Unspeakable 28


Chapter 28

Tang Xiu said that Shen Kanyu had a ten-centimeter-long incision in his upper abdomen, and because of his physical problems the healing was too slow, not to mention the dressing was not changed timely causing the wound to be infected and giving him a high fever.

“I don’t even know what kind of surgery this was, he won’t tell me, and I didn’t dare to give him an ultrasound. Did he tell you?”

Tang Xiu asked Gu Yansheng but looking at his blank face he knew he was asking for nothing, with clear disbelief written all over his face he continued.

“The incision is so long so the surgery must not be small, it is impossible that the family does not know, right? And with his situation right now it is obvious that the post-operative care and treatment have not kept up. You don’t care, and no one in his family also cares?”

“…… I’m not sure.” Gu Yansheng frowned slowly.

“Ten centimeters cut ……isn’t that very painful? Seeing that he is not sleeping too peacefully and full of sweat, did he not use painkillers?”

Tang Xiu gave him a look and said after a moment of silence.

“Right now, he can’t use medicine indiscriminately.”

“Why? He physically can’t take it?”

“Well, he has heart failure symptoms and this restricts his medication, but not just for that reason.” Tang Xiu raised his eyebrows.

“Mainly because yu miao[1] in his stomach can’t take it.”

“Yu miao …… seedling[2]?” Gu Yansheng felt for a moment that he couldn’t understand Tang Xiu’s words.

“What do you mean? You say it clearly?”

“When my colleague did a blood test on him, he found that the blood value of human chorionic gonadotropin was elevated above the normal range.”

Tang Xiu handed the test sheet to Gu Yansheng.

“A sample test for human chorionic gonadotropin is the earliest and most accurate method of pregnancy testing available and is usually done about 10 days into pregnancy.”

Gu Yansheng took the test sheet, looking at the pile of arrows on the top and bottom he was completely baffled. He only felt Tang Xiu’s words were like a burst of loud thunder, making his brain roar.

Tang Xiu looked at his confused look, rolled his eyes, and said.

“I’ll tell you directly in words that pigs like you can understand, you did a good job, Xiaoyu is pregnant, there’s yu miao in his belly. This is a yu miao with great fortune, he had such a big operation, and yet this little thing actually survived. Moreover, if you looked at the blood count, the embryo is developing very well, and in a while, with ultrasound, we should be able to see the gestational sac, and then do a detailed examination to see the specifics.”

Gu Yansheng’s mind flew through some fragmented images, he had a headache, and he could only lower his head and press his frantically throbbing temples, hoarse and dry voice.

“But …… this child is not mine.”

Tang Xiu stopped flipping through the medical records, then with lightning speed grabbed the medical record book and slapped it down on Gu Yansheng’s head.

“Are you fucking speaking human words? If it’s not yours, then it’s a ghost’s?!”

“…… I didn’t touch him.”

Gu Yansheng took a deep breath, folded up the test sheet, and put it in his pocket, his face was a little pale.

“I calculated according to the time you said, he… … met Jiang Mo before and after the pregnancy.”

Tang Xiu knows about Jiang Mo, Gu Yansheng mentioned this person to him several times. It’s probably that while Shen Kanyu liked Gu Yansheng, Jiang Mo has also liked Shen Kanyu.

Silly Xiaoyu liked Gu Yansheng for so many years and finally this pig, Gu Yansheng has finally moved his heart. But that person Jiang Mo who has been a spare tire for a long time made Xiaoyu’s heart softened.

This realization made Tang Xiu’s heart thump and he physically froze for a moment. Frowning, he swallowed hard.

“I think …… it can’t be? This Jiang Mo is so bold?”

Gu Yansheng leaned against the wall in silence for a moment and said in a dumb voice.

“But Shen Kanyu said he didn’t like Jiang Mo, I don’t think he would lie to me. So maybe it was Jiang Mo …… who forced him.”

Gu Yansheng remembered the day he found Shen Kanyu, he was so distracted, perhaps because of this.

Tang Xiu coughed dryly.

“It’s good to ask Xiaoyu than you making a blind guess here. However, let me remind you not to hold the idea of aborting the baby. Xiaoyu’s physical and psychological state is not very stable, and it’s hard to get pregnant. I consulted my obstetric colleague, and his suggestion was to keep it first, because the flow damage is too big, so I can only wait until he is in a better state to see what to do next.”

Gu Yansheng listened carefully, frowned and pondered for a while, then nodded solemnly.

“I know, if the child can be kept, I will not let him abort it. Give birth to the child and I will also raise it well.”

This made Tang Xiu look at him with new eyes.

“Yes, finally you’re acting like a human being.”


Gu Yansheng was suddenly praised, but he didn’t feel happy at all. He was still worried.

“You said he was in an unstable mood. If I asked him this kind of thing, will it stimulate him? I’d better go find Jiang Mo.”

After saying that he turned, ready to go out.

Tang Xiu heard the strong sour and gunpowder smell in Gu Yansheng’s last sentence and couldn’t help laughing as he tugged at him.

“Alright, don’t go, just put it aside. Anyway, Xiaoyu is stupid and doesn’t know he is already pregnant. And you also said that you will accept the child anyway. Xiaoyu really can’t help tossing now, you’d better be with him first.”

Gu Yansheng broke away from Tang Xiu, the annoyance on his face was obvious.

“I want Jiang Mo to stop hitting on Shen Kanyu, he doesn’t like him.”

“Eh, our young master is so jealous making my teeth sour.”

Tang Xiu smilingly leaned toward the door and blocked Gu Yansheng’s exit.

“Stop joking!”

Gu Yansheng clenched his fist with a livid face, gritted his teeth, and said.

“I want to hit someone now.”

“Oh, alright, alright, our baby A’Sheng is really angry his hair is turning to spikes.”

Tang Xiu happily stroked Gu Yansheng’s upturned hair, but Gu Yansheng backed away as if he was electrified. Tang Xiu was so happy that he couldn’t close his mouth.

“Listen to brother A’Xiu. Don’t act rashly. This child is not necessarily Jiang Mo’s. If you look at your black history of drinking, it may be that you did something bad when you drank too much. And if it was Jiang Mo’s, you wouldn’t be afraid of him coming to ask you for his child?”

“I won’t give it to him!”

Gu Yansheng said decisively. Tang Xiu, who was shaking his shoulders with laughter, made Gu Yansheng depressed.

“Why are you laughing all the time? Is this funny?”

“No, no, no, don’t get me wrong. I’m just laughing at someone who is jealous and loses his temper. To be honest, this person probably hasn’t been so angry in years.”

Tang Xiu said as he crossed his arms.

“Maybe this is the power of love?”


Gu Yansheng coughed dryly and looked away to pour water for himself.

Tang Xiu continued to tease him.

Baby “A’Sheng, come and describe to brother, how much you like Xiaoyu now?”

Gu Yansheng poured water in silence.

“Ai Ai, it’s full, it’s overflowing,” Tang Xiu said with a hearty smile.

“Is this your answer? It’s full, it’s overflowing?”


Gu Yansheng drew a paper towel to wipe the water on the table, lowered his head, and said in a muffled voice.

“I don’t want to talk to you.”

When Shen Kanyu woke up in the hospital bed, his side was empty, he looked at the ceiling and thought for a while, A’Sheng hugged him and said he would take him home, it must be a dream.

He rubbed his eyes and turned his head and saw Gu Yansheng’s jacket hanging on the chair.

It should be that A’Sheng forgot to take it away. Taking it and returning it back to his house should be fine, or he could just take and left it at the door.

He struggled to get up from the bed and his body trembling all over because of the pain from the incision. He bit his lip and wiped the sweat on his forehead then reached out to get his coat.

But when he saw that he was full of bruises, and even his hands were a little twisted, he was stunned for a while. He was afraid of dirtying Gu Yansheng’s coat so he tore off the clean bag that the nurse had prepared at the head of the bed and put the outer suit in.

He took his backpack, took out the mangosteen, carefully cleaned the dried blood from the bag with a paper towel, and put it back as if it were precious.

He picked up his backpack, held Gu Yansheng’s coat in his arms, and walked out of the ward.

He was ready to go to the discharge procedure and was planning that after discharging he could rush to the supermarket to buy some vegetables and fruits and bring them together with the jacket to A’Sheng. The problem was he had never been to this hospital and do not know which direction he should go, looking at the people coming and going, he also did not dare to go up and ask.

He couldn’t forget what his mother said about him being a calamity, so he became increasingly afraid to get close to people, he didn’t want to bring bad luck to others anymore—in fact, if he hadn’t stalked them, no one would have wanted to pick up on him, and it had always been that way.

If he was not so affectionate by nature, and has a little self-knowledge, it would be better if he did not always annoy people. Maybe he would not make everyone hate him.

If what happened before was not a dream and A’Sheng really wanted him to go back, he would have to try to keep his distance from him and Tian Tian. Although he still does not know why A’Sheng wants him to go back. It was always good to be good and obey everything, so he would not always be beaten and scolded.

Shen Kanyu reached out to the wall, squinted hard to see the signs hanging on the corridor, and walked step by step towards the reception desk of the inpatient department.

When he passed a lounge, he heard Gu Yansheng’s voice. He was talking to Tang Xiu.

Why is ah Sheng still in the hospital? Is there anything else he needs to do?

He didn’t eavesdrop on purpose, but he really wanted to hear Gu Yansheng’s voice. Once he heard him, he couldn’t move.

He heard brother A’xiu say that he was pregnant and that the baby was well developed.

Then he hears A’Sheng say that the baby was not his, saying it should be Jiang Mo’s.

His pale, dry lips trembled, and the hand holding Gu Yansheng’s clothes gently pressed against his lower abdomen. Before he could gather light in his cloudy eyes, they disappeared, leaving only a gray haze without light or focus.

He did not listen further, turned around and continued to walk forward, the more he walked the more he felt heavy under his feet, his head was dizzy, the overwhelming black fog quickly pouring down towards him, he hastily held onto the bench next to him, stumbled and fell to sit on it.

The incision felt like it vibrated and exploded with convulsive pain, he opened his mouth wide, his eyes were slack with pain, but he had difficulty breathing was and couldn’t even cry out while tilting his head and panting hard, with trembling hands, he gently covered his belly as if protecting it.

It was so painful that he feels the incision has done in his whole abdomen. He didn’t know whether the pain really came from the incision knife or from the unformed flesh and blood in his abdomen, so he was afraid that the little life was injured.

Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, daddy is here, daddy will rub you, it won’t hurt right away.

Don’t be afraid, and don’t go.

He curled up on the bench in his thin sweater, shivering and waiting for the pain to pass, raised his gray face full of cold sweat, looked towards the direction of the lounge, and murmured A’Sheng.

The child is yours, A’Sheng.

I really like you, so I will definitely only give birth to your child and won’t let anyone else touch me.

You can trust me for once, okay?

How nice it would be if you could trust me for once.

But if you knew this child was yours, would you be angrier, would you feel disgusted, would you blame me …… for making you dirty.

Will it ……

You’re going to be angry and hate me.

The last time I forced you to do something like that, you would have felt disgusted and dirty at the sight of me.

Sorry, I’m so dirty.

I wish …… was cleaner.

A little cleaner, so that I can like you openly and honestly, and won’t be so annoying to you.

If only that were the case.


TL: the audacity of this pig Yansheng!!! Not his child huh!!

Crying buckets again!!! Why did I translate this ;’( I’m also suffering, my poor baby Xiayu!!


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  1. Isn’t Gu Yansheng’s the worst?
    How else would Kanyu bear his attitude if he didn’t love him?
    All his devotion and he doesn’t even able to make his partner trust him.
    That’s tragic.

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  2. Gu Yansheng force himself on Kangyu and now his denying his own child. He’s really a shameless bastard!

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