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Chapter 76

Because the master Taoist predicted that as long as the method was proper and she persists, she could change the plot and her fate.

Now Jiang Liangchan feels no harsh winds and waves coming her way, but instead feels the unprecedented enthusiasm for life. She was so happy that she feels like she was flying.

So, she threw herself into a new life of self-help with unprecedented enthusiasm.

She took out her familiar little book of grooming plans again.

Jiang Liangchan’s own self-rescue route was very clear, nothing more than Hua Shan and Chen Fang for that matter.

She calculated that there was still a little more than a month before the two of them parted.

Because she shared with Chen Fang the huge secret that she was not the original Jiang Liangchan, and also had a touching mutual rescue interaction with Chen Fang, now that Jiang Liangchan remembered Chen Fang again, her whole mentality has changed.

It was simply gentle and soft, calm and peaceful, kind and propitious.

Even if Chen Fang had dragged his own love on for so long and takes his time falling in love with Hua Shan, she would not scold him as a dog man.

They were brothers, they must understand each other.

It was his first time falling in love, so wouldn’t he have a hard time figuring it out?

Who does not have a first time in their life?

Why couldn’t she be more tolerant?

Besides, as the hero of the story, was Chen Fang more lacking than heroes in other stories? Was he only the one lacking?

It’s simply not possible.

No, not at all.

No, she shouldn’t create rumors.

She should put this downside aside and give him face.

He has a good family background.

Knows martial arts.

And a hero who saves a beauty.

And a wide range of friends, a high-end circle of friends, and when someone slaps your face, he was the hidden big boss who would not just support you but stable support.

When necessary, he would also pretend with you.

He was also very considerate in saving people. For someone like her, who has an unimportant role he told the master Taoist to put the peace talisman into her heart so as to not lose it.

Full marks for professionalism as a male lead.

He lit up the skill tree that a male lead should have.


He was a man who comes out with his own male BGM.

The only drawback was that these skills were just not used by the right person.

It was wasted on her as, a cannon fodder.

But …… Jiang Liangchan quickly found a reason for him, it is also because he did not much interaction with Hua Shan recently.

In the final analysis, it was the plot was preposterous. The identity of Chen Fang and his white moonlight was not good at all, making Cheng Fang unable to analyze his feeling earlier.

And the author should blame for this, this was her fault.

She was just the unlucky transmigrator who crossed over into this preposterous book.

Now Jiang Liangchan’s loving filter for Chen Fang’s loving was so thick that she was basically already almost blind.

She thought very optimistically, even if Chen Fang put on her wrongly wasted several times male dominant skills, it was not a bad thing.

Rehearsal was important before something important was done.

Chen Fang also always has to rehearse, so that, when he gets involved with Hua Shan, wouldn’t he be very good at it?

No problem.

Everything was in range.

When Chen Fang return from his work, she would launch herself as a peerless matchmaker.

Brother Bao do not panic. This brother will help you.

Jiang Liangchan still has confidence in herself.

The biggest obstacle now was Jiang Pingxuan and Jiang Yunting.

Especially Jiang Pingxuan.

Jiang Liangchan could see that the relationship between his father and Chen Fang should still be the same relationship in the book.

The sudden disappearance of Chen Fang before should be her father’s doing, sending Chen Fang to his death, and Chen Fang turned against Jiang Pingxuan.

These two people were at each other’s throats, her father blocked Chen Fang’s way forward and Chen Fang hated Jiang Pingxuan very much which was no different from the book.

And Jiang Liangchan could not intervene.

Because of the Chu family’s affairs, she was very disappointed with Jiang Pingxuan making the two of them rarely communicate. As soon as she went to Jiang Pingxuan, he immediately asks her to prepare for marriage and didn’t tell her anything else.

Jiang Liangchan really couldn’t use the technique he used on transforming Jiang Yunting, into Jiang Pingxuan.

This was making her head bald.

Jiang Liangchan bit the pencil as she thinks hard but still couldn’t figure out how to solve this dead end.

While still thinking about her way out, the door curtain rattled and then Chun Xin’s voice came.

“Young master is here, Miss is in the study, you sit for a while, I will go to inform Miss.”

Without waiting for the servant to inform her, Jiang Liangchan had already come out on her own as soon as she heard the sound of talking.

Jiang Yunting’s always cheerful little face collapsed, and even after she came out, he was vaguely afraid to look at her.

Frustrated and ashamed, hanging his head like a dehydrated cabbage.

Jiang Liangchan hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Jiang Yunting stammered for a while before he said in shame.

“Sister, I messed up your marriage contract.”

He relayed what happened yesterday roughly to Jiang Liangchan, Jiang Liangchan only understood that the original Taoist priests did first say that there was a difference in the house yesterday, but after seeing Jiang Pingxuan they insisted that he was okay and that he was the original normal Jiang Pingxuan.

Jiang Yunting was indignant.

“I should have thought long ago that they are a bunch of people who didn’t have any skills at all, just here to cheat me out of money.”

Jiang Liangchan: “…”

She was a little afraid to speak.

Young man, those Taoist priests read it right.

Jiang Pingxuan may not really have a problem but there is a problem with me who is in front of you.

Jiang Yunting was even more ashamed that there was nothing wrong with his father, which was also good, so he had the Taoist priests start a second plan and had the Taoists frantically brainwash his father about how unreliable the marriage was, how he was making his daughter wear a green hat, and that he had been deceived.

It was clear to say that this method was effective.

He could clearly see the look on his father’s face, and there was indeed some wavering.

He just doesn’t know which sentence was wrong, or what was Father Jiang thinking but after talking with the Taoist priest, Jiang Pingxuan’s expression changed again.

The wavering that seemed to be about to succeed was so forcefully suppressed.

Father Jiang flung his sleeves and left, leaving Jiang Yunting with a message.

“Don’t get these crooked ways into the family in the future. Don’t even think about messing up your sister’s marriage contract by using these crooked ways.”

Jiang Yunting finished his experience of that day in shame, but to his surprise, Jiang Liangchan did not care at all.

When Jiang Liangchan heard this, her first words were surprisingly.

“Do you still want to be a general now?”

This was not the reaction Jiang Yunting expected.

But since he was asked, Jiang Yunting still answered immediately.

“Of course, I want to be a general even more now.”

He was now more advanced in martial arts than before and has also read many more military books than before.

Although the day was difficult and exhausting, he was content.

If, before, it was just the delusion of a teenager who did not know the sky was high, now, he was really climbing towards that goal step by step.

The unreachable mountain was more distant, loftier, and more fascinating in the cloud cover.

Jiang Liangchan patted him on the shoulder.

“I have a way to deal with my affairs. You don’t have to worry about it. If you really want to be a good general, you should practice hard and try to become an apprentice of the arrow God.”

Jiang Liangchan knows his future.

It was inevitable that at least one war would fall in his path before him in his destiny.

He was the ignorant and arrogant teenager who, on that day, needed to take up arms and go to war.

If he has already experienced a thousand trials and tribulations, on that day, he would still need to take up arms and go to the battlefield.

This was the thorny road he would definitely choose in the future. The road was nothing but bayonets in blood, winning the peace of the family and the country, losing the all-important, beaten into the abyss.

Now, the only thing he could do for that time was to take up arms and step onto the battlefield, and what kind of Jiang Yunting he would become.

She doesn’t know how the old man of the arrow god actually taught his disciple, but from the words of his disciple’s skills, he must be a first-class general.

Perhaps that kind of warfare could only be quelled by people taught by talents like him.

She just doesn’t know where the old arrow God would appear.

Jiang Yunting was quite happy to be encouraged by her, and suddenly thought of something and said.

“Sister, I would like to go to the venue of the tournament first to take a look and get familiar with the environment. When the time comes to go to the ring, in case there is any environment next to it that can be used or places that can easily be set up as pits, I can also know about it first.”

Since Chen Fang was away, he couldn’t teach him anymore, and now he was particularly insecure. Although he practices every day, it was completely different from when Chen Fang was there.

Jiang Liangchan also thought it made sense: “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Jiang Liangchan really did not expect that she and Jiang Yunting’s luck would be so good.

The arena was on the edge of the capital, with a forest on the back and a few small houses here and there. The village does not look like a village, and the wilderness was not like the wilderness.

And it was only a few days away from the martial arts contest, but there was no challenge arena here.

It was really strange.

Jiang Liangchan’s heart always feels that there was something amiss but didn’t know what it was. She has just a very strong sense of foreboding, feeling that there was going to happen.

Unfortunately, after half a day of turning around, she didn’t see anything.

Jiang Yunting also circled around the place, he looked a little more carefully and found a lot of footprints.

Some of them have heavy feet and look like people who practice martial arts. They were probably the same as him and want to come and see the venue before coming to the tournament.

However, this was the edge of a private hunting ground, which ordinary people don’t know, but the sons of the capital, like Jiang Yunting and Jiang Liangchan, would know.

As for who was the owner of this piece of private hunting ground, they do not know.

However, now that they knew this, it was a bit strange that the tournament was in such a place.

This competition was claimed to be held by a wealthy businessman. Not only did many people know that it was related to the old man arrow god, but most of the people who knew about this were rich young masters. Those people would not participate in this kind of competition that would cause injuries.

Most of those who come to participate were just civilians and would not know that there was a private hunting ground near the arena.

Even Jiang Yunting felt strange somewhere.

After searching for half a day, nothing was found, probably because both people were overthinking. Jiang Liangchan had to give up and prepare to take Jiang Yunting, who was also a bit disappointed, back.

Just as the two men turned around, a subtle sound suddenly came from the forest.

That premonition in Jiang Liangchan’s heart rose abruptly and turned around to look over.

At the source of the sound, a figure slowly appeared.

It was a girl with bruises all over her body who was holding on to a tree and struggling to climb out.

Seeing both men look back at her, a little hope burst out of the girl’s eyes, probably with all her strength, but only a little faint voice: “Help.”

Jiang Liangchan remembered who this girl was!


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