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Chapter 28

After the forum was full of “Jiang Meng” and “Cao Jiaye”, the gossip forum finally opened a different post.

[What level of help should you give to the police to get an embroidered flag?]

[What level? Do you think female stars are better than actual performance?]

[Should rich ladies also pay attention to KPI? If so, I declare that this month’s Yan’s is the first.]

[This operation was really unexpected as people didn’t expect Jiang Meng to be involved in this at all. Anyways, they solve the problem directly, efficiently, and quickly = mouth = Jiang Meng will be sentenced to ten years at least, and she’ll be taking sweet time there.]

[I laughed when I saw the embroidered flag. The Yan never received such a thing, right?]

[Is it a good idea to deliver the flag directly to the door? Wouldn’t criminals be interested? And then retaliate?]

[The upstairs said the opposite, right? Reasoning, the criminal should be afraid of retaliation by the Yan.]

[… It makes sense. I forgot that Gu Xueyi is the wife of Yan Chao.]

Jiang Meng and Cao Jiaye’s expectant gazes darkened a little.

When they heard that criminals would retaliate.

A trace of pleasure surfaced at the bottom of their hearts.

The drug cartels were all bloodthirsty guys. If Gu Xueyi was really found, her end would be worse than falling into their hands… Ha ha!

But soon, the latter sentence completely extinguished their hopes.

They forgot that Gu Xueyi was Yan Chao’s wife.

It’s because they forgot how powerful Yan Shi was. Even if Yan Chao was absent, there was still the difficult to handle, Chen Yujin… Now even the Jian family was protecting Gu Xueyi.

The people sent by Jian Rui sat there and read Jiang Meng and Cao Jiaye these comments one by one.

In addition to the comments on their Weibo that berated and mocked them, he even included the other posts that praised Yan Wenjia for scolding well and praising Gu Xueyi for helping the police for their 6-years of work, were not missed.

“Miss Jiang does not seem to be doing well?” The other party stopped his reading and asked.

A glimmer of hope resurfaced in Jiang Meng’s heart.

She looked up at the other side, trying to make her pale face show a touch of moving amorous feelings, so as to attract the other side’s pity.

“Yes… My body is very weak, and I am in pain. Can you think of a way for me?”

Jiang Meng knows how much a man likes her face.

When Cao Jiaye saw this scene, he was so angry that he cursed loudly.


Jiang Meng’s betrayal completely crushed Cao Jiaye’s dignity.

This was much more painful than Jian Rui disposing of his lovers.

Jiang Meng’s heart resented Cao Jiaye to the core and no longer paid any attention to his reaction.

The child in her belly was very tenacious and did not miscarry even after a major blow.

But now she couldn’t wait to have a miscarriage.

The Jian family has abandoned Cao Jiaye, who was now in prison with her, so the child in her belly has lost its value …… and become a liability instead.

This child desperately draws on the mother’s nutrients and would also throb and ache when she gets emotional.

Jiang Meng was full of expectation and looked at the man with tears in her eyes.

The other party slowly and methodically stood up, smiled slightly, and said.

“Miss Jian said, please take your time to feel the pain now, Miss Jiang.”

Jiang Meng’s last glimmer of hope was dashed, and she fell back into a sitting position.

The means of survival she was so proud of was completely useless.

Cao Jiaye let out a laugh from the side.

“You spineless man …… even Jian Rui is too lazy to help you anymore, so what face do you have to make fun of me?”

Jiang Meng viciously turned back to him, no longer having scruples, and completely ripped his face off.

“What did you say?” Cao Jiaye’s face changed, “I’ll kill you!”

The two of them started cursing each other and even started to fight. The police broke into the door and pressed them firmly against the wall.

This was the most humiliating moment in Cao Jiaye’s life, and also the moment when Jiang Meng’s hopes in her life were dying……they wouldn’t have good days anymore.

They would never have the chance again!

If they had known earlier, they shouldn’t have been greedy in the first place, they shouldn’t have looked for Gu Xueyi.

Had they known …… hadn’t they known sooner.

After the men went back, they told Jian Rui about Jiang Meng and Cao Jiaye’s reactions.

Jian Rui sneered: “A dog bites a dog in the face of a great calamity, what a good show.”

She paused: “Gu Xueyi is right. Only this way, the one who is really tormented is Cao Jiaye.”

“You should have asked her.” Jian Changming came down from upstairs and said in a deep voice.

“If something really happened to Yan Wenshu at that time, it would be difficult to redeem your death.”

Jian Rui lowered her head embarrassingly, and called out, “Uncle.”

The voice was all of a sudden much smaller.

“What did she say to you that day.” Jian Changming suddenly asked.

Jian Rui let the man leave first, then hesitated before she relayed Gu Xueyi’s words to Jian Changming. This was how Jian Changming pieced together the complete process of that day, combined with the circumstances explained by the bodyguard.

She was very powerful.

When Jian Rui said that Gu Xueyi had “cut him off ” and “raised like a dog”, Jian Rui paused awkwardly and looked up cautiously at Jian Changming.

After all, her uncle was also a man.

Hearing such words would inevitably make him feel uncomfortable.

But Jian Rui looked up and saw nothing but the usual calm.


“She is right, what is the status of Jian’s family and what is the status of Cao Jiaye? If you really like him, there is nothing wrong with raising him as a dog.”

Jian Rui was stunned: “…… you, were you listening to me? Did you not feel anything, uncomfortable?”

“She’s clear-headed and speaks powerfully. Why should I feel uncomfortable?” Jian Changming paused.

“She’s smarter than you.”


Jian Rui opened her mouth and closed it again.

She doesn’t know if he still remembers when he first returned to the capital city and evaluated Gu Xueyi if she remembers it clearly the sentence was “not a pleasant person”?

“When are you going to apologize?” Jian Changming suddenly asked.

Jian Rui said awkwardly, “I’m preparing. I don’t know what Mrs. Yan likes or miss Yan likes.”

He didn’t know either.

“Mrs. Yan is a straightforward person, so you might as well ask her directly.”

Jian Rui nodded her head half-heartedly. Was there such a thing? To ask people what they want as a gift?

“Ask and tell me.”


Because of the seriousness of the case, and the assistance of enthusiastic citizens, the detection process went very smoothly. After collecting all relevant evidence, forming a chain of evidence, and capturing the remaining suspects at large.

Jiang Meng and Cao Jiaye were soon in the defendant’s seat.

Next to them, together with the sentencing were the suspects captured from drug undercover operations and drug trafficking dens…

These suspects were really ferocious people. Even if they stand in the court, they still turn their heads and stare at Jiang Meng and Cao Jiaye with vicious eyes.

In their opinion, if these two idiots hadn’t used the stuff on people they shouldn’t have, they wouldn’t have been involved!

The courtroom was full.

Surrounded by so many people, Jiang Meng and Cao Jiaye were shivering and felt cold behind.

They were afraid of those ferocious criminals.

They were also afraid of the cameras in the courtroom.

Because of the importance of the case, the involvement of public figures, and the great attention of netizens, the court adopted a live webcast format for the entire network.

This was tantamount to humiliating Jiang Meng and Cao Jiaye in front of tens of millions of people

Cao Jiaye turns his head in a daze.

There were quite a few familiar-looking media people sitting on the seats. They had interviewed him and written countless chapters of praise for him…. and now… Cao Jiaye’s gaze fiercely stalled.

“Jiang Er….” Cao Jiaye muttered as cold sweat seeping from his forehead.

Jian Changming didn’t even bother to come and see him in person.

Instead, Jiang Er sat in the hearing seat…. he came to see him in person.

Jiang Er must have known that it was he who deliberately spread Jiang Jing’s beating around and encouraged the Jiang family to go to the Yan’s house to find trouble!

Although the Jian family was ruthless, Jiang Changming claims to be a civilized man and would not put all his ruthlessness on display.

Jiang Er was different, Jiang Er was vengeful.

If Jiang Er was looking for him to settle accounts…

Cao Jiaye was unsteady and knocked his head down.

And this scene was being live broadcast from the beginning… and for a while now the whole network was already busy commenting with “satisfaction of everyone” “invigorating” and “adulterous couple hurry to die “.

Yan house.

Gu Xueyi finished flipping through another book, this time it was “Epidemiology”.

She closed the book and got up to go downstairs.

Yan Wenshu poked her head out, “Are you going out?”


Yan Wenshu bit her lower lip: “Secretary Chen is coming to pick you up?”

“Yes.” Gu Xueyi looked up at her and said, “what’s the matter?”

“…… There is nothing wrong.” The words that had reached her throat were swallowed back by Yan Wenshu.

She also suddenly remembered that her elder brother didn’t seem to have any feelings for Gu Xueyi.

Big brother is now missing and maybe he won’t come back, then Gu Xueyi …… will fall in love with someone else?

For example, let’s say, Secretary Chen. Secretary Chen also did not like Gu Xueyi before, but last time at the Silica dinner, he carried the hem of Gu Xueyi’s dress and the photos she saw…

So was Gu Xueyi…. no longer her sister-in-law?

Yan Wenshu piled all these disordered thoughts in her mind.

Looking at Gu Xueyi’s eyes, there was a bit of reluctance.

Gu Xueyi paused, turned back, and touched the head of Yan Wenshu.

“Alright, go upstairs and have a rest.”

Having just experienced Cao Jiaye’s evil deed, it was understandable to be timid.

Yan Wenshu bit her lip, and the corners of her mouth turned up slightly then she turned back.

Gu Xueyi touched her head!

Does that mean that she was not so stupid in Gu Xueyi’s heart!

When Gu Xueyi left Yan’s house, the car was already waiting outside the door. Secretary Chen stepped down, wearing a gray suit, and gently pulled open the car door for Gu Xueyi.

Pei Lixin’s party was scheduled for 6:30 in the evening, this party was to celebrate her brother’s birthday.

Pei Lixin’s mother gave birth to this son when she was in her fifties, so the age gap with Pei Lixin was twenty years. After the death of Pei Lixin’s parents, it was she who single-handedly brought up this brother. The two have deep feelings.

“There were a lot of people at the Pei family banquet, and you probably haven’t seen them before.”

Chen Yujin said as he hands over a tablet to Gu Xueyi.

“There are some pieces of information in it, which are not necessarily comprehensive but a little is better than nothing.”

Gu Xueyi opened the tablet and swept through it quickly.

Chen Yujin looked at her movements and wondered if she had seen them.

When the car arrived at Pei Lixin’s villa, Gu Xueyi just locked the tablet and returned it to Chen Yujin: “Okay.”

Did she remember it all?

Chen Yujin pursed his lower lip.

Forget it. It doesn’t matter.

He could always remind her.

When the two entered the villa gate, Pei Lixin quickly stepped on her high heels to welcome them out.

“Madam, President Chen… Please come in.”

Pei Lixin was not at all surprised by Chen Yujin’s arrival.

Gu Xueyi was unreliable, so Chen Yujin had to keep an eye on her at all times, right?

Pei Lixin also saw the news online.

In her opinion, their class should be distanced from the civilian class. What assisted the police to solve the case? And received an embroidered flag? That was just all ridiculous, they even hung it in the Yan building.

And Gu Xueyi’s move caused some trouble for the Yan house.

Pei Lixin hid the look of contempt and disgust in her eyes and beckoned in one direction.

“Zhikang, come here, sister will introduce you to someone.”

Gu Xueyi moved her eyes to look over.

There were several young people gathered there to talk, they were all holding glasses of wine in their hands and were making low heckling sounds.

When he heard Pei Lixin’s voice, one of the youths immediately reacted and answered, “Yes, right away.”

The young man stuffed his wine into others.

The people in the surrounding area were vaguely following his lead.

The young man strode towards this side.

The young man’s facial features were very similar to Pei Lixin, his eyes and nose were straight, and he could barely be called handsome. Frankly speaking, it was his nose that broke the handsomeness he could have. He has a hooked nose.

“Madam hasn’t seen him before? This is my brother, Pei Zhikang.” Pei Lixin said and smiled, showing a little pride in her eyes.

In her opinion, her own brother was handsome and dashing and had a good appearance.

Then, Pei Lixin looked at her brother again.

“This is Mr. Chen, and this is Mr. Yan’s wife, Mrs. Yan.”

Pei Zhikang’s gaze was fixed and just fell on Gu Xueyi’s body.

He knew about this sister-in-law of Yan Wenbo.

Recently, he also saw her news on the news.

But really seeing the person, and just seeing a photo on the phone, the feeling was completely different.

She was quite beautiful, and her temperament was outstanding.

It’s easy to think that she was like a flower on the mountain that couldn’t be picked.

But it was because of this reason that Pei Zhikang bet that nine out of ten men would want her, provoking a stronger desire to conquer her!

“Hello, Mrs. Yan.”

Pei Zhikang showed a bit of a bright smile and extended his hand toward Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi lowered her gaze, glanced at it, and then brought her arrogance and spite to the extreme. She directly ignored Pei Zhikang and turned her head to Pei Lixin and said.

“Are there any guests today besides me?”

Pei Zhikang’s expression stiffened, withdrew his hand, and rubbed his own palm.

Nevertheless, his heart was still itchy.

Pei Lixin the other hand was a little unhappy.

Who was Gu Xueyi?

How could Gu Xueyi ignore her brother?

But Pei Lixin thought that Gu Xueyi had always had such a character, and the more such a character, the better to control and brainwash.

Only then did Pei Lixin suppress the unhappiness in her heart and said with a smile.

“No more. Today, apart from my own family and some friends of Zhikang, the most honored guest here is you, Madam.”

“Hmm.” Gu Xueyi responded, “That’s more or less the same.”

This time a genuine smile was evident on Pei Lixin’s face, but her heart was full of mockery.

It’s so funny.

Thanks to Yan Chao’s wife. Thanks to Gu Xueyi’s visit to Baoxin a few days ago, she gave her a new idea.

In the corner, those few people who were talking to Pei Zhikang just now couldn’t help but stare at Gu Xueyi’s figure and let out astonished sounds from their mouths.

“So that’s Yan Wenbo’s sister-in-law?”

“No one knew she was so good-looking! Crap!”

“Didn’t they put photos online a while ago? I’ve seen them all. She is really pretty, it’s the kind of beauty who is beautiful with every frown, smile, and every move…”

“Look at this, Master Pei went up to talk ……”

“She even ignored Master Pei? So arrogant.”

“Of course she’s arrogant, haven’t you seen the news? The famous President Chen of the Yan family was holding the hem of her dress? And people like the Jiang and Jian family went to her banquet giving her face…..”

“She’s so beautiful, it’s only right to be a little proud, tsk ……”

“The Yan family is different. They are rich and powerful and their wives are a hundred blocks away from other wealthy wives.”

“Well, Mr. Yan has disappeared, and she has now no husband.”


The young man sitting inside the black pickup truck suddenly sneezed.

“Are you all right?” The man on his left looked at him nervously.

The flu was bad in this hellhole, and if the boss caught a cold, something would go terribly wrong.

“It’s okay.”

As soon as his voice dropped, that car also stopped.

The young man narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at a foreign man with braided hair and dark skin beyond a mound, striding their way, calling out as he did.

“My friend…. finally waited for you!”

The young man, however, did not immediately get out of the car, but looked down and absently turned up the booklet in the glove box.

A cell phone was placed next to the booklet.

The phone screen was dark and did not light up.

The young man’s thoughts took a brief detour—

I haven’t heard from the bank for several days.


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