of votes on the scene and the total number of votes in the two episodes that were already broadcasted. The last 30 contestants would be eliminated.

This may be the last stage for many trainees. So, everyone was holding their breath and taking out twelve points of spirit for this performance.

The third recording started, and a hundred trainees gathered at the shooting hall.

The mentor announced five tracks for this group performance, two of which were on the vocal side, the other three tracks are drier, rock-rap heavy metal, suitable for dancers and rappers.

A small clip of each song was played on the big screen to give the trainees a general idea of their respective styles. The next step was the random selection of the names of the trainees in the sealed box by the young executer, Zhao Jinjin.

The selected trainees could choose a performance track by themselves, and then choose nine of their teammates from the remaining trainees.

Once the rules were announced, there was a gasp of surprise surrounding the hall. There was a saying that luck was also a part of strength.

Those who could be drawn are the chosen ones, if not, they could only silently pray that they would be assigned to a group with a big brother to cover a song and dance type that they were good at.

Zhao Jinjin drew the first contestant from Class B. His own strength was not weak, and he has his own company group, so he basically did not think much about it, first selected six people from his own group, and picked two more Class A big boys, a Class B trainee with a good relationship, and then picked a song with a very bombastic singing and dancing track.

Next, a succession of trainees was selected, including those in ABCD class. The people who were selected in front basically swept away the leaders of AB classes, and the tracks that were simple, easy to sing, and easier to express were also selected.

When Zhou Mingyu was selected, there were only two songs with extremely difficult dance movements and very difficult rap treble after adaptation.

A foolish man has a foolish fortune was a good description of himself.

At this level, if he was not drawn, he was probably going to be the last trainee in the room that no one wants.

He looked back and forth twice at the two remaining tracks and hard a time deciding he turned to ask Shi Ran who also hadn’t been chosen, with his eyes.

Shi Ran silently lowered his head and pretended not to see him.

Don’t pick me don’t pick me don’t pick me.

He doesn’t know which trainee was the one who started it all as he just heard.

“Just choose the hardest song, “Scream!” Challenge yourself you can!”

Hearing this, Zhou Mingyu energetically replied.

“Good! Then I’ll choose this one!”

Shi Ran: “?”

How about a little AC level for your strength first before deciding that!

Then he heard Zhou Mingyu say.

“I want to choose the teammate in our 302 dormitory Cen Feng, Shi Ran, but unfortunately He Sinian was chosen away, hey, that …… when I was in class F I told you that there are blessings and difficulties. I won’t touch the trainees in other classes, so the rest of class F come over!”

Shi Ran: “…”

You little shit!!

He raised his hand indignantly.

“Teacher, I’m not going to his group! I object!”

Zhao Jinjin stifled a laugh and said.

“The rules say that we have no way to intervene oh, or you can talk to him and ask him to give you up.”

Zhou Mingyu looked at him sadly.

“Ran Ran, you’ve changed, last night when we were sleeping you said you’d never hate me.”

Shi Ran thundered: “How can you take dream words seriously!”

The scene exploded with laughter, and even Cen Feng couldn’t help but push Shi Ran.

“Let’s go.”

Shi Ran turned his head to look at Cen Feng and said indignantly.

“Luckily, Brother Feng is here!”

At the end of the grouping, the group that chose “Scream” with them was the team with the big man from Class A, Bian Qi, and the other players were from Classes BC, which was much stronger compared to them.

Ying Xuze in the next group, clenched his fist as he patted Shi Ran’s shoulder his eyes full of compassion.

“Good luck.”

 “What did I do wrong to share a room with this idiot?” Shi Ran said hopelessly.

The foolish and simple-minded Zhou Mingyu still does not know that he was being berated and excitedly dancing.

“I used to like to listen to the song “Scream” when I was at school! The English rap in the middle is especially nice!”

When Shi Ran heard this, his face went white.

There were few rappers in their group, among which he was the best. Knowing this, he knee he must be responsible for this rap.

But he could only say “howareyoui`mfinethankyouandyou” ah!

He pounced on Zhou Mingyu’s neck: “I’ll kill you!”

The training time was only ten days. In these ten days, they have to memorize the lyrics, learn the dance, rehearse and finally perform on the stage in front of thousands of fans. There was no doubt that the pressure was huge.

After the recording in the hall, each group returned to their practice room and began to prepare for rehearsal.

The program team distributed an mp3 file to each trainee and with the song they needed to learn. When they arrived at the practice room, everyone wore headphones and took the lyric sheets, and began to familiarize themselves with the tunes.

When everyone was almost familiar with the song, they started to discuss the subparts and choose the C position and the captain. So what they decided first was to have fair competition for the C position among the ten people Shi Ran was B, Zhou Mingyu was D, and the other eight people were F. Zhou Mingyu wasn’t allowed to take the C position while Shi Ran unexpectedly get C position.

Then came the selection of the captain, this time there was no competition at all, nine people unanimously pointed at Cen Feng.

Cen Feng was silent for a moment and without saying a word picked up the captain’s name tag and put it on his chest.

With ten people in a song, it’s only fair that everyone gets a separate portion. Although Cen Feng was from class F, everyone knows his a hidden big brother. Believing in his strength they all say.

“Brother Feng, you do the splitting, we’ll listen to you.”

Being watched by nine pairs of trusting eyes, he did not push back.

Soon nine people got their own individual parts, Shi Ran who had the most C-part looked in the middle of the English rap and was happy and saddened at the same time.

Cen Feng didn’t plan to give himself a separate part. He was only responsible for everyone’s harmony and chorus.

But there was a high note at the end where nine people take turns, but couldn’t get the right note, groundhog screams could already be heard in the room. Finally, Cen Feng stopped Zhou Mingyu who wanted to shout again, and said feeling a headache.

“I’m responsible for this sentence.”

After the score, was learning to dance which was the hardest part.

Although the program team arranged a dance teacher, it was still impossible to do everything, most of them still have to rely on themselves. Shi Ran listened to the song before going outside to wander around and came back. With muffled voice he said.

“The next group Bian Qi is already learning the dance.”

“So what do we do?”

“Who among you can dance?”

“I can’t even dance.”

“Then why don’t we sneak over to the next class and check it out?”

“It’s not good, right? Or we should wait for the dance teacher to come tomorrow and learn.”

“So that the progress is pulled away from them ah, we are already inferior to them and we’re learning slowly ……”

Finally, they glared at Zhou Mingyu and angrily asked.

“Why on earth did you choose this song!”

Zhou Mingyu looked aggrieved as he sit in the corner where Cen Feng was, watching the video.

“Brother Feng….”

Cen Feng looked up at them and pull out one side of the headset as he said in a faint voice.

“First learn the song, sing your part well.”

The captain already gave the word so everyone honestly did as they were told and obediently listened to the song and practiced it. Shi Ran dragged Zhou Mingyu to teach him the standard pronunciation of the English section first, reading it before singing.

The afternoon went by, and after dinner, everyone could basically sing their part though they still needed to rehearse the chorus part but they were already familiar with the melody.

After sitting in the classroom for half an hour and chatting for a while, Shi Ran climbed up and pumped.

“Let’s rehearse the chorus part.”

After all, they have nothing to do but sing and dance. Not to mention, everyone was demoralized when they heard during dinner that group A who selected the same piece “Scream” could already dance the first two choreo parts.

Shi Ran saw everyone wilting, and then turned his attention to Cen Feng, who had been watching the video.

“Brother Feng, captain, say something.”

Cen Feng looked around, turned off the video, got up, and came to the front.

He said, “Learn to dance.”

The group looked at him blankly.

“Learned from who?”

Cen Feng put on the hat he carried in his hand on his head and pressed down the brim of the hat to cover his eyes and with a light voice, he said.

“I learned it.”

Everyone: “!!!”

Shi Ran was shocked and ecstatic at the same time.

“You watched the video all afternoon and you are able to learn it already? All the movements are stripped down?”

Cen Feng: “En.”

“Crap captain is also too powerful!”

“I just heard that Bian Qi has only steamed less than half of it!”

“I came to the immortal team!”

Cen Feng once again felt his head ache hearing this group of people make some noise. He snapped his fingers in the air and said.

“Stand in three rows and spread out.”

The nine men immediately stood in line obediently.

Cen Feng began to divide the actions he just learned into sections and taught them one action at a time.

While they were rehearsing, the second episode of “Teen Idol” was also launched.

The first half of this issue was followed by the content of the previous issue. The initial rating of the unfinished trainee stage was broadcast, followed by the trainee living in the dormitory and the more interesting daily dormitory life.

Post-editing was also particularly good followed by a long section of content where chickens flying and dogs chasing—it was a complete mess, coupled with the bgm of ping pong sounds and the later caption that says: [really too noisy!]

Immediately after the screen changed to the later stage and said: [the program group frowns and finds that it is not easy here]

The noise all but disappeared and three high-up asses appeared in the picture.

There were also a pair of straight long legs next to him. The camera slowly goes up—Cen Feng leaned against the table with his hands and looked at the three buttocks on the ground with his usual indifferent expression.

The program team gave captioned it with: [indifferent, disgusted, do not want to talk]

The barrage almost went crazy:

——In a trance, whose trainee comes out with his ass

——Ahhhhhhh see my baby! My baby is still cool!

——The style of this dormitory is also too amazing bah233333

——Cen Feng’s eyes seemed to be looking at three mentally retarded people

——Wow, it’s a mechanical model made by my baby!!!

——Ri, am is this a mechanical boss? Woo woo woo, this character is too idol drama

——Zhou Mingyu, come to your senses! Why did you fall in love at first sight with an ugly robot! Is it because I’m unattractive!

——I was wrong. I thought my baby just didn’t like to talk, but now I know that he also doesn’t like to smile.

——Yes!!! I’ve watched two episodes, but I haven’t seen my brother laugh once. Brother wuwuwu doesn’t have facial paralysis, so he kneels down and asks for a smile


As the program continued to broadcast, the fans found that their idol was always out of tune with the lively atmosphere around him. Some black fans said he pretended to be cool before, but from this episode, he was really cold.

However, the keen-minded fan immediately sensed that something was wrong and that he was being indifferent to the world.

People who enter this circle should not have such character.

A serious and doubtful atmosphere began to permeate the entire fan group. They didn’t really know Cen Feng, they were only attracted by his face through two shows and believed that he would be better in the future. What he had experienced and why he had developed such a character, they knew nothing and had no way to find out.

Some fans even said: I’m a psychologist. I just wanted to say that in the first episode, I saw in his eyes and tone of voice something like weariness and it was terrifying. I don’t know what he experienced but his psychological condition must not be good.


without the lips the teeth feel the cold[1] – intimately interdependent

Xiaoyuan[2] – small assistant (TL: I’m guessing this what they call themselves as Cen Feng’s official fan)

paste idol[3] -lost its previous popularity and current popularity


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