Chapter 47

“That’s Chen Ju, Fu Ju, Captain Li, Professor He.” Lian Feng pointed to people and introduced them to Jiang Mian. Jiang Mian then sweetly greeted the people respectively.

After introducing her, Lian Feng stroked Jiang Mian’s hair and said to the four people.

“This is Mian Mian.”

And that’s it?

In addition to Chen Ju, the other three people had question marks hovering over their heads.

Several people have worked with Lian Feng and know his temperament, they have never seen a woman close to him.

But they were not introducing a family member now, they were discussing a case. So, how could they let a little girl just barge in and let her listen.

Li Zeliang was famous for his impatience. Seeing that Lian Feng didn’t let Jiang Mian leave at all, he raised his voice and said.

“Regiment commander, let’s deal with the case now. This case is racing against time. Even one minute less to catch the murderer is a possibility of more new victims.”

“Even if this girl is your family, irrelevant people should withdraw. It doesn’t matter where you go after the case is discussed.”

As he spoke, he turned his eyes to Jiang Mian. His eyes were a little fierce because of his urgency. And thought that the girl would not look at them and waste their time in vain.

He was in charge of the case for a while now but he hasn’t been able to catch the murderer, and there may be new victims at any time. He hasn’t closed his eyes for several days, and his eyes were red and bloodshot.

But Jiang Mian met his gaze abruptly and froze.

When her police detective father encounters a case, was it also a race against time to solve the case, just to stop people from causing accidents?

She whispered to her police detective father: “Dad, I’ll wait for you outside.”

Lian Feng thought about it and was about to nod when suddenly, a sharp pain stabbed into his temple——

Here it was again.

Lian Feng used all his strength to control his expression and not let them notice any changes. His eyes moved down and fell on Jiang Mian’s right hand on his right arm, it was small, tender, and slender.

He suddenly wrapped Jiang Mian’s hand into his palm, holding his daughter’s hand like he did when she was a child, and the warm, soft touch instantly alleviated the pain coming from both sides of his temple.

In the palm of his hand was his daughter’s hand so he mustn’t use force or it would hurt her—with this thought, Lian Feng’s hand that was holding Jiang Mian didn’t even tremble, that even Jiang Mian who was next to him didn’t notice anything unusual, and just let his police detective father hold her hand.

Seeing Lian Feng holding the little girl’s hand in front of everyone, Chen Ju’s eyelids twitched, and he became more and more confused.

Even if he was partial to his daughter, he had to admit that his daughter was incomparable with the little girl in any way.

Li Zeliang on the other hand, seeing that Lian Feng not only didn’t let Jiang Mian leave but also held Jiang Mian’s hand, looking like a father and daughter, a fire lit up.

However, as soon as his fire came out, Lian Feng’s extremely calm eyes passed over.

Facing Lian Feng’s line of sight, Li Zeliang paused. Before his words were spoken, the fire went out.

Lian Feng said, “if Mian Mian stays, my mind will be clearer.”

His voice was steady and no one could tell what kind of pain he was going through.

Unbeknownst to them, the nerves on either side of his temples seemed to be stirred up inside by countless needles.

He even nodded to Jiang Mian—knowing that Jiang Mian would be confused, this nod was to make her stay at ease.

Jiang Mian understood and sat on the hospital bed next to her police detective father.

She looked at her police detective father’s hand that was holding her.

Her police detective father’s hand were slender and strong with thick calluses on his fingers and palm, and light scars could be seen in some places on the back of his hand.

Different from the hands of the billionaire tyrant father which felt like someone who was pampered. He had no calluses or flaws on his hands, and they were beautiful like a work of art.

She always felt something was wrong.

Jiang Mian looked at her detective police father’s expression—based on her understanding of her police detective father since there was already opposition to her staying here and the discussion was about an important matter, her police detective father should agree to her leaving.

The case was naturally more important in this particular situation, but her detective police father made an excuse for her to stay.

However, she didn’t see anything unusual besides that and had to keep her doubts to herself for the time being.

Since Lian Feng said so, even if Li Zeliang had doubts it would be hard to say anything.

Her detective police father was discussing something before Jiang Mian appears.

Picking where they left, Jiang Mian quietly listened. Although she did not hear the beginning, from the conversation of several people, as well as her detective police father’s speculation, she roughly understands what kind of case this was.

There was a serial murder in Dongcheng District in charge of Li Zeliang. The murderer killed five people in a row in a short period of half a month. The modus operandi was skillful, not limited to specific groups, and it was random.

He cleaned up the scene after the murder without any clues. He was an experienced person.

According to the speculation of her detective police father, the murderer was between 30 and 40 years old, male, 1.6 meters tall, thin, ugly, and physically defective.

Even though the characteristics of the murderer were determined, and a rough portrait was drawn by profiling, it was impossible to determine where the murderer was because of his random method of operation.

What Li Zeliang was most worried about now was that the murderer may know that he has attracted the attention of the police and was likely to abscond. Judging from his skilled modus operandi, it was obviously not his first crime.

Once the murderer has escaped, go to another city, casually dresses up, changes his face, and again can be hidden in the city wilderness killings.

Such highly dangerous elements must be arrested and brought to justice in order to return peace to society.

Jiang Mian got dizzy hearing them talking about various professional terms. It was too troublesome.

If her divine sense was still there, she could easily help find out where the person was according to the characteristics described by her police detective father.

However, right now she was just a mortal who has only refined her Qi and has not even entered the “Tao”.


Jiang Mian suddenly spoke out, “Just need to find out where the killer is, right?”

The pain from the temples on both sides of Lian Feng has weakened, but he did not release his daughter’s hand. He has just given a few areas where the killer may appear.

Hearing Jiang Mian’s words, he nodded.

“There’s someone who can help you find out quickly where the killer is.” Jiang Mian said.

“Who?” Li Zeliang couldn’t wait to ask, forgetting for a moment that the little girl in front of him was an outsider.

“Little girl, this is not a children’s family affair. You can’t joke about this.” Chen Ju frowned.

“Of course, I know the seriousness of the matter.” Jiang Mian said seriously.

“Although I don’t know anything about cases, I know someone is killing indiscriminately and committing crimes.”

“My dad… Dad said that Uncle Lian was injured and had 13 knife injuries. He should have had a good rest and recuperate, but now he has to take part in this matter with injuries.”

Jiang Mian’s tone was accentuated as she said, “thirteen knife wounds” and “take part with injuries”.

Although her words didn’t mean any blame, the look of several people was not very natural as soon as her words fell.

Lian Feng left many legends when solving cases in the Bureau. Often, the cases they encountered that could not be solved would be transferred to him or asked for support.

Over time, everyone was used to it.

This time, Lian Feng came back from completing the task and made great contributions, but he was seriously injured. According to the regulations, no one should bother him with the case anymore.

But because the case was too urgent to find clues and catch the killer.

And Lian Feng seems to be in good condition and does not seem like a seriously injured person, so they subconsciously ignore his injuries.

Jiang Mian said, “This person can help you find the murderer, if the murderer is caught, the case is solved, and you won’t have to come back to Uncle Lian, he can then recuperate from his injuries.”

The person Jiang Mian was talking about was naturally her Taoist father.

As a Taoist who had power, if he takes action to find the murderer it would definitely be faster than the police spending a lot of manpower to find the person.

Jiang Mian knew that if she relied on her own words, these four people would definitely not believe her.

However, she doesn’t need these four people to believe her, as long as her detective police father believes her.

“Dad, this person I’m talking about is Papa Zuo.” Jiang Mian attached her mouth near Lian Feng’s ear and whispered.

Lian Feng frowned, of course, he knew what the Taoist father’s occupation was, but he, as a police officer, firmly believe in socialist core values, and therefore from the bottom of his heart did not believe in a Taoist power.

Han Xu called the Taoist father, the divine stick. Although Lian Feng didn’t say it deep inside he agreed.

He always knew that Jiang Mian didn’t believe Zuo Xingping, and he never thought that Jiang Mian now would tell him that Zuo Xingping could help.

When did his daughter change her mind about Zuo Xingping?

A glimpse of contemplation swept across the bottom of Lian Feng’s eyes.

Father and daughter looked at each other, and after a moment, Lian Feng said to the four people.

“There is such a person.”

There was a smile in Jiang Mian’s eyes.

She knew that even if her detective police father did not believe in her Taoist father, he would believe in her.

Jiang Mian suggested that her Taoist father could help, one was to help her detective police father, and the other one was that she doesn’t want to let the murderer kill casually, but this does not also mean that she was not seeking official benefits to help her Taoist father.

Since there was Lian Feng as a guarantee, Chen Ju said readily.

“If this friend can help find the murderer quickly, the Bureau will reward him with at least 30000 yuan.”

Thirty thousand was just the right reward for her Taoist father—too much and he would lose money if he takes it.

And the reward of the police station was much more generous than that of the crew next door.

Jiang Mian asked her Taoist father how much he was paid by the crew next door, Taoist father told her it was five and thought it was fifty thousand at first but it turned out to be only five thousand.

Jiang Mian: “….”

Too stingy!

It’s hard to meet a generous employer based on her Taoist father’s fate.

Jiang Mian walked out of the ward and called the Taoist father.

Once she left, the ward became exceptionally quiet, and Lian Feng pinched his brow.

Chen Ju, these four people looked at each other.

It seems that the case is suddenly in the guarantee of Lian Feng, giving them the illusion was broken.

Now they just need to wait for the helpers to arrive, and then they could do the final arrest work.

In fact, they should not have believed what Jiang Mian said—but because this was guaranteed by Lian Feng, even if they have some doubts in their hearts, they subconsciously choose to believe.

They’ll know when the people come.

Since the business was now over for the time being, Chen Ju coughed, while everyone stayed silent. As the highest official here, he took advantage of his position to inquire about news for his daughter.

“Lian Feng, what is the relationship between that little girl and you?”

When this statement was made, the other three were surprised and did not understand why Chen Ju asked this.

Seeing how Lian Feng treated Jiang Mian earlier, they all thought his relationship with her was his “family”, but they did not expect Jiang Mian to call him “Uncle Lian”.

The “family” they were thinking of was naturally not that kind of “family” but they were still a family.

But if Chen Ju asks like this now, does this relationship have another meaning?

Lian Feng used Yuan Jinfei’s introduction to Chen Yubing: “A friend’s kid.”

Chen Ju thought of the blank information on Jiang Mian’s parents’ column he found. Hearing Lian Feng says so, he became more and more suspicious.

The information shows that Jiang Mian has no father and no mother and was an orphan. So, the “a friend’s kid” that Lian Feng said was either false or Jiang Mian’s data was false.

Either way, this little girl, Jiang Mian was really treated differently by Lian Feng. According to Lian Feng’s attitude towards Jiang Mian that he just saw, he finally understands why his daughter was so sad last night.

But Chen Ju still didn’t believe that Lian Feng’s character would attack a little girl.

He glanced at He Ming and secretly planned to find an opportunity to talk with him later. He was a psychologist, he could let him analyze this situation.

Lian Feng closed his eyes and his eyebrows slowly loosened up.

Outside the ward, Jiang Mian has contacted her Taoist father.

“Mian Mian, are you back?”

The Taoist father was still hanging around next door. The person in charge who invited him today told him that if he couldn’t solve it again, he would be able to “roll” smoothly tomorrow.

Zuo Xingping was a little embarrassed. He rarely encountered the situation that he failed to return after receiving the order, but he really couldn’t find the source and solve the situation encountered by the crew. It’s also disgraceful to continue to stay here.

But he was very reluctant to leave. Here, he could see his baby daughter every day. After leaving, it would not be easy to see his baby daughter again.

But he really should also leave to find another means to earn money. Although he could meet his baby daughter every day here, his food, lodging, and travel were arranged by his baby daughter. It was clearly his baby daughter who was raising him!

How could he let this happen?

How could a daughter raise her father? So, he has to earn more money to raise his daughter.

When he received Jiang Mian’s call, he thought his baby daughter was back, and anyway, he didn’t find anything, he was already planning to give up this work and go back to stay with his daughter, but instead, he heard Jiang Mian say to him.

“Dad, I took a single business for you, you can earn money ah.”

Zuo Xingping was dumbfounded.

Was his daughter now not only responsible for his food, clothing, housing, and transportation, but also for getting him a job?

In addition to being happy and moved, the Taoist father was a little sulen. He felt that he had failed to be a father!

It seemed to be aware of the complex thoughts in his heart. A small paper man came from his Taoist robe, climbed onto his face, and patted his face evenly left and right like comforting him.

Zuo Xingping: “….”

He found that they were extra excited whenever he was with his baby girl.

He doesn’t know if it was affected by his mood ==

Jiang Mian explained the situation to her Taoist father. Zuo Xingping knew that Lian Feng had come back. It was really not difficult for him to find someone.

But he had concerns: “Mian Mian, the police have never believed me ……”

In fact, in the work that the Taoist father received before, he occasionally ran into the police, and the police didn’t believe him.

Not only did he not believe him, but he was arrested several times for preaching feudal superstition.

Obviously, some of his colleagues get along well with the police. Why couldn’t they get along with him?

Over time, he didn’t like dealing with the police very much.

If he goes, what if those cops don’t believe him and then think he’s in the way and arrest him for a few days?

Although the food in the police station was quite good.

“Dad, don’t worry, I’m here.” Jiang Mian said.

Hearing the baby’s daughter say so, the Taoist father was immediately relieved.

Jiang Mian: “Dad, I’ll call a car for you.”

“No, I’ll come by bike.” The Taoist father said.

“Didn’t you say those policemen were waiting for me? I can pedal very fast.”

After a pause, he added, “it’s faster than taking the car.”

Jiang Mian did not ask her Taoist father why riding a bike was still faster than riding a car, since her Taoist father could say so, so naturally, he could do it.

There was no shortage of shared bicycles around Film City, but because the bike given by Han Xu last time broke its chain halfway, it caused Zuo Xingping to have a grudge against the bike.

Therefore, this time he chose a shared battery bike.

It was still unlocked with a small paper man when there was no one. Zuo Xingping got in the bike, drove the battery bike to a place where there was no one, and then he buckled the rope from his Taoist robe, touched a small ball, and snapped it.

A void shadow was injected into the two tires of the battery car. Zuo Xingping twisted the switch, and the battery bike jumped out with a whoosh.

That speed was not the speed of a normal battery bike, racing cars could not even compare!

The Taoist father rode an accelerated version of the electric bicycle and rushed to the armed forces hospital in a sudden burst.

His daughter said that if he helped find the murderer, there would be a payment of 30,000.

When the time comes, he could buy a beautiful little dress for his baby girl again ~

When they arrived at the armed forces hospital, Zuo Xingping parked the bike and suddenly felt that something was wrong with his face. He touches it.

Hiya, his beard was gone.



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