ECM 77

editor: sushi~


Chapter 77

After the fourth mentor announced the lottery rules, the audience felt that this way was novel and fair. But when everyone saw that Zhou Mingyu was selected but foolishly chose a group of members of class F, they couldn’t help but scold him as a silly group from the barrage.

Taro: [scold him, don’t scold us, fans are innocent]

The contrast between the strength of the two groups of “Scream” was so wide that fans who went to the public performance already had the idea of the final voting results, and the pop-ups were bustling.

[It’s worse than nothing, you’re going to lose.]

[Zhou Mingyu is a bit too idealistic, what is the difference between this and pulling others to die with him?]

[Did he trust Cen Feng too much?]

[Cen Feng can’t teach this even if he can teach the theme song. It’s much harder to work in a group than to perform solo.]

[According to the people who had seen the performance live, B is no worse than A]

[It’s not just that you don’t have to be in A-team. I think it’s A-team! Especially the last one!]

[If it weren’t for the fact that video recording was not allowed on the scene, I really wanted to show you how explosive the stage of Group B was!]

[Yes, I’m also on the scene. I think group A is better, but Cen Feng’s high pitch is really □□□]

[Cen Feng hasn’t had a complete performance so far, and I don’t understand how you blow it out]

[dd, doubt his strength]

[loafer monster has the power to sell out tickets? That’s hilarious]

[loafer your mother, take your broken arm and limb and stump in your brain]

[Is it not painful enough to hit the face of my family’s rich second-generation support circle? Someone’s eyes are so red that they’re bleeding.

[After watching the third episode, I have only one sentence for you who are still without brains and black powder, if your eyes are useless, you can donate them]


The barrage was in chaos, with all kinds of remarks from various fans. Because of the conflict between Bian Qi and Cen Feng’s fans before, the two have been a bit incompatible. And now that the two trainees were performing the same song and were competing the smell of the “conflict” within the fans was heavier and intense, tearing each other alive.

When the camera showed group A, the atmosphere was warm, and the fighting spirit was high. Bian Qi had begun to learn the dance, and praises flooded the bullet screen.

When the program team showed group B, it was listless and lifeless, especially after some edits. They were all on their headphones as if telling everyone how unconfident they felt.

Of course, black powder and the  anti-fan base would not miss the opportunity to ridicule them. Many ugly words appeared on the bullet screen. Especially when they heard one team member say that he would check on Bian Qi’s team, they immediately stopped being polite.

[isn’t it your strength? Can’t you teach them? I’d rather have a look. What’s the matter with learning from others?]

[I thought any cat or dog could dance, funny]

[his fans claim his dance is comparable to the strength of the choreographer]

[It’s just a simple dance style like the theme song]

[what’s so easy about the theme song???]

[a certain fan tramples on Cen Feng, what do you mean the theme song dance style is easy? My family worked hard on the theme song for three days and nights and just for you to trample on it?]

[The BQ fans really couldn’t bear it huh, first they slander Cen Feng and brushed the votes and now they are tarnishing his strength after the rumors are refuted. No strength huh? Is face slapping in the third episode still not enough?]

[Don’t forget how hard you struggle to learn the simple theme song. But our family’s Feng who doesn’t know how to dance learned all the moves by studying with the teacher and easily taught dozens of trainees.]



The barrage was so noisy even after the scene cut to the daily training of the other groups. Many people couldn’t help commenting that they just wanted to enjoy the show.

[can we quarrel again at your part?!]

The two fan bases also paid attention to their bullet-screen friendship and did not continue to quarrel but they screenshot each other’s remarks and open another battle on Weibo.

After a short silence, the scene finally came back to the group who chose “Scream”. Passers-by and other fans thought silently that they would start bickering again and close the bullet screen to ensure safety.

And the next moment they heard Cen Feng in the program says, “learn to dance, I’ll teach you.”

Audience: “???”

Kite: “!!!”

Black powder: “………”

Then Cen Feng began to teach group B members to dance. Just like last time he teaches them like he was teaching kindergarten students, section by section, one movement at a time and action by action.

When Cen Feng started teaching the dance routine, Bian Qi’s side had barely learned half the dance.

The whole barrage was in sensation:

[who said my family Feng can’t learn to dance!!!]

[crying, what treasure boy did I powder]

[the face slap is so unexpected. Haha, haha, what am I reading about shuangwen?]

[@bq powder, come out and line up!!!]

[just a few hours. Is Cen Feng still human?]

[what kind of trainee is he? He should be a mentor]

[I’ve blown it. I don’t dare to take it or not. My family is just a young rookie who hasn’t made a debut yet. There’s still a long way to go in the future. Now it’s not a loss to take shares. Welcome to join us]

[I believe group B is better than group A now]

[I really want to see Cen Feng’s real strength. Ask the fans, has he performed well in this assessment?]

[Watch out!!! Although there were a few parts!!!! But he didn’t slack off!!!]

[the scene goes vertically into the pit, and the immortal stage is about him. You can understand it after watching it]

If the last episode still made people doubt Cen Feng’s skill, the broadcast of this episode would completely shut up the people who criticize his strength. Learning a dance was not something that could be easily done. It’s a great test of the basic skills and experience in dancing but he could learn the whole routine dance in such a short time, something that even the mentors couldn’t do.

This was more than just an impressive man. He’s a treasure. The more they dig, the more surprises they get.

Unfortunately, only the performance of the second group was broadcasted in this episode, and Cen Feng’s group ranked third. They have to wait for the next episode, and this made the audience a little disappointed, but at the same time, they had stronger expectations for the next episode.

The broadcast of the fourth episode made the topic of “Teen Idol” first again. During this period, the top ten people in the hot search list accounted for four, two of which were related to Cen Feng.

One was #StealCenFeng. One was #OneKingNineBronze.

Because these two hashtags come out from Ying Xuze’s mouth, the audience affectionately called Ying Xuze the “king of hot search mouth”.

Ying Xuze was very popular, he long was chosen as the center of the group Chenxing created and has given a lot of resources and propaganda. He was now number one on “Teen Idol” and was as popular as Cen Feng.

However, it was obvious to all that he was very sticky to Cen Feng in the show. His mouth only has “Brother Feng” and follows Cen Feng wherever he goes, simply like a little fanboy. And he does not have the temperament that Crystal Throne boss should have.

So the “FengYin cp’ was born.

FengYu cp, who just came back to life because Cen Feng stayed up late to practice dancing with Zhou Mingyu in the fourth episode: love is first come first serve! And so is CP! Latecomers are mistress!

FengYi cp: talented guys should match talented guys, please chicken a little self-awareness!

FengYu cp: I can do whatever I want.

FengYi: I’m all right, you guys are free to do as you please.

CP fans were fighting for the status of the main CP, and Cen Feng’s fans were also rising exponentially every day. It may be because of loving the house and its crow[1]. Zhou Mingyu, who has been “favored” by Cen Feng in the program, also increased a lot in the number of votes, from the first 35 to 20.

But of course, Zhou Mingyu was a popular figure when he was in school, and as soon as he entered the competition, his middle school, high school, and college classmates knew about it, every day there were many people in his classmates’ group canvassing for him. Even those boys who do not watch the show would give him a vote for the sake of being his old classmates

Xu Zhaixing who has been waiting for him to be eliminated early did not expect him to transition smoothly and even transformed from a plain person to an idol.

She even saw links on Weibo and the Qzone of Cheng You canvassing for Zhou Mingyu.

Xu Zhaixing: “???”

She quickly dialed Cheng You and asked.

“Why are you canvassing for Zhou Mingyu?”

Cheng You stammered: “ah …… as classmates I just want to vote for him. By the way Zhaixing, when will you go to the recording camp and ask Zhou Mingyu for more autographs? Many students around me like him.”

Xu Zhaixing: “???? What do you want his signature for? You go ask his teacher, his paperwork is full of signatures.”

Cheng You: “That’s not the same!”

Xu Zhaixing: “You tell me the truth, did you start liking Mingyu last week?”

Cheng You couldn’t hide it anymore and told the truth.

“I saw the show, and I thought he was very handsome, but also cute. I’ve climbed his wall. I have also canvass votes and Song Yanan threw hundreds of thousands to vote for him, okay.”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

Suddenly she felt a little sorry for Song Yanan, the boy she had been chasing for several years suddenly becomes an idol and now she couldn’t catch up to him.

Spring has come to the Teen Idol.

In the past, talent shows must vote, but no program could match the number of participants and hot discussion of “Teen Idol”.

In the beginning, Chenxing spent a lot of money to buy the copyright of “Teen Idol”. Now, it has not only returned the investment but also doubled its profit. Less than half of the first quarter has been broadcast but the company has already put the planning for the second quarter on the agenda.

A week later, the fifth episode of “Teen Idol” went online on time.

The main content of this episode was the public performance stage of the remaining three groups. “Scream” group who would perform third was much-anticipated especially with Cen Feng’s first stage performance without slacking, finally entering the audience’s line of sight.

One word for it: stunning.

As the fans said, he has few solo parts but although it was a group dance, even if he stands in the most insignificant position, he captured everyone’s eyes, as if telling them they must see his charm through the gap.

When he steps onto the stage and when the spotlight falls on him, he was the deserved king.

But when the show was over, when he puts away his unmatched stage presence, he turns back into the indifferent teenager who doesn’t like to talk.

Fans shouted: “Cen Feng, we love you.”

He looked bewildered and then turned to hide it.

It’s heartbreaking to watch.

A fan in the forum, sobbing: [what husband? I’ll be a mother!!! Son lacks a sense of security because the mother is not strong enough!

Being just a woman was weak, but being a mother was strong!!!

At the end of the fifth broadcast, the program group released the direct shots of the three groups of trainees. Cen Feng’s direct shots were painted hot by the kites whose wives turned to mother powder.

Passers-by always see this hot search called Cen Feng these days. In fact, they were a little annoyed. After seeing the hot search of [Cen Feng Fairy Dance], they really don’t believe in evil.

At first, they were like ‘I’d like to see how fucking immortal he is, if not immortal death will come to you!’

And after clicking into the direct shot video……

Crap, the gods kneel down.

After the fifth broadcast, Cen Feng’s Weibo fans and the number of votes for “Teen Idol” went all the way up. Zhongtian totally didn’t expect that this dying trainee in the company would have such great value after participating in “Teen Idol”, they could only simply regret and beat their chest in remorse.

It was useless to regret, Cen Feng signed a limited contract with Chenxing when he went to the show, and if he debut next year, he would be under the control of Chenxing and Zhongtian has no right to interfere.

The top management of the company could only comfort themselves in this way: Isn’t it just a year? He can always return to them after a year.

All these things were surging outside, while the trainees in the recording camp were all unaware.

Here, they just have to work hard.

There were only a few days before the second public performance. The ten solo stages were all for the top trainees and were expected that their performance has been fully mastered so now what they need to do was to rehearse again and again and keep improving.

The remaining six groups were different. The best and the worst trainees were all there, once the distance was created, it was not so easy to catch up.

In the classroom of “Rhapsody in the forest”, Fu Xingyan smashed a bottle of water on the floor and got angry at Zhou Mingyu, who made another mistake in his position and caused the whole group to make mistakes.

“How many times have I said to take a slow step here! What are you hurry for? Can even dance?”

Zhou Mingyu has always been a person who has a strong personality better than anyone, especially with criticism but this time, he didn’t say anything. He silently walked over to pick up the water bottle, took off his coat and wiped the water on the floor to prevent everyone from slipping.

It was already dark.

After Fu Xingyan finished pouring out his anger, he threw the sentence “no more practice” turned and walked out of the classroom.

The rest of the team members looked at each other and whispered a few words of comfort to Zhou Mingyu, telling him not to take it to heart, and left.

The classroom was soon empty, leaving Zhou Mingyu alone. He sat on the floor for a while and looked up blankly at his figure reflected in the wall mirror. After looking for a long time, he stood up slowly.

He walked to the middle of the classroom, looked at the mirror, and gave himself a beat.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, two, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ……”

Wrong, again. Wrong, again.

He doesn’t know how long he practiced, but when he turned around, he saw four people standing at the door of the classroom.

Seeing him looking over, Shi Ran, who was standing in front, laughed as he scolded him.

“Are you blind, only seeing us now.”

Zhou Mingyu stood and stared at them.

Shi Ran was the first to go over, Cen Feng leaned on the door frame, and waited for He Sian and Ying Xuze to walk in before he followed and close the door.

Zhou Mingyu, still frozen, foolishly asked, “Why are you here?”

Shi Ran slapped him on the head.

“I told you not to beg Brother Feng, you really do not beg ah? Why? You usually don’t have a backbone.”

Zhou Mingyu touched his head in a strange embarrassment.

“Brother Feng himself has to rehearse, and he has not learned the dance of my group.”

Ying Xuze said, “Brother Feng is not a person, he is a god. He doesn’t need to learn the dance.”

Cen Feng: “… Can’t dance.” He held out his hand to Zhou Mingyu, “show me the video.”

Zhou Mingyu quickly took out his phone sent by the program group and handed it over.

Cen Feng said nothing and went to the corner to watch the video.

Shi Ran looked at Zhou Mingyu angrily.

“You simpleton, if you need help, ask! How can we know if you don’t say it!”

Zhou Mingyu kicked him, “You’re the one who’s a simpleton.”

The empty classroom was bustling again.

The four of them messed around for a while before they all came over to Cen Feng to watch the video of “Forest Rhapsody”.

“This song is really hard. You are a fool, but you don’t want to admit it. Wouldn’t it be simple to choose “Heart’s Desire” then this wouldn’t be a problem!”

“Mingming, which lines are you going to sing? Let me listen and see if there are any skills to teach you.”

Five people gathered together to study the video, and no one notice a crack in the half-closed classroom door. Fu Xingyan stood outside with a bowl of wonton, stunned to see someone in the classroom. Finally, he put the wonton at the door and walked away with a cold face.

He don’t know how long it took before Zhou Mingyu noticed a bowl of wontons at the door. Upon seeing it, he shouted and ran over to them.

“Who bought them? I haven’t had dinner yet!”

Shi Ran look at him disgustedly.

“You eat you eat, finish eating, and learn the dance with Brother Feng.”

Zhou Mingyu opened the bag and ate the wontons one by one, taking a spoon to feed Shi Ran while eating.

Shi Ran said, “Get lost, I don’t want to eat your spit.”

Zhou Mingyu: “It’s super delicious! You try one!”

Shi Ran half-heartedly ate one, showing a look of surprise that it was really delicious, He Sian swallowed his saliva next to him.

“I want it too.”

Zhou Mingyu fed him another one.

Finally, the hot and fragrant spoon was tremblingly handed to Cen Feng’s mouth. When he looked up, all four of them had a wonton wrapped in their mouths and were looking at him with their cheeks puffed out and their heads cocked.

Cen Feng: “….”

It’s really annoying.

He opened his mouth and ate the wonton with an expressionless face.


love the house and its crow[1]- (idiom) involvement and everyone connected; love me, love my dog


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