ECM 81


Chapter 81

Although Ying Xuze knew from people in room 302 that Cen Feng could assemble mechanical models, he always thought it was just a simple toy, so he never understood why Zhou Mingyu was so obsessed with a robot.

It was only at this moment that he watched the transformers who were about the same height as him running around the room under Wen Xiaoke’s remote control, and then realized what kind of big man was sitting next to him.

In his eyes, the dense circuit boards just now were no different from a heavenly book or illegible writing.

A genius was seating beside him.

The theme for today’s episode that the program team designed should be “Little brat and the Big Boys”. According to the script, Wen Xiaoke would make all kinds of difficulties and cry to make these three upright boys helpless. It would be best if they feel to the point of collapse.

And the outcome? Wen Xiaoke was having with Transformers. In his eyes, the model was not a thing but a living friend. He shouted, “Jiumi”, and had long forgotten what his parents and uncle and aunties have told him to do.

The executive director looked at the three people sitting leisurely on the sofa drinking tea and watching TV and couldn’t help but say.

“Aren’t you going to cook for Wen Xiaoke? Children can’t be hungry.”

Ying Xuze shouted, “Wen Xiaoke, are you hungry?”

Wen Xiaoke sticks out his small buttocks and didn’t look at them.

“I’m not hungry. I just drank milk and ate biscuits and prawns!”

The staff: “…..”

The main theme of “The Guest” was the interaction between the host and the guests, and now the host was all focused on the Transformers, so the guests naturally were free to play.

After watching TV for a while, they went to the back garden to play with the dog for a while and accompany Wen Xiaoke to build blocks. In the end, the little boy generously shared his gamepad game. The three big boys and a small child were sitting on the floor of the living room yelling as they were playing stand-alone games.

The four of them, even Jing Xiangbai who lives abroad were able to play the games but Cen Feng who seems like a good player couldn’t even play well-known games such as “Soul Duel”, “Super Mary”, and “Adventure Island”

Ying Xuze exaggerated: “No, brother Feng, this is our childhood! You didn’t even play this when you were young?”

Cen Feng held the handle to control a bouncing Super Mary, his eyes had no light: “No.”

Wen Xiaoke shouted, “top this brick, top this brick! There are bigger mushrooms!”

Although it was Cen Feng’s first time playing, he was able to quickly get the hang of it and easily pass the first few levels. Because he fixed his good friend Jiumi, Wen Xiaoke now especially likes him, he doesn’t want the other two big brothers, he just wants to play with Cen Feng.

When it was time for lunch, Ying Xuze and Jing Xiangbai first gave Wen Xiaoke milk for him to sip on, went to the Chinese restaurant outside the neighborhood to order take-out, and also specifically ordered a bowl of diced carrot and chicken congee for Wen Xiaoke, very convenient solution to lunch.

The staff who wanted to see them mess up the kitchen: “……”

Seeing that there was no way out, distressed the director went to call Wen Xing.

“Mr. Wen, come back quickly soon, Xiaoke is now playing with them for several hours now.”

Wen Xing was happy to hear such good news.

“Let them play, Xiaoke likes to have someone to play with him.”

Director: “…”

It was almost 4 p.m. when the couple came home from work.

When they enter the house, Ying Xuze was reading Wen Xiaoke’s comics, Jing Xiangbai was watching English original animation with Wen Xiaoke, and Cen Feng was sitting on the floor with a big box in front of him that was full of Wen Xiaoke’s broken toys. He was repairing them piece by piece.

As soon as Wen Xing came in, he told the director, “That’s not bad.”

Wen Xiaoke looked up and ran excitedly to his parents.

“Mom and Dad! Jiumi has been repaired by brother Cen Feng!”

Wen Xing picked up his son and kissed him. “Yes, let dad take a look at it.”

All three of them stood up and greeted politely, “Hello, teacher Wen, teacher Xiao.”

Xiao Qing was gentle and generous and waved at them.

“Don’t be restrained, sit down, play just how you were playing in the morning. Have you guys eaten yet?”

Ying Xuze was a little embarrassed: “Eaten, ordered takeout.”

Xiao Qing smiled understandingly, “It’s our poor hospitality, what would you like to eat in the evening?”

While they were talking about dinner, on the other side, Wen Xing has seen the transformer his son was all happy about. He turned his head and said to Cen Feng.

“It’s really working, amazing.”

Cen Feng smiled politely.

Wen Xing put Wen Xiaoke down and touched his little head.

“Son, we saved money. Did you say thank you to brother?”

Wen Xiaoke said happily, “Yes! I even invited brother to eat my little cookies and play games!”

Wen Xing half squatted down and gave his son a kiss on the forehead, “Mmm, so good.”

When he got up, he inadvertently saw the teenager across from him looking at himself in some bewilderment and couldn’t help but ask.

“What’s wrong?”

Cen Feng seemed to come back to his senses and quickly retracted his eyes then lowered his gaze as he smiled lightly.


Ying Xuze shouted happily from behind.

“Brother Feng, Teacher Xiao said we will have barbecue tonight! They have a grill at home, they will grill it themselves in the garden later!”

Cen Feng turned around and smiled, “Yeah.”

After dinner was set, it was time to go out and buy ingredients. Xiao Qing was left at home to prepare the table, while Wen Xing drove with the three boys to the nearby supermarket to buy vegetables and meat for tonight’s meal.

Wen Xing has rich life experience, high EQ, and great tolerance. He could talk about anything and was not embarrassed to get along with three young boys. He asked them about idols in the industry they were not familiar with while driving and sighed.

“It’s not easy. No one in this industry can easily make a name for himself, but you’re good. If I was put on the same stage with you right now, I don’t have that determination a decade ago.”

As they were chatting, the car suddenly broke down in two bursts.

Wen Xing tried to start the car twice but there was no response. He was confused and asked.

“What’s going on?”

The cameraman who sat on the co-pilot also had a blank face. Ying Xuze leaned forward.

“The car broke down?”

Wen Xing smiled with a headache and touched his phone.

“I’ve been filming in other places for half a year, and I haven’t driven this car for a long time. There seems to be a problem. Wait, I’ll call the insurance company and get off first.”

Several people got out of the car.

Fortunately, they were on the main road. Wen Xing was standing in front of the car, and Cen Feng who got down from the back row walked to the front of the car and opened the hood.

A stream of black smoke instantly emerged.

Wen Xing let out an “eh”.

Cen Feng said, “It’s okay, I’ll check.”

Wen Xing looked at him in surprise: “You also know how to fix cars?”

He nodded and was already leaning down under the hood to check up. Ying Xuze and Jing Xiangbai look at each other, and both ran over to look closer.

“Brother Feng, do you really know how to fix it ah? This is not a Transformer, so be careful.”

After checking the machine for a while, Cen Feng with his hands covered with oil said to Wen Xing said.

“Small problem, the carburetor float leaked, just replace the float.”

Wen Xing subconsciously asked, “Can you fix it?”

Cen Feng nodded: “Yes, but now there are no tools, it is better to find the insurance company. And this car has not been driven for a long time, I see that the splitter head is also a bit leakage, just in case go to the garage to do a full inspection.”

A few people were stunned to hear Cen Feng.

After the long silence, Yin Xuze excruciatingly said.

“Brother Feng, how can you do everything?!”

How can this immortal live a mortal life!

Cen Feng smiled: “Learned a little before.”

Jing Xiangbai said curiously, “Why are you learning this for?”

This time, he didn’t answer. He took the tissue pulled by Ying Xuze from the car and wiped his hands. The insurance company came soon and towed the broken car away after the procedure. And continue their way to the mall using the director’s car.

Wen Xing’s fame was much better than the three trainees, everyone from the grocery shopping aunt to the salesperson in the shopping mall knows him. After buying the food, the four of them left quickly.

When they got home, Xiao Qing had set up a barbecue rack in the backyard, and the tables and chairs were ready. Having guests at home was rare, and this made Wen Xiaoke especially happy. The couple won’t let three boys help them. They let them play with their son, while they and the nanny prepared the ingredients.

When dusk falls, they ignited the charcoal and the meat skewers were put on the grilling rack making a zippy sound, and then sprinkled with salt, chili pepper, and cumin, the aroma was overwhelming.

The family and three boys sat down at the rectangular table under the tree, with the nanny cooking the barbecue next to them, so they could eat at ease.

There were meat, vegetables, and wine to drink. Wen Xiaoke ate a few mouthfuls and chased the big golden retriever around the yard. Ying Xuze took his phone to show Wen Xing and Xiao Qingfang the theme song of “Teen Idol”. As soon as Jing Xiangbai heard BGM, he once again got excited again and pulled Ying Xuze and Cen Feng to dance on the spot.

Cen Feng would never dance with him even if he died right there but Wen Xing and Xiao Qing both applauded and coaxed him, Wen Xing even said.

“Since I bought you meat, I won’t be asking for money but a performance will do.”

Both, Ying Xuze and Jing Xiangbai held him up to dance.

He was forced to cooperate.

The sound of laughter, clamor, and music over the yard drifted to the horizon at dusk with the white smoke from the barbecue rack.

Finally, after eating and drinking enough, Wen Xiaoke pillowed the golden retriever on the ground while watching the cartoon with his phone. Adults leaned back on their chairs and watched stars emerge from the clouds.

After chatting for a while, Wen Xing suddenly asked.

“If you don’t become artists, what would you all do?” After asking, he laughed, “I would probably be a screenwriter, I kinda like to write stories.”

Xiao Qing held her hand, thought for a moment, and said. “I should be a teacher. At that time, my mother even found the school for me.”

Ying Xuze grabbed his head and said, “I may just go to college normally, and I haven’t graduated yet.”

Jing Xiangbai said, “I should be dancing in the street, and will not be coming back here.”

After everyone finished speaking, they all looked at Cen Feng, who had been talking very little. The boy’s side face was cold. Looking at the blue and black night sky in the distance, his eyelashes trembled. It took a long time before he whispered.

“I may find a place where there is no one and open a mechanical repair shop.”

Ying Xuze laughed out loud: “You want to find a place there are no people and will open a shop, the who comes to patronize ah!”

He laughed a little too, “Yeah.”

Wen Xing reads countless people and was knowledgeable. Hearing what Cen Feng said, he was in deep thought, and thinking back he was able to repair the transformer and even knew what the problem with the car was today. He could also immediately from his tone whether he was joking or telling the truth.

But he didn’t say anything, just picked up a canned beer, offer a toast to Cen Feng, and said with a smile.

“Xiao Feng, live a happy life, you are still young and there is nothing you can’t overcome.”

Cen Feng turned his head to look at him, smiled and nodded, picked up his own canned beer and clinked it with him, then drank it all.

At more than nine o’clock in the evening, Wen Xiaoke, who had been playing all day, fell asleep in Xiao Qing’s arms. The program also came to an end, and the three boys got up to say goodbye.

Wen Xing liked them very much and exchanged phone numbers, he also cheered them on and strive for their debut. And told them that in the future if he would have the opportunity, he would find them to play leading roles in his films.

After sending the people to the garage and watching them get on the crew’s car, Wen Xing returned.

Ying Xuze peaked at the car window for a while and said sullenly.

“Mr. Wen is so nice …… I miss my parents.”

Jing Xiangbai said, “Me too. I want to eat the dumplings they made.”

The two asked Cen Feng, “what about you?”

The car slowly drove out of the basement.

He looked out of the window at the dark sky outside and said nothing.

After a long time, Ying Xuze and Jing Xiangbai thought he would not answer, but suddenly his low voice came.

“I have no parents.”

They were surprised and stared at him.

Cen Feng took his eyes back from the window and turned his head towards them and smiled as he said, “I grew up in an orphanage.”

The past, which he never wanted to mention to anyone, seems less difficult to talk about now.



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