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Chapter 27

The injuries suffered by Yan Wenshu were mostly concentrated in the wrist, and ankle, all from binding injuries. The marks on the face were not serious and faded quickly.

Besides that, she was also greatly frightened.

Cao Jiaye’s intention was to control Yan Wenshu, not really to go against the Yan family. Because if it was the latter, Yan Wenshu would have had to suffer a lot of hardship.

Yan Wenbo entered the ward and took a seat in the chair opposite Gu Xueyi.

Although he has a cold relationship with Yan Wenshu, he couldn’t say anything cynical at this time.

“The Jian family is good friends with the Yan family, Cao Jiaye wouldn’t dare to attack Yan Wenshu because of this, right?”

Yan Wenbo said with a cold face and a sullen tone.

“The dog jumped over the wall.” Gu Xueyi said, and her eyes fell on Yan Wenshu.

“What stupid words have angered him?”

Hearing the word “stupid” again, Yan Wenshu was not so excited. On the contrary, she was a little flushed.

“It’s not… that is, it’s all true.”

“For Cao Jiaye and Jiang Meng, telling the truth is the same as poking them in the heart.”

“Then, then I won’t say it next time.” Yan Wenshu was quick to admit her mistake this time.

It made Yan Wenbo look at her in amazement.

Change of heart?

Yan Wenshu bowed her head but suddenly raised her head slightly again and rolled her eyes at Yan Wenbo.

Yan Wenbo: “….”

She still hasn’t changed.

Gu Xueyi’s phone suddenly rang. She looked down and hung up.

Then only unhurriedly said.

“I didn’t tell you not to say it, to enrage someone’s weakness with arrogance and domineering attitude you must also have what it takes. You can’t even beat Jiang Meng and her agent, so how are you going to deal with Cao Jiaye, his social experience is much richer than yours.”

Yan Wenshu looked up quickly at Gu Xueyi’s face, then lowered her head and said in a low voice.

“I’m too weak.”

She has been scolded by Gu Xueyi several times now and was already used to it.

Plus, she also almost hit the Yellow River and hit the southern wall.

So, it wasn’t too hard to admit her shortcoming now.

“Next time if you want to come to the door and flaunt your power, bring a few more bodyguards.”


Gu Xueyi looked at the slightly dull expression on Yan Wenshu’s face, only to find it pitifully stupid and a bit cute.

Seriously at this rate, it would be a long way before she could become the eldest young lady.

Yan Wenshu, who was in trance, came back to her senses.

“I understand.”

A knock was heard on their ward as soon as Yan Wenshu’s words fell.

Yan Wenbo consciously got up and went to open the door.

He couldn’t expect to get Gu Xueyi to move, could he? That’s not likely to get a beating.

When the door opened, it was a female police officer who came to find Gu Xueyi to make a statement.

Gu Xueyi finished her statement quite cooperatively, and then called Chen Yujin again.

Chen Yujin has been informed of most of the process by the bodyguard, he answered on the other end of the phone and immediately said that he would cooperate with the police to catch and seize the entire chain of drug dealers and drug dealers related to Cao Jiaye.

Only after the policewoman left did Chen Yujin collect his smile and his voice sank slightly: “How is Miss Yan?”

“I’m fine.” Yan Wenshu said in a rush.

Chen Yujin paused: “How about the madam?”

“Of course, I’m fine.”

Chen Yujin’s throat choked up and he couldn’t help but say, “Madam is reckless.”

He heard from the bodyguard that she entered Jiang Meng’s house alone at that time.

Not waiting for Gu Xueyi to open her mouth, Yan Wenshu could not resist first.

“No, it’s because of me, that’s why ……”

Chen Yujin swallowed his words back.

Has Yan Wenshu had a change of heart?

Chen Yujin originally wanted to say something more, but once he thought that Gu Xueyi was now quite opinionated and might not listen to what he would say.

In the end, it only changed into one sentence.

“Madam should believe in the strength of the Yan family. If madam encounters problems, madam can call me immediately.”

Gu Xueyi responded, “Sure.”

Hearing her response, Cheng Yujin felt relieved.

Right after he was relieved, he suddenly remembered…why should he be relieved if Gu Xueyi would call him?

Again at this time, there was a knock on the ward door.

“Who?” Yan Wenbo asked.

The person outside the door paused, seemingly not expecting Banquet Wenbo to appear here.

Yan Wenbo asked again, “Who’s out there?”

The person at the door then opened his mouth, “It’s me, Jian Changming.”

The expression on Yan Wenbo’s face was evident, after hearing the name he went back to his seat instead of opening the door.

He turned to look at Gu Xueyi.

In fact over the days, Yan Wenbo himself didn’t notice that he instinctively waited for Gu Xueyi to make decisions.

“The door is not locked. Mr. Jian can come in.” Gu Xueyi said indifferently.

The door was indeed unlocked.

But walking over to personally open the door for the other side, and the other side themselves pushing the door could be two meanings.

The former has more respect.

Jian Changming raised his hand and pushed open the door, and deep inside he had taken note of this, more or less.

Thinking of the special snack that Gu Xueyi brought from Yan’s company when she went to Baoxin that day—the comparison of the two treatments was so noticeable.

When he entered the door, Jian Changming saw Gu Xueyi at a glance, followed by Yan Wenshu and Yan Wenbo.

Jian Changming first said “sorry” to Yan Wenshu. He was a good friend of Yan Shao, the current head of the Yang family, so Yan Wenshu could not bear his solemnity.

Yan Wenshu wanted to say “no big deal”, but thinking about it, she looked at Gu Xueyi first.

Gu Xueyi opened her mouth again.

Jian Changming captured this scene.

Mixed with a little surprise in his complicated mood.

“Where’s Jian Rui?”

Gu Xueyi asked straightforwardly. Not responding to Jian Changming’s apology at all.

She was really angry.

The thought suddenly popped into Jane Changming’s head.

Why? For the sake of Yan Wenshu? But …… was it worth it? Even though Jian Changming was on good terms with the Yan family, he still feels that in the Yan family apart from Yan Chao he does not have the slightest bit of concern for the other children of the Yan family.

Jian Changming held down his thoughts.

“She’s at the police station handling the rest of her affairs.”

He paused before following up with, “Mrs. Yan can rest assured that even if Jian Rui wanted to repeat the same mistake, the Jian family would not allow it.”

Jian Changming doesn’t know how to bring up a child.

In the past, the Jian family could everything that Jian Rui wanted and just let her be.

Until now…

If Jian Rui wants to turn back, he won’t let her do so again.

Gu Xueyi nodded and said nothing.

Jian Changming couldn’t hold back and took out his phone, he then clicked on the news and put it in front of Gu Xueyi.

“This is part of the sincerity of the Jian family.”

Written was a police notice that has issued.

The speed with which this notice was published represented that, Cao Jiaye had no room to turn over completely, and so did Jiang Meng of course.

Gu Xueyi answered, “yes.”

But there was no other reaction.

Jian Changming unusually felt a little anxious.

He suppressed the weird feeling and said.

“When the matter is over, I will ask Jian Rui to come to the door and apologize.”

Only then did Gu Xueyi lift her gaze and seemed to look at him directly.

She stood up. “OK, welcome.”

“For the rest, please contact me when Mrs. Yan needs it.”

Even though Yan Wenbo and Yan Wenshu were there but they never interfere with the Yan family’s affairs, but Jian Changming still did not explicitly refer to Baoxin.

Gu Xueyi nodded and motioned with her eyes that he could go.

Jian Changming was busy with business, and it was indeed inconvenient to stay longer.

Him coming here personally to apologize, in the eyes of many people outside it was all because he was giving Yan Chao a face.

Jian Changming turned and walked to the door. He clasped the door handle with one hand, paused, turned back, and said.

“Mrs. Yan remember to save my mobile phone number.”

Gu Xueyi nodded lightly.

Only then did Jian Changming leave.

Meanwhile, Yan Wenshu and Yan Wenbo were both speechless.

Who was Jian Changming?

He was of the same standing as Yan Chao.

Someone, like that, did not get angry even though he possess an imposing figure.

Last time at the Silica Hotel, Yan Wenshu felt surprised that Jian Changming and others had acquiesced to Gu Xueyi’s words.

This time… This time, with a clear mind Yan Wenshu could clearly see that Jian Changming came here not to apologize to her but to Gu Xueyi?

It seems that she may not only be stupid but also a little crazy.

Yan Wenshu was in a daze as this thought passed through her brain.

Meanwhile, Yan Wenjia forwarded a Weibo post directly pointing out Jiang Meng.

This direct and unscripted behavior, coming from a lazy artist such as him sent Yan Wenjia to hot search.

The #YanWenjia attending the events suspected of becoming ugly lasted for a while in the hot search before it was pushed down the ranking.

With the release of the police notice, Jiang Meng was once again scolded for being in the hot seat, this time still with Cao Jiaye’s name accompanying her.

Under Jiang Meng and Cao Jiaye’s latest Weibo, the number of messages scolding them alone has skyrocketed to more than 50,000.

The number was still to be expected, after all, Cao Jiaye was the son-in-law of the Jian family and someone underneath was afraid of upsetting the Jian family, and took the comments section to Jian Rui.

Jian Rui stared at the man and suddenly smiled, “do you think I’ll be angry after reading it?”

Isn’t she?

The man froze.



The smile on Jian Rui’s face gradually thickened.

“Keep it all, save it one by one. Go to the detention center every day and read it to Jiang Meng and Cao Jiaye. Every single one, don’t miss one.”

In addition to the hot search, several gossip forums were almost butchered by their related news.

And some busybody netizens, created a special forum to facilitate their like-minded melon eaters to fully enjoy the show.

[Yuan Wenjia is a genius, he directly and publicly slapped Jiang Meng in the face. Their fans must have jumped to the Yellow River by now.]

[Jiang Meng really deserves to be scolded, but it doesn’t hurt her much if netizens scold her so it’s really nice to hear Mr. Yuan scold her, and maybe we could get more insiders to reveal the truth.]

[Just as LS predicted… Ji Mingming came out and broke the news. However, she and Jiang Meng are sworn enemies, so it may not be accurate.]

[did you see the police notice? I really want to kill Jiang Meng and Cao Jiaye. These two…are trying to control the victim by drugging and taking nude pictures because their adulterous relationship was discovered. Vomits. It’s disgusting, fucking open the door and I’ll go out it’s so disgusting!]

[… OK, it’s terrible. The marketing number really didn’t wrong them both before.]

[??? So the Yan was innocent?]

[well, Jiang Meng is pregnant with Cao Jiaye’s child and is afraid to be found out by Jian Rui. In fact, Jian Rui has dealt with several female stars before, who happened to have been in whale entertainment. I guess they are all afraid of Jian Rui, so Jiang Meng wants to save the child by claiming it was the Yan’s family child. All these are my reasoning. I don’t know if they are right =]

[it’s true. Jian Rui was scolded at the police station… I was there. Cao Jiaye had just been beaten, I don’t know who did it but he had a big lump on his head and his scalp was torn…]

[the Jian family won’t help? Cao Jiaye is really cold.]

[no one knows what happened to Gu Xueyi in the photo?]

[I’m dying of laughter. Why is Yuan Wenjia still giving praise to the people who scold Jiang Meng? His fans are going crazy. It’s rare for him to post on his Weibo and interact with his fans like this.]

[Yuan Wenjia really has a genuine temperament. I don’t want to discredit him anymore because he is playing big, after all, he looked handsome.]


On the set, Yan Wenjia finally put down his phone.

The agent suddenly felt that his heart was relieved.

He was a little afraid to check the Weibo and internet in general.

But thinking about the past few years, Yan Wenjia has done a lot of bad things but he has survived, so was there anything that he couldn’t survive?

The agent took a deep breath as he opened the Weibo page of Yan Wenjia and watched the Weibo followers go from 54 million—

60 million in one fell swoop?



“How can you curse someone and still bring up the powder?” The agent froze.

“I don’t know.” Yan Wenjia responded casually with a lack of interest and stood up somewhat unhappy.

He took the phone from the table again.

“You wouldn’t …… continue liking the post, would you?”

“No point.” Yan Wenjia rubbed the mobile screen: “hands are tired.”

Reflecting on his phone screen was his unconsciously wrinkled eyebrows and an evident gloomy face plastered on his face.

Yan Wenjia soothed his brow a little.

But it soon creased again.

Pinching his phone, he dials Gu Xueyi’s number.

Yan Wenshu had a good rest. She didn’t seem to have any psychological shadow so Gu Xueyi took her back to Yan’s house, together with Yan Wenbo they all go home together.

Just after she got off the car, Gu Xueyi received a phone call.

“Hello, who’s this?”

Yan Wenjia, who was about to open his mouth, was caught off guard.

She even saved director Li’s number, but not his?

“…” Yan Wenjia closed and pursed his lips tightly.

“If you don’t have anything to say, I’ll hang up first.”

“… Yan Wenjia. It’s me, Yan Wenjia.”

Gu Xueyi paused. “Well, are you on the crew?”


“How was your filming today?”

He hasn’t filmed a single scene today and was just busy brushing on his Weibo then liked most of the posts that scolded Jiang Meng. So, Yan Wenjia could only answer—


After the answer, Yan Wenjia suddenly realized that it was him who called. It should be him who asked Gu Xueyi how the sovereignty had fallen into Gu Xueyi’s hands again?

“What about the news?” Yan Wenjia immediately asked.

“It’s what it says in the news.”

“Are you in the hospital?”

“It wasn’t me who went to the hospital. It was…”

Yan Wenjia then changed his stance: “Oh, I see.”

Then hung up.

Gu Xueyi: “…”

Doesn’t he care about Yan Wenshu?

“Yan Wenjia?” Yan Wenshu’s voice suddenly sounded on one side.

“En,  I have to call your second brother.”

The corner of Yan Wenshu’s mouth twitched.

“…… he is a fart …… PPT ah!”

Yan Wenshu’s mouth which was full of rude words came to an abrupt stop, remembering the person in front of her.

Gu Xueyi now knew why Yan Wenjia also did not wait for her to finish her words.

After Yan Wenjia hung up the phone, he stared at the phone screen for a while.

The screen reflected his appearance once again.

The crease in his brow was smoothed out completely.

Yan Wenjia dumped the phone to the agent: “I’m going to shoot a scene.”

He took a big step in front of director Li: “What are we shooting today?”

Director Li was flattered: “the 21st and 22nd scenes. Two… In fact, there are not many. If you feel it’s too troublesome, in fact, one scene is oaky…”

Yan Wenjia bent his fingers and said.

“Add three more scenes.”

Director Li: “???”

“The phone you dialed is currently on call…”

Meanwhile, at the Jiang family, Jiang Yue put away his phone.

Jiang Jing poked his head over and asked, “Did you see the news?”

“I’m not blind, of course, I can see.” Jiang Yue said.

Seeing that Jiang Yue was a little irritated, Jiang Jing lowered his voice: “did you call Mrs. Yan to say hello? But she didn’t get through?”

Jiang Yue glanced sideways at him.

Jiang Jing hurried to slip away first.

Jiang Yue sat there for a while and backhandedly called his men.

If not for this news out, Cao Jiaye, this ostrich[1] would never have surfaced….if the Jian family does not kill Cao Jiaye dead, he has to get Cao Jiaye dead.



Concurrently, Yan Wenshu just got out of the car and entered the door, took a shower, and went to sleep.

She hasn’t returned Gu Xueyi’s windbreaker yet.

The windbreaker was color black and was printed with a large mass of white Brahma Kamal.

Yan Wenshu thought in a daze.

Just like Gu Xueyi.

She then closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Gu Xueyi returned to her bedroom, read a book for a while, and then went to the bathroom to wash.

The disturbance of the day had no effect on her.

After washing up, her phone screen suddenly lit up.

Gu Xueyi picked it up and glanced at it.

It’s the number she just saved.

[I filmed eight scenes today.]

Gu Xueyi pursed her lips and gave a light smile, turning off her phone.

At the production crew.

It was one in the morning by this time.

Director Li hasn’t had such a good time shooting for a long time, but the crew was all very tired.

They were preparing to finish work one after another.

Yan Wenjia on the other hand was sitting pensively on the chair with his military uniform that had not been changed, still staring at his phone…

Why is he like this again?

The agent rushed over: “Brother Yuan, have a rest.”

Yan Wenjia stared at the empty dialog box.

Did I not shoot enough? In her opinion, is it not worthy of mention?

Yan Wenjia looked up and said, “two more shots.”

Agent: “?”

The agent immediately became cautious: “Brother Yuan, are you… Are you unhappy? If you are unhappy, just say it. Don’t do this…”

Yan Wenjia: “….”

That night ended up wrapping up on time, but soon, the agent, along with the crew up and down, witnessed an irresponsible person suddenly working hard…

Director Li wept silently in front of the monitor and sighed loudly and inwardly thought it was the right choice for him to invite Yan Wenjia to play this role. But on the other side, he couldn’t help worrying, wasn’t it that the psychological problem of Second Young Master Yan has become more serious?

When the shooting was over, would Madam Yan toast a wine with him?

But it seems that Madam Yan has no time to toast wine with someone like him.

Gu Xueyi had just woken up this moment when she received a call from Chen Yujin, asking her to come to the Yan company.

Gu Xueyi hurried to eat her breakfast and arrived at the Yan company.

Chen Yujin personally came down to pick her up: “Pei Lixin wants to invite you to dinner.”

Gu Xueyi paused for a second: “Okay.”

Chen Yujin shook his head, “Pei Lixin inviting you at this time is nothing good.”

“Doesn’t matter. The original purpose was to see clearly, what bad things she wanted to do.” Gu Xueyi smiled faintly, without a trace of fear on her face.

Chen Yujin looked at her and for a moment does not know if she was really smart and fearless, or if she knows too little about the more cruel things ……

But it doesn’t matter.

Even if Yan Chao was not here, at least he was still here.

Chen Yujin smiled: “it’s not for this that I invited madam over today.”


“The police department sent an embroidered flag.”

When Chen Yujin said this, there was a subtle hint in his expression.

This was the first time the Yan family has received such a thing.

The police didn’t know where to send it, so they sent it to Yan company. Yan’s staff stared wide-eyed at it all the way, it was even unknown how many people secretly picked up their phones to take pictures.

Chen Yujin leads Gu Xueyi into his office.

At this time, a message has been sent on the Internet.

@I don’t know what to eat today: crap! Gu Gueyi received an embroidered flag from the police station! [photo]

Click on the picture, it says:

Thanks to Ms. Gu Xueyi for helping solve the drug trafficking. Drug case…

Netizens were shocked.

[So this is the reason why Gu Xueyi appeared at the scene?

[Mrs. Yan has pleasure from helping others?]

[… A clean stream of luxury.]


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Ostrich[1]- a person who refuses to face reality or confront problem


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