Chapter 70

In Jian Ruixi’s last life, reality shows bloomed everywhere, because this show attracted more money and fans faster many stars would rather accept reality TV shows than films.

Jian Ruixi was not popular or unknown in the circle. The good thing was that her uncle was an agent, and any resources were given to her first. The bad thing was that their company was not a big company, at the very least they were at the bottom, so she couldn’t get a permanent slot on any of those resources. However, Jian Ruixi has also been on several popular reality shows and only has one feeling—physical and mental fatigue.

If it wasn’t for the money and the fans, Jian Ruixi wouldn’t want to suffer. And now seeing a reality show she couldn’t help but feel a headache.

However, Director Zheng was talking incessantly, almost praising their planning as “there was no one before and no one to come”.

Thinking about it, variety shows in this world were not that popular, and the national TV station would really likely become the first person to eat crabs[1] and in the future, there would be a variety craze.

From Jian Ruixi’s perspective, this plan was novel and interesting, and eye-catching.

“… Our program has no lines and scripts, more than 24-hour standby, and guests can play freely on the spot. It is a new and bold attempt.”

Director Zheng finally got to the point and introduced the project after saying a lot of things.

“Therefore, our theme is different from other variety shows. We will focus on life—what kind of life do different families, environments, identities, and even classes live? What kind of reaction will happen if they are allowed to exchange their lives?”

“Because many people who are dissatisfied with life and society, they tend to have fantasies about what kind of life they can live now if they become a star, or if I am the boss of this company, and if my father is the president of so and so—given this psychology, I suddenly want to create a program. Of course, life exchange is only one of the links, and there are many interesting links. I hope to arouse the thinking and reflection of the audience, such as the husband-and-wife issue, people always say that ordinary people live more contentedly and happily. Are rich people unhappy in their family life and unhappy in their marriages? There is also the old idea of poor couples mourning everything, which may also be reflected differently in the program. “

Truth be told, Director Zheng’s eloquence was very good, and Jian Ruixi was a little moved. Of course, as an audience. But if it was as a guest, Jian Ruixi only has two words—no way. And say that if she was sent to the countryside to experience life like how a delinquent was transformed, there was simply no place to cry.

Jian Ruixi’s intuition was still very good. Just after complaining inwardly, Director Zheng introduced several groups of guests.

“We have identified a group of guests, namely famous singer Lin Yiwen and her husband Liu Chen. Liu Chen is also an old host of our station. They will be the only two people in the circle among all the guests. The other two couples are still in the selection process. They are positioned as a farmer and white-collar couples. If you two are willing to join us, our program will include guests from all walks of life, which will be very interesting.”

In fact, they had never thought of inviting President Fu and his wife to join them. The rich people in Hong Kong city regard themselves as rich and noble. They have a lot of rules and manners.

He was afraid they won’t do this kind of public appearance. Inviting one of the major media bosses was enough to represent the rich, the only drawback was that these tycoons seem to have some scandals with their female artists and it does not meet the standard of “spreading positive energy to the public” in the station.

Until Mrs. Fu’s recent fame, an unprecedented lottery draw has made a lot of noise. It seems that President Fu was behind such a high-profile move. If she could take out a gold card to Guan Canghai as a prize, it could represent the attitude of the Fu family.

This discovery made Zheng Yuan’s eyes bright. As soon as he dozed off, someone gave him a pillow. President Fu not only represents the rich, but he was also a member of the elite of the rich family. He has a good background, a high education, and a high IQ. He was very consistent with socialist values and positive proper energy!

The Fu family was so open-minded that they don’t mind Mrs. Fu becoming an Internet celebrity, so the possibility of them appearing on their programs was nil. Zheng Yuan dared to think and act, so he took the plan to sell it right away.

Jian Ruixi was not moved by his “feelings” and “inspiration”. No matter how lofty the Director said it, it could not change the fact that this was a variety show—if he wanted to shoot a documentary then she might be able to admire it politely.

The variety show, of course, put ratings on top of their list. Jian Ruixi was too familiar with this routine, so she asked.

“How do you plan to exchange, rich people and farmers or white-collar?”

If it was an exchange with the singer Lin Yiwen, Jian Ruixi was still a little interested, but once she said this, the previously eloquent Director Zheng was instantly stuck, Director Li who was tactful took over the conversation.

“Considering the contrast between before and after, the greater the class span to reflect more obvious, right? And, if Mr. and Mrs. Fu are willing, they should also want to have a completely different experience, right?”

They really want to send her to the countryside for rehabilitation, the nerve of it!

Jian Ruixi complained inwardly but saw Director Li and Director Zheng talking about how close they were as husband and wife, and both look at her with expectant eyes.

Mrs. Fu was just a mascot, but this kind of thing helped her?

Jian Ruixi still kept a smile on her face and answered more thoroughly than Director Li.

“Don’t look at me, I’m just an idle person, but it’s a different matter if Ethan has time, is it Ethan?”

After that, Jian Ruixi returned the planning book to Director Zheng with a smile, thinking that she had sent all the reasons to President Fu, and he should go down the steps now.

And didn’t think that President Fu wouldn’t say no but told Director Zheng in good faith that he needed to go back to the company to check his itinerary. In short, he would contact him later.

Jian Ruixi immediately looked at President Fu in disbelief. Wasn’t he so busy but he has time to contact him again, President Fu does he want to be that popular?

Unfortunately, her perfect noblewoman’s persona has just been established, and it was not good to come out now and refute President Fu. Jian Ruixi could only hold back and watch Director Zheng and Director Li leave with a thousand thanks and praises.

Once the guests left, she and President Fu were left in the hall, even though Jayce was still upstairs practicing the piano, Aunt Wang and others were busy in the kitchen since it would be mealtime soon. Jian Ruixi simply put away her virtuous smile and viciously questioned President Fu.

“Why don’t you refuse them?”

Fu Shiyuan looked surprised, “I thought you would like this project, didn’t you?”

Jian Ruixi was depressed. Was she the one who wanted to be popular in general Fu’s mind?

“This kind of program will just give us suffering… Which one of your eyes saw me like it, but you liked it better?”

President Fu rubbed his chin and laughed, “Is it that obvious?”

“Don’t try to deceive me.” Jian Ruixi was a little proud.

She guesses that since she has been so popular recently that she even drove President Fu’s stock up, though it was not that obvious but if President Fu takes the initiative and used it properly then the effect would be very different.

That’s why he didn’t say no to the show?

Ah, she was really a “sinful” woman. She has led the good man to a road of no return.

Just when she guessed what President Fu was going to prepare to tempt her this time, Fu Shiyuan already spoke, saying something completely different from what she guessed.

“Director Zheng said that the shooting is expected to start in mid to late September, and the weather will be more suitable in autumn.”

“So?” Jian Ruixi smiled matter-of-factly.

“By that time, Mrs. Xi will almost have time, right?”

Mrs. Fu’s smile gradually stiffened as President Fu continued.

“If the time is not right, but as long as Mr. Xi and Mrs. Fu are willing to participate, I don’t think the program would mind a few days’ delays?”

“Do you think I will be frightened by this kind of threat?” said Jian Ruixi proudly

She was aware that the male lead and female lead were unlikely to participate in the show, if they joined, it was impossible that the book did not mention this.

But anything could happen, she even was transmigrated. So, what if the female lead suddenly decided to join on a whim?

It’s already a set that this program would become a big hit after watching the planning and platform. By that time, the already popular female lead would really become a famous person, while she was still an “internet celebrity” on Weibo. She feels a little low—Jian Ruixi was a little shaken.

Jian Ruixi also didn’t want to regard the female lead as an imaginary enemy. After crossing over, she has always lived a life of a rich and noble lady. She and Mrs. Xi next door don’t have to be friends. However, as a rich and noble woman with strong vanity, Jian Ruixi was not willing to grow the ambition of others and destroy her prestige. It would be better for her to take the pit herself.

So, the next second after being proud and charming, Jian Ruixi took President Fu’s arm with a bright and coquettish smile.

“But if you have time, I’ll certainly sacrifice my life to accompany the gentleman. Who makes me your wife?”

It’s not easy to have a high position and a high responsibility.

Fu Shiyuan was not surprised by the sudden change. Half a year ago, he couldn’t grasp his wife’s character so easily because, at that time, Mrs. Fu had already learned her best way to be quiet that even he couldn’t see through her thoughts. It could be said that she got this from his mother.

But now, his wife has completely let go of herself, and the more she lives, the more she goes back to saying that it sounds good. She may be showing her true temperament outside, but her shortcomings were all exposed. She was small, vain, narrow-minded, and self-willed.

Therefore, he knows that Mrs. Fu absolutely does not want anyone in her circle to be more beautiful than her. In her words, “I can only make a small public announcement in the whole city of Hong Kong, and no one else can.”.

So, if he has to choose a person to participate in the national TV program, there was no doubt that she would be the only one.

After making it clear, President Fu still smiled cooperatively, “Then I have to thank Mrs. Fu.”

Jian Ruixi likes his character of carving gentlemen into his bones. Whenever President Fu carries forward his demeanor, she always thinks that President Fu looks 2.8 meters tall and looks so handsome that people couldn’t close their legs.

And this time, it was her. So, while there was no one else in the living room, the beautiful woman threw President Fu down, and the two rolled on the sofa and kissed each other.

As they were busy kissing, a faint voice suddenly came from the stairs.

“Jayce, teacher will teach you one thing. At this time, a child should close and cover his eyes with his small hands, and do not look at them so they won’t see—.”

Jian Ruixi was so frightened that she almost rolled down from the sofa, but President Fu under her held her in time. The two of them looked in the direction of the stairs one after another. They saw that the child was grasping the railing with one hand and covering his eyes with the other hand, obediently. If only his little hand covered his whole eyes.



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