IRBB90’S 15.2


Chapter 15(part 2)

She was spoiled? Liang Fugui likes her like this! This Su Weiwei was two-faced, in front of outsiders she was respectful to her, but behind the scenes, her horn was showing!

“You’re shameless!”

“I don’t deserve it. It’s less than one-third of yours!”

After saying this, Su Weiwei immediately left expressionlessly. She went back to her room and began to pack the closet, suddenly, a small figure crossed the high threshold with slight difficulty, and walked in. When he reached Su Weiwei’s side, he fiercely hugged Su Weiwei’s thighs which amused Su Weiwei.

“Have you finished eating, little guy?” Cheng Cheng always eats by himself and never needs to be fed by adults, which was very convenient.

Cheng Cheng nodded, smiled, and stretched out his small hand, which he clenched into a fist.

“You want me to guess?” Su Weiwei asked with a smirk.

Cheng Cheng nodded.

“I’m guessing, that there’s an egg in your hand?”

Cheng Cheng shook his head.

“Is it a magic apple?”

Cheng Cheng continued to shake his head and harrumphed. Does she think he was a fool like Liang Xiaomei? He could see at a glance that he was the only one that could make Su Weiwei happy.

“So, is Cheng Cheng holding on to her mother’s love?”

Cheng Cheng finally smiled this time. He unclenched his fist and saw a piece of candy wrapped in pink paper lying in his small palm. Children love candy, and Cheng Cheng was no different.

Su Weiwei bought it for him a long time ago, but he has been unwilling to eat it. Cheng Cheng opened the candy and clumsily sent it to Su Weiwei’s mouth.

Su Weiwei blinked and squinted as she eats the candy. The candy has been warmed up by the child, it was obviously a low-quality candy bar but Su Weiwei’s heart was never sweeter.

As soon as she smiled, her eyes brightened and curved. Her face immediately became vivid, seeing this Cheng Cheng also smiled with his eyes narrowed. Sure enough, Weiwei was still beautiful when smiled.

At that moment, Liang Xiaomei ran in and mysteriously gave Su Weiwei something. Su Weiwei was surprised to see that Liang Xiaomei served her a bowl of rice. The bowl was full of vegetables, including shredded meat, eggs, and dried radish. It was especially rich.

She didn’t say anything, but Su Weiwei was still hungry, she immediately smiled and touched Liang Xiaomei’s head.

“Thank you Xiaomei, sister-in-law is very touched.”

Liang Xiaomei raised her chin at Cheng Cheng conspicuously, huh! Don’t think he’s the only one who knows how to make Wei Wei happy, she could do it too, okay?

Cheng Cheng rolled his eyes and was very angry. This Liang Xiaomei was smart! She was a big bad guy who likes to rob Weiwei! He’s so mad at her! Cheng Cheng was so angry that he held his chin and thought about life.

At night, Su Weiwei had a dream. She had dreamed that Liang Heming was standing in front of a ship and directing the workers to carry goods. He looked just like what Su Weiwei had imagined.

He was wearing a black suit, tall but gentle, and looked like a university teacher. He seemed very experienced. After the goods were unloaded, he handed the goods to the factory owner and took back a suitcase of money. In the evening, when he returned home, he opened the underground cabinet under the bed and found a stack of neatly stacked hundred-yuan bills, roughly speaking, there were hundreds of thousands.

Hundreds of thousands were not a small amount these days.

In the dream, Su Weiwei was greedy as a bystander. She also wanted to make a lot of money, but she went back to the 1990s and she couldn’t do anything about her circumstances. And even if she went back in time, she doesn’t know how to speculate in the stock market, she also has no experience in investing in real estate, at most she could buy several houses, however, the house in this year were not cheap as she expected.

On the contrary, the newspapers say that the housing price in Shanghai has reached 2,500 yuan per square meter and the cheapest was more than 1,500 yuan. Buying houses these days was not easier than the latter days, but Liang Heming easily earned so much money. The male lead’s halo was really amazing!

She just don’t know if she, the female cannon fodder, could rub off on the male lead’s halo.

As soon as the scene jumps to the stock exchange, Liang Heming walks in with cash and opens many accounts. When he comes out his value was already extraordinary. The staff of the exchange opened champagne for him to celebrate, he also smiled to celebrate this moment.

He has a lot of money, but he couldn’t be happy because he was a man without roots. He doesn’t have any prior memory before this, he couldn’t even remember his name. No matter how happy he was and how much wealth he has, there was no one to share it with him.

Seeing this scene, Su Weiwei jumped up from her bed in anger. He couldn’t spend his money, hearing this, who on their right mind would not be angry? The dream just now was so real that she almost ran in her dream and shouted to Liang Heming.

“I can!”

She’s good at spending money.



Pre-recorded new article: “Great god, did you drop your vest?

Matchmaking Day

Qi Xiuyuan said, “My parents are dead, no car, no house, monthly salary of 5,000, there is nothing I can give you.”

Lin Yuan smiled: “coincidentally, my salary is moonlight, my family is poor, and my monthly salary is 1000 less than yours. I can’t give you anything.”

The two of them smiled at each other and reached an intention to get married.

Until the day three years later.

Lin Yuan’s favorite novel “The Journey to the Heart” was to be made into a movie, and the crew asked her to write the lyrics and music for the movie.

As a fan of novels, Lin Yuan strongly requests to meet with the author of the novel in order to better create the song.

And then, she saw her husband in a suit sitting across from her.

It was only then that Lin Yuan discovered that her super Internet writer, Dashen, who was known as the first man of science fiction in China, was her husband who could not even write love letters.

Qi Xiuyuan also found that his conservative and old-fashioned wife was actually the sexy Yuan Xin who always wears a mask.

So, Qi Xiuyuan blocked Lin Yuan in the corner:

“Wife, you never wear low-breasted fishing net socks in front of me, but you wear them to so many people on TV, eh?”

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but laugh sarcastically.

“You never said any sweet love words to me either, and on 520 you said the person you love the most is the heroine?”

When the conservative and uninteresting wife -→ sexy and enchanting masked singer

When the frugal and old-fashioned husband -→ the writer god with over 100 million royalties

Qi Xiuyuan’s friends said, “Bai Fumei’s wishes to look a little bit like your wife.”

“Impossible, my wife that person is very conservative, it is absolutely impossible for her to wear low-cut dresses, or have a rich father, I know her very well.”

Lin Yuan’s friend said, “God Qi Xiu is a bit like your husband.”

“Impossible, I know my husband, that husband of mine can’t write at all, the first sci-fi big brother? No way!”

Later… How fragrant!

Lin Yuan: husband, I heard that your annual royalty is over 100 million. How much money do you have in your card?

Qi Xiuyuan threw the card to her and squinted, “Call me father!”


Lin Yuan rolled her eyes. Was she a spineless person? She doesn’t even pay attention to hundreds of millions at all, okay?

After checking the balance.


Netizen: What the hell? The singer that I am a fan of and the author that I am a fan of is actually a pair?


TL: I don’t know if you like this side story from the author.. I was deliberately skipping them from previous chapters, but if you guys like this I can also translate this, and reupload the previous chapters with this side story, just let me know (^_^)


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