Chapter 85

Xu Yanwen sat on the corridor chair outside the ward. Xue Jiayue came back with a cup of hot water and brought it to him. She said.

“Drink some water. Don’t worry. Grandpa has woken up, and the doctor will take care of him, and he will get better soon.”

Having said that, when faced with the sickness of the closest relatives, anyone would be worried. Xu Yanwen was also just an ordinary person, no matter how strong and fearless he was outside, he would still be vulnerable in front of his family.

Xu Yanwen raised his head and reached out to take the cup handed by Xue Jiayue, his eyes slightly red, voice still low and hoarse.

“Jiayue, grandpa is so ill now, we can’t let him worry anymore. When in front of him in the future you will have to work hard to show that we are in a good relationship just like you did just now and don’t show any flaws to make him suspicious.”

This was what Xu Yanwen decided to say after thinking for a while. He knew that Grandpa Xu was most worried about Xue Jiayue. From the first day of Xue Jiayue’s arrival at the Xu family, he treated Xue Jiayue as his own granddaughter and treated her better than him. In the same way, Xue Jiayue was very filial to Grandpa Xu and sincerely regards Grandpa Xu as his grandfather.

Xu Yanwen was very clear that Grandpa Xu hopes that Xue Jiayue would live a safe and smooth life. It has always been his wish to let Xue Jiayue marry him, marry into the Xu family, and be the young madam of the Xu family.

At first, he couldn’t understand Grandpa Xu’s intention, but now he could understand Grandpa Xu’s good intentions. In this matter, such a smart old man had expected that he would not give up on Xue Jiayue at all and he was in fact always cared about her in his heart.

If she really married someone else in the beginning, just thinking about it now would make him feel so heartbroken that he couldn’t breathe. He really has no way to let her go.

Xue Jiayue didn’t know Xu Yanwen’s turmoil as she stood in front of him, looked down at him for a moment, and said.

“Aren’t you going to trick me about this again?”

Xu Yanwen quickly raised his hand and surrendered, for fear that Xue Jiayue misunderstood his intention. He was so sincere that he could no longer sincerely guarantee Xue Jiayue.

“At this time, if I still do these things in the name of my grandfather, can I still be human?”

Xue Jiayue thought for a while, but it was also true. Although Xu Yanwen was not good to the original owner, he never hurt her from beginning to end. At most, he ignored her feelings and pushed her far away.

She was so full of anger and resentment that she didn’t want to live any longer and cause Grandpa Xu to die, otherwise, Xu Yanwen would not have cruelly thrown her into the mental hospital.

As far as Xu Yanwen’s character was concerned, it was still worthy of trust. Grandpa Xu was now so ill, with his deep relationship with grandpa Xu he wouldn’t do such a disgusting trick.

“I believe what you said.” Xue Jiayue really chose to believe him this time, not in a perfunctory sense.

Xu Yanwen glanced at her and put down his hanging heart as if a big stone fell to the ground. As long as Xue Jiayue promised to stay and was willing to cooperate with him to take care of his grandfather, then he still had a chance. As long as he worked hard, everything was possible.

Soon, Dr. Yang, the chief physician of the hospital, finished a general examination for Grandpa Xu.

Xu Yanwen hurriedly got up from his chair and greeted Dr. Yang who came out of the ward and asked Dr. Yang about Grandpa Xu’s condition with great concern.

“Dr. Yang, how is my grandfather’s illness?”

“Acute myocardial infarction requires stenting as soon as possible,” Dr. Yang said

“Okay.” Xu Yanwen said, “We’ll listen to Dr. Yang on everything, my grandfather is counting on you.”

Dr. Yang has known Xu Yanwen for many years and has always had a good relationship with the Xu family, at this time he nodded to Xu Yanwen and said.

“Don’t worry, I will do my best.”

“Thank you, Doctor Yang.” Xu Yanwen said.

Dr. Yang then took other medical staff to the office to discuss the operation plan.

Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen returned to the ward together. Grandpa Xu was lying on the hospital bed with oxygen in his nose and a cardiac monitor at the bedside.

“Grandpa, how do you feel?”

Xue Jiayue walked to the side of the hospital bed, softly called out to Grandpa Xu, and reached out to hold his hand.

Grandpa Xu smiled at Xue Jiayue and said with a cheerful smile.

“I’m fine, and the doctor also said I’m fine. You and Yanwen go back, no need to guard me here.”

“I want to stay here with you.” Xue Jiayue said, it was impossible for her to leave at this time.

Grandpa Xu said, “I’m fine. I’m fine. Just have Aunt Zhen take care of me in the hospital.”

A’Zhen, as in Aunt Zhen.

Xue Jiayue said, “I should stay with you, you are my grandfather, ah, don’t drive me away, this time.”

Grandpa Xu looked at her as if she was almost crying. How could she be willing? He hurriedly said.

“Good, good, don’t go, stay with me.”

Xue Jiayue immediately smiled and put her face on his hand, coaxing Grandpa Xu.

“Grandpa you’re the best, I knew you loved me the most, now that you’re sick, let me take care of you.”

Grandpa Xu was very pleased to hear such warm words. He felt Xue Jiayue, hand touching Xue Jiayue’s face and thought that his own granddaughter-in-law was actually more intimate than her granddaughter.

Just as he was talking, Xu Yanlin came over. As soon as he entered the door, he rushed to the bedside and anxiously asked Grandpa Xu if he was feeling better and what he was feeling.

He was only ten years old but when suddenly heard that his grandfather, who had always loved him, had been hospitalized, he was very worried.

Grandpa Xu was a little unhappy when he saw that Xu Yanlin was alone, his second son and daughter-in-law often not at home, flying here and there all the time to play, as if they do not remember him as their old father. He couldn’t help but feel a belly full of fire for this unfilial son!

He asked Xu Yanlin with a sullen face, “Your parents?”

Xu Yanlin was stunned for a moment. Seeing the unhappy face of Grandpa Xu, he hesitated and said.

“They went to G city and haven’t come back yet.”

Grandpa Xu grunted, his face written with dissatisfaction with his second son and second daughter-in-law.

“I’ll call Second Uncle right away, I’m the one who asked Second Uncle to go to G City to investigate the project.” Xu Yanwen hurriedly helped Second Uncle Xu round up the situation.

But there was no way to hide it from Grandpa Xu at all. He snorted unhappily and said.

“Don’t try and help say good things about him. Do you think I don’t know, what he is? He is just a nominal shareholder of the Xu family, it’s impossible to expect him to do something all day long.”

“Grandpa.” Xue Jiayue coaxed Grandpa Xu, “Don’t be angry, Second Uncle is so old, he also has his own career.”

“Which of his career has become?” Grandpa Xu was angry when talking about his second son.

When his eldest son and daughter-in-law had a car accident, he was left with only one son, Xu Erhu, and had been cultivated with care, but he was not up to his expectations, and he could not do anything well, not as good as Xu Yanwen who had just turned twenty years old.

There were several problems with the project, and in the end, it was Xu Yanwen who helped him deal with the aftermath.

After a long period of consideration and examination, he finally determined Xu Yanwen to be his successor and handed over the Xu Group to Xu Yanwen to take care of, which naturally caused the dissatisfaction of second uncle Xu, the two fathers, and sons had a deep feud since then.

Uncle Xu didn’t think that there was a problem with his ability, but Grandpa Xu was instead biased towards Xu Yanwen. Grandpa Xu had a good talk with Uncle Xu, but the latter didn’t listen at all. He just thought that Grandpa Xu was biased, and then their relationship got worse.

He didn’t go back to the old mansion to see Grandpa Xu all year round and since Grandpa Xu was also extremely disappointed in him, so he didn’t care about him.

At this time, Grandpa Xu thought that Uncle Xu would not come to see him. Although he said he didn’t like Uncle Xu, his heart was still inevitably sad. He looked tired, closed his eyes, waved his hand, and said.

“Don’t talk about him, I’m tired, I want to rest.”

“Grandpa, get a good night’s sleep, I’ll stay with you.” Xue Jiayue soothed Grandpa Xu and pulled the quilt over to cover him up.

Xu Yanwen looked at Grandpa Xu closed his eyes, reached out, and pulled Xu Yanlin out of the ward, he was asking Xu Yanlin to call second uncle Xu and tell them to come back immediately.

Xue Jiayue accompanied Grandpa Xu in the ward. Looking at the white-haired old man, her nose was sour, and thought of her grandfather. In those days, her grandfather also slept in the hospital bed, and she was always with him.

Lying on the hospital bed, Grandpa Xu soon fell asleep, while Xue Jiayue sat by the bed, thinking of many things, as well as the plot of the book.

At that time, Grandpa Xu also had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. Her original body also ran to the hospital and made a big noise. She complained to Grandpa Xu, saying that Xu Yanwen didn’t like her at all and didn’t take her as his wife at all. So far, the two people haven’t slept together. She couldn’t stand it and wanted to divorce Xu Yanwen.

Master Xu dragged his sick body and advised her to think about it calmly and not to make a decision so quickly, but her original body said that if Grandpa Xu had not given her hope, how could she be obsessed with Xu Yanwen, that was simply a mistake, she should have gone to pursue her own happiness long ago.

Anyway, Xu Yanwen does not love her, she does not love him now, she has fallen in love with someone else, and she cheated on him, this was already a fact. And since this was also a Xu family’s shame, why not just divorce and forget about it altogether, no point in dragging it on, all she wants was a large sum of money to go away.

Originally, Grandpa Xu was so angry because of her cheating, but since she was still able to talk like that to Grandpa Xu, it only shows how much the old man loved her at the beginning and how sad he was hearing those thorny words she said.

And because of that, he couldn’t catch his breath and rolled his eyes before he fainted. The doctors rushed to rescue him but failed to do so.

After the death of Grandpa Xu, Xu Yanwen was furious and could not wait to kill her, but she was still obsessed and made a lot of fuss to Xu Yanwen.

Xu Yanwen was driven crazy by her, directly letting people shut her to the mental hospital, and finally died in that hospital.

Thinking back, Xue Jiayue looked at Grandpa Xu asleep on the hospital bed, reached out and held his hand, and whispered.

“Grandpa, you should get better quickly.”

She knew very well in her heart that since Grandpa Xu was ill she could not divorce Xu Yanwen at all. It would be bad if he got angry at Xu Yanwen because of this.

The relationship between Xu Yanwen and Grandpa Xu with Xu Laozi was generally deep, and he would never allow anything bad to happen to Grandpa Xu. From this knowledge, Grandpa Xu should not die now, and since Xu Yanwen asked her to cooperate with him, then she would cooperate with him well.

They must appease Grandpa Xu first. As for others, they would make plans later.

At this time, the phone notification sounded, Xue Jiayue let go of Grandpa Xu’s hand, and pick up the phone to check who message her, it was Song Yikun who sent her a WeChat.

Seeing the WeChat sent by Song Yikun, Xue Jiayue immediately felt happy, sweeping away the depression and haze in her previous heart as she quickly slid off her phone screen and pointed into the WeChat.

Songyikun: I drank too much with my clients last night. I didn’t get on the game until I came home late. I’m really sorry. I’m free now. Do you have time? Come to the game, I’ll take you to brush the copy.

Xue Jiayue was very happy and quickly replied to his WeChat message: OK.



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