TMBAM 29.1

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Chapter 29 (part1)

The banquet held in Pei Lixin’s villa was indeed small-scale.

There were only three tables in the hall on first-floor hall. After the guests arrived, the maids began to serve food one after another. It was quite a family feast.

“I don’t know what kind of dishes madam likes, so I prepared several more dishes according to the tastes of different places.”

Pei Lixin asked, “What does madam think?”

Gu Xueyi quietly observes the scene with her eyes.

This kind of gesture was showing the importance and closeness of the other party to her in an attempt to pull her to their side… such means are too common to be worth mentioning.

Gu Xueyi said faintly, “it’s just as normal.”

Pei Lixin cursed twice at the bottom of her heart, but her smile did not change.

“Please take a seat first, if there are any shortcomings, Madam, we will rectify them next time.”

Only then did Gu Xueyi give her face and sat down in the main seat.

Pei Lixin immediately sat by the side and arranged for Pei Zhikang to sit next to her.

Chen Yujin naturally took a seat next to Gu Xueyi on the other side.

The guest of honor and the host family sat down, the others also followed one after another.

Pei Lixin raised her glass.

“It is an honor for the Pei family to have madam as our guest at Zhi Kang’s birthday party today, so let’s raise our glasses together and toast to madam….”

Gu Xueyi didn’t move.

The atmosphere went cold for a moment.

Since Pei Lixin became the head of Bao Xin, she had never been disgraced like this.

Her hand froze in mid-air, “Madam?”

Gu Xueyi asked, “Where is Yan Xun?”

Pei Lixin’s hand that paused mid-air stiffened more.

Yan Chao didn’t dare to call his uncle’s name directly, but Gu Xueyi did?

In Gu Xueyi’s eyes, she’s afraid she doesn’t pay attention to them as elders at all!

But thinking of the next plot, Pei Lixin still swallowed her anger again to the bottom of her heart and said with a smile.

“You asking for Lao* Yan ah, he is not here…. this moment” (* prefix used before the surname of a person indicating numerical order of birth or indicate affection or familiarity)

“Then where is he?” Gu Xueyi said unhappily.

“You invited me to your home, but the host is not even at home, are you deliberately neglecting me? Because Yan Chao is not here?”

Pei Lixin does not want to be labeled as such.

She hurriedly said, “it’s not a slight, it’s that the Lao Yan can’t make it back in time.”

Gu Xueyi’s slender fingers squeezed her chopsticks, and she slightly tilted her head, her tone calling out for a moment, “Oh, he’s abroad.”

Pei Lixin suddenly choked.

“How can he be abroad? Lao Yan is not well and is always either in the hospital or taking a break around the country. I haven’t contacted him for a while, too. Well, let’s not talk about him… I had someone prepare a gift for the madam.”

When Pei Lixin said this, she still feels a bit of pain.

She does not come from a wealthy family, on the contrary, when she was young, her family was particularly poor.

And this time, in order to enlist Gu Xueyi, she specially asked Pei Zhikang to go to the auction and take down a pigeon blood ruby, worth more than five million.

She knows that Gu Xueyi likes these things, and the only way to get more benefits is to be ruthless.

When Pei Lixin’s words fell, Pei Zhikang also immediately got up in cooperation and went to fetch a box.

He took the initiative to walk to Gu Xueyi’s side, bowed slightly, and opened the lid of the box.

“Madam, take a look, do you like it?”

“There’s also Mr. Chen’s.” Pei Lixin did not want to quickly expose her purpose, so Chen Yu Jin’s share was also prepared.

For Chen Yujin, it was a watch.

Chen Yujin smiled, but his tone was cold: “I don’t have to.”

Meanwhile, Gu Xueyi stretched out her fingers and gently fiddled with the pigeon blood ruby.

Pei Zhikang stared at her green onion-like fingers in contrast with blood-red gemstones looking indescribably beautiful making him momentarily stunned.

“I like this stuff.” Gu Xueyi said, curling her lips into a smile.

Since she entered the door, she has always been arrogant and cold. She was picky about everything and does not fawn on anyone. But because of this, the moment she smiles was even rarer.

Pei Lixin breathed a sigh of relief and felt that she had found Gu Xueyi’s pulse.

She was able to grasp Gu Xueyi!

Pei Zhikang stared at Gu Xueyi, unable to stop staring at her, and said.

“It’s good that madam likes it.”

Chen Yujin’s fingers clenched the wine glass but the smile on his face did not change as he raised his eyes to look at Gu Xueyi.

It’s true that she smiles very rarely.

The most common expression seen on her face was indifference…

But after taking a toast, Gu Xueyi regained her arrogance. While Pei Lixin said three words to her, she only said one.

When she was dissatisfied, then Pei Lixin must have twice as much.

Pei Lixin was full of anger after eating a meal but thanks to her years of training in a society, she knew how to control her facial expressions, so she didn’t lose her expression.

She also kept comforting herself.

The more she was like this, the more it shows that the smile just now was genuine?

Then doesn’t this only prove that Gu Xueyi was a shallow person and as long as she gets benefits from it, she would move to their side?

However finally after what felt like torture, the meal ended.

Pei Lixin deliberately knocked over the wine glass.

“Ah! Madam… did you stain her clothes?”

Pei Lixin quickly stood up and pulled a few paper towels to wipe for Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi sighed lightly.

These people have more tricks up on their sleeves that they wanted to show her.

Gu Xueyi stood up with anger on her face and said in a cold voice.

“What are you up to?”

In a flash, Pei Lixin felt like she was overwhelmed by coldness.

But when she looks back, that illusion was gone again.

Pei Lixin hastened to accompany and take care of her.

“Madam don’t be angry, first follow me upstairs to deal with it, so as not to get wet and uncomfortable.”

Gu Xueyi’s face was filled with anger as she got up and stepped on her heels first to walk upstairs.

At the table furthest away, those friends brought by Pei Zhikang, could not help but stammer: “This Mrs. Yan is angry but still look so beautiful.”

Pei Zhikang thought so too.

Her angry face with a tint of pink looked extremely beautiful.

Only Chen Yujin lowered his head and took a sip of hot tea.

Mrs. acting skills are becoming more and more perfect.

At first, he thought she was unruly, vain, and mean. Later, he thought she was dignified and elegant, her looks looked distant and tranquil… Now, he couldn’t see her clearly.

She was not rigid at all and could show people the way she wants people to see them…

Chen Yujin bowed his head and took another sip of hot tea.

How similar to him…

Gu Xueyi walked up to the second floor.

Pei Lixin chased after her, “Madam, this way please.”

She was afraid that Gu Xueyi had barged into the wrong room.

When they entered the room, Pei Lixin took a set of brand-new clothes to Gu Xueyi to change.

Gu Xueyi doesn’t like it at all.

She casually dragged over a chair and sat down on it.

“Bring a basin of water and give me a little cleaning detergent, and then take the hair dryer to blow dry.” Gu Xueyi faintly said.

She bent one leg slightly and pushed the other leg forward against the carpet.

The posture was elegant and extraordinarily haughty as if taking Pei Lixin as a maid at the beak of her call.

Pei Lixin: “…”

She gritted her teeth, “Okay, I’ll call a maid up.”

This Gu Xueyi is really eccentric.

“You’re the one who spilled the wine glass, what’s the point of calling others?”

Gu Xueyi lifted her eyelids, and a bit of contempt leaked out from under her eyes: “President Pei doesn’t know how to take responsibility?”

I am the wife of Yan Chao’s uncle!

Also known as your aunt-in-law!

These words, too, just only passed through Pei Lixin’s mind once.

It was probably because she had been treated coldly by Gu Xueyi since the beginning. Pei Lixin had already endured it when she thought about those previous humiliations, and if she says those words right now, her effort would go to waste.

Especially that ruby!

Pei Lixin turned her head to get water and went to get a hair dryer.

After cleaning the stain on Gu Xueyi’s clothes little by little, she held up the hair dryer and squatted down in front of Gu Xueyi to dry it.

It has been a while since Gu Xueyi went upstairs and she hadn’t come down, Chen Yujin frowned seamlessly.

Although he has now believed that Gu Xueyi was smart enough to involve in Baoxin, Pei Lixin was likely to become a madman and do reckless things

Chen Yujin spoke out, “Why haven’t they come down yet?”

Pei Zhikang has also wondered a bit.

It doesn’t take that long to talk.

“I’ll go check it out.” Pei Zhikang said and stood up.

Chen Yujin rationally knows that at this time, Gu Xueyi should use this opportunity to be alone with them, so that they would reveal their true purpose.

But he still followed and stood up, saying faintly.

“I will also go upstairs to take a look. In case something happens to madam, I can’t explain it to Yan Shao.”

Pei Zhikang was disdainful.

The dogs of the Yan Chao.

Pei Zhikang’s face was still smiling as he responded, “Good.”

Fortunately, his sister had guessed that Chen Yujin would keep a close eye on Gu Xueyi.

The tighter Chen Yujin keeps an eye on Gu Xueyi, the more they have to fight to get Gu Xueyi.

The two men headed upstairs in tow.

Soon, they arrived at the door.

“Sister?” Pei Zhikang called.

But his voice was drowned out by the sound of the hair dryer, Pei Lixin didn’t hear it at all, still holding her breath and continuing to blow Gu Xueyi’s clothes.

Pei Zhikang had to enter the door with Chen Yujin in tow.

Then they saw a scene in the room——

Gu Xueyi as if she was born a pampered young lady, cold and arrogant, her elegance was overwhelming.

Pei Lixin who was in front of her does not seem worth mentioning.

Even after Pei Zhikang saw this, the first reaction was not pitying for his sister, but….

Mrs. Yan is really beautiful.

She deserves to be served like this.

Chen Yujin on the other hand was stunned, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

It turns out that she was not here to discuss with Pei Lixin but was also doing this.

That’s when Gu Xueyi moved her legs.

Pei Lixin thought she was going to kick her, and quickly turned off the hair dryer and ducked to the side.

Gu Xueyi has a bad temper, so it’s not surprising that she did this.

“What are you looking for over here?” Gu Xueyi asked as she looked ahead.

Pei Lixin looked back, Chen Yujin and Pei Zhikang were standing there.

Did they see it all?

Pei Lixin couldn’t hold back her expression and cracked open a slit.

She had never been so humiliated!

“Well, I was worried about madam so came over to take a look.” Chen Yujin said unabashedly.

Chen Yujin was so straightforward that Pei Lixin put down her guard.

Pei Lixin opened her mouth and was about to say something.

Gu Xueyi spoke up first, “All right, go down and wait.”

Chen Yujin gave her another deep look before responding, “…… yes.”

Seeing that Chen Yujin had to suffer from Gu Xueyi’s anger, only then did Pei Lixin feel a little more comfortable and immediately sent Pei Zhikang away as well.

Going back——

Gu Xueyi stood up and tugged on her clothes. “Barely.”

Pei Lixin reluctantly forces a smile: “I’m really sorry today ……”

“I’ll make good amends to madam another day.”

“How do you pay for it?”

“Of course, I’ll pay for it with something the madam likes.”

“You know what I like?” Gu Xueyi gave her a sidelong glance.

“Didn’t the madam like the jewel just now?”

“Yes. I also have a sapphire back home… I’m a bit of a collector, you see. I want to have seven colors of gems in my hand.”

Pei Lixin: “…”

So, she still has to put together seven different colored gems for Gu Xueyi?

“I like jade, too.”

 Gu Xueyi paused and said faintly, “I also like red Hetian jade with bairou seeds as its design and a violet jade that has a lotus design, I also like that.”

Pei Lixin’s eyebrows twitched when she heard this. She wanted to stop Gu Xueyi’s mouth.

Others were implicitly hinting, but she speaks generously.

“All these are what…. the madam likes?”

“Don’t you have ears?”

Gu Xueyi looked back at her and asked indifferently in return.

“Didn’t I just say that this is all my favorites? Don’t you want to make amends? Let’s use these.”

“Yes…. but these things are not always available. After all, they are all very precious.”

Gu Xueyi stared at her.

Pei Lixin immediately felt like she was being looked down.

“You can’t even get this?” Gu Xueyi said.

Pei Lixin felt like her chest was blocked: “of course… It takes a lot of effort, but I can get it.”

She was the head of Baoxin, holding the financial power of Baoxin in her hand. But what she hates the most was that when she goes out, others only treat her as a senior member of one of the subsidiaries of the Yan.

She also just hates it when people question her position and abilities.

“Well, let’s start with these then.”

“Start with these?!”

“Baoxin is a subsidiary of the Yans, and you yourself said you would make amends to me…… What kind of tone are you taking?”

Gu Xueyi questioned unhurriedly.

“No, you have misunderstood.” Pei Lixin said eagerly.

“Since I met you that day, I’ve wanted to make friends with the madam that’s why I invited you to the family dinner today…. It has been a long time since I heard from the madam. Has madam thought about what to do in the future?”

Pei Lixin finally said what she wanted to say the most today.

Gu Xueyi paused for several seconds before saying, “Take his inheritance to raise ……”

When the word “male lover” came to her lips, it was changed to “attractive young man”.

The corners of Pei Lixin’s mouth twitched.

She thought that with the performance of Gu Xueyi’s love of vanity, how could it be possible to balance □□ with Yan Chao?

But it was also fortunate that she loves vanity.

“But Mr. Chen won’t allow it ……,” Pei Lixin said softly, “Mr. Banquet has several younger siblings. They are all going to share the property with the wife in the future.”

“What do you mean?”

“Why don’t I give my wife some advice ……”



Another ten minutes passed before Gu Xueyi came downstairs.

Her eyebrows slightly frowning: “Today is too unlucky, go back first.”

Chen Yujin immediately followed.

Pei Lixin came down the stairs behind her.

Pei Zhikang first glanced in Gu Xueyi’s direction before he greeted Pei Lixin and asked.

“Sister, how is it?”

Pei Lixin lived like she was shedding layers of skin.

She cheered up: “Gu Xueyi is too greedy… but because she was greedy, it didn’t take much time to convince her.”

Pei Zhikang smiled, “So now Mrs. Yan is also considered to be in our camp?”

“Yes. But be on your guard first.” Pei Lixin said as she powerlessly took out a card and gave it to Pei Zhikang.

“I heard that there will be an auction in Jiangshi three days later. You can go to auction…”

Gu Xueyi and Chen Yujin got into the car.

Chen Yujin asked, “How is it?”

“Yan Chao …… is alive and well.” Gu Xueyi lightly raised her eyebrows and said.

Chen Yujin was surprised, “How does Madam know that Mr. Yan is still alive?”

“Pei Lixin’s words are alluding to the fact that Yan Chao is still alive and will come back. If I want to get Yan Chao’s inheritance, I’d better cooperate with them so that Yan Chao doesn’t come back.”

Gu Xueyi paused: “If I own enough shares of the Yan’s and hold the legacy of Yan Chao, then no one will be able to pursue Baoxin anymore.”

Gu Xueyi closed her eyes and leaned against the backrest to take a nap.

She said faintly, “Secretary Chen may wish to check whether there is any relationship between the disappearance of Yan Chao to Yan Xunhua. Otherwise…… how does Pei Lixin know if the Yan Chao is still alive.”

Gu Xueyi paused and added: “They should have failed to kill Yan Chao, but also lost contact with him.”

“I see.” Chen Yujin responded.

He turned his head and wanted to talk more with Gu Xueyi but he saw Gu Xueyi had closed her eyes.

Her appearance was quiet and beautiful.

Chen Yujin closed his mouth and swallowed the words back into his throat.

She was still attentive to the safety and security of Mr. Yan.

But what she didn’t know was that they already knew this.

And these….. he could not tell her.

Meanwhile, Gu Xueyi was thinking with her eyes closed about the text she received a moment ago from Yan Wenbo.

[Not coming back tonight]

Extraordinarily brief.


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TL: this is a very long chapter..~~


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