Chapter 48

Since her Taoist father said he would arrive soon, Jiang Mian told her detective police father and counted the time to go downstairs of the hospital entrance.

When she came down, she saw her Taoist father’s iconic Taoist robe from afar.

She wanted to smile, but she saw that her Taoist father didn’t see her and didn’t directly go to the hospital entrance. He hurried back and forth as if there was something urgent.

Jiang Mian: “???”

He was already at the entrance of the hospital. Why was her Taoist Father walking back and forth?

She looked up at the hospital gate, did her Taoist father not see that this was the hospital?

“Dad.” Jiang Mian chased after him.

When Zuo Xingping heard the voice, he stopped on his feet and turned back: “Mian Mian.”

He looked in front of him, regrettably—he wanted to go back to see where his beard had blown.

On the other hand, seeing that her Taoist father didn’t stick a beard, Jiang Mian was surprised.

Her Taoist Father would take off his beard only when he was alone with her. And treasure this beard at other times. No matter what he does, he would stick to it and make it an excellent style in the eyes of others.

Zuo Xingping scratched his hair and had to give up.

Jiang Mian was not in a hurry to take her Taoist father upstairs. Since her Taoist father didn’t stick a beard, she simply took her Taoist father to find a clothing store that was still open nearby and bought a normal suit for her Taoist father.

“Mian Mian, I…”

The Taoist father hesitated, how could he let his daughter spend money for him again!

Jiang Mian said, “Dad, the policemen you met before don’t believe you because your dress is a little strange, and had doubts as their first impression. You can change back again later. I’ll take the Taoist robe for you.”

With that, the Taoist father was persuaded.

Jiang Mian ignored the strange eyes of the clerk and quickly picked out a casual suit for her Taoist father. While her Taoist father followed her obediently, not choosing anything and just took the clothes into the fitting room.

She waited outside the fitting room, with his Taoist robe in her arms.

After waiting for a while, she felt a strange tactile sensation in her hand. Jiang Mian raised her eyebrows as she gently lifted the corner of her Taoist father’s robe, there she saw a small paper figure creeping on the back of her hand.

Seemingly sensing that he was discovered, the little paper man quickly plopped down on the back of Jiang Mian’s hand and pretended to be an ordinary little paper man.

It should be one of the “tools” of her Taoist father.

Jiang Mian picked up the small paper man, it was light, no different from ordinary paper.

After thinking for a while, she put the little paper man into her small bag.

Little paper man: ????

The door to the fitting room opened and the Taoist Father came out.

Jiang Mian’s eyes lit up, wearing a simple shirt and sail pants instantly boost her Taoist Father’s temperament.

At first glance, he looked like a college student who has yet to graduate.

Zuo Xingping looked at Jiang Mian nervously, and when he saw that his baby daughter did not speak, he pulled the collar of his shirt.

“Is it not nice?”

He wore a shirt for the first time and was very uncomfortable, he felt awkward everywhere which restricted his movements.

“Dad,” Jiang Mian gave a thumbs up as she pulled her Taoist Father in front of the mirror.

“Look, aren’t you especially handsome!”

The clerk who came over: “….”

She looked at Jiang Mian, and then at the Taoist father, and then at the Taoist father, and then at Jiang Mian, and after going back and forth several times, her face showed an expression of doubt about her life.

Zuo Xingping has never cared about the gaze of others, otherwise, he would not wear the Taoist robe and beard every day to run around.

Seeing Jiang Mian so happy, his heart also followed, and was happy.

After paying the bill, Jiang Mian asked the clerk for a big bag to put the Taoist robe in it. The father and daughter then quickly returned to the hospital.

Chen Ju and Fu Ju have left, as they have other things to do.

Li Zeliang and He Ming were waiting in the ward. Li Zeliang was able to sit quietly at first but after a while, he couldn’t sit still.

Especially when Jiang Mian left the ward and said she was going to pick up the person, he kept walking around the ward.

“Regiment commander, it has been more than ten minutes, why hasn’t your little friend brought the person back?”

If he had known it would be so slow, when Jiang Mian left just now, he should have followed her out to pick the person up.

Lian Feng closed his eyes and didn’t speak, as if he were asleep.

Seeing this, Li Zeliang couldn’t speak anymore. He Ming patted him on the shoulder.

“Hasty men don’t get to eat hot tofu[1]. I’ve waited for half an hour, and it’s not bad to wait for a few more minutes.” [1-one just has to be patient; haste will ruin everything]

Li Zeliang frowned, knowing that He Ming was right, but he couldn’t calm down inside. Just as he about to speak, the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open, Jiang Mian and the Taoist father came in.

Lian Feng seemed to notice that as his eyes that had been closed slowly opened.

Seeing Zuo Xingping, Lian Feng: “……”

If it weren’t for Jiang Mian standing beside him, he would hardly recognize him.

The impression of the Taoist father from the other three fathers has always been sloppy, dressed as a swindler plus he always appears with a beard, and it was difficult for several dads to meet each other.

It was not surprising that the detective police father was shocked seeing the Taoist father in his new appearance as it was a little different from his previous appearance.

Zuo Xingping was also surprised when he saw Lian Feng lying in bed. Through his baby daughter, he knew that Lian Feng was injured, but he didn’t expect his injury to be so serious.

Briefly, he saw that Lian Feng’s blood qi was depleted. In addition, there was a trace of black energy between his eyebrows. When he wanted to look at it again, he couldn’t see it clearly.

The two men looked at each other and staggered.

“This is captain Li, and this is Professor He.” Jiang Mian pointed to the two people to introduce them to her Taoist father so that he could identify them.

The Taoist father took many lists and understood the basic etiquette. He reached out and shook hands with the two people and announced his name.

Li Zeliang couldn’t wait to ask.

“At the risk of asking, what does Mr. Zuo do? How do you plan to find the murderer?”

“Freelance.” The Taoist father dad said with a level demeanor.

Le Zeliang: “…?”

He began to wonder why he believed what Jiang Mian said.

The Taoist Father has seen more than this questioning gaze but did not care, and only said.

“You do not worry, I will help you catch the killer.”

After thinking for a while, he added, “if I can’t catch him, I don’t want your money.”

Le Zeliang: “….”

Is this a matter of money?


Li Zeliang carefully look at Zuo Xingping, although this person looks younger and did not look like an “expert”, the momentum and feeling revealed by the other party when he spoke made him inexplicably relieved.

It was also quite bizarre that only a few people believe the Taoist father when he was wearing a Taoist robe and beard—what he called a professional look.

If he changed into normal clothing, without that professional look, in turn, would make people more convinced of his words.

To sum it up: it still depends on the face.

“Let’s move now, catch the murderer sooner and return peace to one side sooner.” Li Zeliang said.

The Taoist father nodded and did not procrastinate. He always took money seriously.

Jiang Mian handed him the bag containing the Taoist robe and whispered, “Jiayou Daddy.”

Soon, only Jiang Mian and Lian Feng were left in the ward, the latter patted her shoulder.

“You’ve been busy all night too, you have to shoot a movie tomorrow, go back.”

Seeing the slight fatigue on the police detective father’s face and thinking of his injury, Jiang Mian frowned.

“Dad, then you have a good rest, I’ll go first.”

After leaving the hospital, Jiang Mian did not take a taxi back to the hotel but took a taxi home.

She didn’t have time last night, but tonight she planned to go back and make some wound medicines—she had purchased a batch of raw materials when refining the incense before, and there were still many lefts. From this raw material, she could refine some more wound medicines.

This could speed up the healing of the police detective father’s wound.

If her strength reaches the foundation period, she could find medicinal materials to refine pills, but now she could only retreat to refining wound medicine.

After returning from a long absence, Jiang Mian saw the door across and thought of Qi Yanshu, whom she had not seen for a long time since she had returned and wanted to greet him.

Just as she was about to ring the doorbell, she suddenly remembered that it was early in the morning, and Qi Yanshu must have fallen asleep, so she returned back to her house.

After a busy night, at seven o’clock in the morning, Jiang Mian successfully refined a box of wound medicine.

She tried the effect of the wound medicine—she took a knife and cut a small cut on her finger, and then put the wound medicine on, after a while, the small cut was almost healed.

Jiang Mian was quite satisfied.

She didn’t have a scene to record this morning, so there was no need to rush to the crew. Liu Ma came to clean up the room. Seeing Jiang Mian at home, she was startled at first and then surprised.

“Miss, when did you come back?”

“Last night.”

Liu Ma sniffed her nose and smelled a very special fragrance, like flowers, like some kind of medicine… she rubbed her hands and said.

“I’ll go to the kitchen to make breakfast for you.”

“No, I’ll go out to eat later, you clean up the kitchen.” After saying this, Jiang Mian went back to her room to take a shower.

Liu Ma came to the kitchen and was not surprised to see how messy the kitchen was, which she had cleaned several times before.

Although she doesn’t know what Jiang Mian did in the kitchen to make such a mess but based on the smell, it wasn’t bad at all. Instead, the special scent she smelled after entering the house was even stronger.

She was getting more and more confused about this young lady.

After taking a shower, Jiang Mian was ready to go to the hospital to give the wound medicine to the police detective father. On the pretext that she had thought before, she would say that she bought it at a beauty salon, and it had a miraculous effect on accelerating healing the wound and lightening scars.

Without any sleep all night and all her energy focused on refining the wound medicine, Jiang Mian was a little tired. Rubbing her temples, she put the medicine on the small box and into her bag.

When she saw the small paper man inside the bag, remembering that in the clothing store last night while she was holding the Taoist robe she picked up the little paper man and pokes its flat body.

“Will it walk?”

The little paperman remains motionless.

Jiang Mian: “…….”

Does this recognize people?

She did not know that the little paper man could only live” when it was with the Taoist father. Without the maintenance of the Taoist father’s breath, the little paper man was just a paper man.

Jiang Mian stuffed the little paper man back into her bag, greeted Liu ma, and went out. She then came to the opposite side and rang the doorbell.

But it seems that no one was at home as there was no answer even after ringing the doorbell for a while.  Liu Ma heard the sound and came out and said.

“Miss, that Mr. Qi has not come back for a long time, I guess he has moved out.”

Once the words fell, the elevator dinged open, Qi Yanshu slowly walked out.

Liu Ma: “…”



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