Unspeakable 32


Chapter 32

Shen Zhihang was also hospitalized in the People’s Hospital and was in the building next door. No wonder Shen Kanyu wanted to get discharged as soon as he got a little bit of energy and didn’t want to stay in the hospital any longer.

Gu Yansheng walked to the door of Shen Zhihang’s ward and saw Li Qing walking back and forth anxiously with her phone as her mouth was busy chanting words like cursing.

“Why don’t you answer the phone, are you dead?”.

Gu Yansheng restrained his anger, took a deep breath and called “aunt’ emotionlessly.

Li Qing looked back and saw Gu Yansheng and was stunned for a while before she said uncertainly.

“Er… A’sheng?”

Gu Yansheng said “Hmm”.

As if seeing a savior, Li Qing pounced and grabbed Gu Yansheng’s arm.

“Do you know where Shen Kanyu is? He disappeared without a trace just after his father’s surgery. Can you help me contact him? His father is not been well recently and often needs a blood transfusion, I’m afraid that one day the hospital blood bank will run out, and something bad will!”

She was so desperate that that hand holding Gu Yansheng’s shirt pinched into his arms under her impatience.

Her appearance instantly verified most of Gu Yansheng’s previous guesses about Shen Kanyu’s family. He frowned, broke away from her, and took a step back.

Li Qing was stunned for a moment and withdrew her hand in embarrassment.

Gu Yansheng looked at her coldly.

“Why did Shen Kanyu disappear without a trace after the operation? Don’t you know? You and your husband took his liver and left him alone. He didn’t have any money on him. He gave it all to you. He couldn’t even hang up a bottle of normal saline. Where else can he go if he doesn’t leave the hospital immediately?”

As Li Qing listened to Gu Yansheng the smile on her face gradually disappeared, leaving only sarcasm and disgust.

“Did he complain to you? He has always been like this, resentful, pretending to be resigned but in fact, he was planning how to retaliate.”

He acted too well and obediently in front of her, promising her that he wouldn’t tell anyone about it. And that he would recover soon as soon as possible after the operation so that no one could know about the surgery and yet he acted pitiful and aggrieved in front of Gu Yansheng.

Gu Yansheng frowned hearing her words and for a moment, he didn’t feel angry, but he was distressed.

Because he once thought that Shen Kanyu was like this.

At that time, Shen Kanyu followed him with a smile and kept calling him ‘A’sheng A’sheng’. His wet eyes were clear and clean, like a newborn harmless deer.

He usually doesn’t pay attention to him, as he was really annoying. He would ask him what he wanted but Shen Kanyu would just smile more brightly, like a child who has eaten sugar, shaking his head and saying no, I just want to call you.

He would sarcastically tell him, like Li Qing, what tricks do you want to play, you might as well say it directly.

Shen Kanyu always froze for a moment, stood stunned and looked at his back, and then murmured that I really just wanted to call you, or was it too noisy?

Gu Yansheng thought that Shen Kanyu was really good at acting. On the surface, it’s as if nothing has happened but behind the scenes, he doesn’t know what calculations his scheming.

But the truth was Shen Kanyu was so stupid, what kind of calculations could he scheme? When he chased him with a smile and called A’sheng, all he thought about was what to buy for him today, what style of clothes to buy him tomorrow, and who to take care of Tian Tian while he was in the live broadcast the day after tomorrow… These trivial things.

He thinks about these every day, thinking about how to take better care of Gu Yansheng and Gu Yutian so much that when he was confused with a high fever, he was still talking about these things.

But when he was awake, he was very quiet. He wouldn’t say anything nor talk about some boring trivia like before. He would just look at Gu Yansheng’s face carefully, obediently did anything Gu Yansheng asked him to do, and then sat quietly holding the mangosteen shell in a daze.

Tang Xiu said it was a big joke. He didn’t want the living Gu Yansheng beside him, but instead, the mangosteen shell peeled by Gu Yansheng.

The incision wound often hurts and he has heart problems so he often feels so uncomfortable and keeps on panting, but he always tries to keep his breathing sound very light, for fear of making a noise to Gu Yansheng.

Shen Kanyu was as quiet as a mute, but he always listened attentively to any movement on Gu Yansheng’s side.

He was tortured by pain and had no strength at all, but as long as Gu Yansheng called him, he would desperately support his body, sit up straight, smile at him, and respond hoarsely.

“A’sheng, I’m here, what do you want.”

Everything turned upside down because he forced Shen Kanyu to have no way out.

Gu Yansheng felt that at least on this point, he had no right to scold Li Qing, so he just pursed his lips and said in a hoarse voice.

“As an elder, please pay attention to your words. He wasn’t plotting anything.”

Li Qing looked up at Gu Yansheng and said angrily.

“Donating liver is his scheme after all if he doesn’t want to, no one will force him at all. He knew he had heart disease, and yet he insists on donating a liver, which almost killed his father, do you know?!”

As Gu Yansheng listened to her sharp and mean words, a burst of disgust suddenly filled his heart. He tried to contain his anger.

“Please don’t accuse others with your own despicable thoughts. He has never told me anything about liver donation. If you don’t think his liver is good enough, please don’t covet his blood anymore. He has a severe wound infection and has been having high fever. More than half of the indicators in the blood are unqualified for him to donate blood so it is impossible to give you any more blood for your husband’s blood transfusion.”

“When he recovers, his blood will naturally reach the standard. Why should you decide for him? The man lying inside is his father.”

Gu Yansheng smiled sarcastically, “Father? With all due respect, he doesn’t deserve it.”


“You want 50000, don’t you?”

Gu Yansheng lowered his head, opened his wallet, and pulled out a bank card.

“There are 100000 in it, I’ll give it to you. It can be regarded as compensation for my failure to be filial to you after I married Shen Kanyu for so many years.”

“Please remember,” Gu Yansheng accentuated his tone, almost word by word, “it’s from me, not from Shen Kanyu. He doesn’t owe you anything and doesn’t need to give you a penny. Please don’t come to him again in the future.”

Li Qing snickered, “Who do you think you are to decide such things?”

Gu Yansheng also smiled, “Do you think I can’t decide?”

His smile seemed calm, but it made Li Qing feel terrified for no reason. She gritted her teeth and reached out to grab the bank card in Gu Yansheng’s hand.

Gu Yansheng threw the bank card into the garbage can next to him.

Li Qing’s face was livid: “don’t go too far!”

“I’m overdoing it? Isn’t that what you taught Shen Kanyu? Let him eat your leftovers, eat what you throw on the ground and into the garbage, isn’t it?”

There was no trace of anger on Gu Yansheng’s face as he was still wearing the same chilling smile as earlier, almost calmly interrogating Li Qing.

He was only guessing at first, but when he saw Li Qing’s livid face twitching, and not retorting him like earlier, he knew he had guessed it right.

Thinking of Shen Kanyu secretly eating the dirty oranges picked up on the ground in the car and thinking of the way he was satisfied when he ate the mangosteen thrown out of the garbage can, Gu Yansheng closed his eyes painfully, forced down the pain in his heart, and continued.

“You don’t think you think it’s too much to let him eat those things, while I didn’t let you pick up something from the garbage can to eat, but just pick up a card. How can you describe it as too much?”

Li Qing didn’t refute and inhaled as she trembled, silently squatted down in the garbage can, turned around, and wanted to leave immediately.

But she stopped in her tracks as Gu Yansheng called her again.

“You were angry that he donated his liver even though he had heart problems, so you hit him just after his operation, didn’t you?”

Li Qing stood silently in place, already acquiesced.

Gu Yansheng was silent for a long and said in a low voice.

“Sooner or later, you will pay the price.”

He felt that he had no way to stay here any longer. As a mother, Li Qing’s behavior had completely exceeded his cognitive range. If he communicated with someone like her, he might lose his mind.

He looked up and walked forward, but he saw a person who shouldn’t be there. He was wearing a thin hospital gown, with a pale face and a bag in his hand. He stood there alone, with no presence like a shadow.

Gu Yansheng almost thought he was hallucinating, suddenly seeing him here was because his mind was full of him, but the next second when he called his name in panic and rushed in his direction.

Gu Yansheng was a little confused for a moment. It was clear that he was a person who couldn’t hold a steady spoon when eating. Where did he get the strength to come here, and where did he get the strength to rush at him?

He ran towards him and told him not to run, but he was still running, and did not stop in front of him, but passed him.

Gu Yansheng was stunned for a moment. Looking back, he saw a scene that made his eyes split.

Li Qing held up an infusion bottle and waved heavily to Shen Kanyu’s head.

Li Qing just wanted to teach Gu Yansheng a lesson. She had never been so humiliated, so when he picked up the bank card, she picked up an infusion bottle with an open lid.

She didn’t expect Shen Kanyu to suddenly appear in front of Gu Yansheng.

She wanted to stop, but it was too late. She could only adjust the direction hurriedly. Although the infusion bottle didn’t hit Shen Kanyu completely, the sharp part of the fragmentation was heavily scratched from the corner of his forehead. With the sound of flesh and blood tearing, blood burst out and splashed her face.

The bag in Shen Kanyu’s hand fell, and big fresh strawberries rolled out of it.

The infusion bottle slipped from Li Qing’s hand and hit the ground with a panic loud sound.

But Gu Yansheng only heard Shen Kanyu’s sudden heavy breathing.

He couldn’t cry out in pain, so he had to gasp hard and disorderly. He couldn’t stand under his feet, but he tried not to fall back, reaching out to hold the wall next to him.

He knew that A’sheng was behind him and if he shed a lot of blood, he was afraid to get him dirty. He remembered that the clothes A’sheng was wearing today were a birthday gift from Su Tong. A’sheng had always liked and cherished them. A’sheng often ironed them himself, and every wrinkle had to be ironed smoothly. If he got dirty, A’sheng would be very angry.

The wound on his head really hurt. His vision darkened but still wanted to stand unsteadily, but he couldn’t reach the wall.

He stumbled and almost fell to his knees, but the person behind him tightly hugged him into his arms, he panicked and tried to break free, but simply did not have the strength, and could only twitch his lips and call his name incoherently as his pupil dilated, apologizing to him. He said.

“A’sheng, let go of me. I’m fine. I’ll get your clothes dirty.”

He said that he knew it was the clothes that A’tong gave him and that Gu Yansheng would be very sad if it gets dirty.

He also never stopped saying sorry and that he didn’t mean it, he was just afraid that his mother would hurt Gu Yansheng and he didn’t mean to cause trouble like this.

As he kept saying sorry, he also said he was wrong to be selfish but begged that Gu Yansheng to not hate him and that he liked Gu Yansheng very much.

Gu Yansheng gently covered his wound with a paper towel and said in a low voice.

“It won’t get dirty. If it hurts, hold me tight. I won’t hate you.”

Gu Yansheng knew that Shen Kanyu was confused with pain, and he remembered the previous time they had played games with Su Tong because he recalled it.

When he first said he hated Shen Kanyu, it was because when the three of them played team games together, Shen Kanyu’s splash of blood block his big move, causing him to die and leading to the loss of their whole team.

At that time he told him not to make a fool of himself.

He said it’s annoying for him to move on his own as if what he did was the right thing.

Shen Kanyu asked him if Gu Yansheng hated him. And he said, disgusting.

Shen Kanyu just wants to protect him. He doesn’t know much and doesn’t understand the importance of winning the game. He only knows that Gu Yansheng couldn’t be injured, either in the game or in reality.

On the way after school, he always followed him secretly for fear that he would be bullied which occasionally, he would catch him on the spot and told him to go away. He would then magically take out a bottle of his favorite fairy grass jelly from his arms and smile as he handed it to him, saying.

“I’m sorry I’m being selfish again but there are really many bad people around here but it’s not that I don’t trust you walking home alone! I just want to give you something to drink. Don’t hate me, okay?”

When Gu Yansheng was being bullied on campus, Shen Kanyu tried to protect him from being bullied.

Now he even struggles to eat, but he still tries his best to protect him.

He forced him to do things like protecting him carefully, and after being beaten and bleeding his first reaction was to say sorry to Gu Yansheng and beg him not to hate him.

He was so good and has always been so good, but he has never cherished it.

Tang Xiu was right. He must have saved the earth in his last life, letting god arrange for someone like Shen Kanyu to stay by his side all the time. If he didn’t save the earth, god was blind.

Tang Xiu came out of the ward round from another ward and heard a commotion ahead. He frowned and looked over, asking a nurse who was rushing over.

“What’s going on over there, is there a family member making trouble?”

His day was endless, yesterday he was so angry at a doctor, today he had a stomachache, and now this.

The nurse hurriedly said.

“I’m not sure. Anyway, someone was injured. Why don’t you go and have a look, Dr. Tang? You’re the only doctor on this floor now. Do me a favor.”

“Okay.” Tang Xiu immediately agreed.

He hurried to the scene and saw that Shen Kanyu was carried to the stretcher with blood on his face. Beside him was Gu Yansheng. After working overtime for several nights and having a stomachache, his brain was a little chaotic and he was completely awake with a bang in his head.

What the hell, how can these two be here?

Gu Yansheng held Shen Kanyu’s hand, looked up and saw Tang Xiu, and immediately said eagerly, “Tang Xiu, he’s not quite right!”

Tang Xiu pressed his stomach a few times, took a breath, and squeezed over. He saw Shen Kanyu curling up with his legs tightly twisted. The whole person seemed to be fished out of the water. His hair was soaked with sweat and blood from the wound on his hospital gown was almost soaked.

He tried to lean toward Gu Yansheng and tried hard to speak, but his lips just trembled. When he opened his mouth, he couldn’t help but mutter hoarsely.

Gu Yansheng held his hand and gently wiped the cold sweat off his face.

“The wound hurts, right? Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Shen Kanyu shook his head, his muddy eyes covered with a thin layer of tears, his lips wriggled hard, but only made a painful sob.

Tang Xiu lowered his head and saw Shen Kanyu’s hand covering his lower abdomen. He frowned as he circled around behind him. And as he expected, he saw blood oozing from his lower body, and immediately raised his head and instructed the nurse beside him.

“Hurry up and take care of the wound on the head, and then immediately send someone from the obstetrics, he is pregnant, and the child may be in danger.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard the sharp voice of a strange woman behind him.

“Pregnant again? Gu Yansheng, let me remind you, this is not necessarily your child. It’s not the first time he’s been messing with someone else. It’s best to abort the child. You won’t know what kind of bastard it will be when born—Gu Yutian is not necessarily your child.”

Gu Yansheng covered Shen Kanyu’s ears as soon as he heard her voice, but he still saw that Shen Kanyu’s face was getting paler and paler, and his eyes were getting duller. The whole person trembled like withered yellow leaves in the autumn wind. If the wind was any stronger, it would break.

Gu Yansheng’s veins burst on his forehead, his eyes were as red as blood, and his breathing was so heavy that he could hear hissing in his chest.

Tang Xiu was a little slow because of stomach pain. Before he could figure out where the mad dog was barking, he saw Gu Yansheng rushing towards her out of control—he had never seen Gu Yansheng’s almost crazy appearance, which made him feel that if he had a knife in his hand, he would kill someone.

“A’sheng!!” Tang Xiu hurriedly pulled him, “don’t be impulsive!”

Gu Yansheng floundered recklessly and hit Tang Xiu’s stomach hard. This made him blank out in pain before he bit his teeth and pressed Gu Yansheng harder.

“Calm down and listen to me!! Xiaoyu needs you now, don’t go crazy and make trouble at this time! I will help you teach this mad dog a lesson, you need to follow Xiaoyu to the obstetrics department first?!”

The nurse had already pushed Shen Kanyu to rush to the obstetrics department while Tang Xiu was busy persuading him. Gu Yansheng was finally persuaded and followed the nurse with a sullen face.

Tang Xiu breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at the eyebrows and eyes of the woman who was somewhat similar to Shen Kanyu, as well as [Shen Zhihang] nameplate hanging on the door of the next ward. Looking down, he saw broken glass on the ground and fresh strawberries, he immediately understood what happened, seventy to eighty percent.

Strawberries were the most suitable fruit for liver patients. Shen Kanyu should have secretly bought strawberries while Gu Yansheng was away and wanted to come over to see his father. But as it turned out, he was bitten by a mad dog and splashed with dirty water.

If he was Gu Yansheng, he would go crazy too.



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