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Chapter 26

There were still countless matters to be handled by the Yans, and Chen Yujin couldn’t leave. However, Jian Changming after a little hesitation temporarily put aside the matter of Bao Xin and rushed to the place where Jiang Meng was.

He was not worried that Gu Xueyi and Jian Rui could not handle the matter.

What he worries about was a conflict that could happen between Gu Xueyi and Jian Rui.

The Jian family has been dissatisfied with Cao Jiaye for a long time now, but Jian Rui still keeps Cao Jiaye by her side.

That aside, how did Cao Jiaye offend Gu Xueyi this time? Jian Changming was still unclear about this matter.

However, would Jian Rui offend Gu Xueyi again for Cao Jiaye?

Sitting in the car, Jian Changming instead of contacting Jian Rui, calls the bodyguard.

“Mr. Jian.”

The bodyguard answered the phone in a low voice.

Has there been a conflict?

Jian Changming asked in a deep voice.

“What happened over there? Describe it carefully to me.”

The bodyguard was still in a daze, and for a moment he didn’t know how to describe, how… Mrs. Yan entered the door, and instead of pulling someone’s hair and slapping them in the face, she kicked Cao Jiaye first? And how she stop a bloody and illegal scenario in an orderly and disciplined manner on the spot? And how Cao Jiaye was beaten and stabbed? Lastly how they were not of any use at all?

The bodyguard choked for a long time before he could finally say.

“There was a fight. Mrs. Yan had just called the police.”


The bodyguard raised his head.

The atmosphere between Miss Jian and Mrs. Yan seems a bit strange.

If they were going to fight later, would they interfere? And if they did, who would they help?

Meanwhile, Jian Rui was really stunned.

She never expected that under Gu Xueyi’s classically beautiful face, she would say such a thing.

After a brief shock, Jian Rui tightly pursed her lips and said.

“Mrs. Yan knows one thing, but not the other. I have been married to Cao Jiaye for more than ten years, putting aside the old love. If this is the way to break off with him, does not it mean that my little love is really cheap? What’s more… if he leaves me, he will be with another woman. This is not to punish him, this is to make him whole. In the end, won’t I be the only one left suffering?”

When Cao Jiaye heard this, he clenched his teeth to death.

He knew that this woman …… never wanted to make things easy for him!

“But he continues to change lovers faster than clothes. This law of punishment traps you yourself, not him. You have to dig every year to find out who is his new lover and who is pregnant with his child …… Do you think letting him have, and then lose, is punishment? It’s not.”

Gu Xueyi said coldly.

“What’s the difference between him and the three wives and six concubines of the ancients? The ancients had many children. If anyone died, he would just cry because he knew that there would be more of the concubines that will bear children for him. Cao Jiaye’s pain is only temporary. But your pain is permanent.”

Such a man, Gu Xueyi has seen too many before.

She was too naive to expect such a person to perceive pain from others. It would be better to just tell him to feel the pain himself, and he would be afraid.

Jian Rui pursed her lips.

It was suddenly pointed out that over the years, her self-righteous way of retaliation was actually just tormenting herself… There was an embarrassment and shame in which her face was torn, followed by the emergence of pain.

Gu Xueyi doesn’t care if Jian Rui was unhappy after hearing it.

Her first contact was with the Yans, and now the Yans were the ones who she classified under her protective circle. In addition to that, the rest of them were not worth her extra effort.

“If you really like such a man and can’t let him go, just cut it off and raised him as a dog.”

Gu Xueyi paused and did not give the Jian family any face.

“But if you still want to act like this, it is really disgraceful.”

The bodyguards were all stunned for a while.

As, as a dog?

Jiang Meng endured the severe pain and backed up desperately.

How cruel.

Gu Xueyi was cruel.

The tremendous fear made Jiang Meng not even dare to cry out in pain anymore.

Gu Xueyi really couldn’t see Jian Rui’s ability to deal with things.

Why does Jian Rui, who comes from such a background, act fearfully instead?

She was not as good as Princess Yueyang, after her concubine changed his mind and became friendly with others, she tied him instead.

The thinking of modern people should be more active and advanced.

“Ma–madam, the ambulance is downstairs.” The Yan family’s bodyguard spoke out in a low voice.

Gu Xueyi turned her head and gave him a slight nod.

“The third young miss and I will go first; you stay here to assist Miss Jian with the follow-up.”

The meaning of this was very obvious—she doesn’t trust Jian Rui in the slightest.

The bodyguard hurriedly responded, “Yes!”

Jiang Meng sat frozen on the ground, and for a moment did not know who else could call for help.

Jian Rui was ruthless.

But Gu Xueyi was more ruthless and decisive than Jian Rui, it seems that from the beginning she did not put him in mind, his existence, or his life, for Gu Xueyi, it seems to be so worthless.

Obviously …… Obviously, she shouldn’t be like this!

Jian Rui stood there for a while, with her face painted in a variety of colors.

She could not refute Gu Xueyi.

All she could hear was Gu Xueyi and Yan Wenshu’s footsteps fading away.

Jian Rui took a deep breath.

Gu Xueyi was right.

She turned her head to look at Cao Jiaye first, “I’ve had enough of you.”

Cao Jiaye, who had just supported himself to get up and tried to coax Jian Rui to bail him out, suddenly heard these words and fell to his knees with a frightened “bang”.

For so many years, the reliance he hated but firmly believed was gone?

“No, Jian Rui, listen to me. You can’t listen to Gu Xueyi. Have you forgotten that seventeen years ago, you were implicated because of your uncle? It was me who risked my life to save you! I have said many times that I love you, and I have always loved you…”

Jian Rui has been tied up in these words for too many years.

She never wanted to hear this matter again.

“Gag his mouth.”


Gu Xueyi brought Yan Wenshu and two other Yan family bodyguards downstairs.

Downstairs, ambulances, and police cars were already parked.

Gu Xueyi did not rush out but continued to wrap Yan Wenshu in her jacket before leading her out.

She pushed Yan Wenshu in the direction of the ambulance and faced the police herself.

“Hello, I am Gu Xueyi and I want to report Cao Jiaye and Jiang Meng for drug addiction and drug trafficking, also infringing on the safety of others’ lives and property, I even suspected that they have already hurt others like this many times. Please investigate carefully. The Yan family will also assist you to find Cao Jiaye’s seller online. Thank you for your hard work.”

The other party didn’t expect Gu Xueyi to be so nice, not to mention that once she came down, she explained clearly first, and was quite polite and courteous.

Instead of being like some rich people, when facing public officials they rely on their own identity, drag $28.5 million to try to suppress them, looking all superior.

“Okay, we will have a policewoman take the statement. You …… first please.”

After greeting each other in a friendly manner, the police went upstairs to arrest the person and contacted the anti-drug team at the same time.

Gu Xueyi, on the other hand, got into the ambulance and accompanied Yan Wenshu to the hospital.

Although she knew it was time to go, it would have been more appropriate to go to the hospital for a checkup.

Yan Wenshu lay on the ambulance bed, raising her hand and tugging at the jacket that blocked her view, she once again looked at Gu Xueyi.

Today Gu Xueyi brought her too much shock.

Everything, just like that, was over.

Even Jian Rui in front of her, couldn’t even say a word of rebuttal.

Gu Xueyi turned out to be like this…

A fire suddenly rose in the bottom of Yan Wenshu’s heart.

She wants to …… want to be like Gu Xueyi!

Although there were strict confidentiality measures where Jiang Meng lived, it was still imminent that the paparazzi got the news with their sensitive nose, though they have been squatting near the residential area for a long time and didn’t know which building Jiang Meng lived in, not to mention they could not enter the neighborhood. don’t know exactly which building Jiang Meng lives in, and they can’t enter the neighborhood.

And so today, they just set up their binoculars and cameras and they got something.

“Editor Wang! Something’s wrong!”

“Something big is happening!”

The paparazzi who were responsible for locking Jiang Meng’s figure with a telescope shouted.

When the news of “Jiang Meng’s attendance at the event is suspected to be ugly” climbed the hot search, fans and black fans were fighting for three hundred rounds.

Jiang Meng’s big name once again topped the hot list, only this time, accompanying her on it was Cao Jiaye’s name.

@EntertainmentToday: Big news! Jiang Meng, Cao Jiaye, Cao Jiaye’s driver, and another unidentified man were taken away by police at Jiang Meng’s home. An ambulance was also spotted leaving in the middle of the day, and the person next to the ambulance is suspected to be Gu Xueyi. Jian Rui and Jian Changming arrived at the scene one after another. [Photo] [Photo] [Photo]

The hot search exploded in a flash.

[? What the heck? Is it that explosive? Was suddenly taken away by the police?]

[in this case, 80% of the cases may be caused by gathering people to take drugs… This time it was reported by the people in Chaoyang District?]

[…. Jiang Meng is really an idiot, a foolish one, and an extortionist, not to mention a mistress who got pregnant out of wedlock and a drug addict. There is really no female star in the entertainment industry who has a cleaner personality than her… her fans are really miserable]

[Wait for a statement from Jiang Meng’s company and don’t just believe in rumors, don’t spread rumors].

[LS and others hammer it. In this case, what else can the studio declare? The photos are right here. The police did take her away.

[does the studio dare to make a statement? The boss of whale entertainment has been taken away, and their public relations department hasn’t come out yet… The media sends news so quickly that they don’t even care if they offended the Jian family. There must be something wrong with it.]

[as I said a year ago, there is something going on between Cao Jiaye and Jiang Meng but no one believes it. This time, I believe that they were not just taking drugs together, they must have had sex also but most likely they were caught by Jian Rui so the Jian family doesn’t want to interfere. Will the big whale entertainment dare to come out and spit nonsense?]

[so… Does Yan Chao have anything to do with her?]

[what happened when Gu Xueyi appeared there?]

[Don’t know yet, waiting for a police notice].

Jiang Meng was once known as the goddess of geek.

She does have a lot of male fans as well.

And when some of these male fans saw the Weibo hot search, they were immediately angry to slap the table and rose: “Fuck, Jiang Meng you might as well be dead!”

The teacher on the platform frowned: “what are you talking about? We are in the middle of a class.”

The boy numbly returned to his senses, clutching his phone, but still full of hateful anger.

Jiang Meng?

Yan Wenbo, sitting in the back, frowned.

He had an impression of this name, after all the last time he heard this name was when she found her way to associate herself with the Yan family.

Yan Wenbo immediately turned on his mobile phone.

He directly skipped the three words of the original text “Jia”, not even bothering to look at it more than once, and then clicked into Jiang Meng’s hot search.

Once inside, Yan Wenbo immediately caught a glimpse of Gu Xueyi’s figure.

That was her, it was indeed her.

Yan Wenbo stood up with a start.

The teacher frowned and looked at him: “what’s the matter with you, student?”

“Teacher, it’s a bit urgent.” As soon as the words left his mouth, Yan Wenbo immediately pulled his legs out of the classroom.

Did Gu Xueyi and Jian Rui get into an argument?

It also involves Jiang Meng and Cao Jiayue.

And the police. The police were also involved.

It’s all too much of a mess ……

Could it be that Gu Xueyi got into an accident? So, the ambulance took her?

Suddenly, Yan Wenbo’s heart was beating wildly.

He didn’t make it to the dinner last time.

This time, he would catch up.

In the classroom, someone glanced in the direction of Yan Wenbo as he was leaving.

“He’s been really…possessed recently.”

“Yeah, like crazy.”

“I heard that because of him, you all haven’t been able to get into the clubhouse yet?”

“Yes, he said he would go with us. Well, I don’t want to use the Yan family anymore and just have him accompany him as Wenbo, but he stood up us instead. Fuck.”

“Does Pei Shao have a way?”

The young man called Pei Shao smiled and said nothing.

On the other hand, Yan Wenbo arrived at the hospital.


That’s the room number the nurse told him.

Yan Wenbo banged open the door with an ashen face: “Gu Xueyi.”

Gu Xueyi who was sitting on the chair slowly turned her head, after hearing her name.

She was sitting there, dignified and elegant as ever.

“Hmm? What are you doing here?”

“I…” Yan Wenbo took a breath.

“… I’m on my way.”

He stammered and didn’t even realize there was someone else in the room.

His brain became a mush.

It was not Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi was fine.

Then I…

“I hit my leg playing ball. I came to the hospital to have a look. There’s no other meaning… I didn’t come here especially.”

Gu Xueyi took a look at his appearance.

The teenager came flying, sweating, and with red cheeks.

Well …… it seems that he did not his leg but his head instead.

Gu Xueyi raised her finger and gently tapped her temple.

“Then you should take a CT first?”

Or should I get an X-ray? Or B-scan?

She doesn’t remember this knowledge very well.

It looks like she needs to reinforce her memory when she gets back.

Yan Wenbo with a lump in his throat: ……

Taking a closer look.

Lying on the bed was Yan Wenshu.

Yan Wenbo was even more choked with panic.

Meanwhile, at the spy crew.

Director Li was so angry that he dropped his phone again.

“This woman really needs to be replaced!” Director Li cursed in a painful voice.

“Damn it, the one who stuffed Jiang Meng in turned out to be Cao Jiaye!”

When the people next to him heard it, they didn’t dare to let the air out.

After all, Cao Jiaye was still the General Manager so who would dare to scold him like Director Li?

Hearing, “Jiang Meng” Yan Wenjia thought of Gu Xueyi.

He asked his assistant to fetch the phone.

Yan Wenjia also quickly caught Gu Xueyi’s figure from the photo.

Did Gu Xueyi go to find Jiang Meng? And run into Cao Jiaye and others in the process?

… then got into an ambulance?

Yan Wenjia’s fingertips pressed on the screen and rubbed it for a moment.

Suddenly, his face sank, and his eyes were glued to his phone. Then he posted on his Weibo that he hasn’t used for a long time.

@YuanWenjia: I’ve been thinking about how one person with such poor acting skills and such unprofessionalism gets squeezed into the crew. Okay, now my doubts were cleared today/@ Entertainment today: big news! Jiang Meng and Cao Jiaye!

The agent came rushing in, clutching his phone.

“Ancestor, why did you just post that? No one in the circle has posted about it yet. If you post this, some netizens will definitely say that you’re falling down on the well and skimming the relationship quickly!”

And you have so much face that you can accuse others of being unprofessional! Did you forget that you are also not dedicated to your work?

“What kind of relationship do I have with her?”

Yuan Wenjia raised his eyes and looked askance.

“After you rook over the spy drama, many fans cut her and your CP clips! It’s hard to guarantee that some fans think that you and her were friends in private ah ……”

Yan Wenjia coldly pulled the corner of his mouth: “It’s none of my business.”

He lowered his head and refreshed his Weibo feed.

There were already comments under his post.

[Crap, why is my brother so angry all of a sudden?

[CP fans can stop thinking about this when they see this. Promiscuous, right? Jiang Meng is a disgusting woman.]

[Jiang Meng’s acting skills are poor and his character is poor. But is the reason why she joined the team… was because she was sleeping with Cao Jiaye??? No wonder Jian Rui and Jian Changming were present! Cao Jiaye put a hat on Jian Rui…]


Yan Wenjia moved his fingers and like their comments one by one.

His comment section quickly became livelier.

[wait, scold Jiang Meng and get my brother’s like with one click?]

[I, I will curse, get out of the way, I’ll go first!]

“Not brother Yuan. What are you doing?”

“Like it.”


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