ECM 80

editor: sushi~


Chapter 80

Cen Feng was the last person Xu Zhaixing styled.

She thinks that apart from the necessary stage makeup during a performance, her idol’s normal look could completely support all shots, and there was no need for makeup. After taking the powder puff and looking at it again, she only covered his slightly tired eyes, then styled his hair and sprayed some hairspray to fix it and said.


A moment later, it was about time they started filming. The staff pushed the door in and explained.

“The “guest” program camera is here. You guys get ready, the filming will begin when you go out.”

Ying Xuze and Jing Xiangbai stood up and said goodbye to Xu Zhaixing first before they went out. Xu Zhaixing looked at Cen Feng, a little worried, and explained in a low voice.

“Brother, if you feel uncomfortable during filming, you have to tell the crew. They… I heard that they are nice people and take good care of the guests! So, don’t force yourself!”

Cen Feng was amused by her expression and nodded seriously.

“En, I know.”

She still had the eyebrow pencil in her hand and gave him a small wave.

“Go for it, brother.”

Cen Feng said yes, and waved his hand back at her, before turning around and walking out. Xu Zhaixing looked at the eyebrow pencil in her hand and sighed sadly.

“A pencil in the hand of a loving mother.”

Outside the building, the PD, cameramen, and executive directors of the program “come to my house as a guest” have been waiting outside. When they came out, they greeted each other first, explained the recording process, and began shooting.

Ying Xuze saw that the cameraman was mainly shooting at their feet and legs. Doing this would create suspense for the audience, especially since it was three pairs of long legs.

After getting in the car, the camera stopped recording. The executive director sat on the copilot, turned around, and told them.

“I’ll take you to the mall first to buy a gift for the host and start recording again when we’re almost there. You can sleep a little longer first, you all look like you’re very tired.”

The car gradually pulled out of the recording camp and drovedrive into the main driveway.

After recording “Teen Idol” for so long, this was the first time they hadhave left the camp, and as the car gradually drove into the city, they all had a feeling of isolation.

Ying Xuze looked at the window for a while, suddenly turned around and leaned over Cen Feng’s ear, and secretly asked.

“Brother Feng, are you familiar with teacher Xiao Xu?”

Cen Feng leaned against the cushion and closed his eyes to catch up on sleep, hearing the question he lightly said “hmm”.

Ying Xuze continued to ask in a whisper.

“How familiar are you?”

Cen Feng gave him a sidelong glance, “What’s it to do with you?”

Ying Xuze thought about it and asked himself if it had something to do with him. Did he have the right to interfere in the interpersonal relationship of the young miss? Nor who Cen Feng flirts with? Could he express his opinions to them just like that?

With that thought, he silently shut up.

An hour later, the executive director shouted in front.

“Wake up, hey, let’s start shooting.”

Cen Feng had his head leaning on the cushion, while the other two, Ying Xuze and Jing Xiangbai were leaning on Cen Feng’s left and right shoulders. He raised his hands and patted them on their foreheads. Ying Xuze and Jing Xiangbai yawned, sat up straight, and rubbed their eyes.

The camera in the car in front has been set up. When they were fully awake, they officially startedstart recording. The director said:.

“There is a shopping mall ahead. You have half an hour to choose gifts for the host.”

Ying Xuze looked at the two people next to him and said, “Should we go for the red packets?”

Jing Xiangbai nodded naively.

He grew up outside the country, but he knows the customs and habits of his mother country. And he knew that red envelopes could never go wrong!

Meanwhile, Cen Feng’s interpersonal communication was zero, and he had little experience with these, so he nodded silently.

Ying Xuze had nothing to say and looked at the director with a look asking for help.

“Can we send red packets?”

Director: “Whatever you want, we don’t have rules for this show.”

So, when they arrived at the mall, Ying Xuze took his bank card to withdraw money, and Jing Xiangbai and Cen Feng went to the mall to buy red envelopes. It was still early, so there were fewer people in the mall, but the theme song “SunandYoung” of “Teen Idol” was playing on the stereo of the mall.

Jing Xiangbai gave a “wow”, turned his head, and asked Cen Feng, “do you want to dance?”

Cen Feng: “?”

Jing Xiangbai was not embarrassed when he didn’t get a response. He snapped his fingers and dance up while walking in rhythm.

There weren’t many youngsters in the shopping mall early in the morning, but it was full of uncles and aunts instead. And when they saw someone dancing, they all camecome around and looked at Jing Xiangbai strangely. Jing Xiangbai, on the other hand, was taught that getting an audience from his performance was a good thing so he wasn’t embarrassed. He has also had a very open-minded attitude.

As he was dancing, he didn’t forget Cen Feng.

“Hey bro, let’s dance, ‘kay?ah.”

Cen Feng: “….”

The shopping mall was too big, and Cen Feng had a hard time searching for the red envelopes. On the contrary, Jing Xiangbai was still dancing as the onlookers followed, while the camera of the program team filmed everything.

After the song finally ended, Cen Feng breathed a sigh of relief thinking Jing Xiangbai could finally help him search for those red envelopes, but even before the song ended the intro of the song “Scream” was being played next.

Are the people in charge in this mall a fan of Teen Idol?

Jing Xiangbai patted Cen Feng on the shoulder with a surprised face.

“Wow, it’s your song, dance, brother!”

Cen Feng couldn’t stand it anymore, and pulled the sales clerk who was organizing the stock next to him,

“Hello, can you please tell me where the red envelopes are?”

Seeing that it was a handsome boy, the salesclerk answered very enthusiastically.

“In front of the B section, on the counter selling stationery.”

Cen Feng ignored Jing Xiangbai, who was still dancing alone, and ran away.

There were many kinds of red envelopes, including ‘happy marriage for a hundred years’,’ Happy New Year ‘and’ Happy Birthday ‘. Cen Feng squatted under the shelf and chose one with ‘all the best ‘.

Just as he raised his head, he saw a flash of light across the gap between the shelves.

The PD and cameraman also notice it and stopped them.

“Don’t take photos, please don’t take any photos.”

Cen Feng stood up and saw several girls standing behind the shelves not far away. Because they forgot to turn off the flash, they were caught red-handed and were embarrassed, but this didn’t stop them from looking at Cen Feng with excited and nervous looked on their faces as they explained.

“Brother, this is a chance encounter! We only took a picture!”

He replied with a faint smile. “It’s okay.”

These girls couldn’t help but screamed with their mouths covered.

After buying the red envelopes, he found Jing Xiangbai was still dancing. Ignoring him, he went to the cashier and paid, then rejoined Ying Xuze at the door after taking the money.

The fans only followed to the door and did not follow, waiting for them to get in the car to go before they excitedly posted on Weibo.

[Woke up early in the morning to go shopping and ran into brother, awsl, sisters, come and taste this raw picture without makeup!]

The accompanying picture was the moment he half-crouched in front of the shelves and slightly raised his head.

The beauty takes a bath, the fairy looks back, and Cen Feng looks up.

Absolutely beautiful.

The kKites were so excited by this sky-defying appearance early in the morning, and couldn’t help but also scream.

[am I not a career fan? Why do I feel more and more reduced to flesh and body food?]

[don’t resist your instinct! Sink with me! I’ll be honest, I want to sleep with him]

[taste this look, taste this chin, taste this man]

[some time ago, I knew that one day, you would turn to wife fans]

 [I didn’t count AC number for my idol’s appearance. Do you really think I can stand it?  ]

[are they recording forfor the “Be My Guestcome to my house as a guest”? Ah, this daily private service, the look of my brother next door is too poke me, looking forward to the feature film]



Because of this unexpected “hot topic” in the Super Talk, many sites and stations asked for permission to re-adjust the photo, editing the light and shadow and directly changing the pixel to refine it and not look like it was an image taken by phone and use it as a screensaver.

At this time, the car of the program group has slowly driven into a high-end community.

Ying Xuze looked at the red envelope in his hand and suddenly felt discouraged to shoot the next scene. Jing Xiangbai comforted him.

“Don’t worry, no one doesn’t like red packets.”

After getting out ofoff the car, the director told them the house number, and the three followed the sign all the way to find it. Finally, they stood in front of a small single house on the second floor.

Ying Xuze and Jing Xiangbai glancedglance at each other nervously and flinched as they reached the doorbell and looked at the indifferent Cen Feng.

“Brother Feng…..”

Cen Feng glanced at them and calmly walked over to ring the doorbell.

Not long after, the door snapped open. Cen Feng didn’t see anyone in his line of sight for the first second. He reacted and looked down. A four or five-year-old boy raised his head and asked mildly.

“Are you the guest who will come visit me inside my house today?”

Cen Feng: “….”

Ying Xuze looked at the boy for a long time and said uncertainly:.

“… Is this teacher Wen’s child?”

The little boy leaned over his head and looked at him.

“Yes! My father is Wen Xing, and I am Wen Xiaoke.”

Wen Xing was one of the youngest actors in China to win the Best Actor Award and was called film emperor. After getting married, he gradually transformed into a director and invested in the business. He has a very high status in the industry. His wife was Xiao Qing who was also a famous actress in the film and television industry and was still active on the big screen up to this day.

Although the couple werewas not popular idols, they were very popular and famous in their respective fields. Especially last year, Xiao Qing took Wen Xiaoke to a parent-child program, which has a higher exposure.

The three did not expect that the house they would be visiting was a well-known celebrity nor when the door was opened by a child. They were stunned for a moment.

The outwardly calm Cen Feng squatted down and asked Wen Xiaoke.

“Well, we are here as guests, where are your mom and dad?”

Wen Xiaoke said, “Mom and dad are still working, and they won’t come back until the afternoon. They… They told me to take care of you and when the task is done they will buy me this ~ so big and ~ so high transformers!”

The three people: “…..”

Wen Xiaoke was very enthusiastic for the sake of Transformers: “You guys come in!”

Ying Xuze glanced at the staff next to him and saw that they all looked like they were gloating and watching a good show, so they knew they were being pitched.

Who comes to be a guest? It’s clear that they come to be a nanny—to take care of a child!

Although there was a live-in nanny in the Wen family, the nanny was not around during the recording of the show. The three boys, who have never been with children before, sat on the sofa pinching their red envelopes and had a feeling of asking the heavens with tears in their eyes.

Wen Xiaoke politely asked, “Would you like some water?”

How could they let a small toddler pour them water, what would they do if he accidentally scalded himself.

“I’ll do it, let brother do it.”

Wen Xiaoke jumped, took him there, and camecome back, the three of them had just taken a sip when suddenly a child’s cry could be heard from the house.

The three looked over at the same time and Wen Xiaoke said, “Ah, it’s my brother who’s awake!”

Ying Xuze: “You have a younger brother?”

Wen Xiaoke: “Yes, my brother is one year old.”

He ran in chattering and ran out again covering his nose.

“My brother poopedpulled Baba!”

The three people: “…..”

Ying Xuze looked at Jing Xiangbai and then at Cen Feng in a horror.

“We …… we’re not going to change his brother’s diaper, are we?”

The child’s cries grew louder and louder, and Wen Xiaoke stomped her foot and shouted again.

“Brother, my brother has pooped!”

Cen Feng took a deep breath and stood up with open his hands to hold Wen Xiaoke’s hand.

“Go, we’ll change the diaper.”

Just…… it really stinks.

With the help of the nanny, the three people successfully changed the diapers for the child. Ying Xuze felt that he couldn’t eat for half a month. After sitting for five minutes, the child began to cry again.

Wen Xiaoke said solemnly, “my brother is hungry.”

So the three learned to mix milk powder with the nanny.

With great difficulty, Wen Xiaoke rubbed his stomach and said to them shyly, “brother, I’m hungry, too.”

Ying Xuze found out that this child simply took the whole script from the show.

“You’re doing it on purpose, right?”

Wen Xiaoke blinked his eyes, and looking impishlike a little demon.

“This is just the beginning.”

Ying Xuze and Jing Xiangbai: “?”

Was this how this little devil would kill him?

Cen Feng suddenly pointed to a taller-than-human Transformer model in the corner of the living room and asked, “Is that one broken?”

Wen Xiaoke looked back and nodded in grievance

“It’s broken. I accidentally dropped it, and it can’t move anymore. Mom and dDad said that only when I finish today’s task, can I buy a new one.”

Cen Feng was silent for a moment and asked him, “How about if I fix it for you, that’s the end of the mission for today?”

Wen Xiaoke’s eyes lit up: “Really? You can really fix Jiumi?!”

Cen Feng slightly nodded, got up and asked the nanny for a toolbox, slowly put the transformer model, which was only a head shorter than himself, to the ground, and then unscrewed the cover of the model with a screwdriver in the unbelievable eyes of a crowd, he began to repair the dense and complex circuit chips.

An hour later, he re-screwed the lid, picked up the model, took the remote control, and pressed the switch.

The transformer’s eyes glowed red and moved again.

Wen Xiaoke rushed excitedly and hugged the model: “Jiumi! You finally woke up! I miss you so much!”

Cen Feng sat back on the sofa under the dumbfounded expression of the program group, picked up his glass, and asked calmly.

“Is it possible to be a normal guest next time?”



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