Chapter 77

Originally, there were only two people in the carriage, and on their way back, there were now four people in the carriage.

To be precise, there were three people sitting.

There was also a man who was tied up like a mummy and left on the floor.

Jiang Liangchan and Jiang Yunting sat on one side, and the girl just now sat alone on the other.

Jiang Yunting kicked the one who was still unconscious on the floor, looked at the strange girl across the carriage, and muttered in Jiang Liangchan’s ear with dissatisfaction.

“Sister, I’m not saying that you are too gullible to trust people, okay? But why are you picking up people when you see them and saving them when you meet them? Why do I feel that she and this guy on the ground might be accomplices? They don’t look like a good person.”

Earlier, Jiang Liangchan forced him to save the girl in front of them.

They don’t know who this girl was but as they were helping her they found out that there was someone chasing and trying to kill the girl in the woods behind.

Jiang Yunting originally did not want to save her. He was different from Chen Fang in many ways, and the only thing they have in common was that when he saw the girl who was charming, he didn’t feel any pity at all. Instead, what he felt was doubt.

But since Jiang Liangchan had already saved people without saying anything, he was afraid that his sister would be implicated, so he had no choice but to rush up to fight the people who were chasing the girl.

This was the time Jiang Yunting notice that indeed he really was making much progress and couldn’t help but be proud of himself.

One of the two assassins with knives was beaten by him while the other was knocked on the head unconscious.

His sister said that the person who was knocked unconscious should be taken as evidence, though he did not what evidence his sister was talking about he still tied him up without any room to escape and threw him on the carriage floor.

Every time Jiang Yunting glanced at the expressionless young girl opposite him, he would murmur.

“Sister, you are just too naive, do you know that recently there are rumors in the capital that many people have been deceived by female scammers like this.”

But she doesn’t blame him for thinking that.

Recently, there were rumors inside the capital that there were some female swindlers pretending to be weak, deceiving people’s sympathy, and then when people were fooled, the accomplices who were lurking around would take advantage of the opportunity to sneak attack. After knocking people unconscious, they would rob people of money, and even murder them.

Jiang Yunting himself had heard his friends vividly describe the process of being attacked by the robbers.

He heard that there was a young master who was robbed by a young girl like this and made the listeners saddened and cried.

The girl across them was originally breathlessly slumped in her seat, slowly opening her eyes after hearing these words.

She looked up and down at Jiang Yunting and suddenly spoke.

“Don’t worry, with your posture, you are safe.”

Jiang Yunting: “….”

He immediately said, “I knew there was something wrong with her. Sister, she’s blind, get her off the carriage.”

Jiang Liangchan: “….”

The young lady turned her eyes to Jiang Liangchan’s face, and her expression softened a bit, but she was still wary: “Who are you with?”

Jiang Liangchan thought for a moment, “I’m no one, but I can take you to the people you were supposed to meet.”

The young girl froze, then tried to immediately move out, trying to jump off the speeding carriage.

Unfortunately, she did not move as fast as Jiang Yunting.

Jiang Yunting dashed to the door of the carriage and stopped the young girl.

Jiang Liangchan’s words fell with it, “You don’t have to panic, at least, you can trust that I won’t harm you.”

The young girl’s face was tense. She looked at Jiang Yunting, who was in front of her, then looked at Jiang Liangchan, who had clear eyes on the opposite side, then looked at the killer on the floor who had been chasing her all this time but was now tied up five flowers and backed away.

She thought it was a passerby she happened to meet on the road, so she asked for help. But what this good-looking little girl said just now was obviously knowing her identity.

As for who she said she was meeting, she didn’t believe a word of it.

The young girl thought out: “Okay, anyway, whether it is horizontal or vertical is the same if I die. At very least it is more comfortable to die in your hands than those people.”

Jiang Liangchan certainly did not ask her to come to die, but she did not explain the misunderstanding.

The girl wouldn’t believe her if she explained it anyway, so there’s no point in wasting time.

After thinking for a while, she reached out and pulled out a thin black tube from her sleeve, reached outside the carriage, turned the black tube and searched for something, then found a white thread hanging down and pulled it down hard.

A spark went straight up into the sky.

Jiang Liangchan just stretched out her head and look with interest, there was nothing.

…did it spark?

Can this thing really contact Chen Fang? It feels a little unreliable.

This was given to her by Chen Fang after she returned from the temple that day.

He said he wouldn’t go back to Jiang Liangchan’s manor first, but he gave her this.

He said that if she encounters any critical or special situation, she just pull down the white line to signal for help, and Chen Fang would see it.

Even if he didn’t see it, his men all over the capital would have seen it and told him.

Jiang Liangchan thought it could not be used, but she did not expect to be able to use it so soon.

Jiang Liangchan knew that this girl should be the person Chen Fang was looking for recently.

And it may be a very important part of his plan.

She also remembered that in the plot the author arranged a big stumbling block for him before he seize the power in order to make Chen Fang’s journey disrupted.

If Chen Fang wants to seize the power, he needs to face the current emperor, and even if the emperor dies there was still the crown prince who would take the throne which was according to rites.

Therefore, in Chen Fang’s plan, he also needs to take care of the crown prince.

Only, after Chen Fang made a lot of preparations to topple the crown prince for the first time, there was an accident.

At that time, Chen Fang seemed to have designed a plan to reveal one of the Crown Prince’s evil deeds in front of the people and the Emperor.

Everything was laid out, but at the most important juncture, the important witnesses did not appear.

Because of this accident, the whole plan failed.

And Chen Fang was also exposed in advance.

The prince followed the trace and found Chen Fang, and also accidentally found out Chen Fang’s true identity.

—After all, the crown prince knows how he got his identity, so for so many years, he had people looking for him.

After so many years of not finding out, he was secretly very glad thinking that the person was dead.

But because of this incident, he finally found out that the person was still alive.

And it became what he feared it would be.

Since he discovered Chen Fang, the crown prince naturally recoiled madly and frantically tried to get rid of him.

And at that time, Chen Fang’s power was not as strong as it was in the later stages, originally, he planned to move slowly, but now he had to face the stormy attack of the Crown Prince.

The crown prince could mobilize too much power, after all, as the crown prince, he holds too many advantages in his hands.

Chen Fang then ate a lot of losses, several times from the edge of life and death brushed by.

Fortunately, although Chen Fang’s power was not as strong as the crown prince’s, his own skills and pattern were much stronger than the crown prince’s, and eventually, he was able to turn the tide and completely destroy the crown prince.

And that the important witness who disappeared out of thin air at that time.

If Jiang Liangchan did not guess wrong, it should be the girl in front of her.

Later, when she was discovered, she was already dead. She died near a forest on the edge of the capital. She was ragged and skinny when she died. The description was exactly the same as the girl in front of Jiang Liangchan.

The writer of this story was really awful.

She probably wants to make Chen Fang’s road to power to be a little more exciting, of course, Jiang Liangchan would also want the same, to see the male lead live a little more exciting. But that was if she was a reader.

But now, she was part of the plot. Who was Chen Fang? Her own brother.

She was the one who holds the golden finger of the plot. Could she just watch her brother enter the Huanguan Road in the future?

Dream on.

I’ll protect my brother!


TL: i cut the chapter since I’m not done editing the other half, but I’ll be back later to post it~ see you❤


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