Chapter 46

“Did you have fun last night?”

After a scene with Yu Ran, the two chatted a few words when Yu Ran suddenly smiled and asked.

Jiang Mian: “?”

How did Yu Ran know that she went to play last night?

Seeing her confusion, Yu Ran explained.

“I ran into Ms. Chen in the elevator last night.”

Getting the answer, Jiang Mian smiled and said.

“Not bad.”

Tang Anan couldn’t help but say, “It’s super nice.”

She had several beautiful dreams last night—on the cruise ship a male host and she was chatting and added each other to WeChat and chatted for a while when they got back to the hotel.

Although she knows that this gesture from the male host was him being professional, it does not stop her from being happy.

Yu Ran: “?”

Then, he saw the young girl in front of him and her assistant smiling at each other with a sense of tacit understanding.

Yu Ran smiled and joked.

“Next time when you go out to play, you can call me too, I haven’t gone out to play for a long time.”

“That won’t do, you are a big star, you will be recognized.”

Jiang Mian heard that he was joking and teased in passing.

Tang Anan covered her mouth and snickered as she imagines the image of this teacher Yu surrounded by male hosts—pfft.

“If I’m called a big star then you mustn’t cry.”

Yu Ran joked back but was more curious noticing Tang Anan’s demeanor.

However, he also understands that joking was joking, it would be too insensitive to really pursue the question.

“Teacher Yu, I’m sorry to bother you, but I have a question for you.”

As the two were talking, a voice interjected coldly—it was Guan Xin.

She walked over at some point and directly ignored Jiang Mian.

Yu Ran wrinkled his eyebrows without even trying to hide it and was inwardly annoyed but did not show it on his face.

“Tell me.”

Guan Xin glanced at him timidly and requested with a cautious tone.

“Can I ask you to go to the side to talk?”

She nervously tugged the corner of her coat as she spoke, showing her embarrassment and uneasiness with this small gesture.

Most men subconsciously feel pity when they see this.

Jiang Mian: “….”

Jiang Mian was not going to pay attention to her, but looking at Guan Xin’s actions as well as ignoring her, it was clear that she had come to slander her.

Since this was the case, if she does not strike back, it would look like she was too gentle.

Jiang Mian gently rubbed her eyes, tilted her head, and with great puzzlement, she said to Tang Anan.

“Anan, I didn’t sleep well last night, and my eyes weren’t very good. Please help me see who is this young lady talking?”

Tang Anan said very cooperatively.

“Mian Mian, it’s Ms. Guan.”

“So, it’s teacher Guan.”

Jiang Mian let out a long “oh”, she then smiled and said to Yu Ran.

“Teacher Yu, listening to this little rabbit’s frightened voice, she sounded pitiful. Is it possible that you were too harsh in the scene with Ms. Guan and scared her?”

Politeness and respect, cowardice and caution were two completely different emotions. If Guan Xin’s tone were broad and poised, it wouldn’t make people think much.

This was also the reason why Yu Ran was annoyed just now. Guan Xin was timid and cautious she even trembled when she said something as if Yu Ran had bullied her.

Yu Ran looked at Guan Xin and said politely.

“Maybe I was a little harsh in the play but Miss Guan doesn’t have to be so afraid of me…and I’m sorry if I accidentally scared you while acting on a scene.”

Guan Xin’s face stalled.

She did not expect that after Jiang Mian’s interpretation of her request she became afraid of Yu Ran and it even had a vague meaning of blaming Yu Ran.

She really has something to ask Yu Ran, however after searching for him she saw that Yu Ran had been talking with Jiang Mian.

In fact, she could wait for Yu Ran and Jiang Mian to finish their conversation and then come over to invite him. But looking at the way they talked and laughed, she remembered Shen Shiqing’s indifference to her and Gu Qiwen’s suspicion of her about Shen Shiqing. The more she thought about it, the more anger grew in her heart.

So, she couldn’t help coming over and wanting to invite Yu Ran in front of Jiang Mian and counterattack her prestige.

“Teacher Yu, I ……” Guan Xin tried to explain that she didn’t mean it that way.

Yu Ran didn’t give her this opportunity, even though he was inwardly annoyed he still smiled gently at her.

“If you have anything to ask, ask it here.”

“Yes, there are many people here, and everyone is watching it.” Jiang Mian said.

“Otherwise, a rumored will spread saying Teacher Yu is bullying newcomers with a status of senior…… media would then use this to talk nonsense and if that happens teacher Yu you may be on the hot search oh.”

“I’d rather not be on the hot search for such reason.” Yu Ran shook his head as he lost his smile and replaced it with a “scared” look.

Guan Xin’s face was red and turned pale, she really does not understand why Yu Ran would help Jiang Mian, they usually don’t have much interaction. Was it because Jiang Mian was the female lead?

Taking a deep breath, Guan Xin wanted to turn around and leave, however, she just said she had a question for Yu Ran, if she turned around and left now, wouldn’t she offend Yu Ran?

Finally, she clenched her hands to calm herself down and was not to be affected by Jiang Mian.

“Mr. Yu, I have two scenes with you later. When I was reading the script just now, I felt that there was a dialogue in these two scenes that seemed a bit off, but I couldn’t figure it out, so I wanted to ask you to take a look.”

When it comes to drama, Yu Ran was much more serious and professional actor—regardless of whether the actor and the actress were in harmony with each other, “drama” should be above all.

“Teacher Yu, Ms. Guan, then I’ll leave you guys alone.”

Jiang Mian smiled and walked to the other side.

Contrast this with Guan Xin coming over to Yu Ran and ignoring Jiang Mian.

The second female lead directly ignored the female lead while on the other hand, the female lead greeted the second female lead… this scene was seen by many people.

A staff member who was very fond of Jiang Mian heard this, and was very angry—take people’s hands short, eat people’s mouths soft.[1]

And because of this, Yi Naping sent a WeChat message to her circle of friends: [The female lead number two in our crew is really amazing. Tsk, the difference is really big when you have a golden master behind.]

She doesn’t know who, but someone took the screenshot. And this simple message broke into big entertainment v news though it did not explicitly say which drama group and only provided the initials.

This news broke wide especially since the entertainment verified account was the one that sends it. Netizens immediately gathered and guessed which drama crew “gnll” was.

At this time, many of the crew’s initials were composed of these letters.

Once the news came out, several drama groups were instantly named, especially the second female in one of them was recognized in the circle as having a golden master, leading most people to assume that the second female in the exposé was this female artist.

Therefore, even if “The Green Onion Love Language” was also named by some netizens but with their analysis all though Guan Xin had made her name to hot search she doesn’t have any golden master they knew of and she really has no black water.

Jiang Mian only learned about the online news when she saw a private message from someone asking her— if the second female with a golden master behind in the news and bullying the first female was Guan Xin.

Jiang Mian didn’t have many scenes to film yesterday, but her schedule today was very full. She also has a scene in the evening and there was almost no time to play with her phones.

She ignored the private messages, and instead click into the hot search. And after a few moments, she saw that there were quite a few people connoting Guan Xin, and undeniably, her heart was more than a little happy ~

As she was waiting for her scene with Guan Xin in the evening, she saw that the other party looked much paler than during the day, Jiang Mian asked with a concerned face.

“Ms. Guan, you don’t look too good, it can’t be related to the online craze, right?”

Guan Xin: “…”

Coincidentally Yu Ran also walked over, Jiang Mian raised her voice.

“Mr. Yu, I just said it inadvertently yesterday that you will likely get into a hot search because of Ms. Guan Xin and did not expect that Ms. Guan would really be on the hot search.”

Yu Ran did not know about Guan Xin’s hot search and only hear it from Jiang Mian today. Hearing Jiang Mian, he nodded subconsciously after also thinking that it was said coincidentally.

Glancing at Guan Xin’s increasingly stiff face, Jiang Mian smiled more and more sweetly, and her tone was like an experienced person as she said to Guan Xin.

“Ms. Guan, being on the hot search is a good thing, you can rise a lot of fans from it.”

Everyone in the crew knows that since Jiang Mian had her Weibo, she had two consecutive hot searches because of Qin Jingrun. Now she has more than one million Weibo fans—a newcomer, and she already has millions of enthusiastic fans before the movie was aired which gains a lot of envy.

But what she said was also right, getting into the hot search was indeed a good thing. Her popularity could be increased, and Guan Xin could not refute this. She could only hold back as she showed a piqued expression.

Seeing this, Jiang Mian contentedly went to the director to talk about a scene ~

At 8:00 p.m., Jiang Mian called her Taoist Master father but the latter did not answer so she sent a message asking her Taoist master father to go back to her hotel room for dinner and not to wait for her to return in the evening.

Although she knows that the two nurses hired by her billionaire tyrant father would take proper care of her detective police father, Jiang Mian was still a little uneasy, since she finishes her work early, she decided to visit her detective police father and hailed a taxi.

When she arrived, she found a stranger with his back standing straight in the private ward. Seeing Jiang Mian approaching, their eyes meet and he scrutinizes Jiang Mian.

He doesn’t look like a bodyguard, but a guard instead.

Is he a colleague of my father?

“Who are you?”

This man was indeed a guard assigned by Chen Ju, and when he saw Jiang Mian coming straight over, he asked out loud.

Jiang Mian pointed to the door and said tactfully.

“I’m a family member of the patient who is inside.”

Surprise rose in the guard’s eyes as he carefully sized up Jiang Mian.

Such a beautiful girl, claiming to be a family member of the company …… he remembered the night before Chen Bureau asked him if the regiment had a girlfriend and he swore he did not.

And now?

While he was in a trance Jiang Mian had already pushed open the door.

“Eh, you can’t ……”

The guard rushed towards her but was a step too late.

Just as Jiang Mian entered the ward, there were five people in the ward including Lian Feng who was lying on the bed, and five pairs of eyes gazed at Jiang Mian.

Chen Ju of the Provincial Bureau, Fu Ju of the Municipal Bureau, Li Zeliang, the commander of the Police Force of the Bureau, and He Ming, an expert in psychological profiling.

The night before yesterday Chen Ju brought a murder case but the killer has not been caught and new victims have appeared in the past few days. In desperation, he had to come to find the injured Lian Feng.

After understanding the situation, Lian Feng proposed several detection points, however, after mapping them down there were still no clues, so he came to visit again tonight.

In this case, it is best to follow up the whole process, and it was easiest to grasp important clues. However, since Lian Feng was injured and cannot move at will, he could only be a consultant.

While discussing, Jiang Mian pushed the door in they subconsciously cast their eyes on her.

Jiang Mian, who was used to the eyes that gazed at her every day on the set was not flustered as they looked at her and even greeted her detective police father and his colleagues warmly.

“Good evening.”

Lian Feng lowered his head and hid the smile in his eyes.

The remaining four: “….”

Who is this girl?

The guard rushed out, “Regiment, this girl says she is your family ……”

Lian Feng gave a soft muffled sound, “Come here.”

Seeing that Lian Feng did not refuse, the guard thought to himself: She’s really a family member.

“Regiment, this…”

Li Zeliang frowned. Regardless if she was a family member, they were now discussing the case, and allowing non-insiders to enter was not good.

Chen Ju’s eyes fell on Jiang Mian.

Last night, his daughter came back with a depressed face and red eyes, it looked like she had been crying for a long time.

Chen Ju knew that she had cooked chicken soup for Lian Feng and was very happy about it.

It was reasonable to say that Chen Yubing should come back happy, but how could she be sad coming back after meeting her beloved?

Worried about what was wrong with Chen Yubing, Chen Ju immediately put down the matter at hand and asked repeatedly before he realized what was going on.

“Impossible, Lian Feng has no girlfriend, I have already inquired about it for you.”

After hearing what Chen Yubing said, Chen Ju analytically said.

“What’s more, with his personality, it’s impossible to have a relationship with a little girl.” Chen Ju analyzed it for Chen Yubing.

“You said that the girl was only 18 years old and that she was the daughter of Lian Feng’s friend. There was not only a difference in age between them but also a difference in generation.”

A man like Lian Feng could never violate the most basic ethics. The girl was old enough to be his daughter and if he lays his hands on her, he wouldn’t be called Lian Feng.

Chen Yubing felt much better.

“Dad, do you also think that Lian Feng deliberately used that little girl to reject me?”

Chen Ju nodded.

“Lian Feng once told me that he didn’t want to find a partner in life because his job was dangerous, and he couldn’t wreak havoc on other people’s girls. Honestly, at first, I didn’t want to set you two up either because he was right.”

In this line of job, they go out early and return late, they also have no stable holidays, and their wages were not high. The people would always rank first and spend very little time with their families.

In particular, there were also various field missions and sometimes confidential missions. None of these missions was simple. Pin your head on your belt at any time.[2]

Such a profession was respected, but if he was to marry someone, that person was object to hardship that she should not have.


Chen Ju chuckled.

“Look, you already turned your elbow out before things even began to take shape.”

Chen Yubing’s face turned red, but remembering how beautiful and young Jiang Mian was, not to mention Lian Feng was so gentle to her, she couldn’t help feeling sad.

“But, but in case it is true.”

“Believe Dad, it absolutely can’t be true.” Chen Ju said with great certainty.

“If that girl is about the same age as you, this is still a little possible.”

He patted Chen Yubing’s hand, sighed, and said.

“But Bingbing ah, since Lian Feng even used such a method just to reject you, I think he is determined not to marry. Let’s forget him, you are so good, you can find a better one than him.”

Although he admires Lian Feng and wants him to be his son-in-law, a melon twisted by force was not sweet, if the other party was really unwilling, there was no point in dragging it out so much.

“No, Dad, I’m determined to have him.” Chen Yubing said firmly.

“As long as he doesn’t have someone, then I have a chance.”

She suddenly thought again.

“He used this method to reject me, but this also means that he does not want to make me sad, that he has me in his heart, I cannot give up.”

The more she thinks about it, the more confidence Chen Yubing has.

“Dad, that little girl’s name is Jiang Mian, can you help me look up her information, please?”

She begged Bureau Ju, she wanted to know who Jiang Mian’s father was and what her father’s relationship with Lian Feng was.

Whether or not Jiang Mian’s claim that Lian Feng would marry her when she grows up was true, she needs to find out—if it was true, she doesn’t believe Jiang Mian’s father would want his daughter to marry his best friend.

Chen Ju frowned, he was the head of a bureau, and if he wanted to check a person’s information, naturally it would be easy to find. But because he was the head of a bureau, some privileges could not be used indiscriminately.

But in the face of his daughter’s request, Chen Ju really could not refuse, not to mention it was just checking some background information, so he agreed to Chen Yubing.

After checking, it was found that the basic information about Jiang Mian in the internal system showed that the column of the girl’s parents was empty, that was to say, the girl was an orphan.

Chen Ju came to Lian Feng because of the case and hadn’t told Chen Yubing the news. Seeing Jiang Mian, he immediately remembered the girl and what his daughter told him.

He then looked at Jiang Mian with scrutinizing gaze for a few moments.

As soon as Jiang Mian entered the door, she felt someone’s oppressive gaze. Turning her eyes slightly she met Chen Ju’s gaze and smiled at him.

Chen Ju: “….”

Chen Ju was shaken by this smile.

Aigoo, this girl looks so beautiful, what if Lian Feng is really waiting for her to grow up?


take people’s hands short, eat people’s mouth soft[1]- If you eat or take other people’s food, you will feel ashamed to refuse their request

Pin your head on your belt at any time.[2]- life will be in danger at any time


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