Chapter 49

Qi Yanshu was not alone. Luo Jiale was behind him, and this assistant’s eyes lit up when he saw Jiang Mian and finally understood why his boss had to come back suddenly.

Some time ago Master Qi suddenly fell ill and wanted to see his youngest son, so he sent a car to pick up Qi Yanshu.

Master Qi’s illness suddenly flared up and made the Qi family very distressed.

The old man has always been in good health and rarely gets sick. Even if he gets sick, he just catches a little cold and gets well soon. This time, he issued a critical illness notice.

The Qi family was wondering whether it was because Qi Yanshu came back and got the master Qi very ill.

After Qi Yanshu met Master Qi, the father and son were locked in the room and didn’t know what they talk about. Qi Yanshu then left the Qi family with Luo Jiale and returned to the Taoist temple.

During this period, Qi Yanshu has been living in the Taoist temple. As his assistant, Luo Jiale vaguely felt that Qi Yanshu treated Jiang Mian a little differently, so he paid extra attention to Jiang Mian.

And since he has been updated on Jiang Mian’s whereabouts, he knew that she was filming at this time.

He learned about Jiang Mian on the Internet every day and then told Qi Yanshu this news.

Every time he reported the news of Jiang Mian seen on the Internet, such as Jiang Mian on the hot search and so on, the boss would listen attentively.

And this would sometimes make Luo Jiale inevitably speculate, was it possible that the boss likes Jiang Mian?

The first time his boss saw Jiang Mian, he already wants to hold the little girl’s face, most likely because he fell in love with her at first sight.

But that’s a ridiculous reason.

The boss couldn’t see, so it was impossible to fall in love at first sight.

And although the boss pays attention to Jiang Mian, he sometimes doesn’t look like a man who’s in love, anyway, it was too complicated, and he couldn’t understand it.

After all, if he really like her, even if he couldn’t see her, he could send a message or make a phone call.

Obviously, he has Jiang Mian’s contact information, but he has never seen his boss contact Jiang Mian.

His boss’s heart was like a needle in the bottom of a woman’s heart making it hard for Luo Jiale to understand.

Before dawn this morning, Qi Yanshu suddenly told him to go home. His “home” was naturally the community he lived with Jiang Mian.

Luo Jiale was very surprised but immediately arranged to go home.

When he got out of the elevator and saw Jiang Mian, he understood.

The boss must have learned that Jiang Mian came home, so he came back suddenly.

He was very puzzled. When he got the news that Jiang Mian was going home, the boss rushed home nonstop.

Since he wanted to see Jiang Mian so much, he could visit her at the filming site as her friend. Why does he need to wait for Jiang Mian to come home and see her?

Later, after thinking hard over the matter Luo Jiale came up with a reason. It was likely that since the boss couldn’t see it was inconvenient to visit the filming site, especially because there were many people.

When he found that after his boss got out of the elevator and didn’t say anything after seeing Jiang Mian, Luo Jiale sighed anxiously and greeted her warmly instead.

“Good morning, Miss Jiang.”

Jiang Mian: “???”

She and Luo Jiale were not familiar with each other. It surprised her to see him enthusiastically greeting her.

However, when people say hello with a smile, she couldn’t regard it as if she doesn’t see it.

“Good morning.”

“Is Miss Jiang going out?” Luo Jiale asked.

Seeing Jiang Mian nod, Luo Jiale got a little anxious. The boss hurried back but they could only meet each other in the corridor?

“When did you come back?”

Qi Yanshu said faintly, interrupting what Luo Jiale wanted to say. Seeing that the boss finally spoke, Luo Jiale retreated silently and cheered the boss secretly.

“I came back last night.” Jiang Mian looked at Qi Yanshu’s right hand.

“Uncle Qi, is the hand completely healed?”

Qi Yanshu tapped his lower jaw, he then raised his wrist and moved it very nimbly.

“It’s already fine, don’t worry.”

“That’s good.” After saying a greeting and confirming that Qi Yanshu’s hand was already healed, Jiang Mian was still rushing to deliver the wound medicine to her police detective father so she politely said goodbye and prepared to leave.

Qi Yanshu suddenly opened his mouth, and his voice was a little hesitant.

“I have something to do with elder martial brother Wuzhen. I need an interview, but I can’t contact him. Can you help me contact him?”

“Of course.” It was difficult for a person of Qi Yanshu’s nature to make a request to others, and the fact that he could make a request to himself meant that the matter of getting an interview with her Taoist Father was important.

Contacting her Taoist father was just a matter of convenience, so Jiang Mian has no reason not to agree.

She just doesn’t know whether her Taoist father found the murderer or not. She took out her phone and called her Taoist father. Coincidentally, her Taoist father called before she dialed his number.

“Mian Mian, I found the murderer.” Taoist Father’s happy voice came.

Not only did he find the killer, but he also caught him in the process.

At the other end of the phone, a group of policemen led by Li Zeliang was all confused.

The killer was found in a residential building, which was located in an area that happens to be the area point delineated by Lian Feng.

When Zuo Xingping followed Li Zeliang out of the police last night, the latter had arranged for the police force to conduct patrols in the area pointed out by Lian Feng. At the same time, he also looked forward to what ability Zuo Xingping had to quickly find the murderer, waiting for him to analyze and speak.

And when he arrived at the police station, Zuo Xingping said that they would prepare a quiet and empty house for him, and no one could disturb him.

Li Zeliang also thought he would have some high stakes and the result???

Although deep inside he became more and more suspicious, Li Zeliang still asked people to prepare what Zuo Xingping wanted. After waiting for almost half an hour, Zuo Xingping came out of the room and said the exact location.

Li Zeliang immediately sent someone to feel out and found that the murderer was most likely indeed there, so he prepared to arrest the murderer overnight.

“No, you can’t go and arrest at this time.” Zuo Xingping shook his head, and he said seriously, “After 5:00 a.m., then carry out the arrest.”

“Why?” Li Zeliang wondered.

“It’s two o’clock in the morning. What’s the difference between two o’clock and five o’clock?”

The difference was much bigger.

Because the killer was not a human, but a fox demon in human skin.

Zuo Xingping found the location of the murderer and confirmed it through the message sent back by the little paper man.

Nowadays, it’s hard to meet demons. Zuo Xingping didn’t expect his baby daughter to pick up this work for him, and it turned out that murderer was actually a demon.

The demon was much fiercer than the spirit monster.

And this time before 5 a.m., the other party absorbs the essence of the sun and moon and would be stronger than during the day.

The police were likely to upset the fox demon if they make an arrest at this time.

But whether Zuo Xingping told Li Zeliang that the murderer of this serial murder was a human or a demon, it must be a pair of handcuffs to meet him.

But he couldn’t give a good reason. Since Li Zeliang knew the exact location of the murderer, he couldn’t wait for a moment. If he caught the murderer earlier, the stone hanging in the air would fall.

Originally, as long as the Taoist father finds the exact location of the murderer, he has completed the task. It was the police’s business to arrest the murderer, but since he knew the inside story, he couldn’t watch the police confront the fox demon and get hurt or lose their life.

He had to go with him.

Then, things completely deviated from Li Zeliang’s expectations. The murderer was indeed in the room. They broke in with guns, but they didn’t expect that the murderer was not afraid when he saw them, although he panicked for a moment.

The murderer was so fierce that he was able to dodge bullets, injured several people, and finally jumped out of the window.

He lives on the eighth floor!

Looking down from the window, he could see that the murderer jumped downstairs. He didn’t fall but ran faster. In an instant, he broke the world outlook of the police present.

Li Zeliang immediately called for support and asked the police waiting downstairs to intercept him.

It’s completely useless. The murderer escaped!

Li Zeliang hurried downstairs, but heard a policeman say, “Zuo, Mr. Zuo caught up.”

He asked subconsciously, “how did he catch up?”

The police officer was in a bit of a trance: “He just went after him on the battery bike he rode over.”

When Zuo Xingping came with them, he did not take a police car, but by battery bike.

Li Zeliang’s expression changed.

“The killer is extremely dangerous, how can you let him go alone, he is not a police officer, if something happens, who can bear the responsibility!”

The policeman was a little wrong. He wanted to stop him, but before he could stop it, Mr. Zuo disappeared in his battery bike.

Li Zeliang was angry and anxious at the same time. He was stabbed in the shoulder by the murderer, his blood flowed like a flood, but he didn’t care. He immediately contacted the Transportation Bureau, adjust the monitoring, and look for the trace of the killer escaping along the way, and Zuo Xingping!

After a busy night, they couldn’t find their tracks and couldn’t get through to Zuo Xingping. Li Zeliang’s anxious mouth burst into a large circle of blisters.

Early in the morning, Zuo Xingping suddenly came to the police station on his battery bike, and behind him sat the kidnapped murderer.

With a disheveled appearance, he pushed the murderer to Li Zeliang.

“Here, the murderer is caught.”

Everyone: “….”

Zuo Xingping didn’t care what everyone thought. He was chasing the fox demon for most of the night and was too tired. After he caught up, the other party was more aggrieved than him.

Fox demon: I just want to be a person.

Zuo Xingping: You want to be a human being, you can be a human being but why are you killing people and many at that.

After a bitter battle, Zuo Xingping finally caught the murderer and broke the murderer’s internal energy, disabling him to transform into his original form and would pose any danger.

It’s most appropriate to hand it over to the police.

Zuo Xingping, who completed the task, naturally told her baby daughter the good news as soon as possible.

“Dad is really good.”

Jiang Mian doesn’t know about the thrilling experience of her Taoist Father that one night, but she won’t be stingy with her praise.

She thought her Taoist Father was just helping to get the exact location of the killer.

When Zuo Xingping heard his daughter’s sweet voice, he was shocked, but he was no longer tired in an instant. He wiped his face and succeeded in giving his face more color and looking silly.

“I’ll get the pay later. When your work is over, shall we go shopping?”

Zuo Xingping thought Jiang Mian had returned to the hotel.

These days his baby girl has been feeding him, now that he has money, he wants to buy for his baby girl!

“Okay.” Jiang Mian couldn’t help laughing. After chatting with her Taoist father for a while, she remembered Qi Yanshu’s request. He was still waiting nearby.

Jiang Mian tapped her forehead and hurriedly said, “Dad, uncle Qi said he wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Huh?” The Taoist Father was bewildered, “What does he want with me?”

“I went home last night since I don’t have any scenes to record this morning, so I didn’t go back to the set. Just now, I went out to prepare to go to the hospital and happened to run into Uncle Qi.”

Knowing that her Taoist father does not want her to interact more with Qi Yanshu, Jiang Mian explained smoothly, “I’ll give him the phone and let him talk to you.”

She handed the phone to Qi Yanshu, who took it, “Brother Wuzhen.”

Zuo Xingping: “……”

During this time, Qi Yanshu returned to the Taoist temple—Zuo Xingping contacted a younger martial brother of Lingqing temple before. While chatting, the other party told him that Qi Yanshu had returned to Lingqing temple.

His baby daughter came home last night and met Qi Yanshu today. Taoist father was simple-minded, but he thought this was a bit too coincidental.

Hearing Qi Yanshu wanted to meet him and thinking of his baby daughter saying she was going to the hospital—Taoist father hatched a scheme.

Lian Feng was a sharp person, he could let him assess the situation.

The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was a good idea, so he said.

“Mian Mian wants to go to the hospital. Go with Mian Mian, and I’ll go to the hospital now.”

Qi Yan agreed.

Jiang Mian: “???”

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, she never thought that her Taoist father would let Qi Yanshu go to the hospital.

Hanging up the phone, Qi Yanshu frowned and asked Jiang Mian.

“To the hospital? Were you injured?”

“It’s not me.” Jiang Mian was helpless, “I have a …… uncle who was injured and was hospitalized, I’m going to visit him.”

Qi Yanshu returned her phone and asked no more questions.

When they went downstairs Jiang Mian got into Qi Yanshu’s car. The car’s interior decoration was very simple, and a faint light sandalwood fragrance made it quite comfortable to smell.

“Have you eaten breakfast?” Qi Yanshu asked.

“No.” Jiang Mian touched her stomach, she didn’t sleep the whole night, and now he’s really hungry.

“Neither do I.” Qi Yanshu’s voice was very natural.

Jiang Mian: “then I’ll treat you to breakfast.”

Qi Yanshu shook his head gently and his voice was soothing: “you invited me many times, so this time I’ll invite you.”

Jiang Mian responded cheerfully.

Inadvertently, she looked up and saw from the rearview mirror that Luo Jiale, who was driving, was smiling like a fool.

Jiang Mian: “???”

It’s just a discussion about breakfast, why are you smiling like this?



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