Chapter 53

Outside the door, Li Yun had his brows furrowed.

He wanted to knock on the door earlier, but he heard the woman’s comment on chocolate inside the room echoed.

A brand of a man riding a horse……Godiva?

He remembered that in the past, Li Yinchen had an online girlfriend who claimed that in addition to Godiva, she would not eat other brands of chocolate.

A sneered appeared in the corner of his mouth.

The heart was higher than the sky, and life was thinner than the paper.[1]

These kinds of people do not have the financial means, but they expect to live a privileged and luxurious life.

They love leisure and hate work, only trying to climb a high branch.

With this evaluation he got from the woman, he gets cold feet whenever he thinks of his children going through such exposure.

When the door opened and saw Ye Susu with pink cheeks and sparkling Phoenix eyes coming out of the room while her upper body was only wearing a small white vest, revealing the soft skin snow ripples. The sight of this made his handsome face immediately sink.

He slightly closed his eyes and stepped back as he opened the distance between the two of them.

“I’ll wait for you in the living room downstairs.”

Some words, he did not want the child to hear. He turned around and went downstairs.

Ye Susu blinked.

This catnip’s face seems to have darkened some more.

Normally, she would not be so obedient and follow him but she also wanted to give him a taste of her claw.

But when he walked to the middle of the stairs, she caught a sharp glimpse of a pink slip of paper between his fingers.

She was stunned and took a few steps to catch up.

“How do you rob me ……”

Before she could finish, the tip of her nose hit the man’s broad back.

A very strong smell of catmint, almost aggressive, surged into her pink nose, seemingly penetrating her skin pores.

All of a sudden, she was hit by the smell making her body shake uncontrollably.

The question that was just about to come out of her mouth was trapped in her throat.

It smells good~

This man …… smells really good, so fragrant that meow easily loses my senses.

Makes me want to drop hard …… to ravage him!

Normally she was careful to keep at least a meter away from him, and if they don’t talk she didn’t even dare to come within three meters near him.

She was afraid of smelling him—afraid she wouldn’t be able to control it.

And now, sure enough, her nose was so hot that she thinks it bleeding not to mention she wanted to scratch him with her paws, turn him over and roll him over again …… and play nicely!

The thought of that heartbreaking image frightens her!

Some of the blood in her body didn’t obey her as she felt hot all over her body and her hand and feet were twitching, she had to work hard to control herself and not push him on the ground.

This was what was running in Ye Susu’s mind as soon as the tip of her nose collided with the man’s broad back which immediately narrowed his eyes.

The touch is too perfect ……

Thick, sturdy, and flexible.

It made her want to jump up and step on it.

“What are you doing?”

However, a cold, sharp knife-like question brought her to her senses and curbed the urge to jump up the broad back and scratch a few more paws.

“Well …… you’re hurting me.”

Yesusu stepped back for a second and immediately covered his nose to complain first.

Well, she meowed right, only this mortal is too tempting cat crime.

Li Jun stopped in his tracks and turned back to first look at the closed door of the room on the second floor.

Then, only then did he sweep coldly to the small woman in front of him.

The vest on her body was only long enough to pull below the waist line of her sports pants.

And at the moment, as she reached out to touch her nose, the left side of the fabric wrinkled, clearly revealing a large jade-like soft muscle, as well as the vague vest line, the side of the tightened small waist peak is also clearly visible.

Li Jun’s eyes darkened.

But after a deep breath, the expression soon turned to disgust.

“You’re usually at home, dressed like this?”


The heart was higher than the sky, and life was thinner than the paper.[1]- as a proverb, it means that although you have lofty ambitions, your life is too frivolous…


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  2. These type of people?
    So our ML thinks people who want to eat expensive brands of chocolates are these type of people?


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