Chapter 50

Luo Jiale was looking intently at Jiang Mian making meaningful glances from the rearview mirror but quickly restrained the smile on his face, making himself more serious.

Don’t scare the little girl.

Jiang Mian’s eyebrows were slightly raised, and she feels like there was something wrong with assistant Luo today.

Qi Yanshu suddenly took out a tablet and handed it to Jiang Mian: “There are breakfast restaurants on here, see which one you want to go to.”

Jiang Mian took it over, clicked on the screen, and found that it was full of all kinds of high-end breakfast shops, including Shang Pinxiang.

“No need to go to such trouble.” Jiang Mian put down the tablet and looked out of the car, “There’s an old bun store there, just go to that one?”

Qi Yanshu: “Okay.”

It was still early in the morning, but the bun store was almost full of people, their business must be good.

The advantage of having a personal assistant when traveling was that he doesn’t have to do anything. Jiang Mian and Qi Yanshu just need to wait for food and eat after Luo Jiale orders for them.

The beef soup dumplings were famous dishes in this store, as well as fresh meat porridge. This common food was no worse than the breakfast in high-end restaurants.

Jiang Mian ate two soup dumplings in succession, as they tasted very delicious. After eating, she found that she had eaten ten, and had two bowls of porridge and one tea egg.

Jiang Mian: “…”

Looking at Qi Yanshu, he ate no less than her and felt comforted.

As if sensing her gaze, Qi Yanshu finished the last mouthful of porridge and moved elegantly to wipe the corner of his mouth with a tissue.

“It tastes good.”

“It shows that time-honored brands still make sense.”

Jiang Mian looked at Qi Yanshu’s actions with appreciation. Probably a good-looking person has a certain aura, that makes their every movement noticeable.

Little did she know that she was admiring others and they were admiring her.

The steamed stuffed bun shop has a good business and an endless stream of people. People who come in subconsciously would look at them.

Qi Yanshu’s back was facing the entrance door, so people couldn’t see what he looked like, but it was a different case with Jiang Mian.

She was wearing a crimson-colored dress, and because she immediately went out after a shower, she didn’t tie her hair and let it loose. Her hair was slightly curled that fell on her shoulders and looked like it applied with gel.

She sat on the chair with dark hair, bright eyes, and a beautiful waistline. And her smooth and slender legs could be vaguely seen from under the table, such a view make the people couldn’t move their eyes after seeing it.

It’s so beautiful.

Pretty enough to make this little bun store have brightened up because of her.

At the next table sat two young people, the two lowered their heads and ears, from time to time as they glance at Jiang Mian’s body.

“Crap, extremely good.”

“Seeing this early in the morning will surely give us good luck.”

“Look at those legs, if I could just touch them, it would be worth dying.”



They thought that the noise in the store was loud enough and just lowered their voices. No one should be able to hear their discussion in whispers.

But Jiang Mian’s ears were good than normal people and instantly heard these few remarks from them.

Jiang Mian: “….”

Just give a compliment, no need to think crooked ideas.

Qi Yanshu looked slightly sideways. A moment later, he said.

“I think senior brother and your uncle didn’t eat either. Why don’t you pack two and give it to them?”

Jiang Mian was too lazy to care about the discussion of these people, so when she heard what Qi Yanshu said, she replied.


She called the waiter and asked the other party to pack two soup dumplings and fresh meat porridge. After packing, she went out with Qi Yanshu.

“Wait.” Qi Yanshu said.

Jiang Mian: “?”

The corners of Qi Yanshu’s mouth were lightly pursed and his expression was somewhat cold as he took off his jacket and accurately tied it around Jiang Mian’s waist.

Jiang Mian: “???”

She looked at Qi Yanshu and looked down at herself—Qi Yanshu’s jacket was a thin windbreaker that came off around her waist and covered almost all of her legs.

Jiang Mian knew instantly that Qi Yanshu must have heard what the two people said. She pulled off these clothes—after all, she was wearing a beautiful dress. But now that she had this windbreaker on, what would it look like?

However, this was an act of kindness from Uncle Qi, and Jiang Mian had to accept not knowing whether to feel happy or embarrassed.

That’s not all, Qi Yanshu turned around and walked to the next table.

The two people who kept whispering about Jiang Mian saw Qi Yanshu coming over and touched the white cloth covering his eyes.

He obviously couldn’t stare at them, but it felt like they were in a trance and could feel the other party was looking at them, and his eyes were cold giving of chill that penetrates their heart.

Qi Yanshu just walked over and did not say a word, but it made the two of them cower their necks in unison and stay quiet as a chicken.

“Let’s go.” Qi Yanshu returned to Jiang Mian’s side and said in a light voice.

After getting into the car, Jiang Mian untied his clothes and gave them back to Qi Yanshu.

“Thank you, Uncle Qi.”

Qi Yanshu took it and paused. Just for a short moment, there was a touch of refreshing fragrance on his clothes that could not be ignored.

No matter how ignorant the people in the police station were, Zuo Xingping finished his work. He directly stretched out his hand to Li Zeliang.

“Where’s my pay.”

Li Zeliang asked a policewoman to take Zuo Xingping to get the money. The policewoman looked at Zuo Xingping curiously and then pointed to his face.

“Mr. Zuo, do you want to wash your face?”

Under the guidance of the policewoman, Zuo Xingping came to the bathroom and was startled when he saw himself in the mirror.

Why was he so dirty?

Looking at the clothes on his body, his shirt was wrinkled and covered with plaster, and several parts had been torn, and so did his pants.

He frowned painfully; this was bought for him by his baby daughter.

The bag in his hand contains Taoist robes. When he fought last night he forgot to put the Taoist robe on his body to protect his clothes.

After washing his face, he wanted to put on his Taoist robe and remembered what Jiang Mian said. The reason why the police didn’t believe him was because he was dressed too differently.

Forget it, he could just wear these ragged clothes to get the bonus.

The bonus was in a document paper bag, after Zuo Xingping counted it: “Huh? Why is there an extra 10,000?”

“They just approved to give you 40, 000 instead.” The officer said.

“No, I can’t take the extra 10000.”

Zuo Xingping shook his head and said that 30000 was 30000. If he took more 10000, he might lose 30000.

The officer was baffled by his logic.

Zuo Xingping threw down the extra 10,000 and holds the 30,000 happily as he leave the police station, and continue to drive the battery bike bursting towards the armed police hospital.

There were many people during the day so he couldn’t accelerate well and he had to change the battery halfway through—the previous battery bike was out of power and it was almost nine o’clock before he arrived at the armed police hospital.

He thought that when he arrived, his baby daughter should have arrived, but when he entered the ward, he found that the room only has Lian Feng, who was answering the phone.

Lian Feng had received the news that Zuo Xingping had caught the murderer. Seeing that Zuo Xingping came in, he looked at his ragged clothes and paused, then continued to talk.

While he was on the phone, Zuo Xingping took a closer look at him.

Although the four fathers dislike each other and hate each other for robbing their daughter but they never hope that something bad would happen to each other.

Because if any of the four fathers has an accident, the baby daughter would be sad.

Zuo Xingping saw Lian Feng last night and saw a flash of black energy between his eyebrows—he was sure it was not because he had blurred vision, Taoist father was still very confident about his professional ability.

Great loss of blood qi, not to mention the lingering black energy between his eyebrow feathers, these were all not good signs.

But no matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t see what was wrong.

Zuo Xingping’s eyebrows tangled together as Lian Feng hung up the phone.

“Why did you come over?”

“Mian Mian is coming over.”

Hearing this, Lian Feng frowned and suddenly thought of something: “have you been with Mian Mian?”

“Yes.” Zuo Xingping was proud and couldn’t help showing off, “the crew I work for is next to Mianmian’s crew.”

After a pause, Lian Feng locked Zuo Xingping’s eyes and asked a different question: “how did you catch the murderer?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Zuo Xingping subconsciously avoided Lian Feng’s gaze.

After thinking about it, he decided to ask directly.

“Have you encountered something?”

Lian Feng lowered his eyes and did not answer.

Zuo Xingping touched his chin and snorted, “if you don’t want to say it, then don’t say it.”

If it weren’t for the sake of his baby daughter, he wouldn’t ask much.

The two looked at each other in silence, a few moments later, Zuo Xingping’s phone rang—text message.

Then Lian Feng’s WeChat also rang.

Zuo Xingping opened the message, it was a message sent by his baby daughter: [dad, I’m coming soon, and you?]

He replied: [I have arrived.]

After replying, he couldn’t help saying, “it’s Mian Mian’s message to me.”

Lian Feng didn’t even look up: “She sent it to me too.”

Zuo Xingping was a little sour as he wondered what his baby daughter sent to Lian Feng that the latter just kept his head down and was typing.

He stood up, slowly moved over, and then pretended to inadvertently look at Lian Feng’s screen.

Click, Lian Feng locked the screen.

Zuo Xingping: “……”



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