Chapter 51

Sheng Qiao said, “I suggest you just surrender.”

Shen Junyi raised an eyebrow.

“How can that be, a soldier can be killed but not humiliated, death is also to die under the crystal!”

His skills were not good, but his spirit was pretty good.

Sheng Qiao smiled and didn’t speak, holding the teacup in front of him to drink tea. Fang Zhi answered.

“You boys all like playing games. Xiao Jia has been playing just now. You can form a team together.”

Shen Junyi said knowing himself.

“I dare not play with professional players.”

Ji Jiayou was a professional player of LoL, but he has always been a backup. Later, because of the popularity of the live broadcast, he simply quit the club and became a game anchor.

Hearing Shen Junyi’s words with obvious praise, he straightened up a little uneasily. Although he should portray his coolness, he was still polite as he said awkwardly.

“I seldom play the king, but we can get together when I have a chance.”

As they were talking, Zeng Ming and Luo Qing came in with a smile. They have known each other before, and they were both in the film and television industry. Naturally, they should be familiar with each other.

Luo Qing has high seniority, he was forty-seven and was in the industry for eight years but he was well maintained. She married into a wealthy family after she stopped filming and has two sons and a daughter, a winner in life in everyone’s mouth.

Several people immediately got up to greet each other, and she said with a smile.

“All sit down all sit down, I’m late and have you several children wait for a long time.”

Several people took their seats, and the waiter began to serve. They have a chat and talk about the program to be recorded tomorrow. Luo Qing said with a smile.

“I heard that one of us is particularly afraid of ghosts.”

Sheng Qiao, who was peeling shrimp: “……”

All of a sudden, as if it was a cue, everyone looked at her. She could only put half of the shrimp in the bowl and smiled shyly at everyone.

Fang Zhi said, “I saw your video. You are so cute. You can remember such a long string of words. It’s so difficult. I couldn’t recite them for a long time before I came here. How did you do it, Xiao Qiao?”

Sheng Qiao: “Probably because I have memorized it by heart.”

Everyone: “…”

Even with a good meal in front of them, several artists did not move their chopsticks in order to maintain their bodies and patronize gossip instead. Only Ji Jiayou and Sheng Qiao were burying their heads eating like they were starved. The two of them silently yield to each other over a plater of delicious egg yolk beef bowls…

No one goes for the last one on the plate.

It was not until the waiter took the plate away that Sheng Qiao regretfully thought that if she had known that no one wants to eat she have eaten it. Meanwhile, Ji Jiayou also stared regretfully at the plate until the waiter brought it out of the room, and then reluctantly took back his sight.

When he looked up and met Sheng Qiao’s gaze, his expression froze and he immediately returned to his “I’m super cool” expression.

By the end of dinner, each had an initial impression of the other.

Shen Junyi was the most popular but has an easy-going character and was more silly at some point.

Luo Qing was dignified, elegant, and decent. He speaks in an unhurried manner, very much like a senior.

Fang Zhi speaks very coy and playful.

Ji Jiayou was an awkward child, playing like a cool kind to the very end.

Zeng Ming was exquisite in appearance and never makes any mistakes in his words and deeds.

Sheng Qiao has a gentle personality. She talks and laughs and doesn’t like to steal the limelight. She occasionally talks like a sand sculpture.

After dinner, the program team informed them to assemble in front of the hotel tomorrow morning at seven o’clock, and a car would take them to the shooting site. Later the staff would send the schedule and the script to their respective rooms.

Sheng Qiao was about to go back when Shen Junyi called her.

“Little brother, I’m going to play with Xiaojia, join us?”

Sheng Qiao: “No no, you guys play.”

As her words fell she also cast a sympathetic glance at Ji Jiayou before she turned around, and ran away busily.

Ji Jiayou at first did not understand that glance of sympathy and was wondering why, until they started playing…

Ji Jiayou: Sister Xiao Qiao is a big meanie.



After returning to the room, she took a bath and was blowing her hair. Ding Jian who was sitting in the living room playing with her mobile phone suddenly shouted.

“Qiao Qiao! You and Shen Junyi are hot!”

Sheng Qiao turned off the hair dryer. “With who?”

“Shen Junyi!”

She rushes over and grabs the phone. The hot search entry was “Shen Junyi, Sheng Qiao airport, intimate communication”. There was a link where a photo of them in the VIP terminal this morning was captured, she doesn’t know from which angle it was but based on the picture, their heads were like leaning against each other as if talking intimately.

With Shen Junyi’s name, the hot search was placed second.

Sheng Qiao had only one thought in her head.

It’s over, she would be expelled from Xiguang fandom.

Of course, the same goes with the Yiren fandom just like Xiguang she would be hated. First, she needs to clear her relationship and then talk to the program team to clarify the program routine. And before they could do this, they must not release any information first to avoid being accused of rubbing heat. With all of these on their hands, Sheng Qiao’s teams would be very busy.

But first, she went to Xiguang’s forum to take a look and it seems that the Xiguang were all busy as if they were celebrating New Year. The forum was lively posting on different emojis and Huo Xi’s light sign…

After, checking on this Sheng Qiao then called Bei Mingfan, the other party strongly denied.

“I already promised you and it is absolutely impossible for me to renege. And even if you want to fire cp I cannot choose Shen Junyi.”

Then he added. “Most likely the program team did, you take it easy, I’ll contact this side.”

How can I not be anxious! If Huo Xi misunderstood, I’ll break my leg ah!

She went to Huo Xi’s itinerary and found that he had no schedule today. He was probably at home now. She looked at the hot search with her mobile phone and gave a sneer of disdain.

She decided to give Huo Xi a call.

First, she took Ding Jian away. After deciding whether to call or not she finally summoned up the courage to press the number. As a result, she found that she didn’t open the international roaming service, and couldn’t make calls

After thinking for a while, she took a look in the mirror straightened her hair then clicked WeChat and sent a video request.


The background was a ceiling, and after a few sways, the camera focuses. Huo Xi’s hair was wet, he was wearing a bathrobe with his upper body exposed, from his V and slender neck to his obvious Adam’s apple.

Sheng Qiao: “….”

Crap I’m dying crazy! What a beautiful scene my eyes are blessed with, batch scene!!!

Meanwhile, Huo Xi watched her smitten gaze in the video and asked in a light voice.

“What is it?”

Sheng Qiao covers her heart.

“Huo…Huo…Huo…Huo…Huo …… Xi! You are so pretty!”

Huo Xi: “… You video call me from another country just to praise me for being good-looking?”

She patted herself on the head, forced herself to struggle to ignore the beauty in front of her, and gulped her saliva secretly as she looked away from his Adam’s apple reluctantly and looked into his eyes.

“Hou Xi, did you play with your mobile phone today? Did you surf the Internet? Did you brush your Weibo?”

Hou Xi said, “No.”

Sheng Qiao breathed a big sigh of relief, and before this breath was finished, she heard him continue.

“But Sina sent me the news of your intimate exchange with Shen Junyi.”

Careless, she’s going to fight that scumbag!

Huo Xi ruffled his hair, a drop of water wobbling down, sliding all the way down his cheek and rolling towards his throat.

Sheng Qiao: “…”

I can’t, I can’t breathe, doctor, give me some Hou Xi ……

He hooked his lips and said lightly, “It seems you and Shen Junyi have a good chat?”

“No! We didn’t talk at all! He’s just a dumbass, and he’s a real novice at games!”

“Oh, so you guys also played games together.”

Sheng Qiao: “…”

He came downstairs with his mobile phone. The camera shook and looked up from a downward angle. She could just see his curved hard jaw and the looming collarbone hidden under the black bathrobe.

Am I having a nosebleed?

She raised her hand and touched her nose.

Huo Xi sat down on the sofa in the living room, one hand resting on the arm of the sofa as he was holding the phone while the other hand was holding the remote control, turning on the TV. Sheng Qiao grunted.

“I don’t want to play games with him at all, I don’t want to talk to him at all, I don’t want to see him at all.”

Huo Xi inclined his head to look at the camera paused and held the phone closer. Sheng Qiao then looked at the face that made her heart beat wildly and tears flow as she saw his zooming face then she heard him ask.

“Why did you not blow-dry your hair?”

Sheng Qiao patted her shoulder, which was wet with her hair, and giggled.

“It’s hot in Thailand, it’s okay.”

He frowned. “Blow dry first.”

“It’s so troublesome. It’ll do it by itself in a minute.”

“No, I’ll hang up.”

“Ahhhhh no, I’m going! I’m going right now!”

She ran to the bathroom with her phone, fixed it on the washstand, and then turned on the hair dryer to the camera. The noise was loud and must have found it very noisy, but his face was not impatient at all. He adjusted the TV channel and sometimes looked back at her.

That black hair like a waterfall was being blown up recklessly, some stick to the corner of her mouth, she pouted and blew upwards, the corners of his eyes couldn’t help but curved.

After drying, she tied it up to reveal her pink earlobes and white neck.

Hou Xi withdrew his eyes.

She ran back to the living room happily with her phone, squatted on the sofa, and said.

“Hou Xi, what program are you watching? I don’t have any domestic TV stations here. They are all Thai dramas.”

Hou Xi said, “Looking at you.”

Sheng Qiao: “Me? What are you looking at?”

“Watching you waltz on top of a tampon.”




When did this commercial air? How come she didn’t get any news? Ahhhhhh, how would her idol see her after watching this commercial!

Sheng Qiao almost cried out: “Don’t …… Huo Xi, you don’t watch at it, please ……”

He inclined his head and smiled at her knowingly.

“Not a bad dance.”

What floor does she live on? Fourteenth floor, right? Would she die if she jumped? A knock on the door relieved her embarrassment and she turned her head to ask.

“Who is it?”

Outside the door, he shouted.

“Little brother, it’s me!”

Sheng Qiao: “???”

In the video call, Huo Xi said.

“If I heard correctly, this is Shen Junyi’s voice?”

Sheng Qiao: “…”

No, you heard wrong.

Huo Xi smiled, “Not opening the door?”

Sheng Qiao: “Can ……it be opened?”

Hoshi: “You try it.”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

So do I open it on or not?

Outside the door, Shen Junyi was still shouting unknowingly.

“Little brother, are you there?”

I am not here.

Huo Xi finally smiled.

“Well, go and open the door, and have a good day at work tomorrow.”

He was about to hang up when his hand gave a beat and said.

“Put on a jacket first.”

Sheng Qiao ended her first video call with her idol.

Obediently, she put on her coat. She angrily opened the door and saw Shen Junyi standing outside holding the script with an innocent smile on her face.

“The program team just sent the script here. I took it for you since I also have something to ask you.”

He handed his cell phone to her. “How can I play with the hero’s skills? I see that others can fly in the sky. How can I try to fly?”

Hehe, do you want to fly?

I will now throw you from the 14th floor, so you can feel the feeling of free flights!



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