Chapter 14

Tang Xinyu’s eyes were focused on the computer monitor, speeding through Tongfeng Technology’s recent financial reports.

Wearing wide sunglasses, Yun Xiu Yao slouched on the sofa, forked a small piece of cherry cake from the small table, and stuffed it into her mouth, letting out a satisfied sigh.

“Xinyu, remember to share when you have something delicious, okay?”

Tang Xinyu’s attention was not diverted: “Hmm.”

Yun Xiuyao nodded in satisfaction and picked another cherry.

“Go continue! So what are you going to do next time you have something delicious?”

Tang Xinyu didn’t even raise her head: “I would say the food is not tasty.”

Yun Xiuyao pulled off her big sunglasses.

“Tang Xinyu, I came to see you at the risk of being besieged by the Tian family. You are so ungrateful!”

Tang Xinyu took the time to glance at Yun Xiuyao and said with a smile.

“Aren’t I giving you my favorite cherry cake?”

Yun Xiuyao’s eyes were cold.

“Get lost you, you think I don’t know you’re stuffing my mouth with food so that I can stop chattering.”

Tang Xinyu smiled lightly as her eyes returned to the computer screen, “Well, it’s good that you know.”

Yun Xiuyao was leaning against the back of the sofa with a cake fork in her mouth, tilting her head to play with her phone when she suddenly spat out the cake fork and jumped up from the sofa.

“Xinyu, Xinyu, look.”

Yun Xiuyao’s anxious tone successfully removed Tang Xinyu from the financial report and look at the phone directly at Tang Xinyu’s nose.

Yun Xiuyao: “C

all your mother!”

Tang Xinyu took the phone and swept through it with a single glance, frowning, the other hand touched her own phone and dialed a number. The phone was quickly picked up on the other end.

Lin Tong was slightly surprised: “Hey, Xinxin?”

Tang Xinyi spoke slightly faster: “Mom, have you seen those photos circulating on the Internet?”

Lin Tong paused, seemingly unaware: “what picture?”

Tang Xinyu: “Tang Ruifeng got into a car after dinner last night. There was a woman in the driver’s seat. The woman’s face could not be seen clearly, but she seemed close to Tang Ruifeng.”

Minseong Central Forum was an important site for people who live leisurely and gossiped all day, it was basically a social tool among wealthy people. The news released on Minseong spreads extremely fast. In less than twenty-four hours, news with explosive points would spread all over the streets and alleys, and everyone would know about it. The change at Tang Xinyu’s engagement party was the first to circulate on this forum and then changed into various versions.

Yun Xiuyao’s family was in the media industry. They have friends with Minseong Central Forum, so they got the news as soon as possible.

Lin Tong: “Who’s daughter calls her father by his name, call him Dad.”

Tang Xinyu pretended not to hear this, and then went on: “Mom, where did he go last night? Did he tell you?”

Lin Tong: “There are so many social engagements every day, how can he report each one. I saw the photo, probably the new secretary of Tongfeng Technology picking up your father home.”

Lin Tong’s voice was gentle as usual, without a trace of difference. Tang Xinyu could not figure out what Lin Tong was thinking about this matter.

Tang Xinyu didn’t argue with Lin Tong: “Okay mom, will you be home for dinner tonight?”

Lin Tong: “The company still has things to finish, so don’t wait for me for dinner. You have to eat on time, don’t get tired. It’s your own company, it won’t lose much money.”

Tang Xinyu smiled and said, “Mom, why don’t you expect your daughter to make some money for you?”

Lin Tong: “Alright, alright, I’ll wait and see, president Tang.”

After joking for a few words, they then hung up the phone. Tang Xinyu gaze drops to the phone screen, the road was dimly lit but she could clearly see Tang Ruifeng sitting in the passenger seat, sideways talking to the female driver, the female driver’s face was completely blocked, only revealing a hand on the steering wheel.

There was no jewelry or markings on that hand, and the forum users exercised their microscope skills but couldn’t see who the woman Tang Ruifeng was meeting at night was.

But Tang Xinyu knew. It wouldn’t be anyone else but He Bilian.

Yun Xiuyao looked at Tang Xinyu with some concern, her lips moved, but in the end, she didn’t say anything.

Tang Xinyu maintained her posture of looking at the photo, waited for the phone screen to darken, and spoke softly.

“Xiuyao, I have to ask for your help again.”

Yun Xiuyao immediately rallied up and said, “Say.”

Tang Xinyu: “Please intervene with the forum people and try to control the heat of this post.”

Yun Xiuyao had questions, “No need to delete the post?”

Tang Xinyi: “Even if the forum deleted the post, they will post again, but it will increase the heat of the post. Just help me control the number of views, at least until tomorrow morning.”

Yun Xiuyao readily agreed.

When Yun Xiuyao left the office, she looked back at Tang Xinyu standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the center of the CBD, and inexplicably felt that Tang Xinyu was a bit lonely at this moment, as if she did not belong here.

Tang Xinyu’s heart was clouded with suspicion, she suspects that it was a probing move by He Bilian in an attempt to rise to the top, otherwise, why does every secret photo happen to avoid He Bilian’s face, only revealing female characteristics of the hands, hair, and clothes.

She didn’t expect her opponent to press on even before she made her move.

Tang Xinyu looked at the figure reflected on the French window, the exquisite facial features, the flaming red lips, and the tail of a pair of slender bright eyes, which should be full of amorous feelings. At this time, it seemed a bit fierce in the fading outdoor light. The end of the curly hair was scattered on the shoulders, which eases the coldness of the woman.

Tang Xinyu stared at her beautiful shadow, abruptly smiled faintly, called up a number in her phone’s address book, and dialed it.

“Hey, Mo Shao. It’s me, Tang Xinyu.”

When Mo Yifan ended the call with Tang Xinyu in a calm tone, Mo Yifan pinched the phone and tapped it gently on his palm, frowning in deep thought. After thinking for a while, he looked up at Lin Vincent who was standing at the side.

A sense of foreboding rose in Lin Vincent’s heart.

Mo Shao, what strange questions are you going to ask me again?!

Mo Yifan lifted his thin lips: “I have a friend who said that he has a female friend who wants to take the initiative to participate in his life. Do you think this shows that this female friend is interested in him?”

Lin Vincent said cautiously and honestly, “Mo Shao, I don’t think Miss Tang is interested in you now.”

Mo Yifan took a deep breath and raised his eyebrows, lifting a cold light like frost: “Did I say it’s me?”

Lin Vincent: “….”

When the beginning says I have a friend, isn’t that alluding to yourself?

Lin Vincent: “Well, I think…… Well, the female friend of Mo Shao’s friend should be trying to do something small with the help of Mo Shao’s friend.”

It was not easy for Lin Vincent to say this, and he was crying wrongfully in his heart: what friend’s female friend? Can’t you just say it?

The light on his screen turned off, reflecting the cold silent look of Mo Yifan’s lowered gaze.

Mo Yifan’s tone was quiet: “just do small things. I can handle them.”

Lin Vincent slandered: what about the friend of the female friend?



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