Chapter 74

Chen Fang felt that he had never been so at a loss when facing the crazy counterattack of the Silver Eagles these days, unlike today.

He looked at the two people in front of him.

It was clear that he had just admonished them but instead, this sister and brother didn’t hear him at all. One grabbed him while looking at him intently while the other was circling around him as their mouth kept on chirping.

They even looked as if they were a little teary-eyed…?

Did Jiang Yunting look like he was trying to hold back his tears?

What did these two silly birds do again?

After listening to their chirping, he finally understood.

Chen Fang was a bit speechless.

“You guys are thinking I’m going to die and come out to save me?”

Jiang Liangchan nodded.

Jiang Yunting nodded.

Chen Fang: “…”


A little stupid was still stupid but since they were only kids with the pure intention he could just tolerate it.

Chen Fang narrowed his eyes and saw that not far away, Shen Xi was looking at him anxiously, gesturing at him.

At the same time, the voices of the Taoists in the wall of Jiang’s house also came through the wall. He vaguely heard someone say.

“There is really something different in this house.”

Chen Fang shook his head at Shen Xi, indicating that Shen Xi had to deal with it himself, and then no longer paid attention to Shen Xi’s anxious appearance as he turned to the siblings.

His eyes turned to Jiang Liangchan’s face, looking carefully at every inch of her expression.

She didn’t look any different and stared back at him innocently.

She doesn’t seem to care about the situation at all.

He seems to be worried for nothing. When he heard Shen Xi’s report, saying.

“There seems to be something going on in Jiang’s manor. They even invited many Taoists to come and say that there are demons in the house, and they want to exorcise them.”

After hearing this he put down the arrangement closing the net he had laid out and immediately rushed back to save her despite Shen Xi’s desperate obstruction.

Chen Fang looked at his hands.

It was clear that such a small thing as climbing the wall house was no easier for him and was not worth any worry at all.

But he hurried back to the Jiang’s house, and before he could enter, he saw her climbing the wall in a panic and clumsy manner.

His first reaction was that she was forced to flee in a hurry because of the arrival of those Taoist priests, so wretched, so frightened, so dangerous.

And the moment he came, she nearly had to fall off the wall.

At that moment, a strange panic rose abruptly in his heart.

And the strange heartache and annoyance born from seeing her panic and run for her life.

Chen Fang looked down and saw that there was a nail print in his palm.

It was left when he subconsciously clenched his fist when Jiang Liangchan almost fell.

He folded his fist again, put away the look in his eyes, and his voice was unmistakably cold.

“Who invited the Taoist priest?”

He already had the answer in his mind.

I’m afraid it’s Jiang Pingxuan, right?

That old fox, also found out that something was wrong with Jiang Liangchan?

Even if he found something wrong, it was still his own daughter’s body, after all, could he still bare to harm her?

Once his words were asked, it was Jiang Yunting who grabbed the answer with a proud face.

“I’m the one who invited them!”

Chen Fang froze.

He really didn’t expect to hear this answer, and at that moment he sank his voice and asked.


Jiang Yunting rightfully said, “Of course, it’s for my sister.”

Chen Fang narrowed his eyes and locked eyes with him.

“Are you targeting your sister, so you invited the Taoist priest?”

Jiang Yunting suspected that he saw a cold glint in Chen Fang’s eyes.

What’s going on?

He must have misread it, right?

How could Chen Fang show such an expression to him who so wisely thought of a way to save his sister, and bravely went out to save him?

It’s possible that now brother Chen Fang was using coldness to cover up his touch.

Alas, brother Chen doesn’t have to be moved.

For they, the Jiang family had wronged him in the first place.

When Jiang Yunting thought about it, he was embarrassed to claim credit, and honestly said.

“I think my father has a problem, so i invited the Taoist priest to settle the marriage of my sister.”

He went through the whole thing and spilled the beans on his plans.

Chen Fang slowly loosened his grip.

Luckily, he almost thought just now that even Jiang Yunting was going to treat Jiang Liangchan like this.

He thought the Jiang family was really cold to the bone.

Now it seems like Jiang Yunting hasn’t noticed anything.

He glanced at Jiang Yunting with a blank stare.

It was indeed something his IQ could come up with.

I am probably confused because I care.

Jiang Yunting asked again, “Brother Chen, what’s going on? Did my father send you to do something dangerous?”

Chen Fang already come to rescue him from the two of them just now, guessing that the two of them should know something.

He knew that Jiang Pingxuan was not likely to take the initiative to tell the two of them, they probably overheard.

Chen Fang didn’t want to explain the problem more. He simply said.

“This is between him and me. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Jiang Yunting was anxious.

“How can that be, tell us what is going on so we can help you. Besides, where are you going now? Do you not want to go back to the Jiang Mansion?”

Chen Fang was speechless.

He had the layout of all that was about to be laid out.

He was not injured, but a feigned injury to swindle the people sent by Jiang Pingxuan, and also, laid a trap and waited for Silver Eagle to take the bait.

He only needs to lurk for two more days, then he could ultimately settle this matter, take in the Silver Eagle, and then once and for all defeat Jiang Pingxuan.

But because of Jiang Yunting’s bad idea, all the work was lost.

He wouldn’t need his help, nor would he need his help in this lifetime.

…… Forget it, maybe there’s something else he has to need him for.

On the other side of the wall, the voices of the Taoists were getting louder and louder, and they could already hear them clearly shouting.

“There really is a demon, all of you, be careful.”

Jiang Liangchan felt that the inexplicable discomfort in the heart that had started in the morning seemed to have worsened a little.

She frowned and covered her heart.

She also did not expect, how Chen Fang was so sharp-eyed, she only just frowned and already notice.

Chen Fang immediately turned to her and asked in a deep voice.

“How are you doing?”

Somehow, it feels weird for him to ask that.

He suddenly came up with speculation that seemed very bizarre, but also somewhat reasonable when he thinks about it.

Moreover, Chen Fang seems to have thought of it long ago, which was why his question just now was so strange.

… if I rub that, that would be awful!

Jiang Yunting had also noticed her abnormality and also asked nervously.

“Sister, what’s wrong with you? Are you not feeling well? Your face seems a bit ugly.”

He pulled Jiang Liangchan with one hand and remembered that he had to settle Chen Fang first.

“Brother Chen, you wait for a little first. No, no, this way, you go to the He family first, take my handwritten letter, their family should be safe, my father cannot intervene to go. I’ll take my sister back to see the doctor, and when she’s okay, I’ll come to you immediately.”

But before Jiang Yunting could pull Jiang Liangchan, his other hand was already one step ahead of him and pressed Jiang Liangchan’s shoulder.

Chen Fang bowed and looked into her eyes, “Hold on, I’ll take you away.”

Jiang Liangchan shivered a little.

He seems to be right.

Chen Fang really seems to get it right.

She was still horrified in this room, and Chen Fang’s side had already made quick arrangements.

Chen Fang directly instructed Jiang Yunting.

“You go into the house first, I’ll take your sister to a place, don’t worry. If your father asks, just say she went to look for Li Sol.”

How could Jiang Yunting let him take his sister away?

After all, he was still a man, and he was taking his sister away.

Even if the man was Chen Fang.

However, as soon as he opened his mouth, he was interrupted by Jiang Liangchan.

Jiang Liangchan: “Listen to his arrangement, you go back first.”

She hadn’t felt well, but just now those Taoist priests—she didn’t know what they had done, and now she felt a little dizzy.

It seems she should stay away from that group of Taoists as early as possible.

She just didn’t expect that the one who discovered this was not only her but also Chen Fang.

Jiang Liangchan was taken to a deserted courtyard by Chen Fang.

She deduced it an abandoned mansion of unknown families.

Away from the spells of those Taoist priests, the feeling of dizziness and chest tightness finally dissipated.

Chen Fang had been staring at her and was relieved to see that her face had recovered a bit before asking.

“Are you okay?”

Jiang Liangchan immediately calculated, how she should explain this?

Was it better to play fool?

Unfortunately, without waiting for her to play dumb, Chen Fang then asked.

“Who the hell are you?”

A bolt out of the blue.

Jiang Liangchan was so frightened that her lips opened and closed several times, but she didn’t know what to say.

How did Chen Fang find out?

Chen Fang looked at her face stiffened for a moment and sighed.

“I have long been guessing that you are not the original Jiang Liangchan.”

It was normal for a person to slowly change over the course of his or her life.

But under what circumstances would a person suddenly become another person without even experiencing frustration and without harm, how could they suddenly change?

She seems to be as brutal and spiteful as ever, even Jiang Yunting and her own father, may not even see it.

Yet he had noticed, right from the start.

She was not the same person.

Her brashness was played out with effort; her spitefulness was also deliberate.

When she wanted to help others, she really genuinely wanted to help them.

What’s more, the original never worry about the silver money, only squandering the Jiang family’s money but the one in front of him right now began to be scared to spend money began.

In the small stalls, she even haggles to buy things, and when she bought the jewelry, an obvious heartache could be seen on her face as she paid it out.

But trying to pull strings for him, she spent generously.

All morning she has been looking for jewelry and obviously saw something she wanted but she did spare to buy it for herself.

Like a newborn chick pecking away at the eggshell, and afraid of being discovered to have hatched, she had to carefully pick up the broken eggshell and carefully cover the top of her head in a vain attempt to convince others that she was still an egg.

In particular, her attitude towards Chu Qing has changed so much.

Even that day at the entrance to the garden, when she first met Chu Qing, she actually covered up and asked him who was the man who called out to her.

Seeing that he did not reply, she also quickly took the words for herself and covered them.

That day, he had been standing next to her silently, watching her single-handedly put Chu Qing and Song Xinrui into angry people.

Jiang Liangchan thought he was looking at the joke, and later thought he was bored in a daze.

He was actually gazing at her silently.

It was that day that he had basically concluded that she was no longer the original Jiang Liangchan.

As for who exactly she was, what possessed Jiang Liangchan, a demon or not—he does not know.

So today, when he heard that the Taoist priest came to the Jiang House, he could not even care about the important arrangements at hand.

He was afraid that those Taoists were also coming for her.

He was afraid that now she would disappear.

Fear that she has disappeared into thin air.

Afraid that if he came a step late and really let the Taoists move, leaving him with nothing but a field of eggshells.

At that moment, some thoughts that had been hidden in his heart and had been covered with layers of leaves were revealed in front of him.

He seems, seems, slightly, doesn’t he…..

Like her?


The author has something to say: ah, ah, the plot has not been written today.


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