Chapter 15

The next day was the big day for the Mo family.

For the sake of Tian and the Mo families’ faces, while Tian Wanwan’s stomach was still not obvious, Third Mrs. Mo changed the wedding date again. Although the wedding preparations were rushed, all the things that should be available for a normal wedding were prepared.

The guests invited by the Mo family were actually similar to the guests at the Tang family engagement party a while ago. When the guests entered, they laughed at each other and tacitly agreed not to mention the change in the engagement party.

“Hey, did you see that post on the forum yesterday?”

“No, I had to attend a wedding today, so I put on a mask and went to bed early. What happened again?”

The person who started the conversation solemnly whispered the gossip.

“Mr. Tang seems to have a woman outside.”

“No, really? Old Man Lin is very protective of his daughter, wouldn’t Mr. Tang be torn into pieces? Who is that woman? Do we know her?”

“It’s just a few pictures, taken in a hazy way, the hell knows who it is.”

Another person interjected, “That gossip is not real ah, they were just riding in the same car, what impact can it have?”

“How true is it then??” Those who listened clearly did not believe it.

“Several companies are eyeing Lin’s family. They are eager to find a little dirt and enlarge it in public.”

All of these people gossiping were rich people who know one and understand half, after all, they have nothing to tell after all the talk. The most important thing was the photos on the forum were not ambiguous enough for them to cause much discussion.

Someone also gently asked the person next to them.

“How come the Mo family is suddenly so satisfied with the Tian family, so anxious to marry someone into the door? Aren’t they afraid that others won’t look good on their faces?”

“That day both families issued a statement saying it was character incompatibility so they cancel the marriage contract and reconciled.”

The person sitting in the back joined the chat.

“You guys got the wrong focus. The wedding was done so quickly, why is that ah.”

“Huh? No? With that attitude of Third Mrs. Mo, she doesn’t seem like a person who can let go so quickly.”

The man reached out and drew an arc in front of his belly, looking meaningfully at the other two, with the smugness of having the first hand of gossip on his face.

After seeing their surprised face with satisfaction, the man sat back in his seat with satisfaction, the man sat back down in his seat with a sense of achievement. The person who heard the gossip quickly exchanged words with the person next to him, sharing the latest information he got.

Tian Wanwan’s efforts to conceal the matter just spread virally among all the guests at the wedding.

Sitting in the flower hall, waiting for the wedding to begin, Tian Wanwan was unaware of what was happening in the ballroom, holding her bouquet and waiting with joy for the moment when the master of ceremonies called for her entrance.

Suddenly, the door of the flower room was pushed open.

Tian Wanwan thought it was the etiquette staff calling for her to get ready, she raised her head to look at the door, and her bright smile froze on her face.

“How is it you?”

Tang Xinyu, dressed in a long light purple dress, walked in on high heels, her chestnut hair tied behind her head, and swayed a beautiful arc as Tang Xinyu walked.

Tang Xinyu smiled gently.

“Why can’t it be me? You are my best friend. How can I be absent from your wedding?”

Tian Wanwan couldn’t help the chill that crept up her back, her hand holding the bouquet tightened and she consciously blocked the bouquet in front of her belly.

Tang Xinyu’s eyes casually slid across Tian Wanwan’s chest, as if she blaming him.

“Mo Lanqing is really true. No matter how hasty the wedding is, you can’t bury the bride. You don’t want to make another wedding dress but people who don’t know about it may think that the Mo family lacks money and is treating the new daughter-in-law badly.”

Tian Wanwan’s body shook, her face turned blue, and she reached out to cover her chest, covering the collar edge of her wedding dress.

The wedding dress on Tian Wanwan’s body was originally made according to Tang Xinyu’s size. Because the wedding was held on a tight schedule, it was too late to find a new designer to redesign it, so third Mrs. Mo directly ordered someone to modify the wedding dress according to Tian Wanwan’s size.

In order to have a gentle and virtuous image, Tian Wanwan who was deeply in love with Mo Lanqing pretends to be considerate and generous and agrees but deep inside she was churning and was opposed to the idea.

The bust of the wedding dress needs to be a bit too big, so the designer changed the size again. The waist was narrower, and the designer took great pains to insert a piece of lace to widen the waist.

Tian Wanwan suddenly felt pale, as if she were a thief who had stolen clothes and was caught by the owner.

“Why are you here?”

Mo Lanqing pushed the door and saw Tang Xinyu in the flower hall and was stunned for a while. He had never seen Tang Xinyu in such a delicate and charming outfit before, so he couldn’t help but look at her a few more times.

Once she heard this voice the smile on Tang Xinyu’s face faded a few points and lightly swept Mo Lanqing a glance.

“Come and congratulate the new couple.”

Tian Wanwan as soon as she saw Mo Lanqing immediately found a reliance, and voice aggrieved voice, she said.

“Lanqing ……”

Mo Lanqing remembered the purpose of entering the flower Hall.

“How are you feeling?”

Tian Wanwan touched her belly, a little shy like the delicate bouquet in her hand.

“Just now I’m a little nervous.”

Mo Lanqing panicked: “Ah? Nervous? Why?”

Tian Wanwan hurriedly soothed him, “I’m fine now that I saw you. I just didn’t expect Xinxin to come to our wedding, it was too unexpected.”

Mo Lanqing frowned.

Tang Xinyu snickered inwardly. Tian Wanwan relied on the child on her belly dreaming of becoming the empress before she even became a princess. She even started directing her own TV drama here.

Mo Lanqing turned his head sideways toward Tang Xinyu.

“Let bygones be bygones. I hope you can find your own happiness.”

Tian Wanwan holds Mo Lanqing’s hand.

“Lanqing, what are you talking about. The fact that Xinxin can come means that she has blessed us.”

Looking at Tian Wanwan’s gentle gaze, Mo Lanqing exclaimed.

“Wanwan, you are so kind.”

When Tang Xinyu felt goose bumps all over, Mo Lanqing still looked at her warily.

“Xinxin, neither of us invited you to the wedding. There are all the guests invited by the Mo family outside. I still hope you can see the friendship between the Tang family and the Mo family bless us and leave. I don’t want Wanwan to feel embarrassed at the wedding.”

Tian Wanwan said eagerly, “No, Lanqing, I won’t ……”

Mo Lanqing shook Tian Wanwan’s hand and said.

“Wanwan, you don’t understand. As soon as she appears, everyone else will talk about it. I don’t want to give you a wedding with regrets.”

Tian Wanwan looked at Tang Xinyu with an apologetic look.

Tang Xinyu looked at the pair of scum man and bitchy woman, one singing black face while the one was singing white face, one embodying their loyalty to their lovers and deep love while one trying their best to show their gentle and kind self, but instead, became a villainous, unforgiving, breaking up a pair of lovers.

Tang Xinyu said: “Are you asking me to leave?”

Mo Lanqing wrapped his arm around Tian Wanwan’s shoulders in a protective gesture, his eyes resolute, silently expressing his affirmation.

Tang Xinyu lightly patted the non-existent dust on her hand.

“But I was invited by others, it’s not your turn to call the shots!”

Mo Lanqing’s eyes showed confusion.

At that moment, the door of the flower room was pushed open again and someone came in.

“She was invited by me.”



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