Chapter 13

“No, I want you to marry me.”

Tang Xinyu looked at Mo Yifan with astonishment, trying to find a trace of jesting on his face, but failed. Unlike the last time outside the banquet hall where he joked, this time Mo Yifan’s face look solemn and serious, there was no doubt.

Tang Xinyu hurriedly covered up with a laugh: “Isn’t Mo Shao afraid that I’ll be bribed?”

When these words came out, even Tang Xinyu felt that the words she spoke were too stupid. She was the Tang family’s Miss, the top of the city’s celebrity price list, what could bribe her?

How many people need to summon up a lifetime of courage to speak out and tell this to Miss Tang, but to Mo Yifan’s mouth it becomes common and simple.

Tang Xinyu’s heart couldn’t help but hit a stirring, how could a person plan his own life events and achieve only one goal at a time that was comparable to werewolves.

He was little more than ruthless.

Worthy of the great villain of the book!

Tang Xinyu mechanically chewed the pecan nuts that Mo Yifan put into her hand one by one as her brain forced herself to calmly consider the pros and cons of this matter for herself. But she doesn’t know if it’s because she’s not enough of a werewolf, but some emotional tendencies would always pop up.

Mo Yifan’s appearance was pleasing to the eye. She has no trouble getting along with her mother-in-law as a daughter-in-law when she was married.

But there were areas that were not as good as they should be.

Such as…

Tang Xinyu’s eyes fell on Mo Yifan’s wheelchair, silent.

There was no such thing as perfection in life.

When Tang Xinyu finally responded, she realized that she was really considering the feasibility of Mo Yifan’s condition.

This realization made Tang Xinyu’s heart explode inside: I have many choices. I can choose to refuse ah!

Tang Xinyu stares at the pecan nuts that Mo Yifan keeps stuffing into her palm. Suddenly, she feels her palm hot and something soft touching it.

Tang Xinyu shrunk her hand and said, “what are you doing?”

Mo Yifan’s mouth held a smile: “A bribe.”

“A bribe for what?”

“Bribe you to hurry up and say yes.”

Tang Xinyu: “….”

Taking a deep breath, Tang Xinyu solemnly replied, “I can’t reply to you at once. I have to think about it.”

Mo Yifan nodded tolerantly, “You should, after all, I’m a cripple.”

Tang Xinyu: “….”

Mo Shao, you are now pretending to be pitiful to win sympathy?

Until Mo Yifan left the Tang family, Tang Xinyu didn’t give a clear answer. Tang Xinyu was really eager to take Lin Tong away from the Tang family, but she was not so eager to sell herself. Although Mo Yifan doesn’t seem also to need to sell himself, marriage ties the two people together at once, and it was inevitable that there would be discomfort.


Mo Yifan was her former fiancé, Mo Lanqing’s uncle with who she has just broken off her marriage contract. If she marries Mo Yifan, she would be under the same roof as Mo Lanqing, and most likely would see each other. With the thought of Mo Lanqing and Tian Wanwan having to hold back their discomfort to call her little aunt, Tang Xinyu’s heart was inexplicably happy.

While Tang Xinyu’s heart was in turmoil, Mo Yifan was in a happy mood, practicing his calligraphy in his study.

Lin Vincent stood to the side and had reservations about this old cadre-type hobby of Mo Shao, especially since Mo Yifan, who used to do more line writing, rarely practiced his lower case today.

Lin Vincent glanced at the small letters on the paper, squinted his eyes for a while, and felt his teeth sore again.

“I am happy that today we have tied a red rope and a perfect union. I hope that in the next years to come we will be together forever and that the fragrance of laurel and orchids will be fragrant.”

Mo Yifan has practiced these two lines over and over again as if he would be welcoming a full house of congratulatory guests tomorrow.

Lin Vincent could not bear to break Mo Shao’s beautiful fantasy, and just feel that the Mo Shao whose hands were not stopping and the curve line plastered on his mouth for a while now, looks creepy.

Miss Tang hasn’t said anything yet, but he was afraid Mo Yifan had already two names for his two children in mind and so was the location of the cemetery.

Lin Vincent felt the phone in his pocket vibrate. He took out the phone like it was his salvation and after looking at it his expression became serious. He reported to Mo Yifan.

“Mo Shao, the people looking out at Mr. Mo found that they were secretly contacting Huiyi finance.”

Mo Yifan kept writing and did not raise his head.

“What? Did the old man withhold his share of the dividend? Not enough money to spend?”

Lin Vincent: “Mr. Mo went to Cayman several times in the past six months, I heard that it was followed by the people of Hong Kong City. We can’t check the accounts of the subsidiaries in Mr. Mo’s hand for the time being, but there is no problem with the statements submitted to the group in the last quarter.”

Mo Yifan: “A few of his right-hand men were born in Zhuhui, so it’s very easy to make a beautiful and clean account. Now it’s almost time for the annual group audit, and the new firm is responsible for the audit this year. It’s difficult to muddle through by tearing down the east wall and mending the west wall.”

Lin Vincent wondered: “Mo Shao, you mean…”

Mo Yifan: “I didn’t say anything. I was staying at home every day to keep fit. Where can I have time to manage seven and eight.”

Lin Vincent was not amused. Mo Shao saying this as if he hadn’t gone to the Tang family the other day.

He then thought of something else: “By the way, Mo Shao, last time you asked me to ‘do Mo Lanqing a favor’, I did find an interesting thing.”

Mo Yifan gave a perfunctory “um”, and his attention was still focused on his handwriting. It seemed that no matter how interesting things outside were, they could not be more interesting than the thoughts expressed on the paper.

Lin Vincent, by this time, doesn’t care about Mo Shao’s infatuation.

“Among the people, Mo Lanqing traced in the surveillance video, one of us happened to have dealt with before. It was our mole who broke into Mo Sanye’s company in those years.”

It was the second time in recent years that Mo Yifan heard someone mention that incident again. Finally, he put aside the brush and asked.

“I didn’t give him a good price back then, so why did he come back?”

Lin Vincent was ashamed: “We didn’t get the job and didn’t find out in time that he ran back and ran to work under Mo Lanqing.”

Mo Yifan took the paperweight away and blew the undried ink on the paper.

“Did you find out the cause?”

Lin Vincent: “It was his old mother back home who died of an illness, and he came back to re-apply for a job at Mo’s. I just don’t know if it was intentional or coincidental that he was part of the human capital section to that sub-company of third master Mo.”

Mo Yifan: “There are so many coincidences in the world. Most of them are carefully arranged accidents. Keep an eye on him. If he doesn’t talk disorderly, just let him do his job and repay his kindness to his old boss. If he has other thoughts, you can find a way to transfer him under our noses.”

Lin Vincent: “yes.”

Mo Yifan selected one of the most satisfactory papers and slowly rolled it up.

“Is Third Madam Mo San still making trouble recently?”

After the engagement banquet, Third Madam Mo ran to the Mo family’s old mansion every three days, nothing more than to cry and complain that Mo Lanqing was young and was temporarily confused and could not marry Tian Wanwan. On the surface, Third Madam Mo was under the impression of being good to Mo Lanqing but in fact, she was just not relenting on giving up a good marriage partner for her son.

The noise made master Mo have a headache.

But the Tian family would easily give up a good trump card. Mrs. Tian took Tian Wanwan with her to visit old master Mo in the name of the prospective granddaughter-in-law of the Mo family, and gently mentioned that Tian Wanwan was nearly three months pregnant, and her belly would grow rapidly after three months.

Old Master Mo was tired of these people, and he won’t let other people gossip behind their backs so he spread the news: a certain proportion of the property of the Mo family will be distributed equally among people.

As soon as the news came out, many people stared at who were the visitors coming into the old mansion of the Mo family for a few days and indeed saw the exclusive lawyer of the old Mo family. The news quickly reached everyone as if it had been verified.

The third madam Mo’s daily crying has disappeared, and even occasionally speaks politely with Tian Wanwan.

Mo Yifan’s heart brightened after hearing Lin Vincent’s report.

This was a brilliant tactic by Old Master Mo. The third master’s family immediately has two more mouths to feed and two more assets to share, so how could the third madam Mo not relent?

But all this must be done on the premise that the rumors were true.

Old Master Mo has never said this news in public, nor has the lawyer confirmed it. Who knows what happened that day when the lawyer went to Old Master Mo’s study to talk about something all afternoon.

A dark light flashed across Mo Yifan’s eyes, the old man Mo refused to let go of the increasingly large Mo clan and the sons began to secretly compete with each other when they saw their father was old, and his grandchildren were also unwilling to be lonely and joined their respective camps.

Master Mo was like a king sitting on a dragon chair, unwilling to abdicate as the supreme emperor.

Lin Vincent looked out the window in the direction of the main building.

“Third Madam Mo has no time to make trouble recently, she is busy holding Mo Lanqing’s wedding and can’t wait for her daughter-in-law to hurry up and give birth to a fat son.”

Mo Yifan touched the written witness wedding testimony with his fingers, and a small expectation surged in his heart, hoping that Tang Xinyu would reply before Mo Lanqing’s wedding.

Speaking of it, I haven’t seen Tang Xinyu for several days. No wonder my mental state was bad and my appetite was much worse.

If Lin Vincent knew what Mo Yifan was thinking at this time, he would turn his eyes in silence: Mo Shao, if you are in a bad state of mind, can you practice calligraphy in the study all afternoon? And the more you practice, the more excited you get.

Tian Wanwan, who has been a hot topic in the wealthy circle for a long time was finally marrying into the Mo family. Stroking her growing belly, her eyes full of expectation.

After suffering for so long, sneaking around with Mo Lanqing, in a few days she would be standing openly by Mo Lanqing’s side, enjoying everyone calling her “Mrs. Mo”, how could Tian Wanwan not be excited.

Even if Tang Xinyu had more wealth in her hands, it was not he who finally married Mo Lanqing—Tian Wanwan was the last winner.

Mrs. Tian came in with a bowl of milk bird’s nest and urged.

“Wanwan, drink it while it’s hot. You should make good supplements when you’re pregnant so the baby will be healthy and beautiful after birth. Then you can you mother and son will look noble and elegant.”

Tian Wanwan obediently drank down the milk bird’s nest and asked.

“Mom, Tang Xinyu, how has she been lately?”

Mrs. Tian: “What else has she been doing? heard that starting next week she will officially participate in the operation of Tongfeng Technology. You should not think too much, some destiny is destined by god. Mo Lanqing has always loved you, she is the third party who sticks herself into a loving couple. The others are gossiping about our Tian family just because we don’t have much money and are favoring Tang Xinyu. But now it’s different, you marry Mo Lanqing and become a part of the Mo family, you can now be confident enough.”

Tian Wanwan still has some small doubts in her heart. What Tang Xinyu said to her on stage that day, she still remembered very clearly. In the face of conflicting interests, would Mo Lanqing choose her or give up on her?

Drinking the milk bird’s nest, Tian Wanwan couldn’t bear to give up such a beautiful life. Mo Lanqing was the person who love and was her first love. As long as this situation of choosing between Mo’s family and herself does not happen, Tian Wanwan was confident that she could capture master Mo Lanqing’s heart.


And now they have a child together.

Although there was some conflict at the engagement banquet, at least she and Mo Lanqing really loved each other. Now that she could be Mo Lanqing’s bride, she was just putting everything in order and returning to the right track.

A blessing in disguise

However, since the engagement party, Tian Wanwan has not gone out except to Master Mo’s place. She can keep paralyzing herself that she is the final winner, but she still can’t stop others in the luxury circle from pointing at her behind her back.

And all of this is thanks to Tang Xingyu.

Tian Wanwan finished the last sip of milk bird’s nest, handed the empty bowl back to Mrs. Tian, looked at Mrs. Tian’s happy face, and suddenly had an idea.

Tian Wanwan: “Mom, didn’t you have close contact with that He Bilian before? Why haven’t you made an appointment to play cards recently?”

Mrs. Tian: “Aren’t you pregnant and you have to prepare for the wedding? How can I go out and play cards?”

Tian Wanwan seemed apologetic.

“I’m sorry, mom, for making you suffer. I heard that He Bilian had been Lin Tong’s assistant in the early years so she must have known a lot about Lin Tong’s affairs. Lin Tong has been in the business world for a long time now and must have known some underground works to some extent, why don’t you go and get closer to He Bilian and see if you can…”

Mrs. Tian stared at Tian Wanwan and advised.

“Wanwan, you are still pregnant, don’t think nonsense. Your main concern now is to maintain yourself beautifully and take good care of yourself. After you marry into the Mo family, are you still afraid of not finding an opportunity on Tang Xinyu’s side?”

“Mom, I didn’t mean that.” Tian Wanwan said innocently.

“I just want us to take the initiative first. Because Mo Lanqing, Tang Xinyu, and I can’t go back to how we are before. Based on Tang Xinyu’s attitude that day, I don’t think she is a magnanimous person. If we have some black materials from the Tang family as amulets, at least we don’t have to be afraid of Tang Xinyu’s black hand at the wedding.”

Seeing that Mrs. Tian’s face was loosened, Tian Wanwan kept up her efforts.

“The wedding between Mo Lanqing and me must be held smoothly. We must not be disturbed by people with intentions like the engagement banquet. As long as the wedding can be ended safely, I can stand firm in the Mo family.”

This really pricked Mrs. Tian’s heart.

Otherwise, why would they say that her daughter was a caring little padded jacket, and Tian Wanwan was the one who understands Mrs. Tian’s spot best.

Tian Wanwan smiled as she stroked her belly: Tang Xinyu, the winner can only be me!



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