RB80’s: VMRHCD 16


Chapter 16- Pei Shanshan thinks Jiang Ran is crazy

No matter what Pei Shanshan’s expression was, Jiang Ran put the pot in her basket without hesitation and went to look for bowls.

Jiang Ran has planned to sell steamed stuffed buns and porridge in the morning, noodles and rice at noon, steamed dumplings, pancakes and scallion oil cakes in the evening, and rice wine with egg flowers or poached eggs.

This way, she could have business all day and night though it would be a little tiring.

In the morning she needs to get up before dawn and travel to the county, and at night she won’t be home until it was already dark.

But who makes her poor now!

She was already poor, and if she was afraid of being tired then she could only be poor all her life.

Jiang Ran does not want to stay poor, so she was not afraid of getting tired.

She would not be able to do it by herself and would need at least two helpers.

As for who these two helpers were, she has long thought of them, namely Pei Shanshan and Pei Yang.

Whether Pei Shanshan and Pei Yang disagree or not. Jiang Ran may not have considered it at all.

After all, if she told them properly but still did not agree she could just threaten them by force.

However, Jiang Yan felt that they would not disagree.

Maybe in their minds, they wanted to disagree with her, but they definitely had no guts to do that.

Pei family has grain, but it was basically coarse grain with only a little fine grain. It was occasionally cooked for the original owner and Pei Jing.

If she wanted to use this on her business, it would be because she had no choice, but the quantity was far from enough.

So, after buying bowls and chopsticks, Jiang Ran went to the grain store.

She then went ahead and bought white rice and white flour; one bag was a fifteen catties.

After buying these, she also went to buy oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, star anise, sugar, and rice wine.

Of course, she mustn’t forget about meat, so after buying a large piece of fatty and thin streaky meat they decided to go home.

They have bought too many things and they couldn’t go home carrying all she bought with just her and Pei Shanshan.

Fortunately, there were ox carts to each village outside the county city. They could spend 50 cents and go back by ox cart.

The ox cart would take them to the door of their house, saving time and effort.

After sitting on the ox cart, Jiang Ran finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She had been holding her breath before and now she could finally breathe properly.

And now that she had relaxed, she was afraid she won’t be able to lift the things she bought due to exhaustion.

Jiang Ran leaned on the rice bag and slowly closed her eyes.

Although very tired, this was, after all, in someone else’s cattle car so Jiang Ran did not dare to sleep and just closed her eyes to recuperate.

Jiang Ran closed her eyes, so she did not know that Pei Shanshan and Pei Jing, at this time were staring at her unblinkingly.

At this moment, Pei Shanshan only had one phrase she continuously repeated in her mind: Jiang Ran is crazy!

Wasn’t it just crazy to buy so many things and spend so much money?

Two iron pots were forty catties, a bag of white rice was fifteen, and so was a bag of white flour.

These three items alone add up to a full seventy.

Plus, some bowls, chopsticks, and various spices, the total adds up to twenty.

There was also a large piece of fat and thin streaky meat, 45 cents per kilogram, 10 pounds, that’s 4.5.

In addition, the meal they ate was 19. So in total, Jiang Ran spent a full 96.40 yuan in this half afternoon.

Pei Shanshan thought Jiang Ran was crazy when she didn’t calculate the total money.

Now after calculating the money, Pei Shanshan feels she couldn’t breathe.

Pei Shanshan knows that Jiang Ran has money she had been keeping for herself, but Jiang Ran doesn’t buy much at ordinary times. She only eats snacks occasionally and doesn’t spend much.

So Pei Shanshan has always felt that Jiang Ran was saving the money and was preparing to leave it to Pei Jing in the future.

Anyway, Pei Jing was also Jiang Ran’s only son.

(End of Chapter)


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