Chapter 69

The naive and lovely child obviously didn’t know that he had left a dark history. His mother bear coaxed him to use his parent’s big bed as a trampoline. The higher the jump, the more excited he was, and the crisp laughter resounded throughout the bedroom.

If it weren’t for the fact that the air conditioning was on, he would be sweating so much.

Fu Shiyuan was still outside the door when he heard a burst of laughter, the wife kept saying “great Jayce, come let’s jump a little higher”, and then his son burst into “giggling” and his giggle was obviously in line with his mother.

He was curious about what game they were playing, and when he opened the door and saw the scene, the corners of his mouth twitched.

President Fu’s silence was not directed at Mrs. Fu, who was sometimes no more than three years old.

Yes, she was more childish than Jayce. President Fu has given up treatment for her, but Jayce was different. Mrs. Fu talked about “my son is really like me” and “inherited my perfect gene” all day long. Mr. Fu did not refute it in a gentlemanly manner.

But deep inside, Jayce as young as he was already shown how smart he was, a gentleman, who loves to learn new things, good personality, and so on, which he learned from him, the father.

It was hard for Fu Shiyuan not to be proud to have raised such a wonderful child.

However, recently, his smart son seems to be getting more and more silly and sweet. He doesn’t even realize that his mother was holding up the phone and aiming at him, the little guy was still excited and forgetting that his mother was the best at getting other people’s weaknesses?

It was a little difficult for Mr. Fu to look straight at his silly son, and he couldn’t help but voice out a reminder.

“Annie, Jayce, what are you filming?”

Jayce then stopped moving and looked straight at his mommy.

Jian Ruixi waved her hand and said with a smile.

“Hey Ethan, don’t you think Jayce jumps cutely? Anyway, I haven’t seen a more cute and handsome boy than him, so I should save it and enjoy it later.”

Mrs. Fu spoke graciously as she looked her son.

Just after receiving his mother’s comments of “the cutest and most handsome”, his mouth was slightly pursed, showing a shy smile showing she believed her words.

A person can be deceiving baby.

Fu Shiyuan wanted to remind his son, but when he saw Mrs. Fu’s sparkling eyes, she obviously liked the activity very much. He swallowed his words silently. He just hugged the child whose face was flushed with excitement out of bed and said.

“It should be enough fun. If you jump down again, you’ll sweat.”

Jayce was the one who had the most fun tonight, but he was also the one who slept the fastest as he fell asleep as soon as he lay down. The little guy was sleeping between his parents with his little pillow.

Jian Ruixi threw her arms around her little body. His long breath was in her ears and feeling relieved she too soon fell asleep.

It was more than nine o’clock when she woke up, and both Fu Shiyuan and Jayce were already missing, which was not surprising. Jian Ruixi was more surprised to see Fu Shiyuan downstairs playing video games with Jayce, she couldn’t help but blurt out.

“Why didn’t you go to work?”

Jayce replied excitedly, “Dad said we will go to the Old Summer Palace today and eat Beijing roast duck!”

“That’s really great.” Jian Ruixi also followed the hype but was more surprised as she looked at Fu Shiyuan, curious as to why this workaholic president was not working today

The child wouldn’t understand Jian Ruixi’s surprise look, but Fu Shiyuan could. He immediately understands his wife’s look of surprise; he helplessly stroked her forehead.

“Didn’t I say I will take a few days off to accompany you, aren’t I a man of my words?”

Sometimes he really wants to know what Jian Ruixi thinks of him inwardly.

Jian Ruixi smiled guiltily.

“But you also went to work yesterday. I thought you were busy recently.”

“Yesterday was a regular company meeting, and besides you guys are tired and want to take a day off.”

Jian Ruixi nodded agreeingly, after all, Fu Shiyuan was always very thoughtful but the big pig’s hoof[1] couldn’t be taken back~

Although Jian Ruixi got up a little late today the family trip was still done on time, and then plays until late in the evening before going home. The Longguan Bay looked like a painting with the twilight reflecting a beautiful scenery while Jian Ruixi and Jayce huddled at the window to enjoy its beauty.

As they get closer to their home, Jian Ruixi vaguely sees a few figures at the door. Looking at the figure, it does not look like Sister Zhang, it looked like a few men. Jian Ruixi then teased her child.

“Do you see the person upfront, doesn’t he look like teacher Even ah?”

Unfortunately for Jian Ruixi, Jayce was not easy to deceive, even after mentioning his teacher, he didn’t get nervous but instead looked in the direction she pointed interestingly, and then with a surprised looked he nodded.

“It is really teacher Even.”

“You’re really out of ordinary.”

Jian Ruixi pinched his face and turned to President Fu.

“Is he here for you?”

Although they had contacted each other before, Even said that he would find a time to come to her to talk but in the past two days they did not contact each other.

Jian Ruixi thought that Even must have come to greet Fu Shiyuan first so as to not come out rude.

Unsurprisingly, President Fu nodded.

“Sort of.”

Jian Ruixi didn’t wonder why President Fu said so ambiguously. When the car stopped, Fu Shiyuan got out of the car first while Jian Ruixi unbuckled the safety belt on Jayce then stuck out her head and greeted him warmly.

“Hey Even, why don’t you go inside?”

“When I came in, I saw what looked like Mr. Fu’s car at the back, so I simply waited at the door, and it was really you guys.”

Even has walked to the car door, just to see Jian Ruixi unbuckling the child’s seat so he simply carried his student out of the car and asked.

“Jayce, I heard you’ve been having a lot of fun lately? I hope I don’t fall behind in your studies.”

“Don’t worry, Jayce and I practice piano seriously.”

Jian Ruixi confidently helped her son pack his bags and smiled again.

“Since we’re here, why don’t we just have dinner at home? But those two are?”

Looking at the car from afar, Jian Ruixi thought Even brought two friends, only to see that the other two were in their forties. Although she couldn’t tell what their identity was, she could see that they have a good status.

As soon as Fu Shiyuan got out of the car, these two greeted him, then they must be friends in the same business field.

But since they came with Even, then they must be someone Even known.

Even helplessly smiled.

“You know when I was 18 I was able to attend the Spring Festival Gala under the guidance of the general director, Mr. Jin. This time I rarely came to Beijing so today since I had the time I went to visit Mr. Jin’s home early in the morning. When his students heard that I had a deep friendship with President Fu, they insisted on asking me to introduce them and since Mr. Jin was also there, I couldn’t refuse them.”

Jian Ruixi smiled and nodded, but she thought to herself that the leaders of the national station were so enthusiastic about seeing President Fu, could it be because of investment?

As expected of the father of central authorities, everyone else went to the company to meet with President and some even stopped directly at his house.

But it has nothing to do with her, Jian Ruixi took it for granted and changed the subject.

“It was really hard to chat with you last night, with just a blink of an eye you were gone. Teacher Even must have been very busy ah.”

Even said with a smile.

“It’s you who are busier, I saw you and President Fu from the entrance and there were many people already around you, did they not all also invite you to the party? After all, it is a rare opportunity, everyone wants to get acquainted with you ah.”

“Fortunately, we have a good personal relationship, so we don’t need to grab other people’s opportunities at this time.”

Jayce who was standing at his mommy’s feet heard that his mommy was so popular making the little guy’s eyes lit up and filled with admiration.

Jian Ruixi’s vanity was also greatly satisfied, but her mouth was still modest.

“Not at all, they just rarely see me come to Beijing.”

The more Madam Fu and Even chatted, the happier Madam Fu was, President Fu on the other hand seemed to have ended his conversation as he looked back and beckoned Jian Ruixi, smiling he said.

“Annie, come here for a moment.”

Jian Ruixi didn’t quite understand why President Fu asked her to come over when he was talking about sponsorship with the national TV station but she still gave President Fu a face and smiled at Even.

She took Jayce and maintained her style as a rich and noble lady in front of other people.

“Why don’t you invite guests into the room?”

“Let me introduce you first.”

President Fu, who was also a good actor, reached out to hold his wife’s back, just like a loving husband.

“These two are Mr. Li Wen, the production director of national television, and Zheng Yuan, the director. This is my wife, Annie.”

And your son, Jayce.

Jian Ruixi mentally added, at the same time she glanced at Director Zheng in amazement.

The director of the national channel also wants some investment, work must have been very competitive lately.

“It’s nice to meet you guys.” The elite Jian Ruixi shook hands graciously.

After that, director Zheng handed her a document in her hand with a big smile.

“Madam Fu, this is our plan, you can read it first.”

Jian Ruixi was really surprised now, and she was not even spared. Was the national channel really short of investment?

“But I don’t have any investment plans lately.”

Director Li laughed and said, “Mrs. Fu is really humorous.”

Jian Ruixi: meow?

But she was not jesting.

Only then did Mr. Fu smile and say.

“Don’t stand outside, come in and talk.”

The group then laughed and talked as they entered the house. Even naturally called out his student.

“Jayce, let’s go to the piano room first and see how you’ve been practicing lately.”

He said and smiled at a few of the adults, “Excuse me for a moment.”

Jian Ruixi originally wanted Fu Shiyuan to talk about business with others while she went would go upstairs to accompany the child to class. She could also discuss the preparation progress of the birthday surprise with Even. She hasn’t forgotten this important matter.

Unfortunately, now that she was stumped by the plan in her hand, she could only be a hospitable hostess and instructed Aunt Wang.

“Send some tea and fruit to both the living room and the piano room upstairs.”

Watching Jayce and Even go upstairs, Jian Ruixi sat down and flipped through the documents. The more she saw, the more she felt something went wrong.

“Is this the planning for a …… reality show?”


Big pig’s hoof[1]- common phrase used by girls to diss boy’s change of heart and his words don’t count


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