RB80’s: VMRHCD 17


Chapter 17- Of course, this is our family’s stuff

But now, Jiang Ran has spent so much money in one afternoon!

Does Jiang Ran still have money in her hand?

How many more were there?

She bought so many things this time when all these were consumed would she continue buying this insane amount of food?

With these thoughts, Pei Shanshan continues rambling on the way—she was rambling too much that when they reached home she felt her brain buzzing.

Pei Jing has also been staring at Jiang Ran, but his large eyes were full of curiosity.

Children were the most sensitive that even if the actions shown to them by the adult were very subtle, they could detect the change in the attitude of people around them.

Not to mention, Pei Jing was a clever child.

Today’s Jiang Ran was different from before, which makes Pei Jing very curious.

Although the speed of the ox cart was not very fast, it is much faster than walking.

Just when Jiang Ran felt that she was going to be shaken to sleep, a voice sounded around her.

“Isn’t this Jiang Ran? And Pei Shanshan and Pei Jing, what are they doing?”

“That’s right, why is there still so much stuff in the cattle cart?”

“Did they go shopping? They bought too much ah!”

“I didn’t see it before and didn’t think that the Pei family was quite rich!”

“I also saw the meat, such a big piece of meat, when can they finish it ah!”

Listening to the miscellaneous voices in her ears, Jiang Ran frowned as she opened her eyes and looked around.

It turned out that they had entered the village and there were quite a few people at the entrance of the village who was walking home and just happened to run into each other.

The Pei family was not the only family in the village so it was inevitable that they would run into people from the village.

As for what these people said, Jiang Ran just ignored it.

She was too lazy to care about what others wanted to say as long as it was not too much.

They were all from the same village, so of course, these people still know Jiang Ran’s temper.

No matter how curious they were, they only dare to say so few words without much malice and dare not speak more.

Pei Shanshan gave directions to the man driving the cart. The ox cart stopped at the entrance of the Pei family not long after.

At the door of Pei’s house, there were three people sitting currently. They are Pei Baoshan, Wang Cuilan, and Pei Yang.

When they came back from their work, they found that the door was locked.

When they went down to work, they didn’t bring their keys so they couldn’t get into the house and had to sit outside and wait.

It wasn’t easy to patiently wait for the people to come back especially since they were all tired and surprisingly seeing these people coming back they were riding an ox cart.

Looking at the three people sitting on the ox cart and the pile of things with more than half of the ox cart, Pei Yang jumped up directly.

“Shanshan! What have you been doing? This thing doesn’t belong to our family, does it?”

There was also a reason why Pei Yang asked Pei Shanshan as soon as he opened his mouth.

Pei Jing was too young to say some things clearly.

Jiang Ran has that temper. Even if he asks, she probably won’t answer him.

So, if he wants to know what’s going on, he could only ask Pei Shanshan.

“What are you talking about? I paid for this, of course, it’s our family’s stuff.”

Pei Yang was afraid that this was all bought by Jiang Ran and did not expect her to open her mouth answering his question and directly cut off his hope.

Looking at the unbothered look on Jiang Ran’s face, Pei Yang opened his mouth but was stunned to say anything.

Jiang Ran also did not care about Pei Yang’s reaction, she just turned her head and said to Pei Shanshan.

“Hurry up and open the door.”

Then she said to Pei Yang again.

“Hurry up and get the stuff home.”

Pei Yang subconsciously agreed and directly went to the ox cart with a few step and directly carried a bag of rice.

As he was carrying a rice bag on his shoulders Pei Yang then realized that something was wrong.

(End of Chapter)


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