Chapter 12

Tang Xinyu watched Mo Yifan’s profile gradually gloomed making her secretly happy. Being able to tease Young Master Mo has become the most interesting time in the boring days of staying at home.

Tang Xinyu pushed the wheelchair slowly among the flowers, smiling.

Mo Yifan saw the place where Tang Xinyu met in the garden that day. The flower wall covered with Parthenocissus and purple wisteria disappeared, and several deep and shallow pits were also replaced.

Mo Yifan: “Demolished?”

Tang Xinyu smiled lightly.

“Of course, you can’t want what has been defiled anymore, but after all, it was my mother’s flower wall designed specifically for me, so I had the gardening master help me replant the flower wall on the other side. This side will be arranged with some rockeries for birds.”

Mo Yifan listened carefully to Tang Xingyu’s tone and found that she was not a bit frustrated and resentful.

Mo Yifan: “That’s right, now Miss Tang’s value has multiplied, and she doesn’t care about this small amount of money to redo the garden.”

“Still care.” Tang Xinyu pushed Mo Yifan onto the bridge. “No one wants to be too short of money.”

“That’s why you are involved in the operation of Tongfeng Technology?”

Tang Xinyu didn’t expect Mo Yifan to be so well-informed.

“Sort of. It’s too boring to stay at home, you have to find something to amuse yourself, don’t you?”

Mo Yifan looked at the carp swimming under the bridge.

“How many people desire to obtain something, but in front of Miss Tang, it only became a way of pastime. The Tang family is really rich and powerful.”

“It’s more like the Lin family than the Tang family.” Tang Xinyu corrected.

“I don’t have much ability, just good reincarnation skills.”

Mo Yifan’s lips were slightly curved by Tang Xinyu’s solemn appearance, who leaned against the railing, but he was not deceived by her modest words. Tang Xinyu studied abroad at Columbia University, majoring in business administration. She graduated with full credits in advance. She couldn’t get such a result just because of her good birth conditions.

“Little Uncle, just I ……”

Mo Yifan who just raised his lips pursed them again.

Tang Xinyu was amused and hurriedly said.

“Okay, okay, I’m kidding. I still want to be friends with Mo Shao. How can I make friends with this age difference?”

Mo Yifan gritted his teeth: “……Forget the age difference!”

Tang Xinyu laughed and coaxed him with an intimacy that she didn’t even notice.

“My fault, my fault. I didn’t express myself accurately enough.”

The expression on Mo Yifan’s face was clearly childish as if saying “I won’t trust you anymore”. Tang Xinyu on the other hand was even happier, how come she didn’t find such a cute side of Mo Yifan before?

Standing at a distance, Lin Vincent’s teeth were sore from watching.

Mo Shao, why don’t you show your domineering president aura? And let Miss Tang immediately admire your charm and indulge her in your appearance as soon as possible ah? Instead of being led by Miss Tang?

Lin Vincent who was worried about Mo Yifan’s life-long happiness could only show his concern internally as he turned around with the corner of his mouth twitching.

What remains unseen was deemed to be clean.

It’s good that Miss Tang was happy.

The gloom that accumulated in his chest over this period of time was swept away as Tang Xinyu pushed his wheelchair off the bridge and walked around the cane tables and chairs in the garden. Aunt Liu prepared tea and put it on the table in advance.

Tang Xinyu sat down and said.

“Aunt Liu is still the best, she still remembers I like pecan fruit.”

Mo Yifan has no interest in these small snacks but seeing Tang Xinyu’s eyes glowing, he reaches out for the pecan fruit like a greedy little squirrel. And with his big palm, he fished it out and directly moved the plate of pecan fruit in front of him.

Tang Xinyu’s empty hand: “???”

Mo Yifan with the pecan fruit on his palm said in a light voice: “Q&A time.”

Tang Xinyu: “…”

Is this revenge for me calling you “little uncle” a few times before? Childish!

Mo Yifan pinched a green shell and peeled it off with slight force with his fingertips.

“How much do you know about your father?”

Tang Xinyu froze, staring at Mo Yifan’s face as if trying to catch some hint from his expression. Unfortunately, from his eyes to the corners of his lips, everything was smooth as usual, as if what he had just said was as common as “it’s a beautiful day”.

Tang Xinyu said perfunctorily.

“What else do I know about my father? He is so busy with the affairs of the branch office keeping his feet on the ground every day?”

Mo Yifan stuffed the peeled pecan fruit into his mouth: “Not the answer I want, thus the pecan is mine.”

Tang Xinyu was like a playful little squirrel just now but hearing Mo Yifan she immediately turned into a hedgehog with thorns all over her body, and her tone was firm.

“You investigate the Tang family.”

Mo Yifan began to peel the second pecan nut.

“How can I not do some background check on my partner? After all, I don’t want to be sold one day and count the money for someone. Forgive me, I am a businessman.”

Tang Xinyu knows that Mo Yifan could cooperate because she clearly knows that Mo Lanqing and Mo Yifan have opposite interests.

Unlike Tang Xinyu’s grandpa, Old Master Mo has a strong desire for power. And this power at the moment was not yet clearly revealed in whose hands he would pass it. Before it was Mo Yifan who was the most inclined person but after the car accident, Old Master Mo’s intention returned to a vague state of wavering.

Not only Mo Lanqing, but in the eyes of everyone in the Mo family, Mo Yifan was the one who was going to be kicked out as a candidate for power, but he was also someone who needs to be guarded. After all, Mo Yifan was the closest to that position and he was suddenly marginalized outside the circle of power competition. How could he just reconcile?

The enemy of the enemy was a friend.

This was the creed that Tang Xinyu always pursues, so Tang Xinyu asked Mo Yifan out for dinner and reached an intention of cooperation. At that time, her main purpose was to ensure that when there were twists and turns at the engagement banquet, someone in the Mo family could encourage people from all walks of life to at least not stand on the side of Mo Lanqing for their own interests.

As it turns out, although Mo Yifan was disabled in a wheelchair and his power was dispersed, he still has the ability to stir up chaos in the Mo family.

Including what Mo Yifan just said, Tang Xinyu once again reassessed Mo Yifan’s weight in her heart.

A person who doesn’t go out all day and keeps his body at home could be so smart, and doesn’t it just show that he was an ambitious man who has restrained his sharpness and waited for an opportunity? And working with these ambitious people, Tang Xinyu needs to be more careful. Who knows when people who used to stand in the same line would turn their daggers and aim their sharp points at you.

Tang Xinyu calmly poured two cups of clear tea, one cup was handed over to Mo Yifan, and she took a shallow sip.

“The inferiority of men, you should know very well.”

Mo Yifan raised a finger to his lips and said.

“Don’t hurry to use a few people to represent the whole. I’m a man, but I don’t have their inferiority.”

Tang Xinyu was not impressed by this statement and did not take it much to heart.

“Tang Ruifeng wanted to enjoy the joy of having several partners and raised a concubine then gave birth to a pair of children, and secretly transferred some of the company’s assets to these people.”

Mo Yifan takes another look at Tang Xinyu. Her face was calm and indifferent, which was not compatible with her age. It was even the same as talking about other people’s things.

Mo Yifan handed the peeled pecan nuts to Tang Xinyu’s hand: “A reward for your answer.”

Tang Xinyu stares at the pecan nut in her hand, not knowing whether to cry or laugh. Mo Yifan really treats himself as an elder and treats her as a child.

Mo Yifan: “Do you know why this matter has not been exposed?”

Tang Xinyu lowered her eyes: “My mother has no love for Tang Ruifeng, only affection, not spending much thought on him anymore.”

Mo Yifan poked Tang Xinyu’s escape.

“Don’t make excuses for your own mother, this matter is your mother a leaf blind. Tang Ruifeng is hypocritical and cunning, looking for an honest and mute man as a husband for his foreign wife, and creating a beautiful parental origin for his pair of children. Based on this bit of ingenuity alone, it is your mother who has lost.”

Tang Xinyu hissed: “This is not an infidelity contest, but whose infidelity skills are higher?”

Mo Yifan tapped his fingertips on the teacup.

“You misunderstood my meaning. I mean Tang Ruifeng is more difficult to deal with than you think.”

Tang Xinyu’s eyes were a little confused.

“Tang Ruifeng seemed to value the son that the woman had given him, and he tried every means to encourage my mother to recognize him as a son as if this would give the son an orthodox title.”

Mo Yifan: “Maybe he wants to carry on the family line?”

Tang Xinyu’s sharp gaze immediately enveloped Mo Yifan.

Mo Yifan held up his hands to indicate: “I’m just helping you analyze the probable cause from the perspective of a cheating man.”

Tang Xinyu’s eyes showed mockery: “Passing on the family name? Then why doesn’t Tang Ruifeng raise a turtle? It can be passed on for a longer period of time!”

Mo Yifan: “It was a good suggestion, but I think he gave up considering that calling a turtle son every day would hurt his face.”

Tang Xinyu listened to Mo Yifan’s nonsense seriously and couldn’t help but feel something that she herself couldn’t understand. So far, Mo Yifan has never done anything harmful to her and even helped herself secretly several times. Even if he didn’t say anything, Tang Xinyu could guess it.

In that restaurant incident, Mo Lanqing didn’t gain anything whether he checked the surveillance or looked around for anything suspicious. Neither Tang Xinyu nor Yun Xiuyao has the ability to hinder it at present, but someone has cleaned their tails for them. And among the people Tang Xinyu knew, who could deal with Mo Lanqing and possessed this ability, apart from Mo Yifan, she couldn’t think of anyone else.

Mo Yifan never mentioned these things in front of Tang Xinyu. Even when talking about cooperation in Shiyuan restaurant, he did not use this as a bargaining chip. On the contrary, she made use of knowing the plot in a despicable way to lead Mo Yifan into her army.

Why does Mo Yifan help her like this?

For this question, Tang Xinyu had a vague answer in his heart, but Tang Xinyu secretly pressed the answer deeper and refused to face it.

Because she’s not sure if she’s making a fool of herself or if it’s the arch villain’s way of enlisting people.

Tang Xinyu shook these doubts out of her mind, not to delve into them for the time being. She just wanted to use Mo Yifan’s power to succeed in getting Lin Tong a divorce. Tang Xinyu did not dare to bother the Lin family, let alone tell Grandpa about these things.

Grandpa had just experienced such an event at her engagement banquet. Although he seemed to be able to argue with others in high spirits, he was seriously ill when he returned home. The two uncles and cousins do not have any knowledge about business so they can’t help in the struggle with Tang Ruifeng, also Tang Xinyu doesn’t want them to worry.

Right now, it looks like Mo Yifan was the best choice for Tang Xinyu.

Tang Xinyu adjusted her mood and directly threw out her own conditions.

“I want to participate in the operation of Tongfeng technology and take back what my mother should have taken, and leave the rest to Tang Ruifeng, which can be regarded as the last mutual affection.”

Mo Yifan placed another peeled pecan nut on Tang Xinyu’s palm, “Reward again.”

After chewing the nuts, Tang Xinyu slightly tilted her head and looked at Mo Yifan.

“What about Mo Shao? What are Mo Shao’s conditions?”

Mo Yifan squeezed a few of the pecan nuts in his hand and played with them, his eyebrows full of insouciance.

“Old Master Mo has not yet made a clear intention to whom his successor is, but several families have already pressed on. Some people even put their ideas on my body, wanting to take advantage of my legs walking inconvenience, hollow me out.”

Tang Xinyu listened to Mo Yifan’s words and slowly remembered.

“How come the whole thing is like all the royal sons taking the throne?”

Mo Yifan smiled: “Almost, after all, the Mo family has the throne to inherit. Some people are not willing to be lonely, blowing in the ears of Master Mo, to be my bride.”

Tang Xinyu understood what Mo Yifan was wary of. Mo Yifan was physically handicapped, his power in Mo was not what it used to be, and he was no longer the most desired marriage in the city’s prestigious families. But not for the small families, the life of the gentry with no worries about food and clothing was still very moving.

However, this small family also happens to be the best to use.

Mo Yifan doesn’t know whether it’s someone else’s eye who was blocked.

Tang Xinyu: “So, Mo Shao wants me to find out the details of these women?”

Mo Yifan: “No, I want you to marry me.”



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