Chapter 45

As the top male host of TianShang RenJian, Xing Ran has put in a lot of sweat to be able to stand at the top.

A guest had already booked him for the night—ordinary guests were not qualified to book him.

At the same time, he also has the right to refuse to serve some guests.

Today Xing Ran was supposed to leave with another guest, but because the billionaire tyrant father was generous, and the manager made it clear that no one was qualified to refuse this time’s guests, so even if Xing Ran was already booked by another guest he was ordered to cancel his prior engagement and went to Han Xu’s.

The reason why he was so enthusiastic about Jiang Mian; one was Jiang Mian was beautiful, two, Jiang Mian had no malice towards him, three, Jiang Mian has no idea about him, and four, he likes Jiang Mian as a guest.

Also, for a million reasons he doesn’t want to go to the guest who booked him first, but he doesn’t have a choice to say no. He was only able to escape the disaster when the billionaire tyrant father had booked all male hosts including him to attend to his daughter.

Although sooner or later he wouldn’t be able to avoid it, but people sometimes change their thoughts at a certain time, and because of this Xing Ran was a little grateful to Jiang Mian.

After getting along with Jiang Mian for a while and getting to know her character, this gratitude turned into favor and liking.

He didn’t want to miss out and wanted to simply make her happy.

When she was happy, he was happy. Anyway, everyone was just having fun.

So he took the initiative to attack, though he has his own methods that he knew very well in hooking up guests but he didn’t want to use this certain method he was proud of. Especially since in Jiang Mian’s case they were useless from the very beginning.

Jiang Mian grabbed his restless hand and looked up at him with an enchanting smile.

“I don’t like strangers touching me.”

Xing Ran felt a numbness coming from the wrist held by the girl’s tender white fingers, and the numbness extended from the wrist upward, making his whole right hand lose all its strength for a moment.

Her eyes were beautiful, yet although she was smiling at him, there was a faint warning in her eyes.

He did not hesitate to believe that if he did not know his place, he would end up miserable.

This was his intuition.

“I’m sorry.” His eyes were full of apologies, “I overstepped.”

Jiang Mian looks at his eyes for two seconds, lazily guessing whether the other party was really sorry, as long as the other party knows and understands.

She let go of Xing Ran’s hand, motioned not to follow, and went to play with them.

“Let me be with you.”

Xing Ran asked in a bit of pleading tone as he put his hands on his back.

“If I touch you again, you’ll let the bodyguard break my hand.”

He knows how to read words, Jiang Mian has been displeased with him, a smart person should understand when was appropriate to stop.

But he still wants to stay with Jiang Mian for a while. He probably won’t have much chance in the future.

The words did seem sincere, and Jiang Mian gave him a look.

“What do I need your hand for.”

Since the other party does not want to “seduce” her again Jiang Mian didn’t mind, after all, he looks good like a flower in a flowerpot, where her eyes could appreciate his beauty.

She asked, “You can do magic?”

Xing Ran nodded: “A little.”

Saying that he took a red cloth from the counter beside the bed and covered it with his hand, asking Jiang Mian in a serious manner.

“Miss Jiang, at this moment, what do you want most?”

Jiang Mian: “….”

Xing Ran could see the speechlessness in her eyes and stopped selling himself. He lift the red cloth an exquisitely crafted crystal crown appeared in his hands.

Jiang Mian: “?”

A few moments of surprise flashed in her eyes, seeing that he had the ability to hide it from her eyes.

Xing Ran said, “this is what Sir ordered people to prepare. Sir said, he should have given it to you, but it’s a pity that he didn’t have time. When he left, he told me to give it to you.”

It turned out to be a surprise prepared by the billionaire tyrant father for her, Jiang Mian’s heart warmed up.

“Can I put it on for you?”

There was anticipation and nervousness in Xing Ran’s eyes as if he was waiting for her beloved’s answer.

He was so deeply affectionate to his performance and dedication to his work—Jiang Mian nodded for the sake of her billionaire tyrant father’s face.

Xing Ran puts the crown on Jiang Mian’s head and looks at the girl’s charming face in the light. His heart suddenly jumps violently in his chest.

“Miss Jiang, you look like a real princess when you wear this crown.”

He couldn’t tell if this was false praise or the truest praise from his heart.

He just felt that the girl in front of him was emitting light all over. The light was very warm, which made him want to approach unconsciously.

Jiang Mian: “….”

She picked up a glass of red wine next to her and gently took a sip.

“Let me ask you a question, with such good looks you can do whatever you want so why chose to be a male host?”

If Xing Ran wants to earn money using his face, wouldn’t it be much easier to be in the entertainment industry like Lin Xueyi?

Xing Ran hesitated for a moment, lowered his eyes, and then said, “It’s probably my fate.”

This must be a secret since the other party doesn’t want to talk, and Jiang Mian doesn’t have an interest to break the ice and ask the truth.

Jiang Mian used her phone to take a selfie of herself wearing the crown and sent it to her billionaire tyrant father: [Thank you dad, the crown is beautiful, I like it a lot.]

Han Xu was so angry about what happened that he cursed every time he spoke the minute he arrived at the company. All the top management of the company were silent in the face of his anger, and not even dared to breathe.

“I paid a high salary to invite you to come here, not to let you be incompetent! You have a high salary, but you don’t get things done for me and instead make a mess for me. I……”

While he was in the middle of cursing and scolding the people angrily, his phone dinged—he subconsciously glanced at the phone screen and saw on the screen a message from his baby daughter.

Han Xu’s angry face glared at the so-called elites in his company before he took a deep breath, picked up his phone, and read the message. When he saw his baby daughter wearing the crown, the corners of his mouth subconsciously rose.

This crown was auctioned by the billionaire tyrant father from an auction house abroad—it was the dowry of a princess.

The starting price was 50 million yuan, and Han Xu spent 100 million yuan to win it.

At that time, when he saw the photo, he thought his daughter would look very beautiful wearing the crown and sure enough his baby daughter looked stunning.

Seeing his beautiful daughter, Han Xu’s anger seemed to have been quenched by a basin of water. He looked at the people in front of him and said calmly.

“Tell me, what can you do to remedy it? I’ll listen.”

All the senior executives saw the angry boss become docile in a few seconds just because he received a WeChat message, it must have been sent by a very important person.

Though they were curious to death, they could only pretend not to see anything.

At the same time, they couldn’t help but thank the unknown person who sent WeChat message.

Thank you ah.

Unbeknownst to Jiang Mian, her billionaire tyrant father was in range when she sent the message over nor did she know that the crown was worth one hundred million yuan. Seeing that her billionaire tyrant father did not reply, she knew that he must be busy so she did dwell too much.

After thinking for a while, she sent the photos to her film emperor father and detective police father

As for her Taoist master father—his phone cannot receive photos ==

After waiting for a while the fathers did not reply. Jiang Mian: “….”

She had to regretfully put the phone down.

“Mian Mian, you come and play too.”

Chen Xueyi who played a round of games finally sober from beauty overload remembered Jiang Mian looked around and run over after seeing her.

She subconsciously turns her eyes to Xing Ran, who she had noticed earlier. Since Xing Ran has always been with Jiang Mian not to mention his handsome face, it would be impossible not to notice him.

After two glances, Chen Xueyi’s eyes showed a strange look.

She didn’t look at him carefully before, but now that she had a closer look, she feels that this man looks familiar. It seems that she has seen him somewhere.

“Do you know him?” Jiang Mian noticed her expression.

Xing Ran also noticed and smiled particularly gently at her.

“Does Miss Chen know me?”

He was sure he hadn’t seen Chen Xueyi before.

However, he was the number one male host in TianShang RenJian, so Chen Xue must have seen his photos from others. It’s not surprising to know him.

Chen Xueyi temporarily cannot remember where she saw him and could only shake her head and smile at Jiang Mian as she pulled him into the game circle.

“Since you called me and Anan over to play, then let’s play together. What are you doing hiding here all alone?”

Jiang Mian did not refuse.

At about 12 o’clock, Jiang Mian asked these male hosts to leave.

Xing Ran looked at Jiang Mian silently.

“Miss Jiang, goodbye.”

He wanted to add Jiang Mian’s WeChat, but he couldn’t say it. In Jiang Mian’s eyes, he was just a male host.

“Goodbye.” Chen Xueyi and Tang Anan waved goodbye to the male hosts warmly.

Xing Ran doesn’t know why but he suddenly walks up to Jiang Mian and impulsively says.

“Miss Jiang, my name is Ran Xi. This is my real name.”

After that, he thought he really was a little impulsive, but he didn’t regret it. He didn’t dare to see Jiang Mian’s reaction so he turned around and got in the car with his colleagues.

Ran Xi ……

Jiang Mian’s eyes flashed in deep thought, she seems to have heard of this name somewhere.

After that, Jiang Mian asked the bodyguards to take the three of them back to the hotel—they have to shoot tomorrow.

“Oh, I remember.”

On the way back, Chen Xueyi suddenly said which startled Jiang Mian and Tang Anan.

“Mian Mian, that top male host named Xing Ran, I’ve seen him before in a family portrait at a director’s house.” Chen Xueyi said.

“I’m absolutely not wrong.”

The director Chen Xueyi spoke of was Wan Qiankun, this director was quite famous in the circle and has made several martial arts dramas that were regarded as classics by everyone.

However, nowadays, martial arts dramas do not meet the public’s taste and gradually, few people make pure martial arts. After Wan Qiankun directed several urban dramas, the response was mediocre.

Tang Anan was the first to raise her question.

“If it’s director Wan’s family, how come he went to work as a male host?”

Wan Qiankun, as a director, should not be short of money and so was his family. It doesn’t make any sense.

The only thing that makes it possible was that he volunteers to be a male host to earn easy money with his excellent appearance.

When one was well off, they could do anything they wish.

“Is it possible that the reason he is going to TianShang RenJian was to experience all kinds of life?” Chen Xueyi guessed.

Tang Anan and Chen Xueyi were of the same age. They didn’t know each other very well before, but after tonight they got familiar with each other—sometimes girls’ feelings were so strange.

With gossipy faces, the two looked at Jiang Mian in unison.

“No matter what his identity is, it’s not like it has anything to do with us.”

Jiang Mian yawned, “I’m sleepy, remember to wake me up when we arrive.”

Then she finds a comfortable position and lay on it with her eyes closed.

Tang Anan and Chen Xueyi were subconsciously silent and dare not gossip anymore for fear of disturbing her.

Jiang Mian closes her eyes not to sleep but to sort out some plots in the book. These plots were about a young man named “Ran Xi”.

Jiang Mian didn’t expect that the billionaire tyrant father would book several groups of male hosts from TianShang RenJian, and the top male host among them was actually an important character in the later part of the book.

Ran Xi, this person, at some time in the future, would turn the entertainment industry upside down, he exposed many dirty deals in the circle, offending many people.

After that, he killed his real father, Wan Qiankun, with his own hands and went to prison.

In prison, he stayed with some felons, killed one of the rapists who was sexually abusing children, and finally killed himself.

The reason why his character was so important was because his exposure involves Guan Xin, which poured a lot of black water on Guan Xin on the Internet. In order to return Guan Xin’s innocence, Gu Qiwen and Shen Shiqing fought with him.

As for why the author of the original book wanted to write such a plot, he probably just wanted to prove from the side how much Gu Qiwen loved Guan Xin and how hard he worked for Guan Xin, so as to promote the plot between Gu Qiwen and Shen Shiqing.

In short, Ran Xi was a very miserable character, no less miserable than the original Jiang Mian.

The book doesn’t say anything about the entanglement between Ran Xi and his father Wan Qiankun.

Perhaps Ran Xi did not enter the entertainment industry but instead became a male host in TianShang RenJian, a fact that has nothing to do with his father—otherwise Ran Xi would not have killed his father.

Jiang Mian has no bad or good impression of Ran Xi. For her, Ran Xi and Xing Ran were strangers.

Only the four dads could make her care.

So, she soon put these matters behind her.

Upon returning to the hotel, Tang Anan and Chen Xueyi’s rooms were on the same floor. When the elevator arrived, Chen Xueyi suddenly said.

“Mian Mian, thank you tonight.”

She hugged Jiang Mian, and immediately turned and ran away shyly.

Tang Anan chuckled and waved to Jiang Mian. She decided to go back and quietly update what happened tonight to her official Weibo and take it out from time to time in the future!

When Jiang Mian got out of the elevator, she saw her Taoist master father sitting at the door of her room, turning a Rubik’s cube in his hand. All three sides were solved, and only the last side was left.

“Dad?” Jiang Mian approached, very surprised, “Why are you sitting here?!”

“Mian Mian!” Zuo Xingping looked up and saw Jiang Mian, a smile suddenly appeared on his face.

“I’m waiting for you to come back.”

When Zuo Xingping went back to his room, it was already more than eleven o’clock. He received a message from Jiang Mian earlier, saying that she would not come back for the evening and ordered him a meal, so he could go back to the hotel to eat.

The Rubik’s Cube in his hand was taken from Qin Jingrun’s car last time when he left.

Jiang Mian didn’t expect that her Taoist master father had been waiting for her return, if she had known she would have come back earlier.

The Taoist Master Father noticed the crown on top of her head and instantly understood where Jiang Mian had gone tonight, he was a bit sour: “Han Xu gave it to you, right?”

Only Han Xu would buy such a bright crystal like a princess for Jiang Mian.

The billionaire tyrant father and the film emperor father were not short of money, the billionaire tyrant father was raising Jiang Mian like a princess while the film emperor father was raising her like a baby.

The billionaire tyrant father likes to give his daughter all kinds of glittering and luxurious gifts, while the film emperor father likes to give his daughter all kinds of lovely gifts.

The Taoist Master father and detective police Dad actually prefer the latter, in their minds—their daughter would always be the little baby.

Therefore, the Taoist Master father deduced that his baby daughter was with Han Xu tonight.

When he thought of Han Xu, he thought of the bike with a broken chain and felt very angry.

Han Xu has always cheated him every time, one day if he got really annoyed at him he would draw a little paper man to stab him!

Jiang Mian takes the Rubik’s cube from her Taoist Master father and enters the room with him. Zuo Xingping thought it was too late and her baby daughter should go back to bed.

But he got distracted when he saw his baby daughter solve the Rubik’s cube which he was unable to solve no matter how hard he tried. His baby daughter was able to solve it in just seconds at that.

Zou Xingping: “…”

He couldn’t be bothered whether it was too late for his baby daughter to sleep as the Taoist master father inquisitive asked Jiang Mian how she was able to do it—he did have other methods to solve the Rubik’s cube but he felt it was soulless and wanted to solve it another way.

However, no matter how much he tried he just couldn’t pass the hurdle.

So, the father and daughter were on the sofa in the room as Jiang Mian patiently teach her Taoist master father that there was a formula for solving the Rubik’s cube. Through the calculation of the formula, they could solve it easily.

In the end, father and daughter huddled head-to-head on the sofa and fell asleep ~

The room’s air conditioner was turned on a little low, and the two were not covered with blankets.

A few minutes later, a large group of small paper man people began to emerge from the Taoist master’s robe, they stretched their bodies and walked lightly to the bed, working together to lift down the quilt on the bed, and then thoughtfully covered the quilt on the father and daughter.

Covered until on their head.

The little paper people who didn’t feel anything wrong finished the task and went back to the Taoist robes.

So when Jiang Mian wakes up the next morning, she felt suffocated==



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