Becoming Rich Family Comparison Character Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

Even had an ambiguous smile on the corner of his mouth the whole time he stayed for dinner. Jian Ruixi could understand this ambiguous smile plastered on his face the whole time if what he saw was a “restricted level” of her and her husband, but Jian Ruixi knew that the scene Even just saw was not hot at all.

He was not a little boy who hasn’t seen the world, and it was just kissing, it’s not enough to surprise him like this.

This guy must be laughing at her for being too passionate and spontaneous, which doesn’t fit the persona of a luxurious noblewoman at all, right?

After all, she was the one who pounced on President Fu at that time. Jian Ruixi couldn’t defend herself so she could only pretend to be stupid with her acting skills and couldn’t wait to drive away the guest as soon as she gets off the table.

Anyway, the persona she build-up has already collapsed, and she doesn’t care if collapses for a little longer. Jian Ruixi took Jayce.

“Come, let’s send a send teacher Even out.”

Jayce was young but knows that this should not be the way to treat guests. He pulls his mommy and asks.

“Won’t teacher Even sit down and have tea?”

Jian Ruixi shook her head with a smile and said.

“Jayce, teacher has something to do later. Let’s not delay him.”

She thought that even President Fu would not object to her treating guests like this, as she was looking at them with a smile indicating that her behavior was fine.

Precisely this much confidence!

Jayce tilted his head and recalled when his teacher said that he still has something to do and even took the initiative to smile.

“Your mother is right. Teacher has other arrangements, so I’ll leave first and see you back in Hong Kong City in two days.”

In a blink of an eye, a quarter of the child’s summer vacation has passed and has no plan for the second half of the month. He would accompany Jian Ruixi back to Hong Kong City, then in September, the school would organize a summer camp that last about half a month to 20 days. When he comes back, it would almost be his birthday party.

The happiness of rich people was unimaginable, but the childhood of rich people was also an eye-opener. Jian Ruixi lamented, sat down on the sofa, and fiddled on her phone, only to remember that she forgot an important thing—the lottery hasn’t been drawn yet.

However, it wasn’t too late either. Jian Ruixi posted on Weibo with a look of anticipation.

“Let me see who will be the chosen child today.”

Hearing this, even Fu Shiyuan looked with anticipation. His wife’s lottery Weibo forwarding volume was close to two million, and the probability of one in two million was indeed the son of heaven.

Jayce even more excitedly climbs on her mommy’s knee, quickly found a comfortable position for himself, and then looked over with his mother’s hand.

“Not so fast yet the system is a bit lagging.” Jian Rui Xi told them like an experienced veteran.

However, even after waiting for a while, the system lags again. It was only before going to bed that the king of koi was finally drawn, she was a lovely girl. Seeing the ID, Jian Ruixi felt that she looked familiar. After a little careful recollection, she remembered that the net name and avatar often appeared in her comments. Unsurprisingly, she was a die-hard fan.

Aiya, netizens won’t think that she operates secretly and favors her fans, right? ╮ (╯ 3 ╭) ╭ Jian Ruixi thought so, but she was happy to send her a private message, leaving Lisa’s contact information, so that girl can contact her assistant directly after seeing the message.

The next has nothing to do with her, from the lottery to the attention caused now, which has attracted all the program groups that should not have appeared in the original plot, and whether or not the lottery was opened, Jian Ruixi’s operation was worth the ticket price, and she was already satisfied with it.

She turned around and broached in the sadness of parting with President Fu.

But as the saying goes, thousands of worries could be solved with a bang. The night before leaving Beijing, Jian Ruixi and President Fu not only unlocked a new pose but also opened a new map—bathroom play. However, the new map was only a little exciting, and in the end, they returned to bed to enjoy themselves, that even in their sleep, Jian Ruixi felt that they were shaking.

When she was drowsy, she seemed to hear a familiar voice saying something about lunch and getting off the plane in her ear. The impatient Jian Ruixi turned over, hearing that the world was peaceful again she continued to sleep soundly.

After waking up, Jian Ruixi thought carefully about what President Fu said, it seems that there was a dinner at noon and he couldn’t send her and Jayce to the airport.

As a qualified rich and noble lady, Jian Ruixi has of course unconditionally supported President Fu’s work. However, Jayce’s face has been a little tense since she got up. Apart from reluctance to leave, it should also be because President Fu has been with them almost all the time these days. It’s natural for children to stick to their mother, and it’s also natural for them to stick to their father. So, he was not used to the thought of not seeing his father often again.

Jian Ruixi on the other doesn’t really care, she gave Jayce double love and played games with him for a while. By the time they set out, the child had fully settled his emotions. They dragged their own small suitcase and hold his mommy’s hand as they walked out of the door and said goodbye to the aunts who were working in the villa after seeing the car that was owned by his daddy slowly drive in.

Jayce subconsciously tilted his head to look at his mommy with his big eyes full of accusations written all over them.

Before his daddy went to work, they exercised together and ate breakfast (he only ate a little and left half of his stomach to accompany his mother to eat), if his daddy didn’t come back to see them off, then he should have told him in person.

Bad mother, she’s teasing him again QAQ

Jian Ruixi also understood the little guy’s accusation. She loves playing with her son. It’s true. What’s the point of having a son if she doesn’t have fun? But she couldn’t help but let President Fu take the blame, so she took the initiative to ask in front of Jayce.

“Ethan, why did you come back? Didn’t you say you have an appointment at noon?”

President Fu first picked up the luggage in his son’s hand, and then looked at his wife with a face of “I-don’t-understand-what-you-mean”.

“Didn’t you say you wanted me to come back? I had to let my colleagues take over the dinner.”

“When did I say such a request?” Jian Rui Xi defended herself.

Fu Shiyuan just faintly said “whatever you say” and did not say too much and made his presence invincible, but Jian Ruixi still opened his mouth to explain.

“No, I fell asleep at that time, even what you said is not quite clear, okay ……”

Before the words were finished, Jian Ruixi saw the increasingly suspicious eyes of Jayce, who was already being held in her father’s arms and instantly saw the sinister intentions of President Fu.

Jian Ruixi knows that even if Jayce doesn’t talk about it, he adores and relies on his father. After all, a father was a big presence in every child’s heart. Fu Shiyuan was indeed an omnipotent and reliable old father. It was understandable that the child doesn’t doubt him.

However, she was well aware of President Fu’s black-bellied nature so she couldn’t help but think to herself that he chose to talk about business when she was in a daze. Maybe it was to pave the way for the current scene both in front of his son to reflect his lofty self but also to alienate the untraceable trust of the mother and son. He was simply a textbook scheming man.

Hmph! But she and Jayce don’t have a shallow mother and son relationship, so they won’t be easily provoked ╮ (╯ 3 ╭) and sure enough, not long after Jayce got in the car, Jayce and Jian Ruixi made up as good as before, and the mother and son crowded together to take selfies.

President Fu, of course, also sent his wife and son to the airport as he wished, and took the VIP passage, sending them all the way into the lounge, until Jian Ruixi and others were about to board the plane the words “reluctant to leave” embodied to the fullest.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, the flight arrived smoothly, and Jian Ruixi sent a message to President Fu, saying that everything was going well. The next second, they were slapped in the face they were blocked in the parking lot by the Hong Kong media.

Hong Kong media has a lot of resentment, in order to make news about Mrs. Fu they chased her from Hong Kong to London with the thought of getting the first-hand news, but just as they arrived in London, they got the news that Mrs. Fu has already left for Beijing to spend time with her husband.

Again, since they wanted to reciprocate their effort, they went to Beijing but in less than half a day, their colleagues in Beijing have already reported all the news that could be reported.

To describe it in one sentence, Mrs. Fu who comes and goes like the wind, was like the biggest job crisis they have ever faced. However, their luck was not bad, and they finally blocked Mrs. Fu in their own territory, especially Mrs. Fu who only opened the lottery yesterday. There should be no media that has the chance to interview her after the lottery, then they could use this to draw a perfect end to the koi craze.

With this in mind, several reporters enthusiastically surrounded Jian Ruixi.

Jayce was a little drowsy on the plane but somehow did not fall asleep, however, his face right now looks a little tired, Jian Ruixi refused the bodyguard’s kindness, and personally picked up the little guy and used the hat to block his face, then accept a brief interview accompanied by the bodyguard.

The reporters thought they were finally lucky to have interviewed Mrs. Fu but it seems that they were not that lucky enough. As they were doing the interview and rushed back to release the news, topics about “Mrs. Fu leaving Beijing, and President Fu’s reluctance to leave his wife and son at the airport” has already been trending on Weibo hot search.

Melon-eating people were everywhere, especially after the surprise appearance of the charity party, President Fu and Mrs. Fu has become the hottest CP in recent days. The next-door President and Mrs. Xi have both slightly lagged behind them for the first time, fully explaining what was meant by “if you don’t show it, it is already out of control“.

At this juncture, President and Mrs. Fu appeared at the airport at the same time, it was no surprise that they were found.

It was just that the Hong Kong media was a little depressed, after squatting for countless days just to get the freshest news but seems that the title “Mrs. Fu was secretly back in Hong Kong” this headline needs to be changed.

Jian Ruixi didn’t care about the frustration of her media friends.

Soon it was time for Jayce’s summer camp in the United States and this would take about 15 to 20 days in total. Considering that she had to be separated from her son for so long, Jian Ruixi began to be reluctant to part with him.


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